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Bare Feet & Cowboy Boots

When she ends up on the dating show The Bachelor, Maka is thrown out of her comfort zone and forced to have her life broadcast for America’s viewing pleasure. Cameras capture her every movement as she gets to know the bachelor Soul Evans and fall in love with him. For a girl who’s been running from love her whole life, the experience is new and scary; not even she knows what the end result will be. (The Bachelor AU)

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Some artists manage to capture your characters’ souls. And then there’s @istehlurvz, who somehow never fails to deliver far more than you even dream of.

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With @thebookofireine, because she’s the only one who can stand Augustiniel. And the only one he can stand, in turn.


@therealflurrin is so kind and a wonderful partner who made this lovely, lovely promo video for my Evans bros 2016 resbang fic titled Heavy Dirty Soul. It’s freaking fantastic, I love it, and I can’t stop thinking about it!! Flurrin is fantastic and wonderful for making this!! Please watch it and be amazed!!

Old Friend || Thedistantsun

If there was ever a god you didn’t say no to, it would most definitely be Hades. This especially applied to his children. No matter how impossible the task, as long as they worked for him they would do whatever he asked. That is, if they wanted their immortality after their death. It was terrible and cruel, but it was what they had to do. It had really taken its toll on her in the last year.
Morgan was hunting down a witch that had been avoiding her death for hundreds of years. She was extremely powerful, but so was Morgan. With her father’s scythe in hand, the master of souls was going to capture her soul.
The demigod had her on the ropes when suddenly the witch disappeared.
“Damn.” She swore, focusing for a moment to hone in on any powerful souls nearby. One stood out, and that was where she went next.
She was waiting in the shadows for the one she had felt to walk by, once he did she charged at him, swinging the silver weapon to take his head off. But as it swung to behind his neck (not cutting him but close) a pair of pistols was pointed at her stomach.
The two looked at each other for a moment, before she dropped her scythe completely. “KID!” She yelled, pulling back. She’d recognize those stripes anywhere. Even if it had been almost a year since they’d seen each other.

Though Shingi Rice (@bluespit) has counted photography as a hobby for about 10 years, she got more serious about making it her life’s work three years ago after a literal change of heart. “In 2013 I had open heart surgery and it changed my life a lot,” she says. “Something inside me just made me go automatically into photographing and styling people.”

The London College of Fashion student defines #GirlGaze as “beauty through the eyes of a girl; it’s how we see the world and how we choose to express it.” She describes herself as a “beautiful soul capturer” and through her gorgeous portraiture, mainly featuring people of color, she lives up to her words. Shingi counts Cass Bird, Emma Arvida Bystrom, and Petra Collins among her favorite female photographers, but her biggest inspiration comes from closer to home.

“What inspires me most are my parents,” the 23-year-old says of her Irish dad and Zimbabwean mother. “They both come from very different backgrounds and seeing them work hard for their goals and achieving them has taught me that being passionate about what you love and working hard pays off.”

When asked who, out of anyone, she’d love to take her own portrait, Shingi chose a perennial Teen Vogue favorite. “Willow Smith,” she says, “her presence is powerful.” - words by @hannamariehoward.

This Instagram is part of the @girlgazeproject project, celebrating the next generation of female photographers. Submit your photos using #GirlGaze and you could be featured in Teen Vogue!

Welcome Back || Morgana & Severa


“I- am. Not giving up on you Severa the Gods of death be damned.” She unleashes even more power as she panics . “Your soul belongs here with me.” She felt like she was fighting with death trying to save the other one. “You have never fought with a divinefellblood so take this!” Morgana unleashes even more power as she tries to capture Severas soul back into her body. She holds her breath waiting.

What the.. why was there so many lights flowing around her? It felt like it was grabbing her and pulling her back. What the heck was going on?! She suddenly felt… more heavy than she did before and closed her eyes.

Severa tried to move her body, moving very slowly and groaned. “Ugh… M-Morgs…?” She opened her eyes, looking up at her.

  • john: whatever captured her soul isn't going to let it go easily
  • oliver&laurel: k
  • me: *prepares for the worst*
  • them: look a neverending room! ... she's this way
  • them: *found like five people guarding sara who's taking a bath*
  • oliver: *shoots two in 5 secs*
  • laurel: *kills one in a heartbeat*
  • john: *fights one off.*
  • oliver&laurel: pull sara out in a minute
  • me: THAT'S IT??!?!!?
She was so wickedly unattainable that part of why so many battled for her affection was because they knew they would never have to deal with the consequences of capturing her soul for it could never be imprisoned.
Her memory is fading
No more stories
No more songs
No more celebrations, nor gifts
Her life is gone
But her soul lives on
In deep slumber
Captured Kodak
Unspoken words
Resting on a tombstone
Flowers cannot ease the pain
Each day that passes,
365 times eternity
There’s no after: life has met its end.
I miss her.
I miss her but her eyes are just shadows now.

After a long night at home, the nurse put on her brave face and a little coverup underneath her eye, and then grabbed her camera, heading out into the town. She was working on a collection for her portfolio - photography a mere hobby of hers, capturing souls and hidden feelings with the lens of a camera. She hadn’t been paying much attention to who may have been in front of her camera, snapping away peacefully, not realizing how suspicious she probably looked.

Bare Feet & Cowboy Boots

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Summary: When she ends up on the dating show The Bachelor, Maka is thrown out of her comfort zone and forced to have her life broadcast for America’s viewing pleasure. Cameras capture her every movement as she gets to know the bachelor Soul Evans and fall in love with him. For a girl who’s been running from love her whole life, the experience is new and scary; not even she knows what the end result will be. (The Bachelor AU)
Rated: R/M for non-explicit sexual content
Pairing: SoMa

Maka’s toes curled into the wet mud as she watched Soul disappear into the dead of night. Inky black swallowed snowy white with every step he took further onto the property. The last thing she remembered seeing was him yanking off his hat and running a hand through his wild, matted hair in frustration, a behavior she had grown accustomed to since coming to the ranch. He did it when the producer insisted he continue the show, when the other girls refused to leave him alone, and when Maka told him to pick someone else.

It was a sign that he didn’t know what to do.

Looking over her shoulder, she saw the other two girls, camera men, and producer glaring at her – blaming her for the departure of their precious bachelor. Her heart plummeted down to her stomach as she blinked away the tears that pricked her eyes. It was her fault, she knew that, but she didn’t need them to remind her through their vicious looks. She was aware that what she had said to him a few nights ago was wrong, but what else was she supposed to do?

Remnants of food still sat on the plates at the dining room table, the only sign of their meal from moments before the final rose ceremony. Her gaze flitted over it, though, as they instead fell on Wes. Soft blue eyes stared back at her, and his small smile warmed her cold, aching heart. Hope fluttered through her chest as he nodded outside, and she remembered the conversation they had the night before. It was clear what she was supposed to do now.

Facing the direction Soul had run off to, she took a careful step forward and walked until the darkness swallowed her as well.

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Goldy Locks

The taste of her pores on my tongue
A salty sweetness of complexities
Perspiration and desire under the moonlight
Basking by the firelight
Undressing each other to our heartbeats
The drumming of blood furious in my ears
Raspy breath
Touches like whispers
Lips of candy
Her hair of gold spun round my fingers
Legs entwined
Hearts in sync
Nothing but her eyes to capture my soul

By The VirtuousMiscreant