this card is so nice omg

  • boyfriend: *has hands so dry his skin started to crack*
  • me: *loud gasp* oh my goodness come here *rubs his hands with a lot of Lemony Flutter for a few minutes*
  • boyfriend: he that smells nice...
  • *two days later*
  • boyfriend calls me: OMG THAT LEMON THING IS AMAZING. CAN YOU GET ME LIKE TWO OF THEM, because I finished the one you left me :DDDD

So I dug up 2 slabs of card at home and instead of making something beautiful I decided to draw matching boyfriends (feat. crappy correction fluid)
Done with various materials. IDK what I’m doing sorry *hides face*

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OMG One I freaking loved February 14th! It was adorable and cute and just ugh. I completely agree on the frustration of Valentines Day. I even told my boy not to buy me anything for the day. My students however didn't get the memo, (they know me chocolate and hot cheetos were the gifts :)) And two, you should have heard the excited shriek I gave when I saw you had written! It is because of your stories I started writing again. Whenever you write, I'll read. :)

OMG 1) I told my boy no gifts either, even though I made him a card with a ton of puns on it. Although, now I’m craving mozzarella sticks so it would be nice if he was able to miraculously surprise me with mozz sticks at 10:15 at night 😂

2) I shrieked when I had the idea for the fic last night! I’m so happy you enjoy my writing, and best of luck to you with yours!!



I went up to Dan first and he literally smelled like cologne and then I hugged Phil and he smelled warm idk their hugs are so good. I was wearing Phils star shirt so Phil said “nice choice of shirt” and Dan said “yes what a nice shirt”. then I made a card for Dan and I showed them it and he said it was so cute and he opened it and they both laughed and he put his actually head through it (there’s a picture of the card) and said it was hilarious. Then I asked them to sign my bullet journal since its been a goal of mine to meet them and then Phil said “2016 goal” or something and they both signed it and I was shaking so much but I told them because of them I’m doing what I do in university and Dan was like “aww were so happy for you” and Phil was like “aww that’s sweet.” then I asked for a picture and Dan said “I’ll take it since I’m so disgustingly tall” and I said “no it’s okay I’m short” and Phil chuckled. we took a normal one and a holding hands one and THEIR HANDS ARE SO SOFT HOLY HELL LIKE THEY WERE BIG TOO. After that I said thanks and they said thanks for coming and then I hugged them again cause I wanted to smell them omg and Dan said “good luck in college.” LIKE WHAT A SWEETHEART Then I went to the lady giving out the bags and she even asked for my name cause they’re gonna use my card in the show IM CRYING

OMG so my show went super well and I sold 32 out of my 40 prints which is AWESOME - that being said, I have 7 left that I’m looking to sell!! 

It’s 11x17 on super nice card stock, the price is $25 and we can talk shipping!!

^ this is it, and it printed very true to color!!! 

so I met hat films and the yogs that were at insomnia (except sips bc he turned up later than the others and by then I couldn’t feel my legs so I didn’t wait in the queue again) and omg they were all so nice!!! Smith got really excited and happy over my crayon drawing thing and he showed it to Trott and he said “I’ve seen this literally all over the Internet” (lol oops) and Ross liked it too! and they liked the scrapbook as well! when I gave them the Pokemon cards all 3 of them lit up and synchronised “AH POKEMON” bless. then I met Hannah after and omg she’s so cool and her hair is frickin amazing!! turps tried to convince me that he was the best hat films member…I mean ofc he is ;) and Sjin and Duncan drew on each other’s picture on my poster since Duncan signed his name as ‘Duncum’ it was hilarious and then Lewis was asking me about my favourite series’ they’ve done and I told him about the scrapbook too and he said he would take a look when he has time. srsly if you ever have a chance to meet any of them just do it because they’re literally the nicest people in the entire world!!!


Sailor Moon Luna Shoulder Bag(Big High Quality)

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This cute bag finally came in!(Got here very fast!)I was so happy with the quality, very sturdy, and super gorgeous. My cat was just as happy as me, since he wanted to be in the picture as well!~ The inside print is so vibrant! Also the stitching is perfection. The bag was packed well for shipping. They even had the metal parts of the bag covered, to make sure no scratches!:D The post card it comes with is a nice addition, and very sweet. Albeit the bag is a bit small, but if you’re just wanting to take a few things out with you, it’s perfect. I only ever take my wallet, phone, keys, and maybe my 3DS XL out. So it fits my lifestyle to the T. Also I hear they have a new backpack version that’s bigger then the bag!~ Be sure to check out the Spreepicky store, you won’t be disappointed!