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There are a couple things to address with this.

First is that you may not be doing anything wrong. Developing these connections takes time, and some people are more adept at it than others. Placing blame on yourself probably isn’t going to help you, and I’ve found that the more your beat yourself up over it, or stress out over it, the less progress you’ll make. So the first order of business would probably be to calm down a bit. idk if your caps are for dramatic effect or because you’re really stressed over it, but I can assure you that not being stressed will help you more in the long run.

Second is that “how” usually comes from a lot of work and time and patience and trial and error. It took me years to be able to communicate clearly with the Unseen. And even though my “god phone” is pretty clear and works pretty well, I still have large periods where it doesn’t work at all, things are hazy and stuff straight up doesn’t connect.

Third- communication with the Unseen is not straightforward. Whatever you assume its like, its probably not like because the Unseen usually shits on everyone’s expectations. So I’d recommend throwing those out the window because it’ll save you hell in the long run. I find that half the reason a lot of people can’t communicate is because they assume it’s going to be a certain way and it’s really not. If you think it will be clear, concise, or plainly written out where you can see it- I can tell you that you will be disappointed, even after you do manage to communicate or connect.

Communication is usually garbled. It’s subtle. It’s coincidence and happenstance and “is that song aimed at me or am I making connections that aren’t there”. It’s “does that entity actually want this, or am I projecting my desires onto them?” It’s “wow I’ve seen that animal 349385 times today, is it a sign or am I just paying closer attention than normal?”

And even if you get clear communication, you’ll still likely question it. We all do. It’s part of the package.

I would recommend flipping through the big list of communication posts, and see what you can glean from them for ideas that you can try out on your own. Make sure you give it lotsssssssssssssssss of time, though. Anything less than a year of consistent effort, and you’ve not waited long enough (imo). I’d also advise you to try and find multiple ways to connect with your deity, and to focus on building the relationship, even if the communication isn’t very clear. The more you learn about your god, and the more time you try and spend around them, the easier it will be to pick up on whatever methods they use to reach out to you.

Best of luck!

Can’t Resist

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Requested; Wonwoo x Reader

Words: 1,435

Genre: Angst, Slight Fluff

You’ve been with him for just over 3 years. At the beginning, everything seemed normal, with no strings attached.

Wonwoo confessed using his favorite books, with a slight smile on his face. That was a rare occurrence with him. Even though you two didn’t see each other often, you accepted, thinking that one date couldn’t hurt.

Then that one date turned into so much more. He would come to see you every other day, but his visits were at strange times. The time would either be at 12am or 6am. Of course, you never questioned him because you were glad to see him.

After two years of being together, Wonwoo asked you to move in with him. You were reluctant to leave your cozy home but you were eager to take the next step in your relationship.

Six months after you moved in, he told you the truth.

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Green with Envy

Jealous Reader x Race

Word Count: 990

Requested by: Anonn

“Hey! Could you write a fic or hc about the reader getting jealous of race instead of the other way around? I’ve seen a lot of race getting jealous and there are barely any of the reader getting all worked up about race. P.S., I really like what you write, you got a lot of natural aptitude”

A/N: I really really loved writing this :))) + I left it on a bit of a cliffhanger of some sort so expect a part two coming soon!!

It wasn’t your fault that you had to fall for him.

It also wasn’t your fault that he looked so good all the time.

The way he ran his hand through his hair when he took off his cap, the way his eyes lit up whenever he smiled, the way he was just so- so.. Perfect.

All that- you blamed him.

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Something always bothered me about RTTE and I never figured it out until now... Toothless' eyes are way too small and unexpressive versus the movies. Like, his eyes in the show are HALF the size they are in the movie, and also a different color? (In the movie they're a bright green but in the show they're really pale)

Thank you for waiting so patiently for a reply! I rewatched an episode of RTTE before I answered this, so everything was fresh in my mind and I could give a decent reply.

First of all, the eye color. YOU’RE RIGHT. YOU’RE SO RIGHT. HOW DID I NEVER NOTICE THIS? I compared between RTTE…

…and HTTYD…

…And despite the lightning from the scene I chose to screenshot, it’s very easy to tell how much more vibrant Toothless’s eyes are in the movie. It was harder for me to see how different in size they were, but I think you’re right about that as well. Toothless’s eyes are larger in the films.

About how expressive they are, you’re right. It’s noticeable. No matter what, since Toothless can’t speak, nonverbal communication is essential for conveying what he’s thinking and using the eyes are a large part of that. In the movies, you can tell how he’s feeling, guess at what he may be thinking, and more, just going off of what you see in his eyes. RTTE doesn’t have as much of that. They use facial movement and body language a lot to help convey what’s going on in Toothless’s mind. They do the same in the movies as well, but I agree with you.

For all of the above, one thing that could be the cause for it is time.

The HTTYD movies were in development for years. They worked on everything for ages, from the script to animating the smallest of details. It’s amazing what they’re able to get done.

RTTE, however, doesn’t have as much time to write and animate. They’re much more restricted, because of how fast their seasons come out. That definitely plays a large part in why his eyes are less expressive. They don’t have the time to play with it and put that much detail into it, so they work with what else they have. The same likely goes for the color and size of his eyes. God knows how much work goes into the detail and coloring of Toothless’s eyeballs. (O.O) I mean, LOOK AT EM. It’s mindblowing what the movie animators are capable of. The RTTE animators are also amazing people and I’m also impressed with what they can do, considering their restricted timeline.

Can you imagine if the amount of work and time that went into the movies went into RTTE? It would be SO AWESOME. It’d take forever for seasons to come out, BUT IT’D BE AWESOME.

I feel like this got a lot longer than what it should’ve been. Whoops? I’ll cap this off with saying what drove me insane for ages when watching Riders and Defenders of Berk.

It was their clothes.


IT TOOK ME FOREVER TO FIGURE OUT THEY WERE LEATHER INSTEAD OF FUR. You should have seen me the day I finally realized it. XD

This was so fun to think about and reply to! I love hearing what you guys think and discussing things with you! Feel free to drop in and mention some more things you’ve noticed about the movies and shows! I’m always up for talking. Thank you so much for sharing, Anon!


No, actually this is NOT the official Flow Hive recommended method of honey extraction.

BUT we went up the mountain today to check on the bees and found out that they didn’t make it (sad but not entirely unexpected, we started them VERY late which meant they weren’t able to build up a lot of food stores, and it’s been such a cold winter even here in the VALLEY nevermind up on the mountain that apparently a lot of even healthy hives with experienced beekeepers in the area haven’t been making it) but they’d capped a decent amount of honey.  So we cleared their frames just as an initial prep for when we try again in the Spring, and since it was probably under 20F up there which would’ve made honey extraction impossible anyway, we took the flow frames back home with us.

And forgot the tubing that came with hive up on the mountain.  OOPS.

So we rigged this little setup together and it’s been working pretty well.  The Flow frames are great and I’m sure would be working even better if we were actually using them as intended.

We’ve got four jars of honey so far with one frame still draining and one more still to crack open – I was honestly worried we weren’t going to have enough even for ourselves nevermind to hand out as gifts (especially to Dad-In-Law since he’s the one who’s funded about 98% of this whole enterprise).

And oh my god it is so tasty.  Like, there’s the typical clover in there, which I’m not terribly enamored of, just because they mostly gathered pollen in late Summer and Fall, so they mostly only had clover to collect from.  But we also suspected that they were collecting from the raspberry bushes and guys GUYS

the honey tastes like raspberries

I’m, like, blown away, and I can’t wait to see what the new hives are able to do with the entirety of Spring and Summer to collect pollen.

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Hey Cap! How's your girl? Any new cute stories to share w/ us? Love, your gaybies

Hmmmm this morning we took her mom to church (a Christian one, with Black Lives Matter and Immigrants and Refugees Welcome Here and rainbow signage all outside) and I looked super dapper in a collared shirt and men’s suit jacket with jeans and my work shoes, and she did lots of lip bites and made me feel so attractive even when I was so damn depressed.

And then this afternoon when we played softball with our friend, I showed her how to bat and pitch and since she’s naturally athletic she was really good, and it was sweet and sexy at the same time.

So like?

Does that count as new cute stories?

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Headcannons on the gang reacting to you and Ponyboy graduating high school together?

this is cute

-the whole gang shows up

-really early so they can get good seats

-they manage to be like front and center

-darry tried to get them to dress semi-nicely but that didn’t work out

-but you and pony look FRESH TO DEATH

-highkey pony took forever to do his hair even though you can’t even really see it under the cap

-darry worked a lot to be able to afford the cap and gown for ponyboy

-cute ass pictures of you two beforehand 

-so the graduation starts

-they’re all lowkey bored with the speeches and stuff

-but dally is the only one who actually complains

-”ok does that guy REALLY have to make a speech who even is he”

-”shut up and listen dallas”

-you and pony are subtly glancing at each other the whole time, even if one of you has to like completely turn around

-they finally start calling names

-the gang yELLS so loud when you guys get called


-”GO Y/N”

-you guys probably lowkey cheer for each other too even though you’re not supposed to

-they’re all vv proud of you two

-big curtis brothers hug afterwards

-darry is so fucking proud

-then the gang joins in

-and you’re standing off to the side watching bc :’)

-but then pony’s like GET IN HERE BABE

-its cute

-go out for ice cream after

-darry’s treat

-you and pony keep your caps on

-holding hands under the table

-it was a very happy day

hope you enjoyed, thank you for requesting!!

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E1! Or any number you like really! :)

Anything I like? How about some #1 with a healthy helping of #10?

When your workmates are sick, you help them out. In this case I offered to go to a calving an hour’s drive away from the clinic while my coworker with the flu stayed in town to deal with smaller patients.

It was my first calving as a graduated vet, and certainly the first one I had attempted on my own. Fortunately the grizzled old cattle vets at uni had unshakable faith that no matter for young or small or feeble we might be, if we were willing to give it a go we would be able to get the calf out. Failing that, we could take it out the side.

It was a glorious drive out to the property. Beautiful warm winter sun, fields still green and a clear sky. My own music playing (radio out therew as unreliable at best) and me happily singing along without a care for most of the trip.

The stockyards with my waiting patient were on a hill that you could actually see the ocean from. Very uplifting to see, and the weather was turning warm. The farmer and his adult son were waiting, having already tried themselves to pull the calf, with no success.

My lecturers had warned me about scenarios like this. The farmer’s son could have been described as an Australian Arnold Schwarzenegger. I felt sorry for the cow trying to accommodate those biceps laden arms trying to grab the calf inside her. I decided that he would do most of the pulling.

Now I had, for various reasons, gained some weight since I was at uni and had purchased my overalls. They still fit over my legs but were’t going over my top half so well. No matter, I tied the sleeves around my waist and set about making a disposable apron from a body bag.

Or body bags were bright orange thick plastic, a bit like a super heavy duty garbage bag. Cut some holes for arms and your head, and you have a very waterproof cover that is easy to clean, or cheap to chuck. Both of these features are very important when working at the back end of a cow.

So I set to work, introducing the poor cow to the wonderful benefits of modern drugs including an epidural and literally buckets of lube.

The calf was stuck because it had one front leg facing backwards and its neck had been twisted around. On he the phone the farmer had told me it was coming breech, so I already felt more confident knowing that they were wrong. They probably couldn’t get those big arms in deep enough to feel what I could.

Unfortunately the calf was already dead, which is what happens when you procrastinate on these matters. No matter, it was about saving the cow now.

No human can push against the abdominal and uterine muscles of a cow, even a tired one. Fortunately I had drugs in the car to make her stop pushing so I could push the calf back into the uterus, where there was more room to reposition all those long limbs. I needed to get chains around both front feet, and hooks into the head, before pulling all three things together.

This sounds simple. It’s not. It’s a bit like trying to play Tetris with body parts in a warm, slippery, compressed sack that you can’t look into, but are reaching as deep as you can for maximum mobility. It’s also a bit like trying to solve a rubix cube by texture alone when it is surrounded by other cubes all jumped together. On top of he hat, while your brain is concentrating on this complex 3D puzzle, your eye is closely watching the cow’s anus which is approximately 10cm from your face unless you are very tall. For those not experienced with cattle, that is well within range.

It was about this point, with two chains on but a head that still required negotiation, that I realised the sleeves around my waist had come untied and my overalls were slowly slipping down my hips.

Now I was never the sort of lass to feel comfortable showing my legs. I was loathe to even wear a skirt, but I was determined to show no weakness and get on with the job. Body image issues aside I took a brief pause to remove the overalls completely and resume pulling the calf.

I was wearing my underwear, a tank top, my trust steel capped boots and a bright orange plastic body bag which did thankfully cover me to mid thigh.

I also had firm assurance from both the farmer and his son that my boss was to never, ever hear about this particular detail.

Insecurities aside I got back to work and with a lot of effort but relatively little swearing. Eventually I got the eye hooks into the head and managed to bring it around to face the right way.

The calf was starting to rot at this point, and they bloat up a bit when they do so. This meant it was a really tight squeeze to get it through the pelvis, but lubricant is a cows best friend in situations like this.

It’s important to take charge in situations like this. Sound confident and politely give everyone else standing around a job to do. Ideally get them to do most of the pulling while you do the levering, which is what I did.

There is a moment before the calf comes out where the shoulders get stuck on the pelvis. This is partly because calves are shaped to come out in a downwards direction, and we inevitably end up pulling horizontally at shoulder height. The solution is to have so,done climb up the rails and stand on the chain, using their weight to lever the calf down until the shoulders fall through. You then have only a brief moment as the calf starts to move before everything gives way beneath your feet and you need to catch yourself on the rail.

They calf slid out with a sound best described as “Schloop-splot” landing I’m the wet ground behind the cow.

As it was long dead I quickly checked the cow for any trauma, or a twin. Always check for a twin before you go home.

I was tired. I was filthy. I was elated!

My first successful calving!

And the only one without pants!

“What A F*cking Bozo” -  Peter Parker x Stark!Reader

Word Count: 2699 (whoops)

Warnings: Kidnapping; Drugs mentioned; Swearing

Request: For that being your first imagine, that was amaze balls !! I was wondering if you could do me a request a little darker :D So the reader doesn’t have superpowers and doesn’t really get along with ‘spiderman’ very well, but is dry and sarcastic with Peter Parker, they’re both aware of each other’s identities, but are very different when fighting crime, she’s kind of an anti hero, and one day when she’s fighting she gets drugged and kidnapped and has to come and get her out of trouble ? :p

Authors Note: I had so much fun writing this! Anon, I hope you don’t mind but I made the reader Stark’s daughter, and there is a bit of fluff at the end (because who doesn’t love fluff?) Sorry it’s so long, I got a lil excited with this one…Hope you guys enjoy it! :D


“The Queen of Hearts? Hm… I could get used to that,” you mumbled, watching yourself on the news. It had been a year since you started this whole anti-hero business, and today they had finally given you a name.

“Hey, dad! Check it out, they finally gave me a name!” you yelled, calling for your father, the Tony Stark. He strode over and sat on the couch with you.

“The Queen of Hearts, huh? Sounds pretty bad ass to me,” he complimented. You could tell he was impressed. It took him awhile to get used to the fact you didn’t want to be an Avenger and that you were an anti-hero. But he still loved you anyways. After all, you are his daughter.

When you first told your dad about how you were an anti-hero, you thought he would be furious and ground you for the rest of your life.

*Flashback to a year ago*

“So let me get this straight… my daughter, TEENAGE daughter might I add, has been a total badass this entire time and isn’t just some popular, beautiful rich girl?”

“Well that wasn’t the reaction I was expecting,” you remarked. “And is that all you see me as?”

“Oh hell no, but the media does. And it would blow their minds if they found out!” he exclaimed. You let out a sigh of relief, bringing your palms up to your face.

“Dad, no one can find out. I want to keep my identity a secret. If anything, I want to hold my own conference and casually say ‘oh and I’m that vigilante that kicks some major ass at night. You are welcome by the way.”

 Tony laughed, proud that his daughter had grown up to be as much of a smart ass as he was. “I knew there was a bad ass in there somewhere,” he smiled, poking your chest as you dramatically stumbled backward from his “strength”.

*Flash forward back to the present*

“So, you remember spiderling, right, (Y/n)?” Tony asked.

“How could I forget? He fought on your side during that dumb little fight you had with Cap, and also screwed up my last mission,” you stated quite dully, still staring at the TV. You really had no filter with your dad. “Why do you ask?”

“Well, I need you to work wi-”

“OH HELL NO!” you exclaimed, interrupting Tony mid-sentence.

“Listen (Y/n). Before you go crazy, hear me out. It’s really-”

“NO! YOU LISTEN, TONY!” You jumped off the couch and faced him, interrupting him once again. He knew you were serious because you never called him by his first name unless you were mad. “I cannot work with him. First of all, he’s an annoying piece of shit. I mean, don’t even get me started on how much he talked during the war with Cap…”

“(Y/n), listen to me. Let me explain first. I barely got three words out before you exploded,” Tony chuckled. You crossed your arms and took a deep breath. “This mission, it’s important to me. I need you both to get over whatever happened between you two and work together.”

“Alright, fine. I guess I’ll talk to him tomorrow at school,” you agreed. You hated this more than anything, but you saw how much this meant to your dad. He didn’t trust a lot of people, especially after the team split. You couldn’t let him down. Not after everything that had happened.

The next day, you were walking down the halls of Midtown High with your friends when you saw Peter over by his locker.

“Hey guys, I’ve gotta go talk to Peter real quick. I’ll see you guys at lunch,” you told your friends. You waved goodbye and walked over to Peter.

“Hey there spiderling, can I have a word with you?” you asked with a blank expression. He gave you a serious look, then grabbed your arm and pulled you into an empty classroom.

“What are you doing?! You know you can’t call me that here,” he warned in a concerned tone. His eyebrows were furrowed from fear of anyone finding out about what he did for fun. You were very aware that his “sticky” secret was not known to the public, much less his classmates. But dangling that knowledge of Spider-Man’s true identity was something you liked to do in your free time because why not?

“Owww! Chill, Petey,” you groaned, giving his hand a slap until he released your arm. He let go and silently apologized, not realizing that his grip on your arm was too tight. Quickly glancing around the room, he made sure no one else was listening before crossing his arms and letting you speak.

“Would it kill you to relax whenever someone mentions the spider? No one is immediately gonna look at you and be like ‘HEY IT MUST BE PARKER!’” you whisper-yelled as you waved your hands around in the air. Peter just glared at you, clearly fed up with your attitude and sarcasm.

“Fine then, straight to business. Did my dad run the mission by you?” you questioned. Peter nodded, turning his brown eyes away from you to look out at the crowded hallway. “Good, less work for me. Meet up at the Avengers tower at 6?”


“Great! Always a pleasure talking with ya, spiderling!” you winked and left the empty classroom. Peter just stood there for a moment, trying his best not to smile. You got on his nerves, but for some reason, he couldn’t stop smiling after talking with you.

*Later at the Avengers Tower*

“So, basically all you two have to do is go in, take photos of the wreckage, and then get the hell out of there,” Tony said.

“So… no ass kicking? It’s that easy?” you asked.

“Pretty much. It’s been two days since the Hydra base blew up, and surveillance footage hasn’t shown anyone being there. But it is Hydra, so prepare for anything” Tony replied.

“Damn, I was really looking forward to treating someone like a punching bag,” you said with disappointment. “Well, guess I can just punch Petey here instead!” You looked at him and smiled. Cocking your eyebrows, you earned a genuine laugh from Peter.

As soon as Tony finished briefing the two of you, you headed to your room to suit up. After you put on your suit, you looked into the mirror and thought, “Look at you… (Y/n), Queen of Hearts. Don’t even think about fucking with me.” You raised your hands and acted like you were holding a gun. All of the sudden you heard giggling coming from the corner of your room. You looked over at your door and saw Peter leaning against it, staring at you with the biggest smile on his face.

“How long have you been standing there?!” you yelled, furious at the fact he didn’t understand what “privacy” meant.

“Not that long, but long enough,” Peter chuckled. “Are you done pretending to kill bad guys?” 

“Who said I was killing ‘bad guys’? Maybe I was pretending to shoot that smug look off your face? But hey, who knows?” you shrugged, turning back to your mirror to fix your frizzled hair. Peter laughed and glanced down at your bag.

“What’s with the red and black Sharpies?” he asked, reaching down and picking up the two black and red sharpies you packed. 

You walked over, took the sharpies out of his hands and put them in your pockets. “I like to let people know that they lost in life.”

“What?” Peter asked.

You chuckled, shaking your head. “Nevermind, can we go now?” you asked, already walking out the door. Peter laughed one last time and followed behind you.


The mission was supposed to be easy. Get in, take some pictures, and then get out. Simple, right? Wrong.

You and Spider-Man entered the damaged ex-Hydra base. “Wow… what a mess…” you thought. You accidentally tripped over some rubble, and Peter laughed at you. Peter continued to take pictures of the wreckage while you noticed something off about one of the rooms.

“Hey, Spidey? I’m gonna go check out this room,” you say.

“Do you want me to go with you?” Peter asked.

“Awe… that’s cute, really. But I’m a big girl, I can take care of myself,” you flash a smile and walk over to the room. “Finish up over there and then we’ll leave!” you yell as you enter through the sketchy door. Peter nodded and continued taking pictures of the messy crime scene.

As you search the room, you noticed another door in the corner. “No, (Y/n). Don’t go through there. You’ve seen scary movies before… You know what happens when a person goes through a creepy door by themselves..” you say under your breath. But you were curious, so of course you walked over and slowly opened it. All of the sudden, you felt someone behind you. As you start to turn around, you feel a hand go over your mouth and something sharp go into the side of your neck. Everything slowly turned dark…

You slowly open your eyes and realize you are sitting in a chair and feel ropes tied around your wrists and ankles. You pull on the ropes, trying to reach into the pockets of the suit to get your knife. But whoever tied you up was smart enough to disarm you.

“Fucckk… I should’ve called the Spider,” you say out loud. You look around the room and see a man standing in the corner.

“Morning sunshine, I’m glad you are awake for this,” he said.

“How long have I been in this shit hole?” you ask, trying to remain calm.

“Only a few hours, just enough time for your pal to leave,” the man said, putting his hands on his knees. He got close to you and smiled. “Now we are alone, and this is gonna be fun.”

You look over to the small table to the left of you and see a display of knives, a gun, and some other handy-dandy torture weapons.

“Oh well hate to break it to you, but I have one rule. No fun until I at least know your name. That way when the fun is over, and I get outta here, I can find you. And beat the living shit out of you,” you say and lick your lips.

“Well, sweetheart. My name is Agent Bozo, and I hate to break it to you, but you aren’t getting out of here. Well, at least not alive,” he said with a smirk. You stare at him for a few seconds before laughing hysterically. He looked at you confused. You stop laughing and look at him in the eyes.

“Wait, you’re serious? Your name is Agent… Bozo?” you say, trying your hardest not to burst into laughter again.

“Yes, you got a problem with it?”

“No, no problem at all,” you say sarcastically, shaking your head and smiling. “That’s honestly just the best name I have ever heard in my life.” Agent Bozo walked over and punched you in the face.

“Ouch, that hurt,” you say, pouting.

“I’ve just about had it with your small talk, now it’s time to get to business,” he says in a serious tone. You watched him grab a knife and walk over to you. “Now, let’s get started.”

*6 hours later*

“Hey BOZO, when you gonna let me go? I’m starting to get hungry. I think I’m gonna order some pizza when I get home,” you say, watching him pick up a knife. You weren’t going to admit it, but you were a little bit worn out. You had been in there for 6 hours, and you were hoping that Peter would come rescue you before your dad had a shit fit. Agent Bozo hadn’t done anything too damaging though, just cut your arm, slap you silly, kick you around a few times, and stab you once. But the wounds weren’t that bad, you would live.

“I’m going to ask you one last time, where is Captain America?” Agent Bozo asked, sticking the knife against your throat.

“Dude, I don’t know. And even if I did, why would I tell you? Do you know how annoying you sound… I mean asking the same question over and over again? Like good God! GET OVER IT!” you yelled. Bozo slapped you once more.

“You dumb child!” he yelled.

“Oh, bite me,” you said giving him a fake smile. He started to walk away from you, but he tripped over a piece of rubble. You laughed.

“Wow, what a fucking Bozo.”


All of the sudden, there was a hole in the wall and smoke around the room. You coughed a few times and notice that Peter had FINALLY come to save you.

“Took you long enough!” you smiled. “Oh but Bozo over here might have a few words to say,” you said, nodding your head in Agent Bozo’s direction.

“Bozo?” Peter said as he turned around saw the man behind him. Bozo was about to shoot Peter, but Peter shot a web and took the gun out of Bozo’s hand. Peter then webbed the Hydra agent against the wall and walked up to him. Pete looked at him for a second before knocking him out. He then ran over to you and untied you.

“I was starting to think you forgot about me,” you say as you wipe the blood off your lips.

“I could never forget about you,” Peter said. You could tell he was smiling from under his mask. You smile back at him. Then you get up and run over to the table where Bozo had put your guns. You grab your gun and then took the two Sharpies. You run back over to where Bozo was webbed up against the wall and pop the caps on both of the Sharpies. Peter watched as you started drawing black and red hearts on the agent.

“Really (Y/n)? We gotta get back! Your father is worried sick!” Peter chuckled.

“Gimme a minute, I’m almost done. And what are you, my mother?” you said as you finished up on the last red heart. You place the cap back on the sharpies and walk over to Peter, “Ready to go?”

“Oh hell yes, I wanna get out of this shit hole,” Peter said as he wrapped his arm around your shoulder, leading you out of the room.

“Yeah, imagine being in here for 2 hours. It was so fun,” you said sarcastically. You both laughed and exited the building.

*back at the Avengers Tower, after you are all patched up*

“AND HIS NAME WAS AGENT BOZO!” you said, laughing so hard you actually started to cry.

“I don’t think I could’ve taken him seriously either, to be honest,” Tony said, laughing and pulling you into another hug.

“Dad, honestly. I’m fine,” you say as he starts rubbing your back. 

“I know, but you just scared me. But hey, seems like you and Underoos get along well huh?” he said, as he kissed your forehead.

“Yeah. Yeah, I guess we do,” you said smiling, pulling away from the hug.

“Well, go tell him.”

“What?” you asked.

“Go tell him you like him. And don’t give me some bullshit about how you don’t like him. That you hate his guts and wish he was dead. I don’t know how much longer I can watch this game of ’Let’s just fight until someone makes the first move’,” Tony laughed. You nodded and headed towards Peter’s room.

You knock on his door, hoping that he was at his apartment and that you wouldn’t hear his cute little voice say…

“It’s open,” Peter yelled. “Damn it…” You thought. You take a deep breath and open the door.

“Oh, hey (Y/n),” Peter smiled. He was sitting on his bed, wearing his pajamas, and messing around on his laptop. His hair was a mess, as per usual. Yet, all you could think was “Damn, if looks could kill…”

“Hey, Pete. Can I… can I tell you something?” you ask hesitantly.

“Sure! Here… sit,” he moved his laptop and patted the spot in front of him. You sat down and looked directly into his beautiful, chocolate brown eyes. You took a deep breath, looked down at your hands and muttered, “IsortaHaveFeelingsForYou.” His eyes opened wide as if someone had just slapped him in the face.

“Wait, what?”

“You heard me,” you said quietly, still playing with your hands. He let out a small laugh. You looked at him and saw him smiling.

“I knew you had a heart.”

“See, I knew this was a bad idea,” you got off his bed and started walking towards the door. “I wouldn’t have done it if I thought you were gonna be a dick about it but hey. It was worth a try,” you reach for the door knob. Peter stood up and shot a web at your wrist. He pulled on the web, making you spin towards him and landing in his arms. Before you could say anything he pressed his lips against yours. You put your hand on the back of his neck and deepened the kiss. You both pulled away at the same time, slowly trying to catch your breath.

“I sorta have feelings for you too (Y/n),” he flirted, looking into your beautiful eyes.  




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EXO Working Retail

[  // Masterlist //  ]

// Xiumin

“WHY do they do that?!“ (referring to customers who pick up a shirt from the bottom of the pile, unfold it, then throw it back on the ruined pile; he is always the one who sees and has to fix this)


(for the fifth time today)  “No, I didn’t lose my mommy, I work here!“ 

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// Suho

“They don’t pay me enough to do this job… HI WELCOME TO STORE!  PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU NEED ANYTHING!“


“Lemme tell you, you’re lucky you get to buy those, because I was trying to wear camouflage pants to work, but I couldn’t find any!! ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ 
ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!“  
(frequent customers avoid him)

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// Lay

(to customer) “The floors are hard in the store, would you like for me to carry you on my back?  Oh no, there are too many customers who need rides!!!“


(to customer inside fitting room) “Please be careful!  Don’t get stuck!  Let me know if you need anything!  Do you need a kidney?”  (wins employee of the month every month)

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// Baekhyun

Someone else: “You’ve already had fifteen breaks today!”

“Last time was a potty break, this is a beagle break, next time will be a Lay break.”


(jokes with customers, ends up getting them to spend hundreds of dollars and gets a giant bonus)

“Pleeease come again!”

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// Chen

“WHAT DO YOU MEAN I’M BEING TOO LOUD?!?!  I’M WHISPERING!!!!”  (the store plays the “quiet game” a lot, but they only tell Chen)



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// Chanyeol

“Please, please, please let me wear caps at work.“

Boss: “It’s against the dress code, stop dressing casually and STOP DABBING!”


*blushes like crazy after he makes a storewide announcement and a bunch of people whisper about his deep voice*

“It’s just my voice…!”

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// D.O

“I didn’t scare away the customers!!“


Giant, buff, angry customer: “What’s your problem?”

*squish mode* “…W-welcome, sir.”

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// Kai

“Is it my lunch break yet?“

Someone else: “You just took your lunch break…”


(listening to a customer’s conversation) “HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ”

Someone else: “Be professional!”

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// Sehun

“The clothes here aren’t even good.  Y’all are wasting your money.  And I’m out of bubble tea. :(“


“Oh wait, I want to try that on…“  (tries on, takes extremely handsome selcas)  “Ooo, wow, not bad.”

Someone else: “Get back to work!”

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Would you shop at EXO’s store?


Teen Wolf AU → 

Stiles and Lydia travel across the country to New York City. What begins as a spontaneous vacation as friends soon progresses into stolen kisses and sweet, romantic nights tangled together with the streetlights glowing through the open blinds. Mornings are spent much the same way, with the streets outside bustling and the smell of coffee rousing them to the adventures of a new day. The night life and tourist attractions in the concrete jungle pale in comparison to the love they finally get to share together.

spockiosexual  asked:

4 and 103 spirk bitchhhhh

4: “Can I join you?”

103: “Don’t worry about it.”

(I’m sorry this is so long and bad and totally unedited)

Spock was warming to Earth.

It wasn’t beautiful in the way that home was beautiful. It didn’t have that untouched feeling that home did. Everything–including the plants–was domesticated here, and Spock didn’t like that.

The leaves, though–he did like the leaves. He liked the way the long corridor that wound toward the Academy doors was lined with the kind of trees that turned red in the fall and fell onto the sidewalk so it looked almost like Vulcan. He liked the crunch beneath his feet. He liked the way they could move so easily in the wind. He liked the way that, sometimes, when the wind was just right, the piles would shoot up and make a sort of leaf tornado. Seasons weren’t so dramatic on Vulcan. They didn’t get fallen leaves. They didn’t get the cold weather.

And lord, he was cold.

He pulled his coat tighter around his torso, trying to hide his chin and ears as best he could into the turned-up collar. Amanda, before he left the house, told him he needed to bring a scarf, but he shook his head at her and left without another word.

He really needed to listen to her more.

Kicking at the leaves in front of him, Spock curled into himself tighter and tried to hurry without making it too obvious that he was hurrying. He was warming to Earth but he certainly wasn’t ever warm anymore, and he missed that almost most of all. It had been a moderate temperature when he left the house, and in the Academy buildings it was certainly warm enough for Spock to shed his jacket and even the lighter sweater he had underneath and still be comfortable. But it got cooler while he was in class, and the bite of the wind attacked his cheeks quite ferociously as soon as he started moving toward the shuttle center.

He needed a hat, too. The pointed tips of his ears were especially sensitive to the cold, and–

Something like ice hit his neck and slowly slid down his neck. He jerked away from it, but it kept sliding until it soaked into the collar of his shirt. Rain. He knew it rained on Earth, but he’d only been here for a month or two, and he’d never experienced it.

Another drop hit him, this time on his nose. He wiped away the water, cringing. It was so much colder here. On Vulcan the rain was warm and came down in fast, heavy showers only once every couple months. Vulcans knew when the showers were coming and they always waited indoors until it was over. Spock never–

Another drop. Another. Spock had never found himself caught in the rain before. What was he supposed to do? The shuttle center was still several minutes away, and it was starting to rain harder. The water had already soaked through his coat and was starting to permeate his sweater. If he kept walking, he would have hypothermia by the time he got to the shuttle.

Spock considered his options quickly and then dove toward the nearest building, where the roof lip hung over the wall just enough to give Spock shelter. He’d made his decision in the nick of time; as soon as he stepped out of the rain, it began pouring, and he watched in dismay as water puddled on the pavement. He wasn’t going to get home anytime.

As Spock resigned himself to this, someone barreled down the corridor toward him. They weren’t wearing a jacket of any sort, which was alarming: they were just allowing their uniform to get soaked, and they didn’t seem to mind. They ran with a big smile on their face, holding some folders tucked under their arm. When they saw Spock, they pivoted toward him and stopped only a foot away. Spock could see every detail of their face, every tiny little freckle. Their jaw seemed both sharp and soft. Their eyes were beautifully, warmly brown and their smile was bright enough to light the sun.

“Hey!” When they shook water out of their hair, water droplets hit Spock’s face, but they didn’t apologize. Spock wasn’t sure they even noticed.

“Hello,” Spock said tentatively, pressing harder against the wall.

“Can I join you?” They grabbed the folders under their arm and lifted them toward Spock. “These are pretty important and I think I’m destroying them.” 

“By all means.”

“Thanks.” They slid in next to Spock, so utterly drenched that as their uniform brushed against Spock’s arm he could see water spread over what little fabric had dried. “I’m Jim, by the way,” they said, and held out a hand. “Jim Kirk. He, him.”

“S’chn T’gai Spock,” Spock replied. “He, him as well.”

“You go by Spock?”


Jim grinned. His two front teeth were crooked. “You been here long?” 

“No. Is it obvious?” 

Now Jim laughed. The laugh wracked his entire body. He threw his head back and let it roll through him, let it shake him to his core. Spock was fascinated. “Yeah, a little. You look terrified out of your wits.”

Spock lifted an eyebrow. “Vulcans do not–” 

“Feel fear? Yeah, okay. I know what fear looks like on a person’s face.” Jim tucked the folders under his arm again and then slid his backpack off one strap of his shoulder. “I have a scarf in here, I think. And a hat, if you want? Vulcan’s a desert planet, right?”

“It is.”

Jim nodded. “You’re cold?”

“A little,” Spock admitted.

“Okay. Here.” He handed over both the scarf and the hat he’d mentioned: the scarf cadet-red, the hat dark gray. “Think that’ll work?” 

Spock took them carefully. “You don’t mind?” 

“Eh, don’t worry about it. I don’t really get cold.” He closed his backpack and lifted one shoulder. “I go on a lot of walks, and it tends to rain a lot. I’m used to it. Besides. You need it more.” 

Spock wrapped the scarf around his shoulder. It smelled like spices, like Jim had knitted it while simultaneously brewing a large pot of chai. The cap smelled the same, and he couldn’t help inhaling as he fit it over his ears. “Thank you.” 

“No problem.” 

“No, really. Thank you.” 

Jim looked at him in such a way that Spock almost felt him staring into his very soul. He had such a deep wisdom in his eyes. Spock wanted to search those eyes, wanted to look for something hidden in those depths. Somehow, he felt that he would find himself. “You’re welcome,” he said, and the moment broke. A smile quirked at the corner of his mouth. “You science?” 

“Yes.” Spock touched the scarf. “This is commander gold.”

The smile spread across the rest of Jim’s lips. He really had no qualms about smiling, Spock thought. “That’s right,” Jim said. “I’m gonna be the captain of my own starship.” Then, just as quickly as before, he changed the subject: “What are you up to?” 

“I was heading toward the shuttle center.” 

“You very attached to getting around on the shuttles?” 

What an odd question. “I suppose not.” 

“Because I have a motorcycle sitting about two minutes away from the center that can take you anywhere you need to go.”


Jim shrugged again. “Feel free to turn me down, but I’m feeling like having a cup of coffee and I feel like maybe you’d want to join me.”

Distantly, Spock heard his mother telling him the same thing she always did when he walked out the door: “Be careful, Spock! Dress warmly! Wear protection!” He almost laughed. 

“Jim,” he said, “Are you asking me on a date?”

“That depends,” said Jim. “Are you okay with getting a little wet?”

“As long as you’re paying.”

Jim held out his hand. Spock looked down at those long fingers.

“Yeah,” said Jim, “I’m well aware of vulcan kissing practices.” 

Spock smiled and took Jim’s hand. Yeah, he was definitely warming to Earth.

anonymous asked:

How about dating 2p!Japan?

((Sorry this took so long. I have a hard time with Kuro, I guess.

•whoo boy how’d you get this guy to stick around long enough to consider it dating
•he probably wouldn’t be home very often
•he’s very dedicated to his work
•he’d be very reluctant to tell you about it, but if you met Lutz and Luciano, they’d gladly fill you in
•expect lots of drawings - this man is an artist!!
•Netflix and chill will be literally watching Netflix on opposite sides of the couch
•if you can find something to watch, that is
•like François, he’s not too great at relationships
•he does put quite a bit more effort into making it work, though
•help him out
•he’s doing the best he can

Off Limits (Persephone P7)

Title: Off Limits (Persephone P7)
Summary: The continuation of my shameless AU trash of Y/N & Casifer. Spending some quality time with Chuck, distracting him while the boys carry out their plan. And having to face Lucifer again.
Words: 2,416

Prologue, Part 1, Part 2 , Part 3 , Part 4 , Part 5 , Part 6, Part 8 , Part 9Part 10Part 11

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Imagine meeting Chris at a coffee shop.

A/N: For those who wanted something more realistic.

You grabbed the paper cup and placed it under the coffee head, pressing the double shot button on the espresso machine. You left that to do its thing while you grabbed the metal jug filled with cold milk so you could begin to froth it for the latte order that just came in.

It was another busy day at Starbucks which wasn’t surprising considering it was located in the hub area of New York City; the only thing good about that was having the occasional famous face pop in for coffee. You hadn’t been lucky enough to serve one yet, your co-worker and best friend on the other hand- had served Bucky Barnes himself, Sebastian Stan, while you were having a day off. You could still remember how you teared up a little when he told you.

“Don’t look now.” Oliver beckoned his head at the Harvard frat boy who’d been trying to get your number for days now. He caught your gaze, excused himself from his group of fellow Ivy Leagues, and started to make his way over. You sighed and Oliver chuckled. “Richy Rich is persistent, I’ll give him that.”

“He’s stubborn, that’s what he-” You cut yourself off and faked a sweet smile when he stopped in front of you. “Hey, um-” You couldn’t remember his name for the life of you, you spent half the time calling him by his code name ‘Richy Rich’. “Hey.”

“It’s Adam,” he reintroduced yourself and you nodded politely though you were going to forget it the second he left. “You should probably remember that, 'cause you’re going to be-” You scoffed before he could finish because you knew where it was going, and he wondered why you weren’t interested.

“Wow.” A familiar male voice interrupted Richy Rich’s horrible and degrading pickup. You turned off the steam wand and looked up; the speaker was the man in the blue cap and clear plastic Ray Bans who had order the latte. “That was- Pfft.” He laughed softly. “Pathetic, man. That was pathetic.” Richy Rich turned and shot Blue Cap a dirty look. “Did you really think a line like that was going to work? What are they teaching you at Harvard? Lemme guess, how to shove your head up your ass and spout shit to girls who clearly deserve a lot better than a rich frat boy.”

You laughed then covered your mouth to stifle your laughter when Richy Rich shot you a dirty look.

“Why don’t you mind your own damn business, old man,” Richy Rich growled.

“I’m sorry,” Blue Cap took his sunglasses off and your jaw dropped when you realized why his voice sounded so familiar; Blue Cap was Captain America. “I don’t think I heard you correctly.” Chris Evans inched closer to Richy Rich, his fierce blue eyes daring him to say another word. “Could you repeat that for me?”

You glanced over at Oliver who looked as mesmerized with the situation as you did. Neither of you could believe that Chris Evans- Captain America was actually defending your honor and chasing away a relentless and annoying pain in your ass. You turned back to the glare match and saw Richy Rich’s jaw tightened. With a quick glance your way, he huffed and retreated back to his friends. Everyone watched as they gathered their things and left the Starbucks with a peep.

“Thank you so much.” You chuckled in amazement and Chris turned his attention back to you with a sweet smile. “He’s- relentless and a little pigheaded, I don’t know many times a girl can say no before a guy gets it.”

“No problem,” he chuckled. “I get why though, you are very pretty. I’d probably come back and give it another shot if you rejected me the first time.” He flashed a charming smile and you felt your heart melt. “Sorry, I’m- I’m kind of doing what he’s doing, right?”

“No no no,” you laughed softly. “You are doing much better than he is. In fact- you I’d say yes to in a heartbeat.” He chuckled softly, lowering his gaze and displaying his ridiculously long lashes. “Let me get you your coffee as a thank you.”

“How about your number instead?” He boldly asked and you felt your throat dry up. Surely you didn’t hear him right, surely Captain America didn’t just ask you for your number. “You don’t have to if you don’t-” He began when he saw your speechless expression.

“Oh, she wants to,” Oliver cut him off and picked up the latte he had finished making for you. He scrawled your number across the paper cup and passed it to Chris. “This girl is free every weekend.” He told Chris. “She loves roses, Italian food, and Disney movies.”

“Duly noted,” Chris nodded with a light chuckle. “I’m Chris, by the way.” He held out his hand for you to shake and you managed to hold it together long enough to shake his hand. “And you’re Y/N,” he said and your eyes widened. “You’re- um- you’re wearing a name tag,” he pointed to the tag clipped to your apron.

“Right,” you winced. “Way to make myself look like a catch.” You joked and he laughed, making you slightly less nervous. “I’m sorry, I just- you’re Chris Evans and- I am an incredibly huge fan so this- this is incredibly intimidating.”

“I’m human like you,” he reminded you with a sweet smile. “Don’t worry, you’ll see that when I call you and ask you out.” You felt yourself blush at the thought of dating him. “So um- can I call you this weekend? I’m in town for the next couple of weeks and while I’ll probably see you when I grab my morning coffee, I’d love to see you outside your workplace.”

“I’d love that too,” you nodded with a smile.

“It’s a date then,” he flashed his pearly whites.

“It’s a date,” you agreed with a nod.

I feel like this needs a part 2, what do you think?


RATING: explicit
@i-bleed-salt and @brieflymaximumprincess
: Samifer
MINOR RELATIONSHIPS: Michifer, Michean, Wincest
WORDS: 1251
: porn actors!au, human!au, a lot lot lot of smutty porn (including but not limited to mention of breathplay, Motorcycle Sex, Description of BDSM, Mention of Somnophilia, Knifeplay,  Biting, Teasing, Masturbation and Anal Sex), abusive use of Twitter

Everyone in the porn industry knows the two brothers that started the hype: Lucifer and Michael Milton. There are two new stars on the rise though, Sam and Dean Winchester. Stepping into the footsteps of their idols, they have gathered a huge fanbase by now and enjoy their fame a lot.

One day, Dean manages to score the ultimate deal: a movie with all four of them. Sam knows Dean mostly does it for a chance to have a good time with Michael, his secret teenage crush, but he is on board with it pretty quickly after meeting Lucifer for the first time. He’s smitten by the younger Milton almost instantly and there is something between them that makes it impossible for Sam to ignore it. He has no idea that this movie will throw his whole life upside down, but he soon wants it even more than his brother.

A/N: a big thank you to @sassysupernaturalsweetheart for betareading us.

TAGS : @spnyoucantkeepmedown @hardcorefangirlgroupie @wearemykingdom @samwise-the-true-hero @glitchygrin @annechuu @tattooedluci @thanatosdementor @samlicker83 @kajuned @wait-what5 @xantcear

Read the chapter on AO3.

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No More Secrets [Steve Rogers x Reader] One Shot.

Hopefully you all aren’t disappointed with this sequel! I’ve been fighting some serious writer’s block lately.

Title: No More Secrets

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Summary: Sequel to Maybe Not.

Originally posted by captainbuckybarness


With the fight over and your team safe once more, you supposed you should have felt relief. But the war was hardly over, not while you were forced to hide out in Wakanda or face arrest on international criminal charges. T’Challa had been a gracious host, but you couldn’t help but feel trapped, and it wasn’t helping your mood.

Most of the team was on edge. Clint and Scott wanted nothing more than to see their families. Wanda wanted to be with Vision. Steve was once again mourning the loss of Bucky now that he decided to go back into cryo.

You and Sam were at a loss.

Unlike the others, you had no children, no significant other left behind. You missed your friends, but so did everyone else. You didn’t know what to do with yourselves.

Sam focused on training. T’Challa had offered to upgrade his wings, and Sam took him up on it eagerly. When the two of you weren’t working out to pass the time, he was experimenting with the modifications the King had made.

When Sam was busy, you often found yourself falling into a funk. The two of you were friends, but were hardly as close as him and Steve. You once thought yourself close to Steve too, but the past few months seemed to reveal the obvious cracks in your friendship. Once he knew Bucky was alive, the divide began.

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I painted young Naruto ^~^

This took A LOT of time (many many hours), and it’s my first attempt to paint a character rather than my usual coloring of a manga cap (which takes a long time too by the way!! haha). Sooooo, PLEASE DO NOT repost this as your own or be mean to me because it isn’t perfect.

I worked so so so hard on this and am very proud of it. And it’s hard for me to ever be proud of my artwork (I often criticize it later…) So I hope a few of you out there like it :)

I accidentally saved over my reference picture or else I would post it as a “see what I was going for” type thing. :/

Avengers Assemble (part 5/5)

A/N: Yay!! Finally, the last chapterrr and it’s slightly longer haha. I changed one of Nat’s parts to the reader’s if y’all don’t mind, and I didn’t write the part on when they separated so you guys can use your own imagination on whether the reader, or yourself, follows any one of the members or leaves by herself. Well, thank you everyone who’s been reading this whole story, I hope you all enjoy it!! Oh and you can send requests for oneshots☺️ I’m also planning to start writing a new series where you would be in age of ultron, so please tell me if you guys would like that haha. Anyways, enjoy!!

Warnings: Slight gore

Word Count: 3,334

Part one//Part two//Part three//Part four//Part five

When all of you were done suiting up, you, Clint, Cap and Nat met up to head to the quinjet. Upon reaching the jet, you saw a young pilot who was inside, standing up when he saw all of you. “Hey, you guys aren’t authorised to be in here.”

“Son,” Cap said, stopping in his footsteps. “Just don’t.”

The pilot was kicked out by you as Nat and Clint went to the control panels, both of them taking a seat. You and Steve stood behind them as the ramp closed, the jet preparing to fly off to New York City.

You looked out of the window when you heard a loud rumbling, you saw a beam of light shooting out from the top of the Stark tower and into the sky, opening a portal.

This can’t be good, you thought as you saw aliens flying out from the portal.

“Stark, we’re on your three, headed northeast,” Nat said, as you saw Tony’s face appear on the screen

“What? Did you stop for drive-through?” Tony asked, making you roll your eyes at his comment, not surprised that he could crack a joke at this time. “Swing up Park. I’m going to lay them out for you.”

Nat drew out the machine gun from the jet as you saw Tony fly past with a bunch of aliens following behind. She aimed and fired multiple shots at them, watching all of them go down one by one.

“Nat?” Clint called as you all neared the tower, making all of you look to the side.

“I see him,” she replied and Clint turned the jet to face Loki as Natasha shot him with the machine gun. Loki looked up from his battle with Thor and fired a beam of light from the sceptre, hitting one side of the jet’s engine.

You felt the whole jet shake as you and Cap held onto a bar above to prevent both of you from falling. The jet started to swerve out of control, hitting some buildings on the way as Hawkeye tried to land it on a safe place, crashing onto the street and destroying the pavement.

Clint and Nat quickly took off their seatbelts and you opened the ramp as all of you ran out to the street. You looked to the sky and see more of the Chitauri flying here and there.

“We got to get back up there,” Cap said as all of you ran to the middle of a four-way street. You all looked around and surveyed the damage, seeing flipped cars, destroyed buildings and gravel everywhere.

All of you stopped and froze, seeing a large shadow covering some of the buildings. Looking up, you saw a giant Chitauri leviathan coming out from the portal, letting out a loud roar.

You watched as Chitauri soldiers jumped off the giant leviathan’s back, some breaking the windows and jumping into the buildings, some attaching themselves to the sides of the building and sliding down.

“Well, isn’t this peachy,” you murmured, still staring up the aliens. “Stark, are you seeing this?”

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Make me choose meme ✰  @cap-srogers asked Shay Mitchell or Emilia Clarke

It’s important to wake up everyday and remind yourself what you’re working towards. You create your own life, it’s not set out there for you.