this cast is dumb


Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu - Winners and Losers

Several former cast mates went to go see the press viewing on opening day!  Visitors included Arai Shou (Aone), Kimura Atsushi (Futakuchi), Hirono Ryouta (Sakunami), Hashimoto Zen’itsu (Kamasaki), and Gotou Takeru (Yaku)!  

All of them were impressed by the new show and wish the current cast the best of luck!

A date at the Davy Lamp

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This is a re-animation from steven universe because I can’t actually animate =v=‘ https

• Andi Mack: diverse cast, interesting plot line with continuity, the adults aren’t dumb, the kids have a life outside of school, a actual true progressive show we’ve been waiting for on the Disney channel.

• GMW analyst blogs: Uh, idk, this show isn’t for me. It’s not aimed towards my age group. It’s for little kids . I wished that Girl Meets Mayo had the same freedom tho. Disney Channel was just holding back GMW. Didn’t allow them to be free.


Today’s look: the new Potions mistress.

I want a gekkan shoujo fic where like, the text conversations between Mikorin and Mayu, Mayu knows from the very first night because Mikorin is a dumb and he can’t lie and he just.

you can call me mikorin if you like

all my friends do

not that you have to, or anything

it’s not like it would make me happy!

… but you could, if you want to.

please forget i said anything.

and Mayu’s just like,


and Mikorin sits there having a small heart attack, until his phone chimes again,

mikorin is cute

and pretty much his heart explodes, because what is Mayumayu saying, does she think he’s cute, is it the name that’s cute?!?!?!?!? his delicate heart can’t handle this, so then he’s just like,

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The Tragic Death of Jayne Mansfield

On June 29, 1967, famous Hollywood actress Jayne Mansfield and two male friends attended a public event in Biloxi, Mississippi.At the event, Jayne apparently joked about a prediction made by Anton LaVey (the founder of the Church of Satan) that she would die in a car accident in the dead of night. Whether or not the “prediction” was serious or made in jest, it proved to be true.

After attending the event Mansfield, her two companions, and three of her children travelled to New Orleans. As they were leaving the town of Siddell that night, the 1966 Buick Electra the group was driving collided with a low-hitched trailer on the back of a truck; Mansfield and her male friends were killed instantly. The children escaped serious injury.

Mansfield was one of the original “Blonde Bombshells” of the 1950’s, and alongside Marilyn Monroe she was considered one of Hollywood’s most beautiful women. Although cast in “dumb blonde” roles, Jayne Mansfield was exceedingly intelligent; she spoke five languages fluently, was a member of MENSA, and was sought out by Anton LaVey due to her insightful nature. The two met often in LaVey’s black painted house in San Francisco, and Jayne starred in several of LaVey’s home movies.

The rumor that LaVey predicted Mansfield’s death spread like wildfire after she died, with some accusing LaVey of orchestrating her death via a Satantic ritual. Others believed Mansfield was assassinated due to her connection with LaVey. Whatever the true story may be, Jayne Mansfield’s death will always be shrouded in mystery.