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Viola Davis thanks Fences co-star Denzel Washington in her Golden Globes 2017 speech for Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture.

Can we please talk about how Jon and Charlie look at each other and laugh like teenage girls, while the rest of the cast turn their heads in unison to see what those dorks are doing ? ?

Favorite moments from Ten Count cast talk~

A compilation of some highlights from the cast talks in the four volumes of Ten Count drama CDヾ(*ΦωΦ)ツ

1. Mysophobia


Maeno Tomoaki (Kurose’s seiyuu): I’m slightly mysophobic. I really don’t like it when people use my bathroom…

Tachibana Shinnosuke (Shirotani’s seiyuu): Ahh! I want to use it!

Maeno: *lol* Are you a do-S?

… (when concluding the talk)

Tachibana: I got to see a lot of things that I never knew about Maeno-kun before this time.

Maeno: I hope people can take those things (about me) in a positive way.

Tachibana: Sooner or later, I’ll make sure to use your bathroom.

Maeno: *LOL* Are you a do-S?

2. Four-Letter Ikemen Friend

(CD1, still on the topic of mysophobia)

Tachibana: Do you invite friends to your house then, Maeno-kun?

Maeno: I do, but only certain people have come into my house…

Tachibana: Hehhh~

Maeno: If we’re talking about the people in the (voice acting) circle, only one person has been to my place…

Tachibana: Wow!

Maeno: …That friend of mine, um, whose name starts with a K, um, and has three, no, four letters…

Tachibana: *laughs*

Maeno: That ikemen friend of mine…

Tachibana: *laughs* Oh, ikemen! An ikemen seiyuu.

Maeno: He’s the only one who’s been to my house.

Tachibana: Wow, is that so?

Maeno: That’s how much I don’t like to let people into my house…

Tachibana: Hehhhh!

Maeno: So I can kind of understand Shirotani’s feelings.

3. Not Very Tiring

(CD1, at the very beginning)

Tachibana: Otsukare-sama deshita. (“Thank you for your hard work,” or more literally, “You must’ve been tired.”)

Maeno/Fukushima Jun (Mikami’s seiyuu): Otsukare-sama deshita!

Maeno: I am not very tired! (Because *nothing really happened* in CD 1 lol)

Tachibana: Pfft!

*everyone laughs*

Tachibana: You’re right.

(And then in CD2)

Maeno: I think last time (in the first CD), Kurose’s aggressiveness is based more on his position as a psychologist, but this time he starts to become aggressive for his own emotional reasons… We can see more fluctuation in his emotion.

Tachibana: Yeah, you’re probably right. Since he is also starting to see how Shirotani feels, (Kurose) tries to push (their relationship) a step further.

Maeno: There is a chance that he’ll have an emotional outburst next time, and things are gonna get dramatic.

*everyone laughs*

Tachibana: Well, he’s been holding himself back the whole time…

Maeno: There is a chance that we’ll feel tired after the next recording session.

Tachibana: *LOL*

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FF Fandom Meme #16

Question 16: The game with the best cast of characters

My favorite cast overall definitely inhabits the world of Final Fantasy IX.

The game’s selection of party members is full of stand-out characters, who all have bursting personalities. Well, they all need to have big personalities or they’d get completely overshadowed by the other party members. And this team just has the best interactions amongst its members. They argue amongst themselves, they support each other, they grow to understand one another. It’s great. And all these characters have so much story potential that every time the party splits up in a town, you get access to a selection of cut scenes about what they get up to.

Never mind the supportive cast! Final Fantasy IX’s world feels alive and whole primarily because of the colorful NPCs, who all have their own places, jobs and dreams in the world. The band of thieves Zidane has to leave behind in order to go on his world-saving quest are the best example. These people have aspirations even outside of their group, with Ruby wanting to make it big in the acting business but still coming back to help her friends put up a play and the rapscallion Blank actually having a big heart that wants to help everyone in need. Generally, the inhabitants of the world of FFIX are a likeable bunch.

Of course, not all characters need to or should be likeable in order to make a great cast. Final Fantasy IX has a lot of villains from the well-intentioned Beatrix to the tragically misguided Brahne and Kuja, who regret their actions in the end, to the genuinely horrid Black Waltzes 1-3. The moral splits between the villainous characters are even further emphasized by just how different they all look from each other and this is where FFIX’s quirky character design style shines. This world is just filled with vibrant individuals.


Who’s your favorite? ;) 

Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Luna Lovegood, Draco Malfoy, Sirius Black, Tom Riddle. 

(( OOC: Since I’m trying to base this blog off of my version of Harry, (the version I had created in my mind before the movies came out.) I figured it might be fun to recreate a few other characters. ;) The movies were so brilliantly cast that there weren’t a lot of differences between the versions of the characters I had created in my head and the live-action cast, but this was definitely fun. )) 

really getting tired of the ‘heart power’ characters being portrayed as cowardly/foolish/gluttonous/comic relief/bumbling/etc like being friendly, loyal, kind or peaceful is a non-character-trait you can just slap onto your token joke character while the narrative bends over backwards for the rest of the cast and every possible take on the concept of what it means to be hot-headed

Dylan in 2008

OK so we’re all used to this image of youtube Dylan in 2008

(gif mine)

but i feel like early youtube is worth mentioning as a whole, so many people made lip synch vids, maybe with further intentions, maybe with later video casting dreams, who knows. i know back then my 2 favorites were: 

Wassabi productions:

Best Friend

(it’s worth the click!)

and then also 


Here In Your Arms

there were many others i’m sure, but these 2 groups of kids(at the time) spent a ton of time doing their thing, making funny and often quality vids, Wassabi even eventually interviewed Dylan and cast for TMR, so cool, idk what happened to the other people, but for whatever reason i stumbled upon an old youtube playlist and was like, omg Dylan probably saw these and was inspired to do his own stuff….maybe, maybe not, i dunno him personally, but yea.

“A-plot is high-stakes half the cast tied up in dangerous hectic madness, B-plot is other half of the cast somewhere else obliviously having a chill day shopping or something and talking about their feelings” is one of my favorite TV show tropes.

“Calm B-plot briefly sees insane hectic A-plot running past outside a window” is another one.

love at first sight

(apparently I didn’t post this before bc I made part 2)

warnings: fluff and a bit sad
Robbie’s POV:

Today I was in (Y/H/T) at a Once Upon a Time convention. Today had been a lot of fun so far. I got to hang out with my former cast members and I realized how much I missed them. I was about to go out for a panel with some of the other cast members. I stood there waiting for my name to be called since the other two already went out.

“And finally… one of your favorites… Robbie Kay!!” Lee announced and I could hear all the girl screaming.

I walked out and saw so many people. They all were taking pictures and videos. They’re screams because louder as they saw me. I smiled and waved at all of them. I gave Lee a hug before sitting down in my seat.

“Okay so we are going to start the questions over here.” Lee said pointing to our left.

There were many questions asked and answers given. There were many laughs but then one girl walked up to the mic.

I looked over and saw a beautiful girl standing next to a boy. She smiled as she saw me look over. I couldn’t help but stare at her features. Her beautiful (Y/H/S) (Y/H/C), her big (Y/E/C) eyes, and her adorable little nose.

“Hi!"I said holding out the end for a second. "What’s your name love?”

“Hi Robbie!” she giggled. “I’m Y/N!”

Her giggle was so adorable.

“Hey Y/N! What’s your question.”

“So my question is actually for you, Robbie.” she said. “So uhm… do you think that if Pan were to find a love interest do you think he’d change in anyway?”

I stared at her for a moment.

“Uh… Robbie?” Lee said into his mic.

I shook my head and looked around at everyone then back at her.

“A love interest… Hm… that is a good question. I don’t know you’re gonna have to come back to me on that one…” I chuckled earning giggles from the audience. “I think that maybe he would probably change when he’s around whoever his love interest is but when he’s around anyone else he’d remain the same. And I think he’d be very protective over whom ever this girl would be.”

My answer earned lots of applause and screams from the audience. I chuckled before looking at the audience for a second then back at Y/N.

“Thank you!” she giggled before walking away with the boy she stood with.

“Thank you.” I said

He honestly looked like he did not want to be here. But she however she looked very happy. My eyes followed her as she made her way back to her seat. She sat down around the back of the audience but on the end near the center isle. I smiled as I saw I was able to see her.

Throughout the entire panel I was watching her. Occasionally shed pull out her phone and start taking pictures or a video of us up on stage. Her case looked like it had me on it. I couldn’t tell but it looked black and green. And possible there was white text on it…? (AN: I basically just described one of my phone cases. But I’ll put a picture below) Then the panel ended and I took one last look at her before we exited the stage. I had to get ready for the photo ops. I was honestly hoping that I’d get to see her there.

Y/N’s POV:

During the panel I noticed that Robbie was looking at me. Maybe it was just me wanting him to be staring at me. He was probably just looking in my general direction. Once the panel was over and they left they stage I was kind of sad. But I knew that photo ops were soon. I grabbed my boyfriend’s hand and dragged him out of the theater. We stood in the line that wasn’t too long.

“Y/N, why are we in line right now? He won’t be here for another,” he checked his phone for a time. “30 minutes.”

“The line will probably get super long if we don’t get in line now. If you don’t want to wait you can go to our seats in the theater and wait until I come back.”

“You sure, I can wait with you.” he said rubbing my arm.

“I’m sure. If you don’t want to you don’t have to.” I smiled reassuringly.

“Okay.” he kissed my cheek. “Love you.”

“Love you too.” I said before he walked away back to the theatre.


While waiting in the line I was able to talk to some other people who were also waiting. We talked about the show and Robbie. I was so excited and I couldn’t hide it. Then I saw Robbie walking toward the door that was right next to me.

“Oh my goodness, it’s Robbie!” Michelle, one person I was talking to said as she pointed in his direction.

Fans pulled out their phones including me and started to video him.

He was coming up to me and he smiled.

“Hi Robbie!” I smiled so big.

“Hey Y/N.” he smiled and waved as he looked at me with a big smile before being escorted into the other room.

As it shut I stopped the video and put my phone into my pocket before fangirling.

“Oh my god Y/N! He remembered your name!” Kelly, one of the other girls I was talking to said.

“I know! That’s crazy!! How did he remember my name!?” I asked giggling.

“I don’t know… Maybe he just so happened to.” Michelle shrugged.

“Maybe…” I shrugged.

Then the line began to move forward and we got closer and closer to the front. I was shaking because I was so nervous. I just hope that I don’t fuck this up. I texted my boyfriend to tell him they were starting.

Robbie’s POV:

She was here. I could see her. She stood right next to the door I had to go into to get to the photo ops. I walked in her direction with my escort. They all got out their phones and recorded me walking in.

“Hi Robbie!” Y/N giggled.

“Hey Y/N!” I said waving and giving her a big grin.

I then walked into the door and went to start the photo ops. I really wanted to get through these photo ops quickly so I could see her.

Fan after fan came to take a picture with me. Each time I’d say hello and ask how they were doing. Each and every time they’d say ‘I’m great!’ and we’d take the picture. Then I’d say by and they would walk off giggling or smiling. Soon eventually I could see her getting closer and closer to me.

Finally she was up next. I’m going to take my time with her. Not be too long or to quick. She walked up to me and smiled.

“Hey Robbie!” she giggled with a big cheeky smile as her beautiful (Y/E/C) orbs looked up at me.

“Hey! How are you?”

“I’m absolutely amazing! How are you?” she asked as she wrapped her arm around me.

“I’m super great!” I smiled at her.

“Okay guys,” the photographer said. “1..2..3..” and he took the picture.

“Okay, well bye Y/N. I’ll see you later?” I asked.

“Yes! Of course!” she said with a giggle.

“Alright then I’ll see you then.” I smiled.

“Okay!” she giggled before walking away.

I watched as she walked away. The boy who was there before stood waiting for her. They walked out of the room together and it make me a bit sad and angry at the same time. I was a bit jealous. Then I quickly went through the rest of the photo ops. I went to go into my dressing room and relax for a while.

Y/N’s POV:

As my boyfriend and I left the room I was fangirling and he was trying to calm me down. He looked a bit angry. We went into another room as I tried to calm down. Once I calmed down we found a place to sit.

“Hey, you seem angry. A something wrong.”

“No.” (Y/C/N) said.

“You seem angry.”

“I’m fine.” he huffed.

“You don’t look fine.”

He was silent for a moment.

“Okay, maybe I’m jealous of the way you care about Robbie. It seems like you really care about him a lot and I just feel like you care about him more.”

“(Y/C/N) you shouldn’t be jealous at all. I love you.” I put my hand on his cheek and rubbed it with my thumb. “Okay?”

He deeply sighed and looked at me.


Now we had to wait for a while until it was time for autographs. Once autographs came around I was super excited, although we were like the very last ones in line which sucked. We were waiting in the car and we both fell asleep and when we woke up we realized that the autographs were already started.

Robbie’s POV:

I was kind of sad because I didn’t see Y/N at all and the line was getting shorter and shorter.

“Can I have a hug?” the fan I was currently talking to asked in a shy voice.

“Of course.” I held my arm out as she walked around the table.

We hugged and she walked away with a big grin on her face. I watched as she walked away and turned to where the next person would come. Then I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw it was her. She held the boy’s hand they swung it back and forth. God how I wish I could hold her hand like that. They let go and she walked up to me nervously with the picture of us from photo ops.

“Hi, Y/N. Thought you wouldn’t come.” I chuckled as she place the photo on the table.

“I thought we weren’t going to make it.” she chuckled nervously. “We fell asleep in the car waiting for the autographs to start.”

“Oh, yeah. That was a long wait.” I said as I signed the picture 'Best wishes, Y/N! Hope you’re having a wonderful day!“. "What a lovely photo this is.”

I looked up at her and she was grinning. She seemed a bit less nervous.

“So I was wondering if I could uh… maybe have a hug?” she asked shrugging a little.

“Yes, o-of course.” I said standing up since I was getting tired of sitting and the autographs were over.

I hugged her and she buried her head into my chest. I looked at the boy she was with and he glared at us. I glared back at him then rubbed her back as we let go of each other.

“I’m so glad I got to meet you Robbie!” she giggled.

“I’m glad I got to meet you, Y/N.” I said rubbing her arm.

She sighed then giggled again.

“Everytime you say my name my heart just flutters.”

I warmly smiled at her.

“I’m glad, Y/N.” I said

“Bye Robbie.” She smiled.

“Goodbye, Y/N.” I said before she grabbed the picture.

She turned and walked away with that boy who I was assuming was her boyfriend and jealousy boiled up inside me. I know that I’ve only known about her for 1 day but I still am jealous because he is able to hug her and kiss her and hold her. He’s able to comfort her whereas I cannot, because she is his. And we aren’t even from the same place. I sighed as I watched her exit the theater with him.

“You ready to go Robbie?” my escort asked me.

“Yeah, I’m ready.” I said and she took me back stage where everyone else waited.

I sat down on a chair and sighed.

“Hey Robbie!” Robin said in a cheer voice sitting next to me. He noticed I was upset and furrowed his eyebrows together. “You okay?”

“Yeah… I’m fine.”

“You sure? What happened?”

“Well you remember the fan I was telling you about?”

“Oh yeah, what about her?”

“Well… she has a boyfriend, and plus I will never be able to see her again.”

“I’m sorry Robbie.” he said patting my back.

I gave him a weak smile. I sighed before sliding down my seat a little. I grabbed my phone and went on Twitter and looked at many of the pictures fans had posted on there. I then stumbled upon hers. I looked at how happy she was in the picture. Then I read the caption

I can’t believe that I got to meet Robbie Kay today! This was such an amazing day and I can’t believe I got to hug him! Thank you Robbie for making today unforgettable. #OUAT(Y/H/T) ❤️😘

I smiled as I read it. I liked it and commented.

I’m glad that you had a wonderful day! Hope to see you again. ☺️ #OUAT(Y/H/T)

I decided to follow her and save the picture onto my phone just so I’d never forget her I case I never get to see her again. I put my phone away and sighed.

I’ve been thinking, and it’s so funny how white people will always be like “oh whoever is the best actor for the role” whenever a white person is cast to play a POC but whenever a POC is cast to play a traditionally white character all of the sudden racial accuracy is the number one concern.

I think my favorite thing about this (other than the mental image of Pearl letting Steven write in jokes omg) is that Pearl’s rewrite is, apparently, really good.

I’ve mentioned over and over that I think that it’s possible Pearls as a gem caste are a caste of performers.  Pearl has experience with theater, dance, stage fighting, and, apparently, scriptwriting.  It could just be things that she was interested in, but…

…But…the things Pearl is interested in are things she actively pursues.  The sciences.  History.  Combat.  She emphasizes those things.  Here, it sounds like someone who was trained, and trained very well, saw somebody do a poor job and corrected it offhandedly, but not as something she’s particularly interested in.


Had the HUGE pleasure of seeing Heathers the musical tonight in Orlando starring nicolemlvisco (Veronica) and thatsthat24 (J.D.) as well as many other incredibly talented performers! Heathers is one of my favorite musicals and I had high hopes going in, and those hopes were greatly exceeded. I can honestly say that it was one of the best shows I’ve ever been to, and definitely my personal favorite so far! The set was beautiful and the choreography and music was fantastic. The whole cast had amazing chemistry and great comedic timing that made it the most enjoyable performance I’ve seen so far, and we got the privilege of meeting and speaking with the cast afterwards. They were so wonderful and lovely to us and I really enjoyed getting to talk to them. It was all in all an incredible experience and well worth the drive!

Scandal 508-509+ Could Be A Dream Sequence

Scandal season 5 was a shocker for most, a let down for a lot of us, and then there those who - no matter what, will stay the course. Many of us Scandal fans were very disappointed for several reasons. It was different for some and a game changer for others and yet there are still those of us who watch out of pure love for the show & its magnificent cast.

A little background: I have had my television shows and favorite couple addictions for years. Starting in my teen years with Days of Our Lives - Doug and Julie, Roman and Marlena, and Bo and Hope and on to prime time with Remington Steele and Matt Houston. Always hopeful that Matt and CJ would end up together or that Remington and Laura would end together with a “happily ever after” permanent connection. Back then, show creators felt that once to lead cast members got together, the tension would end & thus ratings would drop and the show would be over. I always thought, if the show was ending anyway, why not give the fans what they wanted. There was no social media then and no voices to encourage the direction of tv shows.

Off and on, throughout the years, there hasn’t been very many shows since then that could get and keep my attention to the level of those… I had all but given up on tv shows that truly appealed to me. (I’m sure there are more out there but I just had frankly given up the time and didn’t see any that made me crave getting invested.) Then a few years ago, (upon the recommendations of my sister) I started watching The Walking Dead & Scandal. I had to binge watch the first seasons of both because I was late to the start of both shows.

For Scandal, these past few seasons, after watching and re-watching episodes - I have noticed amazing acting, storylines, and plot twists that have made me crave for tv like I did as a teen. (I know, Scandal does not compare with my previous addictions but I was young.) There are a lot of fans I follow on Twitter who seem to share my same thoughts & seem to have a genuine love for all things Scandal. I like other fell in love with the chemistry and love of Fitz and Olivia. I found myself completely engaged and caught up in all the story lines and plot twists each week. When shows like the Greys Anatomy had a 2 hour episode, I was upset wondering why Scandal couldn’t have a 2 hour episode with lots of Olitz. When season 5 came, I was happy and though many times things worked the opposite of expectations in the universe that is Scandal, I had certain expectations that were what I call Scandal Laws. Those were completely obliterated at the end of Season 5a. To the point that I wasn’t looking forward to the return of the 2nd half of season 5. I’m sure I’m not the only one who hoped for a “fixer” to fix the perceived damage done in Scandal 5a. (But my love never died…it was just wounded.)

Why I think it was a dream or some parts are: Olivia’s Nightmares I made excuses that somehow 508 started a dream sequence and until the end of season 5 in May 2016, held on to that belief for these reasons:

1. Things I thought were out of character for some of the characters: Olivia speaks many languages but in 508, she needed a translator… Yes I know she can’t speak every language but I did expect her to speak Bandari greetings or something (I know that one is far fetched)

2. David Rosen didn’t call or tell Olivia or Fitz before he had her arrested. As much as David and Olivia have been involved frenemy wise with each other over the past seasons, I can’t see why he didn’t tell Olivia or Fitz first or someone at OPA before the arrest. It just makes no sense. There was no warning before her arrest. Especially after she was kidnapped… By the way, I think Jake knew about kidnapping and about arrest. But that’s just my thoughts- he and Rowan have one goal, to keep her away from Fitz. He was watching her from the neighbor lady’s apartment… When Jake and Russell spoke, Russell reminded Jake that he(Jake) promised to take care of Olivia but “she ended up there” seeming to mean she ended up at the White House with Fitz.

3. Mellie seems to have had no part in releasing Rowan and Tom. Like it all just piled on Olivia as if she acted alone.

4. Olivia is a doer… Not a planner… She kept saying she would tell the truth & never did as if she was planning to tell him at some who knows when in the future. That’s not her - yes - PTSD may have played a part but she thought she could fix it on her own… Really?!? And she all of a sudden thinks her “at least my daddy loves me”? Whet?!?

5. On top of everything that happened, all the events were what I think are Olivia’s worst fears: she felt smothered and trapped in the expectations of being FLOTUS, the baby was a surprise not expected - she wants her life with Fitz but it was rushed & she was overwhelmed and out of control - not a way to start a life and she has parent issues, she began to resent Fitz and saw him as controlling, she lied to him which she never wanted to do but her life was becoming a lie, she was losing herself and worried she would lose Fitz so pushing him away was her only option… Or so she thought.

So much has happened that at this time, I’m only hoping some parts are a dream. But no matter what, I still love the show, I adore the actors and the characters. I wish only success for the shows creator. I also wish that before the end, she will not make the same mistake that shows in the 80s did and will give the fans what they want - Olitz together forever - in Vermont or Washington, with 2 babies, Fitz - a mayor, and Olivia - making jam - At Last.

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(the third is from jennifersbody and the “sappy time” post if from fierytadashi)

If you aren’t in the Shadowhunters fandom, yesterday the characters Simon Lewis and Isabelle Lightwood were cast in the upcoming “Shadowhunters” TV series. In the books the show is based on (The Mortal Instruments) Simon and Isabelle are racially ambiguous. When racially ambiguous characters are cast in TV/movies, they are always made to be white. But “Shadowhunters” went a different route and cast two Latino(a) actors in the roles. For the most part, fans were cool with this, but some other fans were extremely racist, but trying to hide their racism behind “but the Lightwoods have blue eyes,” and “Isabelle is PALE!” And spoiler alert, “BUT HOW WILL SIMON BE PALE WHEN HE GETS TURNED INTO A VAMPIRE?!”

And my personal favorite excuse for why Simon should’ve been white: “You can’t be a Latino Jew!” 

But these fans are putting eye color and pale skin over what’s most important about this casting choice: representation. I saw a few posts about why people who were Latino(a) were so excited about having a Latino(a) Simon and Isabelle and I asked for Latino(a) people to send me asks and tell me how they felt about the casting. 

The screenshots above are just a few of the posts and asks that I’ve seen. I was FLOODED with messages of people gushing about this. About how the most beautiful character is being played by a Latina, and how they can have someone on screen who looks like them. About how happy they are that they can have their culture represented! 

Most Shadowhunters fans are girls, and not only is it great that they get to see Isabelle being a really kick ass female character, they get to see a LATINA being a really kick ass female character. 

Simon’s got a romance with the main character, Clary. One of the main relationships on the show will be interracial! And when (spoiler alert) Simon starts dating Maia (a black and white werewolf) and later Isabelle, we’re going to see even MORE interracial couples shown in a positive way. 

If Isabelle is Mexican, then her brother Alec will likely be played by a Mexican actor. A gay Mexican character on a popular teen-oriented TV series who is in a relationship with a bisexual Indonesian man? 

But some people want to ignore these things because of Alec needing to have blue eyes? 

No. Representation DOES matter. The ripple effect that this casting could cause is AMAZING. 99.9% of fandoms are always complaining about how they don’t have enough representation, and now that our fandom is actually getting some of it, I think we need to focus on how positive this is. 

I literally almost cried reading these messages. I’m black, and though I don’t see black people in TV/movies very often, Latino(a) people get to see their people represented way less than I do. When they are shown, they’re always drug dealers and housemaids. They aren’t actual characters - they’re just stereotypes. But having Simon being a regular teenager and then having to deal with his vampirism, nearly being killed every five minutes, his romantic feelings for the girls, his falling out with his mom, and a dozen other things that Simon has to go through - having a REAL character, and having him be Latino, that’s a beautiful thing. Having Isabelle being a confident, smart, funny, girl and having her be Mexican is just so great. Isabelle is literally the best natural born Shadowhunter in the world. There was nothing done to enhance her powers, she became the best by training hard. 

But people want to focus on eye color? That’s what you guys think is the most important part of this? You overlook all the positives so you can whine about eye color?