this cartoons cute

The Girls

Cats wearing their favorite type of clothing!
(from left to right: Missy, Mao, Miki )

Missy is more into blue clothing
Mao is more into weeb/pink type clothes
Miki enjoys the game type clothing

They dont like pants very much…

Characters belong to me


Reaaally big project for the end of the semester! We have three weeks to animate a full short! So I did this tiny animatics wip in around 10-15 minutes to kinda see how to use Flash, hopefully it will turn out great ♥

I’ll keep posting my steps along the way~


If you’re on Facebook or Twitter, click the link at the end of the description to see prices! 

After three years of long distance, I’m so excited to announce that @hojtastic and I will be moving out to LA in June together after I graduate!! We’re both super excited, but also pretty scared, since we’re moving all the way across the US from the midwest. 

That being said, I’m doing a commission sale to help raise funds for moving costs, food, rent, etc so we can start off with a little something extra. Message me if you’re interested!! 

Patrons get some rad discounts, but the discount will only apply after your Patronage has been charged! The sale ends at the end of May, because that’s when we’ll be moving! Thanks a lot guys! :]