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Hey... So, I've been using an app to actually do my tarot readings for a while, Does that make what I do kinda... not matter as much? I just dont have the funds or a really good situation to commit to an actual deck atm, im just. conflicted

To be quite honest, I’m not sure, tech witchcraft is definitely a thing, so that would probably count as that.
I think it’s probably a fine substitute, I can’t say with certainty if it would provide the same level of quality as an actual deck though.
Does anybody here have any input they can share on this? 

If you don’t feel like the app is right for your practice, you can get regular playing cards at any dollar store basically, and I reblogged something a few posts down my blog about what each card would be interpreted as.


Alas the tumblr blog known as “Gladiators in Suits” and administered by elegantpaws and belindapendragon formerly known as “SCANDALGLADIATORS” is no more.

But no need to fret my tumblr peeps because our revitalized blog “THE COLISEUM” is a forum where we can still chat about all things Scandal, still swoon over supersized Olitz gifs and still praise gawd for Tony Goldwyn. But in THE COLISEUM, we can also have witty banter and engage in a battle of wits over media, culture, politics, history and quality television like  Orange Is the New Black, The Blacklist, House of Cards, Suits, Orphan Black, and so much more.

Elegantpaws and Belindapendragon, now known as “GLADI8RS,” invite all of our followers, old, new and those to come to be a part of THE COLISEUM and let’s do battle in these tumblr streets!!!

This is goodbye.

For years I’ve shared my ups and downs and gained and lost followers and support. Yesterday I felt so attacked by one person then others started chiming in. It was disgusting and if you were in any way involved you should be ashamed of yourself.

I’ve never been mean to anyone intentionally and have supported many people in various ways on tumblr over the years. The fact that people think they can tell me how much I weigh is appalling. I’m not over 200 pounds and I never have been. Most of you have never seen me in real life and photos don’t always show what is always there. What if I have a pear shape? What if I am wearing a baggy tshirt or something that is like six sizes too tight? I’m not going to be the same size or look the same as a six foot tall person, I figured everyone already knew that. 

But back to the 200 and 300 pound comments. There’s no reason to shame people that are that weight or have been. You wouldn’t say that to my face or their face. You can’t even say it over a computer screen without going anon. Why are you all so cowardly? You are the one that is too insecure to stand up for your own opinion and stand behind it. All of y'all that commented on my weight and size yesterday FUCK YOU. 

Sorry but if I was over 200 pounds I would not be able to fit into my J.Crew, Vineyard Vines, Lilly Pulitzer, or C. Wonder clothing that I apparently fucking flaunt every where. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH WORKING HARD AND BUYING NICE QUALITY CLOTHING. I don’t go out and buy clothing all the fucking time. I buy quality pieces that last for years not shit from forever 21 that falls apart in the washer. I’ve bought probably around 90 percent of all my own clothing without daddy’s credit card so fuck all of you who think I am a spoiled brat. 

My blog has never been a place to feed and fuel negativity like it was yesterday. My body was attacked and so was my mental health which is not okay. The thing that still rattles me to my core is the comment about having ptsd from stepping on a scale and seeing it say 300 pounds. NO ONE CAN ARGUE THAT I LOOK LIKE I WEIGH 300 POUNDS. That is degrading to all the people who weigh 300 pounds and everyone that has PTSD. That is so fucked up on so many levels. My brain looks different physically from people who do not have PTSD and looking down on a scale like that will not cause something like post traumatic stress disorder. That ignorance whether it was joking or not enrages me to no end. 

Today was the first day in a while that I hadn’t walked my dog. I was afraid that that particular person would see me and think that they had a hand in my choice. That isn’t fair to me or my health or my precious dog.

I don’t feel comfortable sharing my life or experiences with my blog anymore. I got attacked by people that choose to visit my blog or follow me. No one ever forced you to pay attention to me and especially no one ever asked you to tear me or let alone, another person down to the level that many of you participated in yesterday.

After two and a half years it is time for me to say goodbye. I wish you all the very best on what ever journey you have next.  

Love you always,