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Chapters: 17/?
Fandom: Holby City
Rating: Mature
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Relationships: Serena Campbell/Bernie Wolfe
Characters: Bernie Wolfe, Serena Campbell

In 1885 there weren’t many female surgeons in Britain. After four years with the British Army, Major Berenice Wolfe finds her way to The Clinic where she meets Senior Surgeon Serena Campbell, who captures her mind and soul. An AU piece inspired by a Bramwell post on Tumblr. Vintage Berena includes as much canon scenes and conversations as possible. Will be rated M in later chapters.

Yey! I updated. FINALLY! Sorry this took so long, I got a bit distracted by Berena Appreciation Week and then life happened. But I managed to type this sucker up during my lunch breaks and well, I’m not 100% happy with it but here it is. Hope you enjoy it! x

I’m sorry for not smiling back to the old ice cream vendor. To the books I should’ve read. To all the times I wasted just staring blankly at the ceiling. To the wishes and hopes I never tried to reach. To the people I let go without somehow holding on. To the music that had been forgotten. To all the love that has gone to waste. To the rotten memories. I’m sorry. I’m just so tired. Of myself, of all the things I should’ve done and to all the could’ve been.

-her (MIS), tired soul

I had a really nice time with a handful of my friends while I was out dress shopping! Some friends lived too far away, or couldn’t make it, but I hope these pictures capture the experience! 

Anastasia complimented almost every dress, bless her soul! She’s too cute. Sandy dished out some honest opinions and Aaliyah was quiet but also really supportive! I woke Queenie up too early for this (lmao sorry~) so there she is yawning. Sorry Queenie, I’ll take you out to lunch to make up for it! Annie really liked the dress covered in bows and she took so many snaps on her phone. 

Seki and Julia roasted my ass (or were they roasting my dress?) for the dress with the roses in the back. The front was not so good, and I quote from Seki, “made me look like I had sagging body rolls.” I agree though! It wasn’t the one. Julia just let out a quiet “noooooo.”

I had trouble putting on the second to last dress, so Anastasia helped me out again! What a mom-friend! I love her. And then they brought out the last dress, and oh my god, I think this is the one! It suits me perfectly! I asked them if I should text my bunni a picture, because I was soooooo excited about it, but they collectively agreed it would make for a lovely surprise at the wedding. So, sorry bunni, but you’ll have to wait a little longer! 

- Love, Suzy ♥

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Savior do you have some good angst??? I need to see some pain 😫😫😫😩😩😩

You were in love with your Prince Charming. He was your knight in shining armor protecting you from harsh reality. Hah. Who would of knows that your boyfriend would be the one to take his swords and penetrated it to your heart.

He was out of the country working on this big film and you had your luggage ready to surprise him on set in a couple of days. You went to the fridge and opened it feeling the cold air kiss your face. You grabbed the beer and flopped onto the couch to see what’s on. You were on E News and they were talking about Zens new film. You felt your heart soar knowing Zen has come a long way with his career.

You were about to change the channel but you notice the headline saying Exclusive Interview with Zen regarding his movie and love life. You paused the film confused because usually Zen let’s you know when he has an interview. You reached for your phone and only had messages from the RFA. You brushed it off believing he is really busy with his film. You press play and you saw his beautiful radiant smile. Seeing his gorgeous eyes melts you every time. You turned up the volume and heard the interviewer asking Zen a question.

“So Zen, tell us because we are all dying to know,” Zen flashed his smile and nodded “Who is the lucky lady that has tamed the beast within you.

Zen laughed and crossed his legs “Just know this woman supported me when I was nothing. She was there for me when the whole world was against me” the audience was awwwing.

Zen chuckled “Well as they say in Hollywood, action speaks louder than words.” Zen got up and fixed his suit and walked towards the back stage. He brought out this woman with sun kissed skin and black hair. He kissed her cheek and they interlocked fingers.

He guided her to the couch and sat down next to her. He wrapped his arm around her “This is the woman who captured my heart and soul. I’m utterly, completely” your heart was sinking listening to his words “in love with her.”

You paused the TV and you couldn’t believe what you just saw. You rewinded the interview many times letting his words sink into your soul. You ran to the master bedroom and grabbed the plane ticket and decided ……..

The Last Five Eps: What we know, what I expect and what I hope to see

Hiatus is always a hard time to be in fandom. Lots of waiting, lots of impatience, lots of missing our ship and our show. But this hiatus was… dare I say it? Pretty nice. I hesitate to say easy, simply because we’re all so anxious to finally get to see these last five eps. But the fandom has been so excited and that’s really made things kind of fun. I’d put this hiatus behind the summer hiatus between season 2 and 3 in order of “Best Hiatus’”. If anyone ever had such a list, that is. 😉

But now we’re looking down the barrel of these last five episodes and the end of the season is rushing up at us. This is where things get wild. Historically speaking. Last year was a bit of a flop but most seasons, the last five episodes is where Arrow really shines. So I wanted to go over what we know, what I’m expecting, and what I’m hoping for.

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Only Heaven Knows

Title: Only Heaven Knows

Summary: You might be winning the hearts of these boys to capture loose souls but every single time they always kissed you and not the other way around.

You think idly that if you ever fell in love you’d kiss him first. If you ever finish catching all 600,000 souls that is.

Pairings: Gladion x Reader and Reader x Everyone.

The tricky thing about winning over guys is capturing their attention. Fortunately, you were practically invisible. It didn’t matter if you were in the same class or in the same neighborhood. You were, as they say, a blank slate. And because you were blank it was easy to mold yourself into the kind of person that suited every guy.

It started with a love for Otome games.

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Prompt: “I can’t believe you found my dog! Please take this reward.”         Pairing: Bucky x Reader                                                                           Summary: Your best friend is lost, thanks to a snafu at your apartment complex. Your hunt to find her leads you to a smooth-talking army vet. P.s. there is a little cursing.                                                                         Categories: Angst (over losing your pet), flirty fluff                                             This is my entry for @bionic-buckyb ‘s 5k au challenge!

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As Long As You Love Me

Originally posted by sonsofanarchyfans

Request: Chibs imagine based on As Long As You Love me, by Justin Bieber

Note: I hope you like this, i wasn’t sure what way to go with this so i hope its okay! 

Warning: Contains smut

Chibs watched her closely as he sat alone at the bar. She sat across the room, laughing with her friends.
She was beautiful, her lips were full and painted pink, and he wondered what it would feel like to kiss them. Her eyes were bright and had more depth than the ocean, like all the secrets of the universe were locked inside. Her voice was quiet and when she spoke everyone leant in close, desperate to cling to every word. Her voice sounded like his favourite song and he lost himself in her voice, it made him feel safe and comfortable, he built a home in her voice and he never wanted to leave it. Her laugh filled the room, laced with the innocence of a child who had never been hurt, like she saw the best in the world. Her hair fell down her back when she laughed, floating down her shoulders, shaking away any worries.
He scanned his eyes down her body, enjoying the soft curves of her hips. My god, she was beautiful.
He had never been religious, but he wondered if angels do exist, and he believed it as he watched her smiling to her friends.
A goddess was among them, so perfect, so radiant. He wondered if she knew how beautiful she was, how she had him captivated, how she captured his soul in her eyes.
He lifted his whisky to his lips, enjoying the taste as he watched her. He wanted more than anything to go and speak to her, introduce himself, make her his.
But he didn’t. No, she was too innocent, too pure, and he feared that if he touched her, or even spoke to her, he would make her impure, taint her with the danger of his life.
He sat at the bar, day dreaming of her lips and drowning himself in whisky.

You laughed as your friend Bella impersonated your teacher from high school, mimicking her stern voice exactly.
You reached across the table and grabbed your vodka, lifting it to your lips and letting it burn down your throat.
Your eyes scanned across the bar and landed on the man sitting alone at the bar, watching you with  a hunger in his eyes.
He had been there all night and your thoughts had been dominated by him.
He was mysterious, a certain danger radiated from the leather kutte around his shoulders and you were intrigued. His eyes were dark and filled with stories, and you found yourself wanting to hear every story he had. You eyes flickered across the scars on his cheeks and you wondered how he got them. You found them sexy, you found him sexy, and you blushed as your thoughts went to him.
Your friends laughing shook you out of your day dream and you stood, squeezing your friends shoulder as you walked to the bathroom.
You splashed water on your face, patting it dry with a handtowel.
You eyed your reflection, staring at your face as you gathered your thoughts.
You walked to the door and opened it, gasping as you saw the man from the bar leaning against the wall outside.
His eyes lit up as he smiled at you and you blushed, twirling your fingers in your hair as you watched him.
He straightens and stepped towards you, his eyes never leaving your face.
You gulped as he stepped closer and his scent filled your lungs, the perfect mixture of whisky, weed and leather. You breathed him in and bit your lip as he stepped closer, his body almost touching yours.
You could feel his breath on your face and you looked up and stared into his dark eyes.
They were filled with hunger and he paused, watching you, waiting for a sign to continue.
You pressed your lips to his and he moved against you instantly. His mouth moved hungrily against yours and he pushed you back into the bathroom closing the door behind him.
Your hands held his face to yours and his hands ran down your sides, holding you tightly to him.
You tasted like strawberries and Chibs couldn’t get enough. His pants grew tighter as  you moaned into his mouth softly, your hands running through his hair.
He ran his hands over your body, slipping his fingers under your shirt and lifting it.
You moved away from him and he lifted the shirt over your head, his eyes falling to your breast and he growled before crushing his lips against yours once more. His tongue pushed against yours and you moaned as his fingers traced your skin, sending shivers all over your body.
He pushed your body against the wall, moving his lips to your neck.
He breathed in your scent, losing himself in the smell of your strawberry scented skin and he sucked gently at the soft skin of your neck. The sound of your moan made his pants grow tighter and he ran his hands over your body.
He slipped one hand into the waistband of your pants, sucking at your neck as he moved his hand down inside your panties.
You moaned as you felt his fingers slip between your folds, feeling how wet you were.
He lifted his head to kiss your lips again and you moaned into his mouth as he ran his fingers around your clit.
His fingers teased you, circling your sensitive clit and you arched your back off the wall.
You could feel him smiling as he kissed you and he slipped a finger inside you, making you moan.
He couldn’t get enough of your moans and he slid another finger inside you, moving them slowly in and out.
You pulled your head back and bit your lip, stifling your moans as he kissed at the skin of your breast. He wrapped his other hand around your back, holding you close to him as he pumped his fingers inside you.
Your fingers held his neck and you dug your nails in as he moved his fingers inside you expertly.
His movements were rough, yet gentle and hungry.
You thrusted your hips towards him and he slid his fingers inside your pussy deeper, moving faster now.
“Fuck!” You moaned as you felt your walls tightening and you came on his fingers, still moving inside you as your body shook against him.
He smirked at you and you leant your head against the wall breathlessly as he moved his hands out of your pants.
You closed your eyes to catch your breath and felt his body move away from you.
You opened your eyes and saw him reaching for the door.
“Wait!” You panted, reaching your arm out and catching his wrist.
He turned to you slowly, eyebrows raised.
You blushed as he looked at hungrily.
“Ill see you round, lass.” His voice set fire to your bones and you melted at his accent.
And just like that, he walked out of the bathroom and out of the bar, leaving you breathless in the bathroom, your cheeks flushed a deep red from the guilty pleasure.


This had been going on for months now. Like clockwork, every wednesday night, you’d go to the bar with your friends, and every time he would be there, watching you with hunger in his eyes.
He would follow you to the bathroom and leave you breathless, hungry for more. He wouldn’t fuck you, no. He would just make you moan and cum on his hands and walk out.
Tonight though, you weren’t having it. He haunted your dreams, your thoughts. You wanted to know who he was, you wanted him to be yours, and you wanted to be his.
You didn’t know who he was, you only knew that he was a Son. But you wanted to know every part of him. Your mind never left him and you found yourself dreaming of him constantly.
So you walked into the bar alone, spotting him in his usual spot.
His eyes met yours and you walked towards him, never dropping the eye contact.
You stopped next to him and slid into the seat beside him.
He looked down at his drink and lifted it, swirling the contents.
“(y/n)” You said lowly, nerves beginning to fill your body.
He turned to you, his eyes piercing through you and making you feel insecure under his gaze.
“Chibs.” He said. His voice sent shivers through your body and you felt yourself get wet.
He struggled to look at you, still scared of taking away your innocence. But the thought of you surrounded him, he thought of you constantly, and he found himself dreaming of a life with you.
You leant against the bar.
“What is this, Chibs?” You asked, tired of the games. You had found yourself falling for the man at the bar, as stupid as it sounded. You didn’t know anything about him yet he consumed you, and you felt like you would give anything to have him in your life.
“Lass,” He warned, his voice sounded strained and you turned to him.
He had fallen for you, too, but he didn’t want you to be a part of his life. You were too pure, too innocent, and his life was dangerous. He couldn’t let you be a part of that.
You threw your hands up, frustration flowing through your body.
“What, you can finger me in the toilets but you cant talk to me? Forget it.” You pushed away from the bar and stood.
Your voice was like thunder and Chibs reached out, grabbing your wrist and leading you outside.
He pulled you to the alley, and you leant against the cool wall, arms crossed over your chest.
He leant against the wall opposite from you, hands running through his beard nervously.
“Look, lass. I cant be with ye. Its too dangerous.”
You rolled your eyes and shifted, standing up straight.
“I dont care! I don’t even know who you are! But theres something here, theres something between us. I don’t care if your dangerous, I want to be with you.”
Your voice ran through him. He felt the same, he felt the connection between the two of you. It was like nothing he ever felt before and he didn’t know how to control it.
He looked at you, studying your face as your eyes began to fill with tears.
“Look maybe this is stupid, but I’m Falling for you, Chibs. You gotta atlleast talk to me. I don’t care if your dangerous. I don’t care if your an outlaw. I want you.”
Chips stepped closer, his hands reaching out and holding your face as tears rolled down your cheeks.
“As long as i love you, and as long as you love me, nothing else matters, Chibs.” You whispered, desperation in your voice.
He nodded slowly and pressed his lips to yours. He couldn’t deny it any longer, you were his and he couldn’t act like he didn’t care.
“As long as you love me, (y/n), i will protect you. I wont let anybody hurt ye. I wont let anything happen to you.” His voice was sincere and your heart filled with warmth as he pressed his lips to yours.
“As long as you love me.” He whispered into your neck and you he held you, kissing you in the alley outside the bar.

Making Bargains


Rated: T

Genre: Fantasy

Warnings: Extremely brief mentions of alcohol and death.

Sakura glided into the room on shaky legs, her heels clicking against the floor with every step. Roiling clouds of smoke choked the air, allowing the bitter scent of ash and regret to linger in Sakura’s lungs. Despite the fancy wall sconces, low hanging chandeliers, and polished teakwood flooring, the bar attracted a miserable sort of clientele—ones who preferred finding happiness in the bottom of a bottle and didn’t have any plans beyond the night. Drunken ramblings of lost riches, bridges burned, and wasted potential tainted the atmosphere. Patrons draped themselves over their tables and clung to empty glasses. 

Misery attracted misery, Sakura supposed, and this bar reeked of it.

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Something Different //part4

Fandom: Supernatural

Summary: Slow-burn Crowley x asexual!reader. When Crowley notices you actually have a weak point, he becomes very interested in taking advantage of it. But not everything goes as he expected.

Word count: 3,218

[Masterlist] [Part 1] [Part 2][Part 3]

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You heard the bunker’s door creak open in the middle of the night. You were preparing something sweet for the night’s marathon with your newest favorite show when the boys finally arrived. You looked at the clock, although you didn’t really have too, as they were already a few hours late. You worried, but you kept reminding yourself that they could take care of themselves and Kevin, who they had transported to some other safe house.

You heard Dean calling you so you shouted back to inform him where you were. After a while, they marched into the kitchen, visibly tired, but not injured. You greeted them with a very proud smile, as you showed them the goods you’d baked.

Dean whistled as a hungry look appeared in his suddenly bright eyes.

“I’m so happy Kevin is not here right now,” he confessed.

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The Signs as Suicide Squad Characters (pt.2 of 2)

Harley Quinn (Harleen Quinzel) - Cancer, Libra

Harley Quinn is no standard criminal. In fact, it all started at Arkham Asylum, where she worked as psychiatrist Dr. Harleen Quinzel and began analyzing the Joker. She grew obsessed with him and ended up falling in love with someone judged as an insane monster by others. The Joker is responsible for her transformation into Harley Quinn, in which she sees an opportunity to live a life with her Puddin’. Harley is a truly unique character, lovable because of her goofy and cute acts as well as her uncommon accent or sometimes bumbling behaviour. She seems carefree on the surface while she is deeply troubled due to her love for the Joker inside. The Joker’s companion has no natural superpowers but superb gymnast skills which she uses to knock her enemies out.

Joker - Scorpio, Gemini

The greatest opponent of Batman till this day - there are not many words that can describe the Joker’s distinctiveness. His total unpredictability allows him to break out of Arkham Asylum again and again. Nobody knows his true origin for nothing what the Joker says should be taken on trust. It’s just so easy to fall for the Joker cause no one can tell what’s serious and what’s deception coming out of his mouth. But beside his intimidating and manipulative aura, he’s a highly intelligent psychopath who acts ‎like an innocent clown or like a violent killer with total disregard for human life - all depending on his mood or current intentions. Appearing with a sense of honour can change in the next second into the desire to mock about himself, he loves to bring Batman in a life-threatening condition whom he considers to be the only one to be capable of standing up to him, but almost every time counts on him getting out alive. Harley is an integral part of his craziness  and maybe she truly is the closest one to tell if the Joker really loves her, but in the end his psychotic mood swings oftentimes get between the two of them.

Katana - Virgo

After the murder of her husband and sons at the hands of a criminal Japanese organization, Tatsu Yamashiro took up that same blade that was used to kill her family, traveled to America and vowed to battle against injustice. But her weapon “Soultaker” is no ordinary sword as it captures the souls of its victims and allows Katana to communicate with them. What also makes Katana stand out from the rest of the Suicide Squat is that she isn’t a villain. She volunteered to be there to protect and support Rick Flag. The highly skilled martial artist and swordswoman is extremely loyal towards Rick but nevertheless is a lone wolf. Since Katana is goal-oriented, perfectionist and reliable she has been a part of numerous super teams like the Justice League or the Birds of Prey.

Killer Croc (Waylon Jones) - Capricorn

When someone looks at Croc merely seeing a monster, then this one didn’t get him at all. True - Waylon Jones was born with a rare mutation defect that slowly turned his skin and body features into reptile-like or should one say crocodile-like appearance. He’s therefore super strong, an expert swimmer and has teeth able to rip flesh and bones apart. Before becoming a hard piece for Batman and a Suicide Squad member, Jones really had a crappy childhood: With the Father gone early and the mother an alcoholic, young Jones earned his money by Alligator wrestling. His nickname was now Killer Croc and he went to the bad. Croc is a sincere being, always calm and cool-looking. He’ll never forgive the one betraying the Suicide Squad and he’ll say ‘You’re one of us’ to the one earning his trust. Croc’s not much of a talker. He’d rather take it to action. He endures much because he always had to deal with being an outcast because of the way others see his exteriors and judge him before knowing him. Therefore he’ll be protective if someone really kneels into getting to know him a bit.

Rick Flag - Sagittarius

Rick Flag has no actual superpowers but is highly trained and skilled in combat with or without weapons. The former member of the military was chosen to lead the squad by Amanda Waller but he is not really enthusiastic about babysitting a bunch of criminals. Flag is a man who is attempting to do what is right and who has seen it all, maybe that is why he suffers from occasional mental instability. Through the movie, he succeeds at transforming the bunch of  villains into a unit, willing to do anything to destroy The Enchantress. Rick Flag in particular is not able to give up on June Moone because he loves her. In fact, the only time we see a softer, more caring side of him is when he is together with the possessed June. He would do anything to stop her from suffering.


Twilight: Director’s Notebook by Catherine Hardwicke
watercolors by Kathy Shorkey


Bare Feet & Cowboy Boots

When she ends up on the dating show The Bachelor, Maka is thrown out of her comfort zone and forced to have her life broadcast for America’s viewing pleasure. Cameras capture her every movement as she gets to know the bachelor Soul Evans and fall in love with him. For a girl who’s been running from love her whole life, the experience is new and scary; not even she knows what the end result will be. (The Bachelor AU)

Listen to playlist made by @khaleesimaka here.
Offical post here.
Read the story at FFN or AO3. ♥
Tora’s lovely lovely and pretty fantastic art here. ♥♥♥

Thank you so much for putting up with me Khaleesi, without you it would have been a hard time, and I’m so sorry that I couldn’t draw as much for your fic as I promised.  I hope you like the stuff I did still. Love you lots and thank you for being my faithful partner. ♥

You can tell her she’s beautiful,
but she may not quite believe it.
She knows she’s not ordinary.
For her bones tell her this, her mind that swiftly moves and flows like wind.

Her heart is far, far too big, for she feels everything in the world
with an aching that would take your breath away.
The urge to hug a stranger whose grief cuts deep,
that sharp impulse to cry beside you when all those burdens you carry,
threaten to bend your pained knees.

She’s been told that she’s too much.
Too much of a wanderer letting her feet fly on paths that take her far from home.
Too much of an adventuresome sort, for her inquisitive blue eyes will dance with merriment
to be able to dance late into the night,
in your arms if she trusts you. Just a little, just for a moment.
Too much passion, for she loves kisses that leaves her lips raw,
her breath caught in her throat.
But she holds back, from diving in too deep, or too far.

She’s too much of a butterfly, for she’ll float along the breeze that grazes your jaw,
as you sit atop the mountain top.
She’s elusive and fleeting as the smell of pine that wafts in the air,
she is so achingly familiar to you, in a way that you cannot name.
Your hands itch to capture her, to feel her skin like silken wings tickling your bare palms.
But your instincts know better.

For as much as she is all for the next grand adventure, carefree with a laugh and winsome smile,
she frightens easily.
For someone captured her once. Ripped her soul and wings with such violent hands,
it left her trembling in dark corners, shrinking from loud voices
Cringing from anything soft, anything intimate.
Those dark, haunted cobalt orbs look at you,
wonder if you’re another hunter who will destroy, wreak havoc upon a soul that’s now both
strong and fragile.

Country borders protect her.
Warriors who recognize her true identity, the bottomless well of her depth, try to shield her.
Her cerulean blue eyes will flash with anger at her protective comrades,
for she is a fierce warrior who seeks no man’s protection.
But even she trembles with her bare skin and conscience against the cold wind,
stepping forward, unsure if she can do what she seeks.

If you’re patient, she will let her roaming feet pause.
Come close in the shelter of the arms you offer her.
If you’re kind, she will warm to to your touch. she’ll let the darkness that forever trails behind her, fade in the evening’s twilight.
If she trusts you, she’ll let you kiss her, grant your tongue entry to stroke and explore,
For you want to tease and bring her breath to life,
feel her desire rise up in a wave as bold as this moment, when time and walls fade,
the hot rapid breaths that lovers want and crave, as surely as the blood pumps your beating heart.
If you’re worthy, she’ll slide along your fingers, warm and wet as those summer waters of your boyhood yesteryears.
If you’re worthy, she’ll open for you, let the full force of her desire stand equal with yours.

Some moments, her waves will surpass your own, and you will drown in all that she shares.
That soft scent of musky skin melding with erotic sweat,
Those arms and legs that tangle together until neither one knows where what limb ends,
or the other begins.
When raw lips and heated breath are not two separate things, but one singular, vibrant power of wanting, craving.
When flesh and blood, and bone and wetness fuse into a burning flame that will torch and drive away every demon that’s ever threatened to break her.

But…you better be worthy of her.~

—  Heidi J Macdonald
It’s You

Summary: Marinette discovers Chat Noir’s identity and reflects on their relationship.

A/N: I actually wrote bits of this on my hand while on holiday (cuz silly me forgot a notebook). They were the bits I liked best~ Anyway…

Marinette loveloveloveloveloveloveloves Chat Noir and there’s nothing you can do to convince me otherwise :P

Word Count: 500+

Link to FFnet / AO3

It was an accident.

Marinette didn’t mean to, didn’t want to discover her partner’s identity, not at all. It was a risk she didn’t want to take, a danger she didn’t want to fall into, a grinning catboy-shaped wildfire that threatened to burst into her everyday life as she knew it.

(as well as her heart but she never quite acknowledged that)

But it was just that her eyes were shut tight all this time and that she was too afraid of what she might see. Of what she might feel.

Now her eyes were open and it was time to move.

Of course, she was shocked at first. So shocked that her mind might have run away to leave her empty hollow body to malfunction. Poor Tikki had such a hard time snapping dummy Marinette out of her stupor.

After all, how could her perfect, angelic Adrien be the same person as the mischievous, pun-spouting Chat Noir? It was impossible, incomprehensible, out of the question! Or so the old Marinette would have thought.

But somehow it made sense.

Marinette spent a long time thinking about the two boys after finding out that they were one and the same. She loved Adrien without a doubt, her heart was captured by his pure soul and honest laughter ever since that fateful day in the rain, she knew that. For that boy, she would do anything.

As for Chat Noir, she wasn’t sure. Beyond his lame puns and incessant flirting, he was precious to her, a dear friend and a vital team-mate but was he ever something more?

If she didn’t love Chat Noir, could she truly say she loved Adrien?

Was her love worth anything at all?

As it turned out, she didn’t need to worry.

She paid it no mind but her heart had already decided for her.

She loved Chat Noir.

The Chat Noir who had Ladybug’s back even without her asking, supporting her and guiding her like no other has ever done for her before. The Chat Noir who tried, maybe a little bit too hard, to impress her with his ridiculous sense of humour but still somehow managed to charm her with his silly antics.

He was her saving sunlight who always took the time to comfort akuma victims, even when his Miraculous was running low. He was the toothy smile who always found the right words to cheer her up when she was down in both sides of the mask. He was the voice of reason who still accepted her flawed self despite showing her less gracious side on several occasions.

He was the umbrella for her rain and the kindness she needed for salvation.

Adrien was Chat Noir. Chat Noir was Adrien. And she needed to get to him now.

She swept across the city with her yo-yo like a crimson red jet but she still wasn’t fast enough.

How could I have been so blind?

Seeing his black leather-clad back and spun-gold hair after what felt like eternity made her heart do all the thinking.

She let go.



Caught by surprise, he barely managed to catch her in his arms and they span in circles from the momentum.


She gazed up into his eyes, beautiful, dazzling and green, green, green. Her heart fluttered in happiness and relief.

And she found it. Her other half.

It’s you.

Dirty Little Secrets

Lunafreya Nox Fleuret would never forget that night. It was the night of a friend’s party, where she met him. The man that would change her life forever. Would capture her, mind, body, and soul. Completely and utterly captivate her.

Everything had been going well; alcohol was passed around, flirting was going on, but Lunafreya stuck mostly to the wall chatting with a close friend. It was only a few hours later that he arrived, the suave, dark-haired male dressed in a refine manner that seemed to draw her in like a whirlpool would a small boat. She had to talk to him, had to know more. There was just something irresistible, something that was on the tip of her tongue about him.

Making her way towards the black-haired individual, Lunafreya decided that it would be fun to flirt. Just harmless flirting, no consequences involved. She wasn’t necessarily a master at flirting, just enjoyed the fun of the chase that it brought. It was almost like a little game.

Little did she know that she wasn’t going to win this time. No, the master was going to play her.

Hearing a door creak open scattered light across her blindfolded face. She could tell by the faint warmth that there had to be light, though probably not that of the sun. “Wh-who’s there?” Her once-confident voice shook as she was brought back to the present. Her hands were bound behind her back, her ankles and wrists bond to a very uncomfortable chair. “Please, I beg of you. Just…just let me go! I promise I won’t say a word about what I saw!”

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Could i have one of those moodboards/ descriptions? Im leo sun, moon, and mercury. Cancer in Venus and mars. Pisces in Jupiter. Taurus in Saturn. Aquarius in Uranus and Neptune. Sag in Pluto. Scorpio Lilith

She is truly magnificent, wherever she goes, she brings the sun with her. A creative and caring soul, her smile captures millions of hearts. The walls are painted and lit from her bright soul, trying to reach out to every person out there. She wants to be respected and heard out on whatever needs to escape her mouth. She’s a mother and a lover in the same time, cradling her loved one in her arms and stroking their hair. Her eyes hold kindness, but her wrath brings a tsunami. She portrays a warrior, but she’s soft inside. A tornado of insecurity overwhelms, what if she’s not good enough? Does what she possess equal too much or too little? Is she feeling secure in her own skin? Is she beautiful? Does she value herself, really? Does she give too much, or is she selfish? Is she ashamed of wanting to be pleased? Of sex? Insecurity brings her false confidence and ego, while she smiles and continues her path. The scorpion resides and waits to be unleashed, bring sex to a whole new light. A witch resides and she captures everyone’s attention, using spells and potions. But does all of it, equal to comfort? She needs to learn to love herself first, because that’s self care, not asking for validation to feel loved. Material things are important, but they do not define us. Self love to the point we are above others is not self love, it’s ego and false superiority. 

Love yourself, but love others too, because you darling, you rule the heart. Let your sun’s rays enter everyone’s soul.

a Moira Queen drabble

I came up with this as I was listening to a dramatic song. Don’t mention the fact that it’s really…strange. I know it is, but I thought I’d post it. I’m thinking about doing three parts: one from Moira’s POV, one from Oliver’s, and the other from William’s. SIDE NOTE: If someone can come up with a name, that’d be great! 

She still remembered her reaction to the first pregnancy test. Joy. Terror. A little sadness, knowing that her freedom—and her body—would never be the same. But the same elation that surrounded her heart when she stared at the two pink lines captured her soul when she held her son for the first time. Oliver Jonas Queen was a screaming, purple-faced baby who didn’t stop crying until she put him on her breast. Her fear of motherhood dissipated that day. He was perfect, even as he grew up to be a terror around the house. Always dragging in friends to play board games that usually ended with wrestling matches in the living room. And then his teenage years started. Then her fear returned. Fear for his life but also for her sanity.

And then he told her he’d gotten a girl pregnant. Her mind went to places it shouldn’t have gone. What would become of their already crumbling reputation? What about Oliver? He wasn’t ready to be a dad yet. He didn’t know how to be one, either. The baby…the baby didn’t deserve that. Neither did Oliver.

So she told the woman—Samantha Clayton—to tell Oliver she lost the baby. She didn’t predict the brokenness Oliver showed when he found out. Nor did she think she would find him in his room that night, crying. She almost told him that night. Let him figure it out. Maybe it would be okay.

Then, not too long after that, she got a call. One that a mother and a wife prayed she’d never get.

“Mrs. Queen, I am so, so sorry. But the Gambit…there’s been an accident. The boat…” that’s all she needed to hear. Robert was gone. But it was Oliver she grieved for the most. Twenty-one. It was too young to die. He would never get the chance to woo a woman, to put a ring on her finger, and to stand at the altar and become her husband. And he would never meet his child. A son, she discovered. Samantha named him William. William Jonas Clayton. The boy would never get to know his father. Never sit on his lap and giggle. Or sit shot-gun as they drove a convertible up the coast.

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Forget Me Not

Since I’m officially Miraculous trash, I took a shot at writing my own piece of fanfiction based on an idea I had awhile ago. It’s short (for me at least) and simple, but let me know what you think.

The akumatized girl cackled as the citizens of Paris attempted to flee her sight. She used the pen in her hand to capture a few unfortunate souls in the blue light it emitted. It washed over them and their faces demonstrated confusion.

“I am Amnésie,” she declared. Apparently, she had forgotten an anniversary with her boyfriend and he accused her of always forgetting things. Hawkmoth had of course honed in on the anger she felt and gave her the ability to erase people’s memory, so her’s would never be ridiculed again. “I’ll be sure it’s a name you won’t forget. In fact, it’s the only thing you won’t forget!”

The crowd she had just effected look at each other utterly clueless, having absolutely no idea where they were or who they were. This complete lack of self made them the perfect candidates for a mindless army.

“Find me Ladybug and Chat Noir!” She declared. “Only then will I return your memories to you!”


“Perfect timing as always, my lady,” mused Chat Noir as his partner joined him atop the building.

“So, what have I missed?” She asked, examining the situation.

“I’m pretty sure the akuma is in her pen,” he said. “She keeps twirling it but it never leaves her sight. It’ll be tricky to sneak up on her, she keeps herself surrounded by the people she’s infected.”

“It looks like an aerial attack is our best bet then,” she commented. “We’ll scale the building behind her and descend on her from behind.”

“Purrfect plan as alway, my lady,” said Chat. “Though it won’t be the first time I fell for you.”

She rolled her eyes and took out her yo-yo and lead the way.

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