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Carol’s response to seeing Daryl standing at the door. Carol telling Daryl she couldn’t lose him. Carol fixing Daryl a bowl of food and then watching him eat. Carol nuzzling him when they hugged. Carol almost calling out to him to come back.

Carol’s in love and ya’ll can go straight to hell if you can’t see it with your two eye balls. You need Lasik.


History always seems to repeat itself.  The last time Sanji dropped a meal made with all of his heart in the rain and ruined it he invoked the same exact response.  Back then he’d been young and innocent and genuinely believed that his mom thought his food was delicious.  But, it was delicious because it came from his heart.  If there’s anything that Sanji does in this life with his all it’s his cooking.

Now we’re looking at a Sanji that can read people.  He’s not innocent anymore. He objectively knows that meal should be horrible and inedible but why can Luffy say it’s delicious?  It comes back to Sanji’s passion and attention to detail. He’s loaded up the bento with all of his friend’s favorite dishes and that doesn’t escape Luffy’s discerning eye.

Antis after that 'She's with me' scene be like:
  • Antis: Omg kara isn't a trophy, get away from her you Mon-Ew, I'm with Mr. what's his name
  • Karamels: Well Mr.Mx-whatever did kind of break into Kara's apartment and then decided he would marry Kara without Kara's consent and Mon-El stepped in. He only said what was true, that they are together and he should back off. I'm sure if some random guy came up to your SO and then asked them to marry him you'd be inclined to punch him as well.
  • Antis: Nope, Lena would never do this she respects Kara. She would never call her hers because you know couples NEVER use possessive pronouns when referring to one another
  • Also Antis: God I hope Lena crashes Mon-El and his disgusting blue underwear for touching her girl.
  • Also Antis: (this is an actual post, just go into the Maxwell Lord tag): I hope Maxwell Lord comes back so Maggie can destroy him for that one time he went out with her girl.
  • Karamels: *Stare into the camera like in the office*
Promises, Both Kept and Unkept

pairing: philip hamilton x reader but also dad!john laurens x reader

word count: 2600

warnings: swearing, cheating

prompt/request: “um…hi, can you write something where the reader is john laurens’ daughter whose dating philip, but he cheats on her & laurens comforts her. ok thx :)” from @riiotkid

a/n: this one takes place in two different time periods - when they were kids (italics) and when they were dating. it’s kind of emo and sad but either way, enjoy! <3

“Kiddo, a new family moved in next door!”

You looked up from your coloring pages and frowned. “Da-ad,” you whined, “I’m coloring.”

Your father, John Laurens, laughed and shook his head, bending down to grab your hand. “Come on, Y/N, let’s just go say hi and then you can come back and color. It’ll be five minutes. I promise.”

You stuck your bottom lip out in a pout. “Fine,” you said stubbornly, getting up with reluctance and following your dad out of the front door.

It was a sunny afternoon in August; one that has stuck in your memory for years after. You remember every wavering blade of grass, every fluttering leaf on the trees surrounding your home. The sidewalk was hot, nearly steaming, and the breeze was little relief from the scorching light beating down on you. You looked up at your father to see him shading his eyes, and you repeated the action as you both approached your new neighbor’s house.

You saw him and everything changed.

He was so cute. Cuter than any of the boys in your middle school. His face was splattered with freckles, and his small eyes were shining and bright in the summer sun. As you walked up, a man was bending down to meet the small boy’s height, reaching to the back of his head and trying to pull the wild curls flowing down his back into a ponytail.

“Phil, if your hair gets in your face while you’re carrying boxes, you’re going to fall,” the older man said.

“Da-ad, I’m not gonna fall!” the boy, apparently Phil, complained.

“Phil. You’re going to fall and we both know it.”

Phil pouted the same as you had earlier and crossed his arms over his chest. “Fine.”

“Excuse me?” your father said as the two of you approached. “You’re Alexander, right?”

The man, whom your father just referred to as Alexander, stood up straight and smiled. “Yeah, that’s me,” he said with a nod. “You must be… John, was it? Eliza told me about you.”

Eliza? you thought to yourself. You didn’t know who that was.

“Yeah, I’m John,” your father replied, holding his hand out. Alexander shook it firmly. “This is Y/N.”

Alexander crouched down and held his hand out to you. “Y/N, is it?” he repeated, eyes sparkling. “Nice to meet you.”

“N-nice to meet you too,” you replied, shaking his hand.

“Do you guys need help movin’ in?” your father offered as Alexander stood up once more.

“Yeah,” Alexander responded, slipping his hands into the back pocket of his worn-out jeans. “That’d be great, man, thanks. Little Philip over here can only carry one box at a time, and Eliza’s setting everything up inside.”

“I can carry one and a half,” Philip corrected from the stairs, where he had collapsed during your introduction.

“I can help you!” you exclaimed, practically tripping over yourself as you ran over to the young boy. “I’m strong, just like my dad, see? Look at these muscles!”

Philip laughed and pushed himself off of the stairs. ”I have more muscles,” he said, rolling up the sleeve of his t-shirt and flexing his bicep. “See?”

“No, I do!” you protested, trying to flex yours even more.

“Well, let’s see who can carry the most boxes from the moving truck up the stairs and into the house,” Philip said. “Then we’ll know.”

“You’re on.”

Philip took your hand in his and together, the two of you ran over to the moving truck.

And things hadn’t been the same since.

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how i found robron:

i don’t know if anyone really cares that much but considering we will be dead by this time tomorrow i would love to know how people in this fandom found robron. i find it so interesting to know and it makes me smile to think about how big this fandom is now so i’d love if people would reblog this with their own ‘how i found robron story’ so we can all look back at how far we’ve come.

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moonmuffins  asked:

Hi! I just wanted to hop in on the discussion currently on your blog real quick and say that, I agree, a lot of characters from Fates needed some work, and others, TONS of work...But that's what I love about your blog; you expand on them and give them some interesting qualities/hc's about things! I admire you for writing about characters that aren't your favorites, so thank you for doing that and for giving them more variety and depth! :) :D

A lot of the characters were given the short stick. The support system wasn’t done very well. Plus there really wasn’t any interaction with them in the story. Awakening was silly but at least most of the characters were memorable imo.

Thank you. It’s honestly rare for me to hate characters. It happens but it’s rare. I’m more likely to hate ships and if I had more ships I really disliked then I wouldn’t have been able to do this. Or if I hated the ships more than I do. But I’m seriously glad people like what I come up with and share. And that you all stick around for it.

me: god i can’t wait for F1 to come back

someone: *starts talking about the new season*

me: would you please shut up i’m not ready yet and you’re stressing me out

This world cannot satisfy you. No matter how much you long to fit in with your peers and no matter how much longer you think you can continue to depend on yourself. Once you’ve tasted Jesus, nothing else can ever come close and you’ll always run back for more. Thankfully, Christ will meet you right where you left Him.

Dennis starts contouring his abs, but doesn’t want anyone to know, so he wakes up early, does them, then gets back in bed, and sexily stretches shirtless in front of Mac waiting for him to comment on his sexy bod in the morning. Mac does every time even though he knows about the contouring because Mac wakes up earlier than Dennis to comb his hair to the right amount of fluffiness so that when he wakes up it will be disheveled in an attractive way and can’t get back to sleep until after Dennis comes back to bed.

Dee wonders where her makeup keeps going.

Punmuns back

Punmun has returned after being absent for so long as trying to steal yall from me…… why does everyone thing they can just come back in and take yall. I will fight, till my last breath!!! i slay dragons!!!!!!!

-VoidMod who likes reinharts lines

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I think Hannibal has ended...

haha yeah I know but I’ll never give up hope for that 4th season and honesty I don’t want to live in a world where fucking prison break can come back but not hannibal

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Any fic recs for winner because of their possible come back? I am so excited xD please~!!

I can’t wait for their comeback too. Sometimes, I sit in front of my computer and watch them do their body rolls in ‘Baby Baby’ live performances 🙂 *whispers send help*

Anyway these are the blogs that I visit to read some lovely WINNER fics, you must check them out! :’)

@winneresque An absolute sweetheart, exquisite reads that you just can’t get enough, I eat sleep and breathe on her works :’)

@only-insfires Lots of amazing fics here! Extremely hearty and just full of emotions, will definitely leave you breathless <3

@dropsofletters Pure genius with words gahh, and the aesthetics/moodboards are just beyond beautiful! :’)

@kcriture Stunningly intense oh my gosh, and highly recommended if you’re feeling adventurous ;)