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Something, Nothing, Anything - Chapter Nine

And another one! SFW, (N)SFF, 1.165 words. ‘Something, Nothing, Anything’ will be fourteen chapters, guys. And it will be wrapped up within a week - thank you if you have been messaging. If you haven’t - thank you for reading. Previous writings can be found here.


Chapter Nine

She wakes up twice or thrice, not that she’s keeping count. Grace gets out of bed around five when counting sheep no longer proves to be an efficient tactic, and Mamrie’s gentle snoring doesn’t help the matter whatsoever. Next time she wakes up, her neck feels stiff from laying on Mamrie’s couch, with both of the dogs barking and Mamrie eyeing her funnily.

“What’s up with you?” The redhead asks as she puts a mug of coffee down on the side table, “Was I snoring again?”

“Yeah.” Grace rubs her eyes, “Also, I’m just – I don’t sleep well, lately.”

“That sucks.” Mamrie sits down next to her, “If you want, you can have the bed to yourself for a few nights and I’ll camp out on the couch?”

“Don’t be stupid, it’s your bed.” The blonde frowns, “Thanks though.”

“Well, you’ll be sleeping somewhere else tonight anyway, aren’t you?”

When Grace looks up at and directly at Mamrie, it takes her a couple of seconds to understand the glint in the redhead’s eyes. Chester.

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