this canvas is a vessel


gif credits to Smuttyfairy

Summary: When the one you’re deeply in love with becomes the nightmare of your life.

Genre: angst, light horror, insinuated ditdilydoo, supernatural!AU

Word Count: 7742

Written by: Admin Smuttyfairy

A/N: In late celebration of Halloween here is a twisted scenario that is based on a dream I had about a month and a half ago! I really tried to get this done before Halloween buuttttt I procrastinate and suck and always have too much going on for me to keep up. RIP ME. Anyways, I hope you guys like my interpretation on this~ ALSO…thank you all for being so patient with us! ^^

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✨Acrylic on canvas painting✨
A fraction of the whole. Stay tuned in for the unveiling of the finished piece.
“Goddess of the sacred feminine, embodied in your vessel of light. Let us honor your infinite intelligence, that shines bright though all of the night. As a symbol of forgiveness, of empowerment and strength. An eternal flame of wisdom, carried with every breath that you take.”
~Artwork & poetry by Tori Bird Pope aka @jah-feel ~


Henry Pether (fl.1828-65, England)

Henry Pether was an English painter of landscapes, mainly cities under moonlight. He was probably the son of Sebastian Pether, or perhaps Abraham Pether (Sebastian’s father) - both also artists. His birth date and biography are not known, but he exhibited at the Royal Academy from 1828 to 1862, the British Institution and Suffolk Street.

Pether was known for his beautiful moonlight scenes along the Thames (a popular genre of the time most famously exemplified by the works of Atkinson Grimshaw) however he also painted other English views and scenes of Venice too.


James Webb (1825–95, England)

Marine scenes

James Webb was an English painter specialising in marine views, landscapes, and urban scenes in the style of vedute. Webb painted scenes in England, Wales, Holland, France and along the Rhine. He painted figures and buildings with as much competence as he did landscape backgrounds, and his paintings have a feeling of tranquillity and harmony to them. Webb used pale colours, but painted in a robust naturalistic style, influenced by J. M. W. Turner.

i wanna stare at a perfectly hanged painting and push it a little bit to the right, for it to get unbalanced
i wanna watch a perfectly polished fabric and just rip it right through the middle, for the tiny threads to come out
i wanna find a perfectly shining car and scratch a breach into it, for the surface to become uneven
i wanna hold a glass bottle and just throw it right to the ground, for the pieces to be crushed
I want the sound of it shattering to sneak right into my veins and fill what seems like a void in my blood vessels
i wanna turn every white peaceful canvas into choas of different shades
i dont wanna leave anything serene
I wanna stand in an utterly quiet neighborhood and just scream my lungs out
every page in every notebook i wanna leave scrawled blanks
I wanna undo a neatly sheeted bed and turn it into a mess
I wanna turn on two different songs and turn up the volume to the highest
i never wanna see an empty floor, piles of clothes, boxes or any objects scattered around is what I wanna see

I wanna take everything perfect and just sabotage its calmness
take everything beautiful and just flaw its tranquility
Because for me, anything is prettier imperfect
And for me
Wreckage reminds me of the mess up in my head
It makes me not focus on how much of an underdog I am
It somehow manages to give me the feeling that I’m equally as damaged as anything can be
And just for a split second; I can actually feel normal

Short Talk on the Mona Lisa

by Anne Carson

Every day he poured his question into her, as
you pour water from one vessel into another,
and it poured back. Don’t tell me he was paint-
ing his mother, lust, et cetera. There is a mo-
ment when the water is not in one vessel nor in
the other–what a thirst it was, and he sup-
posed that when the canvas became completely
empty he would stop. But women are strong.
She knew vessels, she knew water, she knew
mortal thirst.