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Here are some pictures from our little Ohayocon photoshoot in our room. This was so much fun and I can’t wait to do it again at Shutocon. We will have a Tambry too. I’m so excited. Hope you enjoy them. 

Dipper: @rinyoiaika
Mabel: @acidicgumdrops
Robby: @thechemicalsymboljb
Wendy: Me @unproducktive
Photographer: @pretty-damn-eccentric

If you would like to see anymore of out pictures you can go to my facebook page: Here  
My Instagram: HEEEERE
Internet providers want to know more about you than Google does, privacy groups say
Your Internet provider is turning into a data-hungry tech company.

Most of us know, at least in the abstract, that Google and Facebook are tracking our every move online. Even Netflix collects detailed information on our binge-viewing habits, the better to make decisions about which films to drop from its catalog or what new TV series to invest in.

But what if I told you there are companies that can go much deeper than firms like Google and Facebook in their data-gathering prowess? Companies that not only know that you watch Netflix for two hours a day but also how long you spent reading this article before going back to Twitter and, at the same time, that you soon intend to go on a vacation because of all the time you spend browsing airfare sites?

Tech companies might enjoy access to a handful of these insights based on the data they gather when you visit their properties. But telecom and cable companies are in a position to learn much more about you, policy analysts say. That’s because Internet providers can see that you’re listening to Spotify while watching Netflix and Googling for reality TV shows at the same time — whereas each of those sites might only capture a slice of your overall Internet habits. And that gives Internet providers a major potential advantage.

“An ISP has access to your full pipe and can see everything you do” online if you aren’t taking extra steps to shield your activities, said Chris Hoofnagle, a law professor at the University of California Berkeley. Other than corporate privacy policies, he said, nothing under current law prevents broadband companies from sharing information with marketers about what types of Web sites you visit.

With behavioral data becoming central to the Internet economy, roughly 60 privacy and consumer groups are now calling on federal regulators to fast-track rules aimed at preventing Internet providers from using that data unfairly. In a letter to the Federal Communications Commission on Wednesday, the organizations called for clearer rules governing when and how an Internet provider may gather and share personal information.

“If they’re monitoring your viewing habits and what kinds of things you like to watch, they can tailor particular services or offers to you,” said Harold Feld, senior vice president of Public Knowledge. “You might think, ‘Okay, that’s great,’ except for two things — they’re not necessarily just going to keep that information to themselves. They’ll sell it to build profiles for advertising. But also, it is an enormous anti-competitive problem.”

Hello there,

I am Stefy and I am a newbie in this club of amazing people, riding amazing bikes and posting even more amazing photos. But let me introduce myself anyway.

There are people who can´t live without chocolate or make-up, or can´t go to sleep without checking Facebook or counting sheep. And I am like that too, I just need a ride.

I remember the first bike I bought consciously, not just as a mean of transportation, but something for myself, for my pleasure. That shiny multicoloured monster, which was at least three time bigger than needed, made me the happiest girl in the world. Since that day, and it has been ´oh gosh´ more than four years ago, I have been riding my bikes all around the world, and I am not planning to stop.

I come from a ´far-far´ away country - Ukraine. But lately I´ve been moving all around the Europe up and down, and finally found my place in Spain. I´ve been studying this and that, worked as a travel photographer and as an office manager. I changed and switched hell lot of things, occupations, studies and cities. But my bikes always stay with me.

I started as a commuter, fell in love with fixed gear and then discovered the beauty of road bikes.

I don´t race, I mostly do not get any QOM´s and I still can´t beat my dad on that uphill close to our house, but damn I love riding. And if you read this, I bet you do love it too.

- @steff.gutovska

How to react, to make the most impact

After sleeping off this episode - and trying to come to grips.  Only to wake up with what feels like a massive hangover.
I realized how angry I am still, not just as a fan - but as a women. 
I’m actually disgusted, so much so I want to induce vomiting.  
Especially that we will have to swallow the BS hash tags that @nbcblacklist produces for the next week or months on social media and in there promos. 

Really? Are we really doing this again? #Tom Vs. Red , #Who will she choose

How about: #GetTheFuckOverYourself @nbcblacklist

or #WhereMasochistLives only at @nbcblacklist 

Either one works - either one gets the message across. 

We can all go about tweeting, facebook messaging, tumblr-ing about our disdain for how the writers took there lead character, made her look strong and having a coming of age moment, only for her to end up looking like a brat, who gets off on being screwed by her ex abusive husband, that she still doesn’t recognize that his name isn’t actually TOM! But fuck it  - she’s pregnant, so who cares right?

If you are still fuming and not sure what to do next, I encourage you to do the following - and I say this as I work in Social Media and once worked in the TV business.

Unlike, Unfollow and don’t watch next weeks episode.

Why? Unlikes and unfollows are tracked, if it suddenly tanks after an episode - this will be reported to the network, to the tune of “uh oh something is up”

Don’t watch: This includes do not even PVR it, again if the show tanks in ratings, after gaining some of the highest ratings this season again the network will have to at the very least “think about whats going on” and “was this the right thing to do”

Just because they have a season 4 doesn’t guarantee anything, if you fall below a certain number things will get pretty uncomfortable for the writers and the network will have egg on its face.

Remember its not the writers who have complete control - we do too. and I encourage you to take a stand. Whether its for continuity concerns, sexual abuse, women rights, tired of this roller coaster soap opera, or just sick of the BS. Please do this.  

For how long? A week, 2 weeks? a month? The choice is up to you. For me It will be a month.

Pour mes followers francophones, voici une interview sur la page facebook du Magasin Digit-Photo, si vous voulez en savoir un peu plus sur ma pratique :
Un grand merci à eux pour cette occasion de lever un peu le voile sur l'envers du décor ! N’hésitez pas à partager, interagir, poser des questions… c'est toujours un plaisir d’échanger autour de la photo.

I’ve been interviewed by the shop Digit-Photo. If you want to know more about my practice, you can go on their facebook page, here (but sorry, it’s in french only):
A big thank you to them for allowing me to lift the veil on my work ! Don’t hesitate to share, interact, ask questions… it’s always a pleasure to speak about photography.


In case you missed it, you can listen to the premiere of ‘My Detainer’ via the following link (tune in at around 1:37:38) ahead of its official release on Soundcloud on the 20th of February.

Tickets are still on sale for our show at the Sunflower Lounge to coincide with that release and they are going for £5.

You can RSVP to it here:

Help a Fellow Witch?

Hey guys, I didn’t know where else to turn…. I can go to facebook because I don’t have anyone that could help me out, and part of the problem I’m having is friends with me on facebook…

I’m in a really bad living situation right now.
I live with my aunt (who technically has no relation to me) and her two youngest children. One of them is my cousin @jkatey and she’s a lovely girl, but she’s never home and she’s the only thing that keeps me sane living here.
My aunt is insane and her brain is fried. She doesn’t process new information correctly and most of the time over reacts. She has a thing for locking the fridge door, in an attempt to keep her youngest from over eating, but it also means that I cannot eat because I don’t have a key and she won’t give one to me.

For the last week and a half I have been working at a potato warehouse with her (my aunt) and today I quit. I was getting paid well, but part of the job I was doing today that made me quite, was sorting potatoes. The conveyer belt of potatoes was moving too quickly for me, and I got really dizzy and not well. They weren’t going to take me off of doing that, so I quit.
I’m scared that she’s going to kick me out because last week sometime, her, her boss man, and myself sat down and talked about a plan for me to get my own apartment… but it included me working there for a month. And that obviously didn’t happen, as I quit after a week and a half. She’s extreemly unpredictable, but has been breathing down my neck about getting a job and having income, and now that the one she was providing I dropped, I’m not sure how she’s going to react, and I’m terrified that I’m not going to have somewhere to go….

Also that was my only source of income…. besides my Etsy shop, which is kind of slow right now, I’m looking to get a part time job, but its not going to get me exactly where I want/ need to be to get out of here… My cousin and I (we own the Etsy shop together) are going to get together and try and get more Etsy and business stuff going, but while we are doing that, I need to get out of here….

What I’m asking of you lovely people of tumblr, is that you help me out a little bit. :/ I’m not asking for much, just a little bit would be great… here are the things I have if you guys are willing to help, and purchase.

Tarot Card Readings: $5 and up (depending on the complexity of the spread)
Pendelum Readings: $3 (no matter what)
Charm Bottles $10 (no matter what)
Voodoo Dolls: $27 (my Etsy shop Price)

I might consider dropping the price of the dolls if you don’t want to go through Etsy, and would rather do paypal… if enough people want a doll through paypal or a Pendelum reading, I’ll make a paypal amd give that to those who want it.

Other than that, good vibes and a signal boost would be great.
Thanks for the support and help, blessed be all.

🎶Anyway the wind blows...🎶

I am SO freaking weepy lately. I don’t know if it’s the 3 Month Birth Control Pill or the recent dumping, but I can’t even go near Facebook because the videos make me lose my damn shit. The man is like “what the hell is wrong with you?” I’m literally crying over ANYTHING

On my drive home I was listening to Bohemian Rhapsody and singing along, of course, when I started balling cuz the damn song was so sad!

Oh shit! An ASPCA commercial! I’m doomed!

Day 61 (02/02/16)
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Its a lovely sunny Tuesday morning today here in London. However, today we at SoD would like to tone it back a bit with this Etta James – I’d Rather Go Blind There are a handful of songs which make us feel sorrowful and yet fill us with a feeling of contentedness which we just don’t feel anymore. This is one of those songs. Such heart and soul poured into every word sung by Etta James. I know we…

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undescribableness asked:

I don't have twitter. How else can I make Bell donate 5 cents? Also what is meant by calling or texting?

If you have a cellphone and Bell is your carrier, than every call and every text you make today will contribute 5 cents to mental health funding.

If you don’t have a bell contract or twitter, you can also go to Bell Let’s Talks’ facebook and share their posts to contribute 5 cents (per share).

So tomorrow night is band dance and I’m going to the sax pregame beforehand and apparently according to my roommate some saxes just got a ton of breadsticks from Olive Garden. You know what that means? If my date goes south I can use the breadstick meme to my advantage