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I don't know if you still do the unpopular opinion thing but I have one. I believe that the show's success relies a bit too much on Malec. Like the promo videos especially, they put a Malec kiss in it without explanation just to attract attention and during cast interviews they talk about it so much. Don't get me wrong, i ain't complaining over seeing that but I'm just talking about the bigger picture.

Yeah well, as much as it annoyed me that Freeform gave away the only Malec scene of the episode in 2a, of them constantly promoting the shit out of Malec and not delivering in the end (which is, in all honesty not really their fault since they only can work with the stuff they get so if the directors/writers/showrunners don’t film certain scenes, they can’t use it….), I still understand them from a certain point. Like, Malec is their cash cow. I also don’t think they expected this when the show started since Clary and Jace are supposed to be the main leads and therefore the main couple in the books. And then show!Malec happened. lol

So of course they are using this circumstance now to promote the show. Besides, not to be that person but I am guessing that like 80-90% probably only watch for Malec/Magnus/Alec. Freeform relies on those viewers as any other network (it is still about money!), even though their numbers aren’t that great they still need people to watch it on a weekly basis, may it on the channel, the app, Hulu or Netflix. And if Malec helps them to gain more viewers or keep those viewers interested in the show by promoting the show with Malec, it is kinda understandable. Although it is not great what they did in 2a but hey, at least it looks like they are learning when it comes to the pr for 2b. ;) Also, the fans are constantly asking for Malec stuff in like any interview. So in some ways, Freeform just… does what they think the fans want in the end.

Plus, Malec is not only the cash cow because of their huge popularity in the fandom, you still have to understand that they (couple plus Magnus and Alec individually!) already play a bigger part in the show than they did throughout the whole book series. So promoting them more makes sense regarding this matter. Even if the show is as successful as it is right now because of Malec, it is not the only reason. 

And honestly? I take every promo video with no or barely any Malec when I can watch the episode and still get surprised in the end. I actually enjoyed 2x11 way more than 2x01 where we pretty much knew the whole episode before it even aired. Because right now? We have no idea where they are going with Malec in 2b and I don’t know about you, Anon, but I actually enjoy this a lot.

Anyway, I think we can all agree that if they are using their cash cow Malec like this, they at least need to deliver properly. And not come up with the bs they did in 2a (2x07 I am looking at you!) and being all surprised that the Malec fandom is pissed when you just baited them. Like, you don’t need to be a genius to get…. hello? Malec is way more popular than f.e. C/lace? I mean… don’t even try to argue here.

Janthony - Leave

janthony having to hide their relationship because there’s a really really strict policy in the theatre about dating and jas accidentally blurts out “we can’t keep doing this” and they end it but it hurts a lot seeing each other at work - Fic Prompt™/Very Persuasive™ anon

“do you want me to leave?“ when they get in a fight and jas doesn’t know what to do and anthony doesn’t either and it hurts him a lot when she’s crying - Fic Prompt™/Very Persuasive™ anon

i combined two of these together and this fic isn’t even that bad woo !!

there’s also a little bit of this prompt but sadly no janitor’s closet for janthony: when they first fell in love at the rehearsals when they found out they were paired up for dancing and now they’re somehow in a fucking janitors closet at the Richard Rogers and all Anthony can say is “kiss me" - Fic Prompt™/Very Persuasive™ anon

and this prompt too: protective-dad!lin who goes off on anthony because he doesn’t want jas to get hurt - Fic Prompt™/Very Persuasive™ anon

Word Count: 3,434 Words (it’s long sorry!)
TW: some yelling, screaming, cursing, etc, it’s kinda not fluff? kinda but also not kinda yknow

Note: when i said “candles excluded” i was thinking about light my candle from rent and how i love renee as mimi ok bye

Jasmine remembered in her contract before she signed it (she made sure to read all of the fine print, three times over, then some more), this very specific sentence that caught her eye while scanning the fine print again, “You cannot be in romantic relations with any cast member; having any romantic relations will conclude in consequences.”

Honestly, she thought it was a whole lot of whatever. It was one of the worst and annoying rules ever. Who even made those rules, some heartless person? It seemed as though every place had that same exact rule for some stupid reason. So what if she found love on and off the stage? What was the real harm in that? It would only result in a beautiful relationship, right? Would someone really care if two people got into a relationship, did it really matter?

And so one day, when she was cast (bless that whole day in its entirety), she met the rest of her cast members that she’d be with for seven, eight shows a week. She was the last of the cast members to be on the team and everyone was already with their own friends. Yes, everyone was kind and all, but someone would be talking about previous times, when they did this and when they did that and Jasmine shied away from the group quite quickly. She didn’t feel as welcome as she had expected to. Since Lin was off doing his own thing, she decided to fend for herself in the big sea that was The Public Theatre and its inhabitants.

If that day wasn’t fateful enough, there was one guy who was very welcoming to her, much to her surprise.

“Hello!” He said to her, almost scaring her as he watched her jump in her own skin. He snuck up behind her; one of the things he always found himself doing. He was fond of his so-called talent. Sometimes, it didn’t work too well; he was a tad bit loud, only a tad bit. “I’m Anthony, you must be Jasmine, we heard great things about you!”

“Uh, really?” Jasmine really should have been more used to this by now. She grew up in the theatre, did movies and did an off-Broadway show already. She’s gotten many a callback, many a rejection, yet she was still not used to all of the background checks. “Thank you. I’m sorry, I really should have done some kind of research on my cast members like you had done.”

“Oh, no. Not really research, I guess. Lin just talks a lot about you, since you’re the last one to come. Really awesome things.” Anthony grinned at her. She was hoping she’d be seeing more of that beautiful smile that he had in the future, it was extremely bright and shiny.

“Really? I got to talk to him during the auditions; he’s a really nice guy.” Jasmine commented on the man who has done pretty much all. Lin had brought them all together, even if at first he did not know that. Hamilton brought wonders, to everyone really, not just the cast and crew.

“He is!” Anthony exclaimed. He had a really bright smile, a bright enough smile to light up the whole room, candles excluded. “I’m sorry you didn’t get to really talk to anyone yet. Everyone’s really nice, honestly. We had a party to celebrate everyone’s casting a little while ago; maybe we should have another one.” He suggested.

“Oh, nah. That’s too much for one person. I’m just the last one coming in, that’s alright.” Jasmine did that hand gesture you do to mean whatever. Jasmine didn’t mind being the last one in, it was just whatever happened and it was meant to be that way.

“No, no! I’m sure everyone would want that too! Nobody really got to know you, personality wise, yet. It’s kinda rude, you know?“ Anthony sure knew how to make a woman’s brain tick, and tick well it did. He was absolutely one of the most genuine people she had ever met by far.

“Yeah, I suppose so, it’s no big deal really,” Jasmine softly replied, biting her lip for the briefest second. She didn’t really know what to say; what do you say to a guy who seemed really nice to you and you don’t know if he’s potentially flirting with you? Yeah, me too.

“Hey, um,” Anthony paused to think a little bit. Jasmine could tell he was thinking because a corner of his lips tugged upwards while he looked off into the distance. No, she didn’t know him or his body language well, but she did know that those facial expressions were common when related to thinking, at least that’s what she saw in the movies. Before speaking again, he directed his attention back to Jasmine. “Do…do you think I could have your number?”

“My number?” Jasmine asked, turning her head a little as if to see if he was asking someone behind her. Lo and behold, they were the only ones on stage at this point. “Like, mine?”

“Um, yeah, yours.” Anthony felt a blush creeping onto his freckled cheeks. He made a gesture with his hands to wave it off, like it wasn’t serious at all. “I mean, just for future reference, y'know?” He sheepishly smiled.

“Yeah, okay.” Jasmine then proceeded to swap phones with him. She put in her name as Jasmine, with no emoji next to it, because she really didn’t know what to put. She decided to keep it professionally casual.

“See you tomorrow!” Anthony called out, running off backstage. When she really realized it, everyone had already left when the rehearsal had ended for the day. Jasmine walked off, swiping around to look at Anthony’s contact page. He put “Anthony” with a cute turtle emoji. Wait, did she just call an emoji cute? She never really called emojis cute, especially a turtle emoji. Huh, what was this guy doing to her?

Jasmine felt a buzz in her back pocket as she walked back to her apartment. Sliding her phone out, she saw that there was more than a few texts from Anthony. Yeah, they’ve been texting back and forth quite a bit, between rehearsals and on their days off, whenever they could. It was already three weeks after Jas had her first rehearsal; it seemed so long ago. Time flies when you’re having fun.

From: Anthony 🐢
Can we talk right now?
From: Anthony 🐢
I really wanna ask you something
From: Anthony 🐢
Hey text back it’s important
From: Anthony 🐢
From: Anthony 🐢
For real will you pls frickin respod
From: Anthony 🐢
From: Anthony 🐢

To: Anthony 🐢
What’s up?

From: Anthony 🐢

To: Anthony 🐢
Tell me
To: Anthony 🐢
tell mE NOW

From: Anthony 🐢
From: Anthony 🐢
Can you let me take you out on a date?

To: Anthony 🐢
I don’t know. Can you?
To: Anthony 🐢
And the answer is no

From: Anthony 🐢

To: Anthony 🐢

From: Anthony 🐢

To: Anthony 🐢
it said nobody can have any relationships with anybody

From: Anthony 🐢
Nobody even cares about that tho
From: Anthony 🐢
It’s a whole lot of bullshit I hope you know that
From: Anthony 🐢
Ephraim and Sasha are dating they even told Lin about it too, he was chill
From: Anthony 🐢
What if we did it in secret?

To: Anthony 🐢
A date it is then

From: Anthony 🐢
From: Anthony 🐢

And so they went on their date. It was a fantastic night for the both of them. They went out to dinner then out to a bar. To much surprise for Anthony, Jasmine ordered a beer. He pegged her more as a martini or red wine kind of girl. The classy kind, but a beer was good still. Jasmine sure knew how to get down, both in her alcoholic taste and her dance abilities on the floor. Of course, there were no dirty moves; who actually does those on a first date with a person you’re trying to impress?

They continued to have dates. They had little talks at the theatre in each other’s dressing rooms when nobody was inside and when all their cast members left. They called each other at night occasionally. Good morning and good night texts happened too. They even stole kisses sometimes, in the janitor’s closet, or the bathroom, or anywhere that could be locked. They were perfect in every single way. They complimented each other; one had more of what the other lacked and vice versa. Everything seemed perfect, they were in lovers’ paradise.

Until the “paradise” was instead a bombed island of despair and hopelessness.

It was seven months in. They were seven months in.

They were both so eager to just blurt it out and tell everybody. But, lately, the only interactions were just full blown arguments. About everything.

“Anthony, I can’t keep cleaning the dishes. You’re the one making the mess at my own house!” Jasmine yelled at him, gesturing angrily to the full sink of dishes.

“I would do it, if you even allowed me at your house sometimes! This is the first time you said I could come over, in weeks! Jasmine, in weeks!” Anthony brought as much fire to the table as she did.

“I’m leaving.” Angry tears streamed down her face and she knew too well that her mascara would leave her skin a stained mess. She didn’t care that she was also wearing a plain white shirt that day, but that shirt was also Anthony’s. She couldn’t just rip off the shirt in front of him. She’d return it. Tuesday. The next day.

“You can’t leave your own house!”

“No, I’m leaving you.” Jasmine took her keys and wallet and walked over to the door. She took one last glance at him before opening the door and slamming it behind her, leaving the man who had captured her heart for good, keeping it locked up.

That night, late at night, Jazzy returned to an empty apartment, with an empty sink. She sighed. She hadn’t been expecting something like this to come so soon. There was no way of escaping the pang of guilt and hurt that her chest was feeling constricted by.

Tuesday morning. The exact thing Jas wanted was Tuesday morning. She tossed the now-washed shirt into her bag with disdain. She was not going to be that ex (ex, were they really exes now?) that is going to keep a whole lot of things from the other one. She was going to return it back to him. At least that was her intention.

She walked into the theatre through the stagedoor. She did stop to take a few pictures, sign a few things, but for the most part, she just didn’t feel up to it today. Jasmine just had to fight off the feeling of heartbreak.

When she saw Anthony talking to Daveed as she passed Daveed’s dressing room, she didn’t care if she was disrupting the most important conversation of their lives. Jasmine shoved the white t-shirt to his chest and muttered, “Here,” before walking off angrily to her dressing room.

“Anthony, what the hell is her deal?” Daveed asked him, looking straight into his eyes. Jasmine was like a younger sister to him since she joined the cast.

Anthony had to admit: Daveed was scary as hell when it came to things like this. “We kind of broke up.” He muttered quietly like a small puppy being chastised by its owner. His voice was kept to a low volume, barely inaudible at this point.

Daveed shook his head furiously as he closed and locked the door so nobody would hear. There was still two or three hours to curtain call; Daveed had more than enough time to instigate an intervention. He turned back to Anthony. “You broke up? When did you even get together?”

“Seven months ago.”

How the fuck do you keep this big of a secret from us?”

“I-I don’t know, Daveed!” Anthony became so frustrated with himself and sighed.  “Daveed, help me, please, I’ve messed everything up with her. Please,” He pleaded as if it were life or death. Anthony placed his hand on his face, the bottom edge of his palm vertically on his nose. He was about to start crying, he knew he was about to start crying.

“Man, the best I can do is give you advice!” Daveed exhaled a large breath, running a hand through his hair. His hand rested on his neck before it retreated back to its place by the side of his body. “You know you’re gonna get hella shit for this, you didn’t tell anybody about it! For seven months too!” Daveed rolled his eyes. “I can’t believe you did this to her, Jazzy’s like a sister to me, to all of us.”

“I know, I know. I messed up so badly, I know.” Anthony slumped into a chair with a random Oakland shirt draped onto it. “Just tell me the advice.”

“Why do you look about to cry, Jazzy?” Renée had that look on her face, you know, with the weird eye and the raised eyebrow, yeah, that kind of look. Renée was like a mother figure to Jazzy. Renée took care of her, loved her, Renée was the mom of the show, pretty much.

Jasmine decided cut the crap, put that aside, and not lie. She knew she couldn’t like to Renée, Renée sees right through her. “A-Anthony.”

“Well, what about him?” Renée asked her, walking over to her quickly as she noticed Jazzy breaking down, knees buckling down to the floor, after shutting the dressing room door. Renée gasped softly, going on her knees and wrapping her arms around the younger girl. “Jazzy, what’s wrong?” She whispered, her voice cracked even though it wasn’t her fight to fight.

And Jasmine couldn’t say a word after saying his name. Her body went into a complete automatic cycle of crying and hiccuping and wiping the tears away. She couldn’t say anything. Not a word, not a mumble; her tears spoke louder than everything she could possibly say at that particular moment in time.

And Renée didn’t force her to say anything at all.

Even at her worst point in her life so far, Jasmine still found herself having fun on stage. That’s what she loved about the mesmerizing yet hauntingly beautiful stage, the way she could escape her troubles to be different person other than herself, a character that could potentially be anywhere and any time.

Being playful and childish Peggy had some kind of happy effect on her, for the first act anyway. Just running around the stage, feeling a kid again; it put Jasmine into a much better mood than how she felt earlier as she broke down before Renée.

When it came to act two, she knew her duet with Lin was coming up. As Jasmine applied the smooth, red lipstick to each lip, she felt her breaths becoming shakier and shakier every time she inhaled and exhaled. Why, why was she like this? After all, it was just a stupid showmance that she should have thought would amount to something. It was just a fling and it didn’t matter, she thought now. She should have just followed the contract. She wouldn’t have been heartbroken and upset if she had only followed the rules that have been set for her.

Jasmine waltzed onto the Richard Rodgers stage in all of her Maria Reynolds sultry. She knew, and Lin knew, that something was absolutely wrong. She wasn’t looking at Lin sometimes, she almost missed a cue or two, she completely lost her focus, every last piece of it went down the drain.

“Please don’t go, sir!” Jasmine’s voice suddenly had much more passion and intensity than any performance that she had before. She was revved up in a head-to-head fire and ice combat, and clearly, fire won that battle.

“So was your whole story a setup?” He fired back.

“I don’t know about any letter!” At this point, Jazzy was on her knees, Maria begging Hamilton to stay for her. Jazzy couldn’t help but to fight angry tears from streaming down her face, but it happened anyway.

Now, Lin absolutely knew something was wrong.

After the show, Jasmine was extremely tired. She just wanted to curl up in bed and fall asleep. Again, without Anthony by her side, but she had to get used to it sooner or later.

“Jasmine, we’re staging an intervention.” Lin proclaimed as he pushed open the dressing room door, almost like if he was a SWAT team member, something more gentler, but similar. He even kicked the door open. That’s pretty much Lin in a nutshell.

After Lin walked in, Renée, Daveed, Pippa, Oak, and Anthony walked in one after the other, like CIA agents on an important mission. She looked at every single one of them as they passed by her, except Anthony, she couldn’t bear to look back at him even though she knew that he knew that she knew he was completely staring at her with no shame at all.

“Oh my god, Lin, can I just go home, it’s been a long day.” They all knew she wasn’t lying there. She groaned as she slid herself into a chair, knowing this would be taking some time. Everyone pulled up some chairs and sat as well. “Let’s just get this over with,” Jasmine muttered to nobody in particular because she knew everyone would be questioning her. She also directed her gaze downwards so she couldn’t look at anybody.

“Been a long day for all of us, Jas,” Renée commented softly as Jasmine slowly tilted her head up to look at Renée.

“Now, you and you,” Lin pointed to Jasmine and Anthony. “Tell us what’s going on otherwise we’re gonna pry it from you.”

“You tell it,” she muttered in Anthony’s direction.

“Why do I have to tell it?” Anthony fired back loudly. He stood out of his chair. “You’re the one who ended it!”

Jazzy rolled her eyes. If this was how he wanted to play the game, then so be it, just let him have a head’s up: he’s gonna lose. She stood as well, taking off her jean jacket. “You’re the one who started it! If it weren’t for you, if you hadn’t started anything, we wouldn’t have been in this stupid mess!”

“Wait, you two, you got into a relationship?” Oak asked, placing his thumb and index on his chin and jaw, and Daveed nodded to confirm.

“For how long?” Lin asked, eyeing Anthony. Jazzy was like a daughter to him. They were all this one huge family and Lin could hardly bare to see her with tears falling on her face during the performance.

“Seven months,” he muttered in Lin’s direction. He didn’t want to elaborate further than that. There was no reason or point to.

“How did you keep this a secret from us, for seven whole months?” Pippa asked the two of them. “We’re family. We don’t keep secrets from each other.”

“Okay, so you guys got together and have been together for the past seven months, is that right?” Oak asked. He really felt so out of the loop with this whole thing.

“We broke up.” Anthony breathed out. Instead of Jasmine going off on a tangent as to why he was the one who could say they broke up before she did, she merely nodded in agreement.

“But I don’t want to break up with you, Jazzy.” Anthony looked into her eyes from across the small dressing room. “I really like you. Will you take me back?”

“I do too, Anthony, I really do.” Jasmine sighed. “Which is why it’s so hard that I have to say no.”

Gasps were heard all around the room. “No?!” Lin spit out the water he was drinking. Great, there was water in the carpeted flooring.

Everyone stood with open eyes and mouths as they listened to Jasmine speak. “I can’t let my heart open just to let it be hurt again. It’s happened way too often.”

“But-but Jazzy! We can work this together, I know we can!” Anthony pleaded to her. He got on his knees and clasped his hands together. “Please, please, please!”

“Maybe another day. But that day isn’t today.” Jasmine walked out the door and slammed it.

Feminism and Harry Potter (Part I)

Let’s talk about women. 

Guys, this is legitimately one of my favorite topics. While I may have the occasional “favorite” characters that are male, on the whole, there’s nothing that gets me more passionate about a character than presenting a woman with agency. So, I’m going to be talking about this in parts, so I can share all my many thoughts on this complex topic. 

So here’s where we get to Harry Potter. In general, I’m reasonably happy with how women are portrayed in this series (I would have to be, otherwise it would never have a chance of being my favorite, which it definitively is) but that doesn’t mean there’s not things to discuss that aren’t so stellar. In general, I really don’t prescribe to the theory that just because you like something, you shouldn’t criticize it. On the contrary, you really should. Just because something is good, doesn’t mean it can’t be better. And anybody is allowed to enjoy a work that can be problematic, you just can’t simply excuse the problematic elements because you enjoy it. 

So let’s get started.

The Good:

JK Rowling is a queen of writing unique, badass female characters. Hermione Granger, Lily Evans, Ginny Weasley, Minerva McGonagall, Fleur Delacour, Molly Weasley, Madame Maxime, Sibyl Trelawney, Nymphadora Tonks… the list goes on. And all of the women listed here are fantastic examples of women who are all talented and brilliant - and most importantly, none of them are identical. Sometimes women are written very blandly, so that they all come out as these cookie-cutter clones of each other. And these clones might not be inherently offensive, but they’re not valuable either. How many times have we seen the character of the girl who kicks ass and looks good doing it? Well, that’s great. We want kickass women in fiction, but somehow, she never gets deeper development than that, and when it comes down the buzzer, she gets sidelined so that the real hero can get the job done, and all the glory for himself. 

That doesn’t exactly happen in Harry Potter. Sure, Harry is the tiutular hero, but exactly 0% of the women I’ve noted above are bland characters, and they all play a part in the story that no one else could have. Additionally, and I can’t stress this enough, these women have flaws. Look guys, a character isn’t a well-written character if they’re perfect. They need to be a little rough around the edges sometimes, or else they aren’t real.

Hermione is ruthless when she needs to be, and stubborn too.

Ginny has a temper, and she’s not going to shy from casting a vicious hex on someone who annoys her.

Madame Maxime has her own internalized prejudices that she has to deal with.

Fleur can be tactless and self-absorbed.

See what I’m saying? These characters are reasonably well-rounded. Flaws are a good thing, because without them, we’d just be putting them on a pedestal, and where’s the fun in that? The good part comes when characters get down and dirty.

The Bad:

So here’s where the distinction comes: flaws are good, but not when a character doesn’t have a single positive trait to balance it out, and the narration comes down on the side of these people being naturally unlikable for no good reason. For the purpose of this section, let’s knock out women like Umbridge and Bellatrix, because the rules get a little screwy when we’re dealing with villains, because we want them to be irredeemable. 

Let’s talk about Harry’s classmates. I take some issue with the way non-major characters that happen to be teenage girls are portrayed. Not that it’s the worst case of it in the universe, but there are a few moments where being a teenage girl seems to say that you’re silly. Parvati and Lavender are seen as being shallow and gossipy - and Lavender is occasionally villainized over her relationship with Ron, because God forbid she be clingy or too talkative - and then there’s Marietta Edgecombe. Dear lord, Marietta Edgecombe. 

Why is Marietta Edgecombe seen as a horrible, unforgivable snitch for telling Umbridge about the DA? I recognize that as a readership we want to root for the DA’s continued existence, but really? This a girl caving to familial and societal pressure - her parents have jobs at the Ministry - and letting secrets slip to an authority figure who has been known to use torture. Really? Are we going to make Marietta a monster? REALLY?

Yeah, so I don’t like the trivialization of adolescent girls. I’m definitely not saying that this was intentional, but you know, that doesn’t make it fine. It seems like the narration implies that if a girl isn’t a freedom fighter by the age of fifteen, she’s shallow and malicious. I mean, Cho Chang is in the DA, but she comes off the worse for standing by Marietta and crying occasionally about her dead boyfriend. But I’ve already shared my feelings extensively on Cho Chang. Maybe I’m exaggerating a little bit here, but something about these characterizations rubbed me the wrong way. Lavender Brown was a talented student of Divination, but her passionate interest in the subject is never given the same validity as say, Neville’s passion for Herbology. 

Look, I’m just saying there are more layers on these characters to be explored, and I don’t like seeing them dismissed because they aren’t the leaders of a revolution. Because when I was seventeen, my day to day life would have been a hell of a lot closer to what Parvati and Lavender are going through - and even they show up at the DA meetings. They’re simply not unaware of the climate. They want to protect themselves and their families. They just happen to also like giggling and gossiping. 

And why not? Those things are fun.

So basically, let’s applaud our Hermiones and our Tonkses, because they are spectacular, but let’s also not tear down our Lavenders. ‘Cause let’s be real, they’re all rad.


Someone came into my life for a while, and I thought we were gonna be… best friends. This girl lied to me, and I pushed her away because of that lie, and she asked me to forgive her, but I never did. It took some time, but I realized that was a mistake and I regretted the decision, but by then it was too late. The damage was already done. I don’t want to make the same mistake again, Regina. 

Drama Review: pinocchio

Reason I started watching:

1. My lovely leads

I’ve been in love with Shin Hye since You’re Beautiful and I’ve seen almost all of her dramas. When I heard she was gonna be in a new drama with Jong Suk I had to see it. Sadly I wasn’t a big fan of their latest dramas, Heirs for Shin Hye and Doctor Stranger for Jong Suk so I really wanted this drama to be a success. 

2. Lee Pil-Mo 

I loved his dorky character in emergency couple when I found out he was also gonna be in this drama I was so excited and I wanted to see it even more. 

3. Pinocchio 

I can’t say Disney’s Pinocchio is my favorite cartoon, to be fair I’ve only seen it couple of times but the idea of Pinocchio syndrome caught my interest. I didn’t really know what to expect at first, all I knew was the fact that Shin Hye’s character was going to have Pinocchio Syndrome and I just wanted to see how everyone else fit into the plot and how the drama was going to play out.   

What I thought of the Drama:

1. Casting/ acting 

This drama had an amazing cast. Just like Shin Hye’s previous drama Heirs, Pinocchio was filled with amazing actors and this time with good writing they nailed it.

Starting off  with the main leads, Shin Hye and Jong Suk had an amazing chemistry. I might even say that I liked seeing them work together better than any of their previous co-stars. This is saying a lot since I love Shin Hye and Jung Yong Hwa but they just didn’t have the same chemistry. The leads acting was also so natural in this drama compared to both of their previous works from last year, Shin Hye with Heirs and Jong Suk with Doctor stranger, which gave their characters a new kind of life and made it so much more interesting to watch. I would honestly love to see them work together in another drama. 

Kim Hae Sook: this lady is amazing. I’ve seen her act in three dramas this year and I’ve loved her in every single one. I honesty think this lady doesn’t get the love she deserves. TBH when we watch dramas we usually talk about the female/male leads of the drama and over look the rest of the cast. In many cases the veteran actors don’t get all  the love they deserve and Hae Sook is certainly is one of them. She can turn a character you love into someone you hate in a single episode (Pinocchio) and she can also turn a character you hate into someone you can feel sorry for and even start liking (Hotel King), not many actors can do that. 

Byeon Hee Bong: I have to say the only thing I can remember seeing him in is My Girl but after seeing him in Pinocchio I felt like I’ve seen him everywhere. I thought he was the perfect actor the role of the grandpa. While watching the drama I started wishing that he was my grandpa, cause I wouldn’t’ mind having him give me a makeover ^_^

Everyone else: I can’t really tell you why I loved each of the actors one by one cause that will take up too much time and space. Overall everyone fit their role, in so many of my previous dramas the  cast felt so stiff and I didn’t feel that about anyone in this drama. It felt so realistic that sometimes I could forget that they were just acting. The younger version of dal po was so good, that little kid can cry T_T I am looking forward to watching his other works. That’s actually true with the entire cast. I also really enjoyed Lee Pil-Mo’s acting, you just can’t dislike his characters in both this drama and emergency couple. 

2. Relationships 

I Shipped the main lead from the beginning till the end sadly I didn’t really want shin hye to end up with the second lead. I keep saying I like the second leads more but so many of my recent dramas I haven’t really liked the seconds leads. It’s weird. BTH the second male lead and the Shin Hye didn’t really have any chemistry and I wasn’t sad to see the lead get the girl. If I’m being honest I was extremely happy with the leads. 

Bromance: Jong Suk always seem to have the best bromances in his dramas just watch school 2013. I loved how the male leads weren’t trying to kill each other while they were both in love with the same girl. They were so mature in the way that they handled their love triangle and it was so cute when Kim Yeong Kwang’s character showed support for Lee Jong Suk’s character. 

Siblings: The relationship between the two Myeong was so well done and the two actors were so good at playing siblings. I absolutely loved seeing how much they loved each other, they wanted what was best for each other no matter how painful that might be. I just feel so bad that they had to be separated right after they found each other. I have to say they do kinda look a like and both of them does that cute half smile thing. Two thumbs up for the casting/writing/acting. 

3. Plot

I loved the writing! it never got boring and it was never too slow or too fast. The writers knew exactly what they were doing. They knew exactly how much they should spend on each event and knew how to move on to the new thing without rushing it. I especially loved the big plot twist with the two mother figures, evil turns good and good is actually evil. This drama had such a nice concept and flow. I would actually watch this drama if it was extended, it could become like an american show with several seasons where the reporters get new crime every couple of episodes but all good things must come to an end and this certainly is not an exception. So many of the dramas from 2014 turned out to be huge disappointments and I am so glad this wasn’t one of them. 

Overall rating: 11/10

who else loved this show as much as me?

A Matter of Trust (Part 11/??)

A/N: Finally! Sorry it took so long! So this part is suuuuper long. It’s 9,998 words. And like I mentioned before, it’s from Finn’s pov. I wanted you all to know where Finn’s state of mind was during the week they weren’t talking so you know why he was acting the way he was. Some things you’ve read before but hopefully it will shine a different light. I promise the next part won’t take as long!! :D Enjoy!! xx

Also, shanshenanigan. Thanks for being my the bestest bestest ever.

One Week Ago

Finn held the door of the little café open for Rae as they stepped out into the tranquil late November night. Not a soul in the world was wandering the calm, tree- lined streets besides the two of them. The sun was slowly descending beyond the trees, leaving the sky a striking blend of purple and orange, casting a glorious light upon them as they walked in comfortable silence. Finn never minded silence. Sometimes moments, such as this, were just too perfect to have the air filled with mindless noise. The silence between them was the most comfortable thing Finn had ever experienced. 

He’d only known her four short weeks but that was all he needed. From the second he met her something clicked in his mind and his heart and he felt as if everything in his life led up  to that moment. He never believed in the term “soul mates,” he wasn’t even sure he believed in real, true love. He’d be in love before, or at least what he thought was love, but this was different. Rae was different. His life never really made sense until she waltzed herself into it.

He was in love with her, there was no denying that. He’d been trying to pinpoint the exact moment he realized he was in love with her all day and it all came down to the first time they ate lunch together. He’d seen her from across the union and was captivated by the way she read. Watching her read felt like invading her most vulnerable and private thoughts, but he couldn’t allow himself look away. The way her hazel eyes skimmed across the page and her lashes fluttered on her cheeks enthralled him to where he almost couldn’t breathe. He never read any of the books she had but when small smiles danced on her lips when she found something funny, or when her eyebrows scrunched in confusion she was exposing the most vulnerable part of her soul to the world and his reached out to meet it.

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What do you guys think of your actors?

Bucky : He’s a DORK. But I love that guy. Our handler LOVES that guy. Sometimes she cries and complains about him to her best friend.

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Steve : Very talented. Very good-looking. I’m glad he was casted. And I’m pretty sure our handler is in love with him too. He did left-boob grab and I don’t really understand why….

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Clint : Cool guy. Perfect. Just Perfection.

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Natasha : You mean handler’s female crush? She’s a queen, just like me.

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Got me feeling emotions.... Inside out Spoiler free review.

So the question on everyone’s mind is this film Pixar’s return to form? Yes. Yes it is. Not since Toy Story 3 has a pixar film been this fantastic, seriously. There has been the loss of the “Pixar” touch in their recent films. They were missing that soul, the spark that made the studio the juggernaut that it is today. But with Inside Out not only have they reclaimed that spark, they have elevated it to bigger heights. 

So it’s safe to say this film is an emotional roller coaster, from start to finish it’s just a great ride. Without giving out too much of the plot this story is very much about how we deal with our emotions, or as the movie likes to put it how our emotions deal with us. And it never fails on capitalizing on that premise. The film handles this concept with such amazing wit sometimes you have to stop and smile just at how amazing it is on all levels.

That being said let’s get into the main cast, Amy Poehler as Joy, Phyllis Smith as Sadness, Bill HaderFearLewis BlackAnger, and Mindy Kaling as Disgust. This cast is too perfect in almost every way, everyone does a fantastic job with their respective characters and not once do you ever sit there and think they are too distracting. But the real breakout stars for this film are Poehler’s Joy, and Smith’s Sadness. And rightfully so as the film really is about their relationship and how Sadness might be more than what we consider it to be.  

The animation for this film is drop dead gorgeous and you can tell they really pushed their limits here. There is a playfulness with the characters movements, a more cartoony stretch to them (at least to the characters inside riley’s head). But many times you’ll find yourself staring at particle effects, or the way the characters don’t really have skin and are actually made up of what looks like tiny molecules. All little details that have been painstakingly crafted throughout the entire film. All in all this film just impresses at everything it does, this is film that’s a labor of love. 

In conclusion Pixar is back and they are better than ever, and to top that they have created easily one of the best animated films in their canon. Do yourself a favor and go see this film. You may feel a new thing or two. 


Kdrama: 10 Reasons Why You Should Be Watching W

You may be wondering what all the fuss is about -  has Tumblr been highjacked by legions of Lee Jong Suk fans? Nope -  here are the real reasons:

  1. The way it looks grabs you and never lets go. The transitions between drawn/comic and filmed/real world are amazing, the colors are gorgeous and used to tell a story in their own right, and the sets also heighten the drama and provide clues.
  2. It’s fast-paced. No clumsy direction, no careless editing.
  3. It appeals to a wide audience - my whole family is watching this one. Have you ever watched a Kdrama with your Dad?
  4. A surprising, inventive script. Just when you think a character could never do something, they do it. Just when you think something will happen in episode 8, it happens in episode 4. Which leads to - 
  5. How is it going to end? Not a clue. Maybe we will have a happy ending, but whose “happy”? An ending for whom? Shoot, we can’t even define “alive” at this point. Which leads to - 
  6. It makes audiences think, but not in a painful, documentary sort of way, but more like talking about the meaning of life over a couple of beers with some school friends. 
  7. And there is lots to think about. For example, there is an amazing amount of “moral grayness” about our hero. He does things which heroes aren’t supposed to do, and his motives are not at all clear. You can argue for hours, just about what he does, why, and if it is defensible.
  8. The leads are refreshing. We finally have a genius somethingorother who actually CAN think, and quite brilliantly, and we have a lead female who is of course kind and pretty and a bit scattered (like SO many others) but guess what, she can also make swift, and accurate, deductions. No TSTL here!
  9. I have never been a huge Lee Jong Suk fan. He’s a good actor, but the way he looks - that too-chiseled nose that reminds me of Michael Jackson, the stork-like legs - sometimes took me out of the story. Here, the way he looks works perfectly - he actually needs to look the way he does. The casting was perfect, and not just for him.
  10. The acting is excellent, across the board. No idols were harmed in the making of this drama. If it is successful, perhaps in the future we will have more refreshing, idol-free oases of good acting.

So get on the bandwagon, and watch. At least to this point, you will not be sorry. Whatever happens, I know I am in to the bitter end.

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Also.. What do you think of the voice actors? Past or Present? Any particular preferences?

I really like the cast that they have for Sonic Boom right now, except for Shadow. He’s terrible, it hurts me just to listen to him talk. Jason Griffith was my favorite Shadow by far. Personally, Cindy Robinson’s Amy Rose also gets on my nerves sometimes, but she’s getting better now. She’s not as Minnie Mouse-y. Mike Pollock is perfect, I wouldn’t change him for the world! Travis Willingham makes a very fun Knuckles. Colleen O'Shaughnessey is a good Tails in my opinion too. She’s got the talent of a skilled voice actor unlike when they used to employ really young kids to play him. And of course, Roger Craig Smith’s Sonic is just so great. It took some getting used to I’ll admit because I really liked Jason Griffith, but now I love him. I love his Sonic so much!