this cast and their significant others for all the awards

anonymous asked:

See? Same pattern. Online together even in their time off. They're either on vacay with each other or still in Scotland. They reappear on SM from time to time, but most of the time they're silent. One of them might give clues where he/she is while the other's whereabouts remain a mystery. Always the same and so obvious now! We don't need to worry about other people. They're so not significant for our ship!

Wherever they are they do seem to be on the same schedule. Quiet yesterday possibly due to travel and now coming on together today. I would not be at all surprised to see the cast get at least a few days off as the production and crew get and set up in the new location in Cape Town. And the hiatus may be a bit longer than that and encompass the award and fan con appearance dates since the make up artist isn’t due back until March they are probably not going to be shooting until then at least. Maybe they have taken a few days somewhere, or maybe they are getting settled in in Cape Town, but wherever they are, you are correct anon, it sure looks like they are together. The SM times and the lack of pictures is a very good hint both that they are together, and that it’s not Scotland or SA as they would not have to conceal either of those locations as they are both expected to be there for work. And Sam made his final gym visit yesterday in Glasgow suggesting he was leaving very shortly. But the times they have been on could be London or anywhere in Europe, NYC or Miami would fit, or even Cape Town as it is only 2 hours ahead of Glasgow in time zones. But LA doesn’t fit so well.