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Something you all don’t know about me, I am constantly trying to raise awareness for foster/adoption stuff. The systems are so flawed. A lot of those children aren’t being treated and cared about like human beings should. The state just sends them from place to place, tearing them apart from their siblings, and trying to basically sell them for thousands of dollars to parents that actually want to adopt.
Until I am old enough to foster children, I am very passionate about raising awareness and asking that you all do the same.
Another thing people can do to help is find an organization (theres many) that raise money to buy duffel bags and supply’s to give to children. Most foster kids carry their stuff around in trash bags, so even donating 10 dollars to buy a bag for them can be uplifting.
Please try to take a moment and think about how you could help. Even if its just using every opportunity to raise awareness, please do.

Trio of Towns Multiplayer Tips

Played around with the multiplayer sections of Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns, and I’ve noticed some things that I feel would be helpful for new players, or for players who haven’t tried out the feature yet!

And if you haven’t, you should. Cool, random items await you! Plus, there aren’t many players out there, so you tend to hit the same people over and over when you’re using the Visit Anybody option over the Internet – which is fine, but it’s always cool to see new players & their outfits! :D

So, here’s my list of tips:

Bring Cool Things (If You Can)

This tip is aimed more at people who’ve gotten a bit farther in game. When it comes time to pick your four items to bring, it’s always nice to give the other players (who might be in early game) something awesome!

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PSA! (jaal's cut romance)

If you are upset about the Jaal romance being cut for Scott Ryder express your concern on Twitter!!

A portion of us are now attempting to trend #makejaalbi


Making a Twitter account is easier than creating an instagram account or a Tumblr account. It’s simple. And you can deactivate your account! No PC needed! (Side note: put an icon on your account. If you leave your icon on default it looks like a spam account).

Please! I know so many of you are upset and if this actually trends it’s a guarantee that this won’t just go over their heads!
This isn’t the first #make___bi/gay thing that’s trended and got attention

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Any mcr history new fans should know? I've been a fan for just over two years now and still have no idea who Bert McCracken was or what he did, so I feel like I should know about him and more about the band haha

Oh, geez. A history of MCR for the new fan…I wouldn’t know where to start (or stop) without running the risk of boring everyone following! Your best bet is to read articles (I try to scan as many as I can), and invest in an old/used book about the band. I personally like this one and eventually I’ll get around to scanning the photographs in it.

As for Bert, you can find some more info here. The thing to remember is that the entire band was abusing alcohol and drugs (prescription and otherwise) partly as a way to deal with their own anxiety and depression issues. As someone with depression and panic disorder myself since I was 14 (started presenting as young as five), and a brother that was addicted to intravenous heroin, I relate to both the band’s mental health issues AND I dislike those that try to keep people struggling with substance abuse stuck in the cycle.

Good luck!

-Mama Odie

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Yo. What was/is the hardest thing about learning korean in your opinion?

Oh boy where do I begin? Currently, I’m struggling with my listening. Natives speak too fast and I’m not able to get a lot of practice in (not to mention I’m not confident which is a HUGE problem when it comes to speaking). 

Language wise, I think I have a problem with sentence endings. There’s so many ways to end a sentence, you know? It’s not just the degree of formality but you can say the same thing like five different ways and I still don’t know how and when the best time to use each one is. But this is the case for any language. You can say the same phrase in English a bunch of ways and that’s difficult for a learner of English, too.

Learning a language is SO hard. And while I’m disappointed I’m not at the level of proficiency I want to be at yet, I just keep tackling the language head on and try my best everyday. 


Harrie Things

@lookformyownparadise tagged me in this thing I’ve seen making rounds. Thank you so much!

Rules: You must answer the questions till the end and then tag another 10 Harrie blogs to do the same! You can use videos/links/gifs/photos to answer the question.

I tag: @adorkablehazza. @hazzwatch @stylesinthewild @cheshirepuddin @heart-attack-harry @stockholmsstyles @theboyfromwhiteeskimo94 @harryandgaga @narry-though @fairylightsstyles @ifheartscouldfly @harryslovelylocks @itstakeiteasyonme

I think that’s more than ten, but oh well. Make sure to tag me if you do it because I really, really want to read your answers! :)

Favorite Look: 

Favorite Tweet: Many of them are relatable and good, but this one is very me:

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malec and pillows 🙌🏼

“I think we own too many pillows,” Alec says, tucking his body closer into Magnus. The blanket fort they’ve set up in the living room was probably one of the most mundane things Alec’s ever done.

Magnus gasps, hand to his chest and Alec rolls his eyes. “Alexander, I’m offended at the very proposition that there’s a thing as too many pillows. Especially when they’re as comfortable as these ones are.”

Alec takes a look around the fort they’ve made for themselves. Magnus had wanted to use magic to hold up the blankets but Alec demanded they do it like mundanes do. So they used their couches, the kitchen chairs, and a couple of bar stools to drape the blankets over and create their own little hideaway. 

The entire floor, if you can call it that, beneath them was covered with numerous multi-colored pillows, all shapes and sizes as both he and Magnus had scavenged the loft looking for whichever ones they could find.  

“In the morning,” Alec says, yawning. “When we clean this up, you’re returning the pillows you conjured from that Target while I wasn’t looking.”

Magnus shrugs, wraps his arm tighter around Alec’s waist. “In the morning, then.”

Simon and being problematic

I just want to address people who think Simon shouldn’t be criticized for the things he says and does. Simon has a lot of young, impressionable fans. This is true of a lot of Youtubers. Because they seem to just be regular people talking to their cameras, it’s easy to overlook how much influence that really have. When he and the rest of the Sidemen crack racist/homophobic/sexist jokes or laugh at them, you don’t think there are fans who will parrot these same “jokes”? You don’t think they’re normalizing the kind of language they use in their videos and comments they make? How many kids are now mocking their Indian classmates because they saw the Sidemen mock Vik? Or how many kids are taunting their friends for being gay because they saw Simon do it to Ethan?

Ever since the PewDiePie thing, I am so sick of Youtubers acting as though they are above criticism and can say whatever they want as long as they call it a joke. And fans only enable this kind of thinking.

(You maybe wondering why I continue to watch Simon when I mostly just criticize him. I think it’s because I became invested in his channel before I realized that he is problematic, so now I’m still here and hoping he and the whole YouTube culture frankly will change)

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What wedding pics? You all are being so cryptic. Most of us can't read thru the lines. Who's wedding?

Andy Mientus’ wedding this past summer. There are tons of pics from the wedding photographer many of which are faker than fake couple are featured in. They were originally released, conveniently, the day before Hedwig San Fran opened and apparently they resurfaced last night.

Yes there are some photos that actually make them look like they can tolerate each other. But there are some that very much tell the truth.

Desperate attempt to sell them as legit as the whole thing completely implodes. They really should just give up at this point.

Tell me if we were meant to be, then why has the world tried to tear us apart every chance it gets. Tell me why it’s so hard to tell you I love you, because god I love you but I’m not sure I can keep fighting this hard. If we were meant to be shouldn’t it be easier? Shouldn’t your arms fit around me? Shouldn’t you fit inside my heart without me having to constantly rearrange everything? I’m not sure how many more things I can throw out to make sure you have enough room to grow, because darling if I give you everything then there will be nothing left of me.

I was tagged by @littlecatholiclady91
Name: Maya (María de Fátima will hopefully be my Confirmation name. You can keep calling me María though. There are many reasons why I use it here.)

Nicknames: Maya Papaya, Mayasaurus Rex (my nickname for myself)

Height: 5′1.75″

Orientation: Straight with SSA

Ethnicity: African American (mainly Nigerian), but also a lot of things. I took this Ancestry DNA test and it said I’m also 1% Spanish, so that’s nice, too.

Favorite Fruit: Honestly, it’s between watermelon and pears

Favorite Season: Spring

Favorite Book: The Outsiders :)

Favorite Flower: Orchids

Favorite scent: Sandalwood

Average Sleep Hours: Hahahaha four hours (I’ve been better about this lately)

Cat or Dog person: Neighborhood cat lady

Favorite Fictional Character: Barbie

Number of Blankets you sleep with: 3, I think? I’m always cold.

Ideal Trip: Spain!

Blog created: July 2016 (but I’ve been on Tumblr for years)

Number of followers: 903

Now I’m tagging @princess-has-a-pen, @seven-sorrows-five-wounds, @amoretveritas, @themaverick2319, and @oatmealpurist

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Hi Ruru! First of all, I love your art, it's gorgeous ;; I'm a beginner artist and I'd like to get some commissions, but I have no idea how does that work? Like how do you talk to people who request you, what am I supposed to do with prices and stuff? Thanks in advance!

Thank you so much anon! Let’s see what I can do!

The first thing you have to do is opening a PayPal account, since most people will be paying you through it. Second, set a price list. Beginner artists usually underprice their art a lot, as I used to do myself. I’m talking about people asking for 15$ in exchange of complete full body colored lineart: no matter how “newbie” of an artist you suppose you are, your work is valid and it deserves to be paid. I completely understand though that many beginners don’t feel comfortable with prices, so my advice is to start at a relatively low price and then add up dollars as time goes, as your art improves and clients come. Personally I try to accommodate everyone’s needs! I understand not every client is going to have the money for complex and detailed pieces, so I set b/w commissions for a low price. People can commission me without spending a lot of money and everybody’s happy!

As for the kind of works you’re willing to offer, that’s up to you. I’ve been making commissions for five years now and I’ve noticed that most of my clients usually asked for similar pieces: portraits of their OCs, of other characters, ships, tarot cards. I’ve been crafting different pieces but these were the most popular requests, so I’m sticking with these: I’m faster at making a shipping art with no background than three comic pages, and that also happens to be very requested. You gotta find something that people want to commission and that you can do in a relatively short amount of time.

Now, about time: I think that being able to deliver a commissioned piece in short time is a good thing. The client feels important, they’re happy, and might even consider commissioning you a second time! Completing your commissions can be very useful for your schedule AND your mood too (feeling productive reduces my stress). Overall it’s a win-win situation! It’s good feedback! However. I do realise it’s not easy to do every commission on time so that again is up to you. A good thing to do is always asking the client if they have a deadline, or telling them that you’re busy with college/work/anything so you’re going to draw in your free time.
Anyway I’m quite the procrastinator myself so I’ve developed this method to avoid that at all costs: once I get all the agreements with my client, I draw a very quick doodle of their request. Doesn’t need to be perfect, it’s just a general idea to keep them (and yourself) updated. If I agree to more than one commission in one day, doesn’t matter, I always try to doodle them so I can easily go to the next step without procrastinating. ‘Cause what’s stopping me isn’t working, it’s STARTING to work,and that’s how I try to fight against it.

About updates: always keep your clients updated and talk to them thoroughly. Some people ask to pay a little extra for their updates after the first doodle, something that I personally don’t do and then again, that’s up to you. Always ask your client if you have doubts and make them feel at home with you. If they ask for changes, you can agree to them to a certain extent. Many artists ask for extra money if the client wants a lot of things to be changed after the first doodle or - even worse - when the job is done. I don’t mind clients asking for minor changes, little tweaks etc, I don’t charge those.

Don’t be shy to tell people what you aren’t comfortable doing. Whatever it is, you don’t need to explain: you can offer another option to your client and maybe try to see if they’re willing to accommodate your needs a little bit. Commissions should be a pleasant experience for the artists and their clients as well!

I apologize for the length of this, I hope I’ve helped you!! 💞💞💞

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I'm actually looking forward to what's to come. I know this is cliche and all, but I guess it's either that or nothing.... let's hope we can get more Linstead out of it.

I know while this SUCKS like A LOT and is written so badly on so many levels…if it gets us Jay backstory well….it might be okay. And I don’t see this as them “breaking up” for good i think they will be fine because Erin is not mad at him. She told him that he didn’t have to go and that she could handle it so neither of them wanted him to leave which makes me think its not over its just him dealing with things. Just drama.

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shownu trash senpai, teach me how to gif things <3

my gifs are trash tho?? lolol

First of all, you need PS. 
Heres a link to where you can download it 

Secondly, you need some type of program that allows you to record the screen. 
I use Monosnap - heres the link. Use that to record the bits and clips of what you want to gif.

Now, I’m just going to link you to a post of how to gif things because there are already so many posts and tutorials of this out there, and tbh ima kinda lazy to make a whole thing, but its basically the same thing i would have said to do. Heres the link for that. 

ALSO, heres a guide to what sizes to make your gif in so they look nice on tumblr

I hope this helps you out on starting that process. If you need any more help, just message me or inbox me, and ill try to help you out ^^

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In the past few days I've re-read some of the fics that I thought were really good back in my highschool days. I find them meh and can't help comparing them to yours. I almost exclusively read only your works these days. Please, please, please never stop writing. I (and probably many others) will always be happy to read whatever you come up with! Thank! :)

Oh, well, I don’t see myself stopping anytime soon, and you are so, so kind. Thank you.

But don’t sell the fics you used to love short! We like different things at 13 and 23 and 33 and 43, but that doesn’t make the things you loved at 13 lesser. They’re just different. ❤️❤️❤️

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How can i watch Kangta's Starry night with NCT 127 in engsub

hi~ i believe noone subbed the whole thing but you can watch cuts here and here … tbh i watched the whole thing without subs and i don’t think you’ll miss out on anything important if you only watch those … esp the second one! … 

PS: we got all 3 of your messages (2 asks(=1 anon,1 not) and 1 fanmail) in a row … there’s no point in sending us so many at once TT 

-caroline (suhocean)

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Question: can you do a list of types of characters that oppose the protagonist, going from really soft and diluted (like an antagonist) and going towards the diabolacal take over the world villain? Maybe give some advice on things to avoid for each type.

I’m going to use characters in Spartacus: Blood and Sand for this because the show has so many dynamics and characters and I find it truly underrated.

First let’s establish the protagonist. It’s Spartacus:

He is the hero of the show, he is the story we’re aligned the most with, he is our guy:

The antagonist in Blood and Sand is Crixus:

and it’s not because he’s a bad person, it’s not because he’s evil, it’s because he opposes Spartacus. They do not get along, their ideologies and their characters are fundamentally different, they’re constant opponents and they’re thorns in each other’s sides but because the show has situated us with Spartacus, Crixus is the antagonist:

But then you have an actual villain, which is Ashur

He’s a villain because he tramples on others to obtain position and it’s not simply being a thorn in someone’s side, he orchestrates the wrongful deaths of certain gladiators, he creates a situation in which Naevia must sleep with him, he has no sense of loyalty, no moral compass, he’s only out for himself and people die for it. He’s as diabolical as his station allows but he is still a slave, which means his power is limited, which brings me to Batiatus.


is the diabolical supervillain of Blood and Sand because he has the means and the cunning and the desire to fuck up everyone’s lives whether they are a slave or a Roman, his wrath and retribution have no bounds and as he is the lanista or “master” of the gladiators, he has Asher, who is also diabolical, on a leash, he controls the other villain on the show, and he ruins so many lives, kills so many people, orchestrates so many murders in order to gain power.

Then there’s Claudius Glaber

who is Spartacus’ personal nemesis, which isn’t the same thing as Crixus who is his opponent, Glaber is Spartacus’ nemesis because it was Glaber who condemned him and his wife to slavery, he created this entire situation while at the same time, he’s an obstacle for Batiatus because Batiatus needs to use Glaber to propel his own aspirations to seize power. The reason why I don’t find him to be a diabolical supervillain for Blood and Sand (it changes in Vengeance) is because he still manages to be manipulated by Batiatus.

[photo of the ask so it doesn’t show up for people happily searching WA]

S3 is definitely something else… Well I liked S3-A. Caitlin’s transformation, Cisco grieving, etc. I personally thought Barry and Iris were cute. The romance wasn’t the main focus anyway. S3-B though… damn. It’s bad. I’ve been pretty vocal about my dislike of Arrow S3 and S4 but even they had somewhat interesting villains, storylines that made sense and a story for everyone every now and then -except laurel of course. I still care very much about the show and the characters, I can enjoy the episodes but huge meh. They need to let go of time travel for a while. Even Smallville did it better ffs and it’s usually more of a Flash thing. Let Barry be a superhero who helps people, saves the world, not spend all his time fixing his mistakes / trying to save his family and friends. Let Iris use her skills, there are so many opportunities for interesting reporter arcs, for her to help the team in her own way… Romance doesn’t have to mean forced drama and soap opera twists that take over the entire plot. Still can’t believe the ending of 316 and the 317 resolution.  

Most shows have troubles for their 3rd season so hopefully S4 improves. The writing, gosh. Secrets, idiotic decisions, terrible action, romance for anyone who isn’t played by Tom Cav, plotholes… If at least the season’s big bad was good. Of course I’m curious about his identity but as a villain, Savitar is just cheap Zoom with way less screentime and development.

harry potter rated by how often harry bathes
  • philosopher's stone: no baths/showers. mentions a cozy fire feeling like a hot bath so must have bathed at least once in his life. wipes out a troll in the bathroom so that's something. 2/10.
  • chamber of secrets: the dursleys let him out to use the bathroom twice a day, we can assume he cleanses occasionally here. spends most of the book in a bathroom doing many things except bathing. 5/10.
  • prisoner of azkaban: no baths. a filthy year for the young wizard. 0/10.
  • goblet of fire: one of the tents at the quidditch world cup has a birdbath. perhaps harry bathed in that but it isn't specified. has a bath! a bubble bath! an important occasion. 9/10.
  • order of the phoenix: possibly bathes at the dursleys. droplets of grawp's blood are said to shower upon him. probably the closest he came to bathing that year. 4/10.
  • half blood prince: no baths. poor ginny. 0/10.
  • deathly hallows: sits on the edge of a bath. probably doesn't know what it's for. 1/10.