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what's the reason why you ship kaisoo?

I think I answered this before, but since I can’t find the post, I’ll write about it once again.

Well, who knows me from a while ago and asked me how I ended up shipping them knows that I didn’t like them as an otp/couple. Actually, I didn’t like the idea of any royal couples in the time I put my eyes on e_xo. I won’t tell the whole story ofc, but this just summarizes the fact that I didn’t spend my time observing the group as a KD shipper.

But since I always appreciated KS, I kind of observed him more and people he interacted with/were around him. And something I realized about KD is that they relationship is simply, beautiful. 

I can’t put into much words, but if I could express it with a single word would be, human. Something that made me back off from the so called royal couples was the impression that all of them were fanserviced. All of them were created and managed by the supreme slave leader SM Entertainment and they were just there to make shippers go crazy and make the company recieve profit. But with KD there’s none of it and the show that made me think that KD shippers were delusional for shipping them when I first watched it revealed something totally different from me when I saw it from the second time. They didn’t almost have any obvious moments in e_xo Showtime because no one had the intention to show them interacting as a fanserviced couple would. They weren’t paired up together in places and occasions they would be if they were 100% fanserviced, so it showed a weird reaction of the “circumstances” towards them in general. They were and still are one of the kind.

And I know I rant right now, but I’ll explain why I classified KD relationship as purely human. In kpop industry, you never know what is real and what it’s not. Images and relationships aren’t always what they seem to be, and, sometimes, the plastic image is evident; an image of facts that don’t match with reality. But with Kaisoo, you can even don’t believe they aren’t romantically involved or you can say that there’s no way they’re only friends. But it’s evident that there’s something there and this something is real, whatever it is. When you notice it, it’s evident in the smallest details. How JI was concerned bc of KS’s throat condition or KS walked towards JI to fix his mic during e_xo showtime, even after his ankle injury. The look in their eyes, full of admiration when the other talks and the times they mentioned each other as each other’s fans. How JI always seems to know when something is not right with KS and KS has the same feeling in return. It’s a different kind of love and it’s so beautiful and probably the way humans truly love other humans. And, in my opinion, this didn’t change, even nowadays

Even in romantic love it’s needed more than romantic love itself to make thw whole thing work, and KD shows it all in my opinion. They show companionship, playfulness, that they can be mature at the same time and they can worry over each other and be there for each other, even in a group with lots of members, even with their staffs, even with their fans. It doesn’t matter how many staffs they have, KS always made sure that JI was alright and cared about stuff related to him and JI acted the same way.

You can feel they can be there for each other, it doesn’t matter the occasion and it’s beautiful, it doesn’t matter if KD is paired up romantically or not. The admiration and love they feel for each other cross the pure fanservice boundaries in such a way that you can feel the humanity in their small gestures. In a land where most of the things around are fake, every small drop of humanity and sincerity is well appreciated.