this candid tho

Zayn’s 16 magazine covers so far… Which one is your fave? 😍😍😍

Jerry Lee Lewis, at his fan club’s party, watching Kenny Kidd on piano. 
Jerry Lee Lewis’ Cafe & Honky Tonk in Memphis Tennessee, April 30, 2016.

“ First time in over 50 years to sit and enjoy someone else’s piano playing. He loved it. And thank you Kenny Kidd– His seveth wife, Judith.

Steve, Buck, and Peg goofing off for the camera.

(10 seconds later, Bucky is all “Jesus, Steve, how much brylcreem do you use, anyway?”)

happy belated birthday to @diminutive-fox!

the markjae hoodie

y’all know what im talking about (xx)

where did it come from, who’s is it?? who is stealing who’s hoodie here???? who is wearing the other’s !!! clothes !!! ???????? i gotta know