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“Come on Boys! Make Mommy proud”!

For the Mother Day, Bud and Lou takes their mum on tour! (In France, it’s today)

I should totally work on my school diploma, but I just really needed to animate some cute Harley Quinn!

Btw, I just download a new tumblr functionality who helps me to see the tags that you guys put on my work, and I never realized  how many cute messages were hidden there! So much love and funny jokes that I can see now! <3

What’s that Malec fic where Alec is still a Shadowhunter and Magnus is of course, a warlock- BUT they meet in a coffee shop and they start seeing each other but they both think that the other is Mundane. I need it for my fic rec list but I don’t remember the title.

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Hello, do you have any advices for digital starters? Or something in general? Your art is amazing and adds 1000000 years and smiles to my life ❤

Ahh you’re such a sweetheart! I’ll try to give some advice, but please remember I’m definitely not a professional, nor expert, nor really much of anything LOL But this is some advice I tcan share:

  • My biggest piece of advice is to draw first what you love, because it makes everything easier. If you’re passionate and interested in what you’re drawing, you’ll draw it more, and then you will improve a  lot faster. 
  • Also, don’t just grind practice alone. Watch speedpaints or tutorials on youtube (or read some that artists post) and apply what you learn from them. I watch SO many speed paints (especially while eating lol) by artists I like, even if they don’t draw anything like me (or what i’d like to draw like) because I love seeing how other people work, you can always learn something from someone else.
  • Figure out how you want to color digitally - are you more interested in cel shaded style, or more painterly? I know I kind of… veer between the two a lot lol, but I think starting out definitely picking one will help a lot!
  • Try out a couple different programs and find what works for you. A lot have free trials, and there are some great actual full free programs out there (Krita is entirely free! My friend likes FireAlpaca which is also free!) I personally use Clip Studio Paint (especially for doing any comic or black/white stuff) or Sai (because I prefer the line brushes I have in sai….). 
  • I also always open up my work in photoshop after I have finished it and adjust it with a curves layer or do some selective color/color lookup on it to get the colors a bit more vibrant or deep. That’s just something I do and probably a hangover from my time doing photography in school, lol.
  • POST YOUR WORK!!!! I know it’s scary, but honestly posting my work was one of the biggest things that helped me. You get to meet other people, talk, and share what you like. It really helps me a lot. (I find I get most interaction on IG and Tumblr, personally)
  • But also, on that note, don’t like… over think or stress about notes, comments, likes, etc (whatever SM platform you’re posting on). In time, they will come. Just do what you love, share it with people and people will be drawn to that because they can see the love you put into what you do :D

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A Strain makes Yata hugs and says "Aishiteru" to anyone walk by

Poor Yata would be so mortified, especially if the person walking by was a girl. Like imagine he doesn’t even know he’s been affected at first, Homra’s heard that there’s some Strain causing chaos in their territory but no one knows what exactly the power is or what the Strain looks like (basically the Strains been hitting like gang leaders or their significant others and then staging things so it looks like they’re cheating with other people in the gang, like getting the gang leader to catch their significant other and the leader of a rival gang hugging and confessing love and then fights start). Yata’s out just skating around the city searching for leads when some guy in a trenchcoat runs into him. Yata falls and starts to swear at the guy to watch where he’s going but the guy’s already back on his feet and running off. Yata shakes his head and mutters irritably to himself like stupid asshole not even watching where he was going. That’s when like a lady in business suit who was walking by stops and asks Yata if he’s all right, Yata goes red and starts to stutter out that he’s fine when suddenly he’s on his feet hugging the woman and confessing his love. The woman freezes and then a second later Yata’s standing there holding her with his brain backfiring because wait wait wait what the hell did I just do. He lets go, scrambling back, and the woman smacks him and then storms off. Yata’s sitting there rubbing his cheek and wondering what the fuck that was when an older salaryman walks by and suddenly Yata’s up and hugging again.

So then poor Yata has to try and get back to Bar Homra while hugging and confessing to as few people as possible. He probably ends up in all kinds of unlucky situations though, like some high school girls walk by and Yata hugs them while getting all red and stuttering, the girls run off screaming. Yata’s just sitting there facepalming when he hears a voice drawling from behind him ‘To think a virgin like you would be assaulting women, Misaki.’ Yata’s about to whirl and yell at Fushimi (assume this is pre-ROK) when he suddenly remembers the Strain power and tries to walk away, like maybe if he doesn’t even look at Fushimi it won’t activate. Fushimi won’t let Yata walk away that easily though and starts taunting him and asking what he’s doing here anyway, shouldn’t he be off at Bar Homra being useless with his equally useless King. Yata immediately whirls to yell at him, realizing his mistake a moment too late and his legs move forward of their own accord and suddenly he’s hugging Fushimi and confessing his love (and this time when he says that ‘I love you’ somehow the words sound less stiff in his ears, less like something forced and more real, and he just tells himself that’s only because he’s been under the influence of the Strain power for so long now). He half expects Fushimi to push him away or stab him but Fushimi goes absolutely still in Yata’s arms, breathing harsh. Yata pulls away as soon as he can, about to apologize or explain and then stops dead because Fushimi’s face is bright red and his eyes almost seem to be trembling and despite himself Yata tries to ask if Fushimi’s all right. Fushimi visibly needs a moment to recover himself and then says something cold to Yata about how disgusting that love confession was, Yata feels super upset without being sure why and yells back that he didn’t want to say I love you to any stupid monkeys, it’s a Strain power. Fushimi stiffens again at that and then clicks his tongue, turning to leave as he says he doesn’t have time to waste playing with Yata anymore. Yata’s just like yeah run away you stupid monkey don’t think I wanted to hug you either. They go their separate ways, both telling themselves that the entire 'hug and confession’ incident was stupid and gross but they’re also both bright red and can’t stop thinking about it.

Ok so apparently this didn’t post the first time? And hopefully it posts this time

For @xraynarvaez!!!! You requested either Ray or Cole with rockruff and growlithe, and I went with Ray because I have never drawn Cole and I wanted to make sure I could sketch something good in the time I had :U

I hope everything gets better soon! 💜💜💜


I know who he is now too, and he’s finished.

Nathaniel (Nate) Lloyd

  • He’s 24.
  • American.
  • Hairdresser/Barber.
  • Still goes by Nutsack.
  • He is a sassy mother fucker.
  • Takes 0% of life seriously.
  • Wants to screw Jeon.
  • He has twitter.

some of my mutuals are feeling down in the dumps today.

please know that if you ever feel alone, unwanted, or are otherwise troubled by something, my IMs are always open, & i’ll be ready to help with virtual hugs & loving words of support & advice.

Tomitake: drink and snacks with Nokkun and Shiroro

Shirofuku: (・∀・)人(。・ω・。)人( ^ω^ )

Nokkuso: so was it yakult flavoured or simply yoghurt flavoured after all

*yakult is a kind of Japanese diary product which is a mix of some other diary products

would u guys rather have a load of reactions this week or (maybe) a couple scenarios instead??? bc i have no inspiration right now but i do have the time to write and im suFFEriNg😤😤


instead of actually writing an essay.. i wrote a thing on how to write an essay (woah meta) & added some pictures of my plans so u can see what i actually mean!! enjoy my friends i hope this is useful to someone