this card is so nice omg

I am so stressed I might die. I had two projects land in my lap yesterday that needed to be done RIGHT NOW, so instead of packing and cleaning today as planned (since, you know, I’m moving on SUNDAY), I spent the day glued to my computer writing code. On the other hand, I have a brand new hopefully-maybe long-term client if I play my cards right, AND I earned a nice-sized totally unexpected chunk of money. AND, that client came to me because one of my existing major clients pointed them my way, so even better.

But omg the stress. 

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Also I love the idea of Corrin staying into her dragon's form when she is pregnant with Kanon and his twin (female version, we can call her Kaya?). And I love also the idea of her keeping belongings, retainers and husband near of her. And then Leo comes for tell her to stop doing that "you have work sister!". Well little bro wil be kept as well. And Takumi (the husband) is like "ho Leo, nice to see you" and Jakob is like "want to play a card games?"

omg she just keeps them all. Hording her friends. Anyone who comes to visit just ends up staying. They’ll end up building a pillow fort around Corrin and just giving up, realisign that this is their life now. She’d probably hoard Takumi the most, snuggling up to him, resting her head on his lap or just completely smothering him. And honestly?? he wouldn’t mind? because he loves her and she’s so warm?? 

And I can just imagine Xander finally going to check on her and the room is just PACKED with stuff?? Pillows and blankets and books, stacked up upon each other, and there’s no order to anythign and beneath it all??? people keep popping out? First he sees Jakob then Leo, and there’s Ryoma? How did he fit beneath all those blankets? And Sakura and Elise would definitely be there, as well as Camilla, She’d LOVE how affectionate Corrin is. 

Just like… Xander being stunned to find so many people crowded in Corrin’s room. All her siblings and retainers… and then he joins them begrudgingly. 

Drabble #5 - Crowley x Reader

Requested by @okayalycia

“Omg #5 with Crowley x reader pleeeease? I just followed ya but I already love your blog and your imagines so much and don’t stop writing you do it amazingly 💕”

5) “Wait a minute. Are you jealous?”

“One room, please.” You said to the guy behind the counter as you slapped your credit card down.

You had just finished a hunt and were on the long drive back home. You had to stop to get some rest at a hotel because you had no energy to keep driving.

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About last night 🙃😜🐢🤷🏻‍♀️

• yesterday was one of THE most fun nights I’ve possibly ever had!!

• I went to the store early in the afternoon to say goodbye to alisha at the store, and it was sad and hard but also so nice :)
I gave her her little gift and card and we had lots of good laughs and stories and hugs and I just love and am gonna miss her so much!

• then we all went out to a bar for a last hang out/goodbye and omg it was an amazingly fun night!! SO much fun ahh!! Filled with shots and Moscow mules, and more shots, and hookah and so many laughs and literally no tears!! It made saying goodbye so fun bc it left us with amazing memories :)
I mean I did get tested up saying bye at the very end but I was stopped dead in my tracks like “no! Did you have fun tonight?” “Yeah, a ton!” “Good that’s what it was supposed to be like! No tears bc I’ll see you soon!”
Such. Great. Memories.

• quick pic caption debrief; the funfetti cupcakes I made for alisha and I’m glad I made the exact ones she asked for bc she was stupidly excited for them lol!
me and two other friends cleared out her drawer at work for her so she wouldn’t have to and she handed us each one of her 3 different little notebooks she had that each said funny things and they were so fitting for each of us haha! Lauryn’s said “annoying things,” I don’t remember what Zita’s said, and mine said this lol! And I was like “that’s me, daily disappointment” 👌🏼and alisha was like “not you it’s plural anyways so i don’t mean you” and I was like “well I make multiple decisions a day that lead to disappointments so..” 🤷🏻‍♀️ and she had no argument there so I am the daily disappointment in our friend group!
Shots of Yeager (😷) and hookah made for maaaaaany laughs :)
And then yes, that last pic is halle squatting alisha because 💪🏼 badass babe 💪🏼

• ugh such an amazing time!! It really made me realize how much love I’m surrounded with and this amazing family I have now! Through the ups and downs with them, at the end of the day, we’re this family and I love that! I’m so glad I went and put aside the sadness of her leaving bc more good came out of this night than bad! Actually no bad came out of this night so ✌🏼👌🏼

• no workout today bc I’m hungover af, but I did walk home from Halle’s this morning after she had to go into work at 7am! And it was a 5 mile walk so that was nice (and painfully awful at moments!) definitely feeling it today, but so worth it!

• I do work today and all the mates were there so no one can call out 🙃😅 but I’m excited to see everyone at work so it’ll be fine!

I hope you’re all doing great!


So I dug up 2 slabs of card at home and instead of making something beautiful I decided to draw matching boyfriends (feat. crappy correction fluid)
Done with various materials. IDK what I’m doing sorry *hides face*

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Hello I love your writings!! I was wondering if you could do a headcanon with GWash and his s/o on Christmas?

boss’ memo: thank you v much !!! of course i could do it !! <3 i hope this isn’t too late !! though, if it is, perhaps i’ll make this a lil’ general, so it suits the wintertime in general? i am also? running out of gifs for gwash, omg,

Originally posted by hamiltonsource

(christmas related, kinda)

  • he has really nice handwriting, and can’t decorate a tree to save his life,,, though, he is capable of making small doodles,,,
    • so, he will do most of the christmas cards for you, though he may be a bit grumpy about it because he doesn’t really like writing (but he can manage)
    • and yes, he doodles on the outside of the cards (he draws little snowmen as well as christmas trees)
  • he might bake?? he’s not very good at it, but he’s willing to try it out, for you,
    • he’s best when it comes to making cake as opposed to cookies!!
    • and he always makes himself something warm to drink, like hot cocoa
      • (he’s on the side that makes it using milk and he won’t outright Fight you if you make it with water, but he will judge silently)
      • (he also puts in tiny marshmallows, and uses whipped cream!)
  • if he ends up under the mistletoe with you, he won’t know what to do or say for a few seconds–
    • but, if you lean up, he’s gonna lean down, so don’t worry! <3
  • you’re going to hear him singing around the house !! especially while he bakes !!!
    • he doesn’t mind if you decide to sing along with him!
      • as a matter of fact, he loves if you do !! you might even get to see him smile ! (and i mean the big toothy kind, not the small one that he usually does,)

(some winter hcs)

  • he loves sitting with you by the fire ! honestly, you don’t even have to speak with him (though, he likes to have your attention) he’s content to just lean against you with a blanket !!
    • (if you fall asleep against him he’s going to feel Blessed,, and he’s not going to move, even if his arm falls asleep)
  • george doesn’t really want to go out into the snow, i don’t recommend dragging him out there unless he gives you the “a-ok”!
  • he enjoys walking around the town at night, holding your hand,,,
    • he adores the way the lights look, reflected in your eyes !
  • he’s not great at skating, and he’s not terrible–he certainly can do it, and is patient enough to teach you if you need him to,
    • (just don’t expect him to skate in circles around you)
    • (actually, perhaps he can skate in circles around you, but just doesn’t care to do it)
    • (either way, he’s not going to do it–well, maybe if you want to dance with him on the rink, he’ll do it)
  • he’s totally the type to offer you his coat if you look cold !!
    • (he will also smooch your cold cheeks)
  • boyfriend: *has hands so dry his skin started to crack*
  • me: *loud gasp* oh my goodness come here *rubs his hands with a lot of Lemony Flutter for a few minutes*
  • boyfriend: he that smells nice...
  • *two days later*
  • boyfriend calls me: OMG THAT LEMON THING IS AMAZING. CAN YOU GET ME LIKE TWO OF THEM, because I finished the one you left me :DDDD
Designated Driver (Sasuhina)

Sasuke wasn’t religious but he was praying to God to forgive him for any sins he has done because damn did he want to be cleansed right now. He’d been sitting in this annoying club for hours on end waiting for his drunken blonde best friend to finally call it quits on his “Forget About Girls” party. Sasuke didn’t understand how you’d go to a hetero club to forget about girls but that was besides the point.

Naruto was heartbroken and he himself wasn’t heartless enough to let the male wander alone. So he sat by the bar where he could still have his eyes on the drunken blonde and relax at the same time.

But then it all went to hell when he caught sight of her. She pulled up besides him and sat on the stool as she ordered her water. Her lilac eyes turned to scan the crowd again, seemingly looking for someone. She sighed in relief when a brunette with double buns on her head drunkenly waved at her.

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hello, first off I love your blog so much. second, may I please request a reading regard myself and my relationship with someone I will refer to as Sarah for anonymity reasons even though that's not her name? she and I have had a very complex relationship and I am just looking for some guidance. thank you very much.

Thank you so much!  ^.^  And again, thank you for your patience <3

omg this camera is making my beautiful cards look like actual poo lmao

but I can still read them of course, and they are not saying nice things about your relationship with Sarah, I’m afraid.  Belladonna (more commonly known as Deadly Nightshade) is a powerful poison.  Beautiful though it may be it is deadly.  It is used in magic for moving on from the hurt of a broken relationship, all of which suggest to me that while you two may be drawn to each other, it is not for the best for you to be together, as friends, lovers, whatever your relationship may be.  This impression is strengthened by seeing Hawthorn, labeled “Forgo” in this deck, and used in magic to promote and protect chastity.  I have a strong sense that it is time for you to walk away.  

Wish I could have given you some more hopeful news, love; all the best to you while you figure this out <3

~ free readings currently closed ~

~ use code GRANDOPENING for 50% off readings at Three Black Cats ~

ayame (my oc i was making the bod for lole) wanted to thank u so did a mini moi

ignore how shitty the graphics are my pc hates me plus my graphics card sucks lole


im rlly thankful <33

AY NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ur welcome hehehe im glad it helped u out a bit!!!!! she looks gud so far hehe but omg pray god that graphics card is no joke wat the fuck how do u live

if i can give some advice perhaps add some meat to her forearms???

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Hi may! Hope you're doing well. I just came to ask; what are your top favorite kadi fanart? Have a nice day!! (Or night!!)

Hey anon! Omg, I’ll do a compilation of my “KD Top 5″ Fanarts because of this! Just remembering that those fanarts don’t belong to me! So, the credit goes to the original artists. And second, that I’ll post the original source here on tumblr, so you can see the whole thing there. Just keep in mind that I’m crazy for cute fanarts instead of smutty, so I’ll just compile here the cutest, in my opinion. 

1. EXO Kissing Card Game

It shows a lot of EXO members doing the kissing game, but notice Kaisoo tho. How cute!

2. Kaisoo: the pajama couple

This is my favorite fanart from all the fanarts. It’s so adorable and cute and precious. I have no words. And observe how Jongin is shirtless and Kyungsoo is bottomless~ 

3. “Kaisoo night illustration”

Is so well drawn and the plot was really adorable and amazing. Every time I see this, my heart gets warm.

4. Height Difference

I live for this, yes or absolutely?

5. Jongin Cooking Misadventures

Let’s be honest: everybody loves the fact that Jongin doesn’t know how to cook and that he has a nice hyung that can cook for him~

BONUS #1: Kaisoo High School Manga AU + Drabble

Kyungsoo and his glasses are the cutest things ever!

BONUS #2: Kaisoo Birthday

Adorable. Just adorable.

BONUS #3: “I’m not a hero”

This story is so angst, my heart hurts. But I love all her drawings tho.

BONUS #4: Kaisoo Hogwarts!AU

Who never imagined Kyungsoo as a Slytherin, anyway?

BONUS #5: Kaisoo at Ray Magazine

They look so fine… *sigh*

Let’s appreciate the artists in this fandom (not only kaisoo shippers but everyone inside EXO fandom)! This become a top 10 instead of top 5, but I have no regrets lol. And if someone wants their drawings taked down, talk to me and I’ll do it. If someone also has the original link for some of them, talk to me and I put it instead!

Family AU.. kinda :D?

I just imagined this really cute modern cartinelli au:

Angie is a preschool/kindergarten teacher and Peggy has a son/daughter who is in Angie’s class and i imagine Angie as this cute young teacher who loves teaching children and she does cute little crafts, now imagine Peggy’s kid struggling with doing activities and Angie is like ‘‘Oh honey, you’re okay, it’s okay, here let me help you’’ and when they do something good she acts so proud and always cheer them on and encourage them. Now imagine the kid running to Peggy and talking about how Ms.Angie is their favourite teacher and how she is really nice and pretty. Also omg what about when Angie and Peggy meets at the parents day and the kid says ‘‘ Mommy, can Ms.Angie join us for dinner sometimes?’’ and Angie suddenly becomes flustered plus very shy bc of Peggy and how ‘’holy hell she’s a goddess’’. At dinner Peggy explains about her job and how she rarely gets to spend time with her child, So Angie helps out by doing a little activity with Peggy and her child, like playing board games or card games or even having Disney movie marathons, she’d do a Disney playlist and they’d have karaoke’s or they can do a baking activity while singing or have a flour fight. They get so close that they can almost pass as a family and when they go shopping together people compliment them all the time that they got used to it so both pegs and angie gets flustered and just mumble a ‘‘oh heh yes, thank you.’’ oR Angie driving the child back and Peggy’s and Peggy cooks her something and insists on her staying for dinner bc ‘‘Angie, darling, you must be starving after a long day at work!’’

Episode nine: in which betrayal turns out to be unexpectedly sexy.

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So I just met Mejibray. They’re all so nice omg. I was too shy to say anything properly which was fine I guess since I’m a foreigner so I get to play the confused card orz
I was really scared if Koichi was gonna be strange plus he was the first one but he was super niiiice and was like “is it okay to sign here?” and I was like *nodnod* and he was all smiley and we shook hands and he said “Come again!”. Tsuzuku said “Hi” before I said anything and while he was signing my cd cover, he pointed at one of my necklaces and was like *nodnod* “Nice!” Then we shook hands and I told him “Yesterday was really fun” (I saw them at an event live yesterday). He looked surprised, grinned and said “Oh please come again sometime then” and that was it ;; super short. MiA was super intense. Like he kept staring at me during the talk portion of the instore. And now he greeted me in Japanese and held my hand for a bit long and just stared. Idk. A little freaky :D Meto just signed my cd cover and gave me the comment dvd as present and I thanked him and that was iiiiiit. I wanna see them again ;;