this cannot be happening

I always see so many people exclaiming that the creators of the show said that they’re not going to make Klance canon or that it’s not going to happen and I’m just

First of all, the creators cannot say anything to spoil the show, so if they have to lie; they will. I mean, they were the same people who literally said Pidge was a boy. But what I’m trying to say is, they can’t say which pairing will or will not be canon, to anyone. Only they know themselves.

Except a lot of people seem to be getting this notion from this interview quote right here:

Joaquim: We also try not to be overtly affected by what popular opinion might be.

Interviewer: Well that’s good, you wanna tell your story

Lauren: We’re working in animation our schedule is so far advanced that even if people shipped Keith and Lance, we couldn’t go back and change the story and be like: ‘Now they’re in love!’

Joaquim: We’re already years past that story line

Please tell me where in this did they ever say that “Klance wasn’t going to be canon.” ? 

I understand that this could be taken out of context, but even though the interviewer in general touched on the topic of Klance, this could honestly be applied to anything that happens in the show. 

Whether popular or not, the creators literally cannot go back and change the canon content of the story line. They’re saying that just because Keith and Lance are a popular pair, that doesn’t mean they’re going to cater us. And that’s true, they can’t do that, they don’t want it to seem like fan service because it isn’t. 

But the creators never said that the story line wasn’t already written that way, they’re just saying, in general they won’t change it to the likes of the fandom, we will not influence their decisions. They’re technically saying, Keith and Lance could be in love, but we didn’t go back and make them in love for you guys, it was already apart of the story, it was already going to happen. We have no control over what they do, we don’t know what they’ll do, so as fans we shouldn’t act so entitled. Everything is planned, so we either take or leave what will end up happening. 

But people need to stop spreading this false info around or even twisting their words. Read it as it is and take it as it is. Canon or not, let’s just enjoy the damn show. 



Dear @taylorswift

For the past 11 years, you have brought so much joy into our world. On December 8, 2017, we all were brought together by attending NYC Jingle Ball. Because we know you were sad you couldn’t meet us, we thought we would let you get to know four Swifties in the crowd that night. 


Meet Britt:

Twitter: captnbrincrunch

Tumblr: @mini-swifter13

Instagram: miniswifter13

Reputation Tour Date(s):

🎶July 14 Lincoln Financial Field: Section 8, Row 2, Seats 27&28

🎶July 20 MetLife Night 1: Section 5, Row 10, Seats 20&21

🎶July 21 MetLife Night 2: Section 8, Row 12, Seats 29&30

🎶July 28 Gillette Night 2: Section A5, Row 17, Seats 9&10

Hi Taylor, my name is Britt and I adore you. We are exactly 10 days apart! I am petite 28 year old from New York that is obsessed with your music, you, my hubs & dogs (yes that’s right I am not a cat person, please don’t hate me!) I have been a fan for 10 years thanks to my amazing husband Steve who introduced me to your music back in 2008. I have seen you on the Red tour in Philly, 1989 tour for Metlife Night 2, SNL Dress Rehearsal on November 11 (where me & my amazing hubs waiting outside in the cold for 17 hours) and Jingle Ball NYC (where Paul came to me seat to find me and hug me & made my night a bit brighter).Taylor you are a huge inspiration to me. I have made a denim jacket for the reputation era and I will be wearing it every night I attend tour. It is my latest wardrobe obsession. I would die if you could sign it. I hope one day we can make that happen. You have impacted my life in such a positive way. I want you to know how much I love you and would do anything to tell you that in person. SEE YOU ON TOUR & HOPE I HAVE THE CHANCE TO MEET YOU THERE!💋

Meet Grace:

Instagram: aswiftreputation

Tumblr: @andyoursisinredunderline

Twitter: soitgoesgrace

Reputation Tour Date(s):

🎶July 14 Lincoln Financial Field: Section F14, Row 7, Seats 7&8

Hey buddy!! As you probably don’t know (if you do know, HAKDJDBDKK) about 11 years ago, my love for you and your music fell into full swing. You instantly became the biggest role model in my life with your beautiful curly hair and country accent. You became the reason I play guitar, am currently a member of NHS at school, and stand up for myself. You are the one that was constantly there for me through the death of my grandfather a few months ago, and you are the reason I am always smiling down at my phone (MEDIA IS ALL ABOUT YOU GIRL ALL THE TIME AND IM SO PROUD BC YOU HAVE CHANGED THEM FOR THE BETTER!!!!). You are the reason I am proud of who I am and LOVE to wear intense thigh high boots. I saw you December 8 at Jingle Ball and you SLAYED. MY. LIFE. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to meet you then, but I am so incredibly proud that I got to watch you do your thing. I’m already counting the days until July 14 in PHILLY when I’ll see you next!!

Meet Hannah:

Tumblr: @hannahswiftwiler

Twitter: 1989hannahswift

Reputation Tour Date(s):

🎶July 14 Lincoln Financial Field: Section 109 Row 6

🎶July 20 Metlife Stadium: Section 142 Row 17

🎶 July 28 Gillette Stadium: Section 308 Row 4

Hi Taylor! My name is Hannah, and 11 years ago I heard Love Story on the radio for the first time and instantly fell in love with you and your brilliant storytelling. Now at 17 years old, I’m known as the “Taylor Swift girl” at my school, and that may or may not be my proudest achievement to this day. (Every time one of your songs come on at any school dance or event I KID YOU NOT everyone just turns to me and starts screaming my name and we all sing and dance together and those are without a doubt the highlights of my high school experience). Your music has got me through so much in my life, and it never fails to bring me joy. I recently joined the fandom on twitter and tumblr and I have made so many friends through it! I went to see you at Jingle Ball NYC, and sufficiently busted my vocal cords- YOU SLAYED MY ENTIRE LIFE! Even though I was sad I wasn’t able to give you that long awaited hug this time, I know that it will happen one day, and I cannot wait for that day!! You are so inspiring, never forget that buddy!! I cannot wait for tour!! LOVE YOU FOREVER AND ALWAYS, Hannah

Meet McKinley:

Instagram: mckindleberry

Tumblr: @swiftie4likever

Twitter: tsreputation13

Reputation Tour Dates:

🎶July 7 Ohio Stadium: Section Floor A, Row 11, Seat 1

🎶July 17 First Energy Stadium: Section E, Row 30, Seat 13

🎶August 7 Heinz Field: Section 525, Row AA, Seat 13

🎶August 25 Nissan Stadium: Section 132, Row A, Seat 12

🎶 September 18 Dome at America’s Center: Floor Section J Row 14 Seat 5

HI TAYLOR!!! I️ am a huge fan, been one for 10 and a half years! I love traveling to New York or Nashville to visit museums about you, your playground, or take a picture at your apartment building! You have helped me in so many different ways and i honestly don’t have enough room to name them all but i am only here today because of you. You saved me and shaped me in the person i am today. I celebrated my birthday(Dec 9th, 4 DAYS BEFORE YOURS!!) this year by going to see you perform in jingle ball. I made a sweatshirt that even had lights! While walking out of MSG i ran into Todrick Hall and he said he loved my sweatshirt and you would too and somehow that was everything. I love you and i will always supported and defend you just like i have on the Columbus radio station this past year! I can’t wait to finally hug you and thank you in person for everything!!

WE HOPE YOU CAN TAKE THE TIME TO MEET EACH OF US ON TOUR!! We love you and are always rooting for you @taylorswift !

@taylornation @tree-paine

me: is having a pretty decent day

my mind: we know for a canon fact that keith and lance have their rooms next to each other. how many times do you think keith (post shiro disappearance) has woken up with a nightmare in the middle of the night, breathing heavily, looking for someone to calm him down? how many times do you think he went out of his room to stand in front of lance’s door, pondering whether to knock or not and ask him for some comfort. how many times do you think lance has heard his footsteps in front of his door and has gotten up of bed, standing on the other side of the door, waiting for keith to make a move. how many times do you think none of them has done anything.

me: what the fuck

Do you ever get that feeling when you’re reading something extremely cute and you’re smiling and you feel like you’re about to laugh really loudly so you try to keep it in so it feels like your entire chest is full of something and your stomach is all tensed and you have to breathe out super slowly just to not make a fool of yourself?

Infinity War is going to be interesting because this movie is a solid decade in the making with a cast of every single person in the world. I’ve never seen a film with this many moving parts going into it. I’m genuinely not sure what the good version of this movie looks like. I have several guesses for what a bad version looks like but I literally cannot conceive what I ideally want to happen in a successful Infinity War Part One and Two. Besides absolutely fucking wild character combos, I do know that, I do need Pepper Potts, Gamora, and Heimdall to have a conversation about Asgardian refugees, I do need Loki to spend the entire time dodging literally every single person who was in the original Avengers, I do need Valkyrie trying very hard to seduce the entirity of the Dora Milaje one by one and with a pretty good success rate, I do do do very much need Sam Wilson taking selfies with every fucking alien he can get his hands on