this cap is so pretty tho

i literally think zelda is so cool. like all the games are just so pretty. ive been trying to beat minish cap for something like eleven years now though- so maybe they’re just not for me!!!! cute art tho. thanks for listening 


only 90s kids : band of brothers 90s teens aesthetics

Donald Malarkey and Warren “Skip” Muck


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TG scenery appreciation post~


Under the cut you will find #100 gifs of Go Joon-hee, from the drama She Was Pretty. ALL gifs were made by me. PLEASE DO NOT: claim as your own, remove my watermark, post in gif hunts, crop into gif icons, whitewash or use to make crackship gifs. You may edit for PERSONAL use. Full resource rules here. Please like/reblog if using!

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When the signs are mad (Mars)

Mars Aries: they get mad over DUMB shit. Like if you are yelling at them they are like lol. But if you throw a bottle cap at them they are like AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

Mars Taurus: they are so stubborn. I know that’s cliche but don’t even bother saying anything to them, they’ll disagree no matter what. They remain pretty chill though, but you’ll know that they are being COMPLETELY different than usual, like they’ve been holding it all down for months.

Mars Gemini: THEY CANT HANDLE IT they will fucking flip out and start crying and shaking and get destructive and yell.

Mars cancer: they become really selfish and refuse to see any side other than their own and get really passive aggressive. It’s cool tho because they stay calm for the most part.

Mars Leo: they don’t like to start drama and they don’t like confrontation but they will snap on your ass.

Mars Virgo: they get really really reALLY MAD and frustrated so much that they can’t think straight but they will tell you your every flaw. Every single thing that wrong with you.

Mars libra: they push everything down for years and then when they snap they will never talk to you again. They give you enough chances. Run.

Mars Scorpio: they rarely get mad, they’re just annoyed, but when they do it’s usually over someone insulting their friend(s) and they will FIGHT YOU

Mars Sagittarius: they hate confrontation. They HATE drama, so they probably won’t tell you when they are mad at you and if they do it’ll be really passive aggressive.

Mars Capricorn: they only really get mad over their pet peeves or if someone insults them, other than that they try to tell themselves it’s not worth it.

Mars Aquarius: they will run the fuck away. Blast loud screamo, break shit, get high, drunk, every single escape in the book. They don’t deal with that.

Mars Pisces: these babies are big angry criers. They hardly get mad and when they are it’s mostly out of sensitivity, and they are just hurt. But they try really hard to act like everything is okay even though they wanna punch who ever made them mad, but instead they make everyone on the planet hate them.


sprites so far!

I’ve been working really hard on these for the last couple of weeks and it’s been a lot of fun!! I’m pretty much done with all of the housing and town assets, and next is the dungeons and misc stuff. I’m so happy that I decided to downsize the sprites cuz for what I had done I’ve been able to redo better and faster than my previous ones.



EnterVOID is doing another death tourney and I am a sucker and whatnot. The difference is this time it has a 3 page max cap. SO I decided I’d make a transfer student anime main protag joke character to be my character. I actually like the design now that I have finished it, didn’t think I would. By the time I hit the front cover tho I was feeling pretty tired haha. Tried some new-ish things on the colouring and stuff.

So I took the joke the full way and made a fake anime cover. I got the template by googling it, I didn’t make the template - but I don’t know who did. Anyway the cameos on the back page are other entrants to the tournament, minus Dawg’s character JPOP who I am going to use as the teacher haha.

Should be fun to try and figure out ways to kill other characters with this character in 3 pages.

Anyway her name is Ai.


Hello, so I’m about to have a lot of free time on my hands (school ends in two weeks!) and I’m looking for a job. But in the mean time, I’m a pretty okay artist who can draw a thing or two 4 cheap. 

I can make pixel art, portraits or ‘starscapes’/landscapes. Depending on the size/complexity, I can do them pretty quick like maybe an hour or so! Though the bigger the size, the longer I take. The prices are by the canvas size, with the extras for gifs (15¢) or extra characters (30¢). Sizes aren’t set in stone and in betweens are sized by their ending pixel (The Jakku gif is 150x75 so 150+75 = $2.25)

  • People Pixels:
    • 50x50 - $1.00
    • 100x100 - $2.00
    • 250x250 - $3.00
  • Landscapes:
    • 100x100 - $2.00
    • 250x250 - $2.75
    • 500x500 - $3.75 (only starscapes*) 

For my hand drawn art pieces, I’m still getting used to my tablet, and am trying to get better at drawing and stuff. For now, I’m only doing people and no gifs. The prices aren’t by the size, but by what I’m drawing, but still with the extra for extra characters (30¢)

  • Sketches - $1.00
  • Flat -Colored - $2.00
  • Detailed - $3.00

here’s my commission page with more info and updated pricing! Hmu if interested!

i hate Arno, hes such a pussy when it comes to Elise. like hes the sneakiest, most cunning, scary as fuck-(like look how the templars shit their pants when Arno just walks up to them)-Assassin to date. but then Elise shows up and hes turns into a worthless baby. it reminds me of my relationship with my on again off again girlfriend and i hate that i can relate so much to him.

image from madeinmasyaf


Babes of 2015 aka new/best/favs of 2015

If-Then-Else (Person of Interest) | Jan 02

This is another favorite part and it probably gets the most attention. It’s an early Formula Atlantic 4ag cover. At the time the engine was being built Autohero Ray was also working at a shop called Racecraft. Working there he would take trips for them to another shop in Oregon called Loynings. They used to be a Formula Atlantic builder and had a stock of parts. I really wanted a cover but they were pretty expensive, tho this one has a blemish on the casting of the numbers on top so I got it at a discount. To put one of these on is a commitment. The only way they are mounted is with screws on the edge. That means the stock studs have to be removed from the head and you have to drill and tap the edge of the head. Also the FA engines use different cam caps, they are slimmer and fit tight into the cover, so my cam caps had to be machined down to fit the cover. All this and it’s purely an aesthetic piece lol it has no real oil cap other than the screw on plug on the driver side. But, it does make the engine for me. Couldn’t imagine my 4ag without it.