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What kind of random shenanigans do Sun, Moon and Hau get up to in the Mer!AU?

well, all three of them together can’t be in the same universe because sun and moon are the “same person” technically, so i’m going to do this in pairs

Moon and Hau
- moon is very cautious of her surroundings when just starting to live underwater. it’s hau who gets her out of her comfort zone to preform some shenanigans
- often enough, moon is the one chasing after hau when he decides to use his powers for pranks or for bad ideas (like trying to see how many sea cucumbers he could bother using only magic)
- hau likes to make fun of moon for her height. humans are naturally smaller than mers, but moon is REALLY short for a human….as a result, moon is real fuckin tiny to hau
- once moon freaked out bc hau swam right into a party of sharks…she didnt know sharks wouldn’t attack mers, and almost had a heart attack

Sun and Hau
- sun is much less hesitant than his otherworld counterpart, so in that universe, sun is more than happy to accompany hau on his little pranks
- often enough, sun is the mastermind behind all their shenanigans! he often enough dares hau to do crazy stuff with his powers…like try and make a whale shark super tiny
- hau has seen human clothes and fabric before, but has never worn them, so when sun leaves his shirt lying around to try on some mer-clothing, he finds hau, stuck trying to put it on, complaining about how weird it feels
- sun didn’t realize how sharp mer teeth were until they went out to eat for the first time. you would not believe how pale sun got when he watched hau crunch right through some food-fish they bought, bone and all

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Dude, Kl/nk but instead of all three in a relationship it's just hance and Heith at the same time (all consenting)

Maan I’ve been thinking abt that. Not the kind of poly we’re used to around here, but definitely a kind of poly that some day I’d love to explore in my writing.

Like, Hunk knows he has a thing for Lance. He’s known for a while. The confidence, that Hunk sometimes lacks, and the sheer love for that person. And Lance, oh, Lance can’t help but fall in love with the sun. Hunk is so good, so smart, so capable, so creative.

They’ve been together for a while before they enlist in the Garrison, and then after, when they get to space in a very unorthodox way. And Hunk is reminded of the crush he had in Keith a while back, the one that he’d always been careful to hide from Lance, bc it was just that. Just a little crush.

But Keith’s fire calls to him, as surely as a beacon. The intensity, the drive, the determination… He can feel himself slowly but surely starting to stare, Keith staring back, like they can’t look away. He’s so torn, but he’ll choose the known variable, of course he will, bc Lance was always there and the familiarity is safer than a dark, if kind and curious gaze.

But Lance won’t let that happen. He knows he’d have no problem with it, so he talks to Hunk one day, and ofc Hunk loves the new world of possibilities. From then, all Hunk has to do is approach Keith, make sure they’re all on board.

And it’s okay, they find out. It works, it’s fine, and they love it exactly how it is.


Bo and Kuroo have tried kissing at some point I’m 100% sure you’ll have to pry this from my cold dead hands

Theatre Kid AUs

-that stage kiss WAS NOT SCRIPTED WTF
- I’m the stage manager and you’re the cocky lead who won’t SHUT UP backstage PEOPLE CAN HEAR YOU
-for closing night bets you slipped me tongue during our stage kiss what the fuck do I do
-we’re not playing the romantic leads but everyone ships our characters and they keep making us take pictures together in costume (I kind of love it)
-we’re in the chorus together and you never know what the notes are so you have to stand impossibly close to me to listen and it just makes me mess up and I SWEAR TO GOD ARE YOU DOING THAT ON PURPOSE
-everyone in the show has to wear makeup I swear I will wrestle you into this chair if I have to
-oh my god you’re doing my makeup and you’re so close and I can’t breathe
-I may have learned your romantic lead’s part and then attempted to take them out the night of the show
-we made out in the light booth
-this is the first time I’ve seen you in costume and holy fuck how do you look so good in that

submission - photographer aus
  • I saw you taking random pictures here in the park so I decided to photobomb one but you didn’t seem to notice me
  • alternatively - I was taking photos in the park and I just now noticed some stranger in the background of my photos making funny faces and ruining my aesthetic I’m gonna hunt you down you fucker
  • I’m a wedding photographer and omg none of these people can take a straight shot except you- come to think of it, you look kind of agitated being here, are you okay? 
  • I’m planning on majoring in photography and I need someone to take photos of for my portfolio and omg my camera loves you can you pls stick around a little while longer?
  • My camera broke and it’s hella expensive to fix but you loan me your old one out of kindness, no I’m not crying there’s light in my eyes
  • You say you’re camera shy but your aura is just what I need for my current project- and you’re cute too so that counts
  • I post my photography on my blog/Instagram/FB/etc. and you’re the only one who likes them and leaves a lil message about how you love my style ilysm even though I have no idea who you are
  • You’re my current muse and your smile is so cute/breathtaking/sexy/etc. I have to lie down

A while ago, I had this ask about my Klance parenting headcanons, so here are some more.

  • Child: *babbles something at Keith*
    Keith: Is that so?
    Child: *babbles more*
    Keith: Oh wow! *turns to Lance* what did our child just say to me?
  • Lance is the parent that sees his child do something like run and is like, “I can’t believe my kid is going to compete in the Olympics one day.”
  • The idea of being the tooth fairy kind of freaks Keith out a bit because “What if they’re laying directly on the tooth? What if I can’t find it? WHAT IF THEY WAKE UP?” so Lance has to do it.
  • Lance: No more sleeping in mine and dad’s bed anymore, okay? You’re all big kids now.
    Lance: *lets them into their bed that night*
  • They both like it when they get to spend time with only one of their kids. It’s a way for them to see what they’re like by themselves and let them speak without getting interrupted by another sibling. Every kid gets a day to spend with them every once in a while and do whatever they want.
  • Keith got sad when he realized that it was getting harder for him to carry his kids up to bed because they were getting so big. He wishes they could be babies forever.
  • Imagine Keith jogging while pushing a stroller.
  • Lance gives the best piggyback rides.
  • Lance has definitely used the baby monitor as a walkie talkie.
  • When their first kid was potty training, Keith didn’t understand why Lance would get so enthusiastic when their son would successfully go.
    Lance: Babe, this is a milestone in his life!
    Keith: It’s just poop? It’s kind of gross.
  • When their second son/third kid was learning how to walk, he would only do it if he was supported by something, like a hand or hanging onto furniture to guide him. One day, Lance was sitting in the living room doing whatever and his son crawled in and stared at him for a few moments. Out of now where, he stands up, which he could already do without any support, and runs a lap around the living room without holding onto furniture and darts out of the room. Lance sits there in shock for a few seconds and is then like, “KEITH OUR SON JUST RAN A LAP? WITHOUT HOLDING ANYTHING??”
  • One of the kids has a bug catching phase, so that means they’re bringing in a bunch of containers filled with different bugs and Lance and Keith aren’t too amused, but support them anyway.
  • Keith is the parent that turns on the light while waking the kids up for school.
  • As said in the last post, their daughter is very attached to Keith, so when she started going to school, he felt a little empty because he’s so use to her clinging to him and it was odd knowing she wasn’t there.
  • They were both pretty calm while teaching the kids how to drive. Lance made sure he was the one to teach them how to parallel park because, “I’ve been a pro since day one.” Keith would be silent most of the time except for small comments like, “You should’ve take that turn slower”, “Break a little sooner”, “Pass this person why are they going almost ten below the speed limit”.
  • Imagine Lance rocking a baby in a rocking chair in the middle of the night, humming softly, and looking down at them with so much love in his eyes.
  • Keith has now seen a bunch of Disney movies he’s never seen before because of the kids.


Pinescone Yuri on Ice AU, some redraws from ep.7, I don’t want to pick between who is who, so I’m gonna go with Dipper as Yuuri, so Mabel can make him all of the costumes <3


“is that your way of comforting me?” “maybe”

this was supposed to be some kind of zombie apocalypse/the walking dead au requested by @sigh–onara but honestly i don’t even know anymore

college boyfriend!wonwoo

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  • my first piece for wonwoo!!! for this request
  • for some reason i was kinda struck with this idea of wonwoo while i was plotting and i can’t really get it out of my head
  • so in college, wonwoo is… elusive
  • he’s the kind of guy that could be in a class of eight and you still wouldn’t recognize him if someone showed you a picture
  • but that’s bc of himself and no one else
  • he doesn’t really like taking all the spotlight and by going to a huge university, he can blend in pretty well
  • despite having a lot of outgoing friends, their personalities have never really rubbed off on him
  • despite his best friend mingyu trying to bring him out of his shell all the time, wonwoo is pretty fine being confined to his dorm in between classes and staying home from rowdy parties on the weekends
  • and it’s not a problem to him. he loves solitude
  • some of his friends don’t really understand how he could be so chill with just spending all this time alone by himself but they never pressure him
  • however, one night after they all ace their exams, wonwoo is inevitably dragged out to party bc “you gotta celebrate that close call!”
  • wonwoo’s only reason for going is free food 
  • so the guys take him to a bar and they’re all getting drunk off their asses, chasing around pyt’s and having the times of their lives, when wonwoo decides he’ll head home early
  • he’s not even halfway out of the door when he feels off
  • it’s like the happy atmosphere from inside is hosed off and all he can feel is danger danger danger
  • he turns this way and that, expecting some wannabe gangster or thug to be lurking around, ready to nab his stuff, but instead he sees you on the other side of the street, walking home and obviously alone
  • when he sees you’re the only person out in the open he just turns and starts his trek home, but then he gets a really nasty feeling in his gut and it keeps telling him to turn around
  • and when he does, he sees him
  • it looks like a pretty shady guy, somewhere in his late forties, dressed way too heavily for barely cool weather
  • the guy is keeping a pretty good distance from you too, so good that wonwoo, if he hadn’t been so instinctively inclined, might’ve went back on his merry way
  • but wonwoo knew better, and soon he was slinking across the street and tailing you two
  • as soon as an alleyway appears, the guy ahead starts sprinting, and wonwoo does too, his legs keeping him close behind until he’s right on top of the guy
  • the guy tries to grab your arm and when you hear the commotion behind you, you peel back just in time 
  • wonwoo rams into the guy’s back and throws him to the ground, using all his force and knocking the guy’s breath out of his lungs, sending a kick to his side and making the guy cough in pain
  • “what do you think you were about to do?” wonwoo growls, and the guy on the ground shrinks back and quivers bc he definitely wasn’t expecting a real fight tonight
  • the guy keeps shaking helplessly and glances at you before he goes “m-man, she’s not even worth it” and runs off
  • wonwoo is still standing, watching and making sure the guy doesn’t come back, when you grasp his upper arm
  • he jolts bc he’s still kind of riled up, but when he sees you, soft and gentle, he finally takes a peaceful breather
  • “thank you, wonwoo”
  • wonwoo kinda rears back in shock bc??? you know his name?? how???? he only talks to like twelve idiots and they’re all currently drunk in a bar half a mile back
  • when you see the uncomfortable look on his face you immediately pull your hand away from him, telling him your name as you start blabbering “i’m not a creeper or anything i swear! you’re just in one of my classes and i remembered you”
  • and again, wonwoo is still in shock
  • bc this is the guy that blends in on purpose, and never tries to make conversation unless absolutely necessary, so why had you said his name like you were both old friends?
  • “your… class?” he asks, racking his mind for where he might’ve seen you, and you tell him that you both have chinese history together and he’s like ohhhhh, the class he always falls asleep in
  • the only reason he’s passing is bc of jun and minghao, two chinese transfers who always begrudgingly help him with his homework
  • “i remember you from hearing the teacher yell your name every fifteen minutes. are you… narcoleptic or something? should i walk you home just in case you pass out?”
  • and you actually mean it seriously, even going as far as to take his arm in your hold
  • but wonwoo is just so endeared by your look of concern that he splutters between laughter, turning his head away from you in disbelief
  • bc really, a pretty stranger like you wouldn’t speak to him longer than they had to, so why were you still here?
  • “i’ll be fine. if anything i should walk you home, in case that punk is waiting around the corner or something” he says, casting glances here and there to make sure the coast is clear
  • finally you just take his arm fully and drag him along with you, taking him by surprise as you hum, “for the sake of both of us, then”
  • the walk home is quiet and while usually it’d be awkward for wonwoo, he actually doesn’t mind it in your presence
  • he can focus on the sounds of cars on the street, dogs barking in the distance, and your soft breaths in the cold air
  • he watches as you take forced deep breaths and exhale just to watch the air steam before you, as you take pride in the crunch of leaves under your boots, as you tug your scarf just a little tighter
  • and when you two finally make it to your dorm, you’re reluctant to pull away, your fingers twiddling as you give him a small smile “thanks for walking me all the way”
  • wonwoo just nods, stuffing his hands into his pockets, ready to leave, when you randomly call his name
  • when he turns, you’re shoving your phone into his chest faster than he can think, his hands fumbling to catch it before it falls
  • “put your number in”
  • it’s not even a question or a suggestion
  • you might as well be holding a gun to his head lol
  • (but you wouldn’t need one, wonwoo would do it anyway :D)
  • with freezing, nimble fingers, he puts his number in and watches as you smile at it
  • he’s about to ask what you need it for when you raise the phone and snap a picture of him, his eyes blown wide as he attempts to assess the situation
  • “cute. I think i’ll keep that.” you mumble to yourself, setting his picture as his icon before tucking the phone away in your back pocket and heading back inside, offering him a quick wave before you disappear from sight
  • wonwoo ends up walking back to his dorm a little slower, the only thing on his mind being the brief flash of light in his eyes before you snapped his picture, and the prideful smile you held when you looked it over by yourself
  • he didn’t even have your number, but you had his
  • walking home, he could only think “what a strange girl”
  • and strange indeed, bc the next day after class he’s getting a call from you
  • you don’t say much, just that he should meet you out front, near the building where you two share a class
  • he’s like pshhhh. nah. im not going……..well. idk im gonna walk past it to get to my next class….. i guess i could go see her…… maybe
  • his class is the opposite direction but shhh
  • when he gets there, he sees you holding two coffees, wrapped up in your scarf from the night before, looking cheery as he nears
  • “here!!” you shove a black coffee into his hand and he stares at the cup in confusion, popping the lid like???
  • “you assumed my favorite coffee is black coffee. you assumed wrong.”
  • and then you’re shoving like ten packets of sugar into his free hand with a pout “i had a feeling black coffee was presumptuous so i got you lots of sugar in case. you’re welcome.”
  • there’s a metaphor hidden in there you know
  • you start walking away and he stares at your back, unsure what to do until you twist and beckon him, and for whatever he reason, he finds himself following after you like a dog on a leash
  • you two stroll across campus, you chatting away and attempting to make him a laugh
  • and a few times you actually succeed
  • in between your rambling wonwoo focuses on you, attempting to decipher exactly why you’ve bothered to get him coffee, or to walk with him so casually as if both of you had been friends for years
  • it’s like you see more of him than he thought he had been showing
  • to his surprise, you two end up where his next class is with ten minutes to spare, the route you’d taken getting him there far quicker than the one he usually took
  • he mentally maps it in his mind before giving you a glance over and a small “thank you”
  • “no prob. see you later!” 
  • and wonwoo is like yeah lol that’s just a simple, normal parting
  • but you actually see him later
  • guess who’s childhood friends with boo seungkwan???
  • when wonwoo comes over to see seungkwan at practice for the upcoming musical he’s in, he sees you joking around with the cast and playing with seungkwan
  • as soon as you two make eye contact, you’re shuffling over with a big grin and seungkwan is not far from behind, the look in his eyes
  • seungkwan: (    ͡ °  ͜ʖ   ͡° )
  • wonwoo: Do Not
  • seungkwan: (    ͡°   ͜ʖ   ͡° )!!!!!
  • “so, you two know each other?” and there he goes
  • before wonwoo can even try to save his ass from what he knows seungkwan will royally misinterpret you’re butting in “oh yeah!! he walked me home”
  • and seungkwan is like oh??? did he now?? :)
  • “right after he fended off some creep. honestly, if he wasn’t there, I would’ve had to get my hands dirty”
  • but all seungkwan can hear is love! love! love! loVE
  • “wow, wonwoo doesn’t step in for just anybody. you must be special” he says, to make matters somehow worse
  • and then you’re looking, eyes wide, before glancing between him and seungkwan like no!!! no. no. what? no way.
  • but seungkwan is Convinced and there is no unconvincing mr. boo sorry i don’t make the rules
  • “it’s not like that, seungkwan” wonwoo pleads
  • “probably not. any decent person would step in if they saw something going on. i just… ya know… think it’s funny how wonwoo didn’t really have to walk you home. like not really. like that didn’t have to happen.”
  • and wonwoo wants to defend himself but also he… cannot?? like normal wonwoo would not go through that much effort
  • normal wonwoo would have beat that guy’s ass way worse too, but you had been there and he didn’t want to frighten you
  • which… is another thing he can’t tell seungkwan
  • instead he’s silent and seungkwan is like point? made
  • finally, seungkwan has to go bc some kid needed help learning runs
  • so when it’s just you two standing backstage you suddenly become quiet, even looking a lil
  • bashful?
  • and he’s like isn’t that my thing
  • “sorry about seungkwan” you both say at the same time, and then you two make eye contact, right before you break into laughter
  • there he goes again, laughing because of you
  • his heart even swells a bit when you beam at him, proud that you’ve made him laugh
  • “you have a really pretty laugh. you should laugh more often” you tell him, and his cheeks BLARE red
  • instinctively he covers his mouth, up until you grab his wrist and pull it down “don’t hide your smile either”
  • and wonwoo on the inside is like “this girl is dripping in grease… i like it….”
  • you two just look at each other, gazes locked, neither of you knowing if the other should speak first or not
  • and then wonwoo breaks the silence to your surprise, “wanna go get something to eat? seungkwan looks like he’s gonna be a while”
  • he takes you to a sushi place and while wonwoo starts off really reserved, you manage to open him up a significant amount
  • by the end of the night he’s laughed more than he has since starting the school year, and you’ve just made him feel really happy and what is this feeling??? omg??
  • when you two are walking out, you’re about ready to do something bold but
  • he beats you to it
  • “this is probably really soon and i don’t want to freak you out but… wanna do this more often? like… go out, i mean. not like friends but you know as… something more.”
  • and you’re immediately like “of course!!! yes let’s do that!!!” and it’s just so cute
  • both of you are blushing, giggling messes going home
  • and from that moment forward, the cutest relationship ever begins
  • you’re much bolder in the relationship so it’s expected for wonwoo to have you come over unannounced often, or have you call him late at night just bc you want to hear his deep voice
  • he usually sounds tired and done with you but in reality his heart grows even fonder every time
  • he loves that in your spare time, when you’re away from him, you’re thinking about him still
  • you always send him cheesy texts and silly puns to make him laugh bc “even if i’m not there to hear it, you should be laughing wonwoo”
  • he is a gentleman and a little awkward about it
  • like he pulls your chair out a little too far for you and you nearly fall on your ass
  • he opens the door for you when you’re like fifteen feet away
  • his hands rarely drift farther than your shoulders
  • but it’s bc he doesn’t know how far to go, or how far you’ll let him go, so he’s always super cautious and tries to stay in tune to how you feel
  • he’s deeply emotional but he doesn’t like showing it
  • he’d rather bottle it all up until he’s so thinly stretched he implodes
  • so you learn that when he gets quiet and doesn’t really react to you when you ask him how he’s feeling that he’s bottling up something
  • you stop everything you’re doing and force him to talk to you
  • at first, he really despises doing it, but then he becomes a lot more open
  • you won’t even have to ask, he’ll just tell you how he feels right off the bat
  • he can simply text you how he feels and vice versa and you two take care of each other
  • wonwoo: feeling shitty. inadequate. please tell me you love me
  • you: coming over with ur fave movie and some takeout. i’m wearing the sweater you like to snuggle up on. i love you to the moon and back
  • or
  • you: i said i didn’t care that you were acting close with that girl from your class but in reality i was jealous :/
  • wonwoo: dummy, who else would put up with an emo dweeb like me besides an emo dweeb like you?? i don’t want anyone else either
  • like your relationship is so healthy
  • wonwoo feels safe with you
  • like he doesn’t have to tie himself up and restrict himself in front of you. he can just be
  • he loves you so much he takes you home to meet his family, and that’s a big deal for him
  • his family means the world to him so you meeting them is like… monumental
  • from then on, everyone knows he’s smitten with you
  • seungkwan has also deemed himself yall’s mediator and/or therapist
  • so if you two get into a particularly heated fight he’s always first to try and repair 
  • he knows you two like the backs of his hands, so it’s easy for him to see where one of you has gone wrong
  • he scolds you both when you act childish and ends up ending fights way quicker than the two of you would end them on your own
  • the other guys are also deeply invested in the relationship
  • at least one of them knows where either you or wonwoo is at all times
  • wonwoo can trust his friends to look after you when he’s not around and you can trust his friends to be honest with you when wonwoo is feeling out of his element and not telling you
  • surprisingly, wonwoo is the first to say i love you
  • it just slips in the middle of a fight, when you two have come to each other’s ends and all the stress from school and friends has hit with a vengeance
  • he screams it, tears welling in his eyes 
  • the room falls silent and he thinks that he’s really fucked up now
  • but then you come closer and pull him into a hug and he freely breaks down in front of you, holding onto you like dear life
  • “i love you too, idiot… i love you” is all you whisper to him, rubbing his back and letting him let go until he’s feeling better
  • just
  • wonwoo is actually very sensitive and he sometimes doesn’t say what he means but he loves deeply
  • and he’ll be loyal for a long time
  • all he wants is the same thing
  • so yes love this boy pls

other boyfriend!seventeen




college boyfriend!minghao

Soriel AU Week Day 1 - Outertale. I maaaaaay have overdone it with the floof on Sans’ jacket. But my goodness, this was so fun! I’ve always kind of admired the blue-and-gold aesthetic that Outertale’s character designs have going on, so this was a great pleasure to draw!

Thank you @sorielweek for hosting yet another event - I’m glad I can participate in at least most of the days on this one (will need to pass on Underfell day, but that’s just a matter of personal preference/plus the downtime would help me get some thumbnails done for the other days).

inspired by @can-t-figure-it-out‘s star wars au drawings. check them out, they’re SO good! sakura is of course a badass jedi from some random planet. 

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Why are the vast majority of your OCs either gay, bisexual, or non-binary. I can kind of buy some of the original cast, but at this point you are making an effort not to put in straight people. You say that being nonbinary "isn't uncommon" yet in this AU it's the norm and being straight is the extreme.

Why does this matter to you so much?

Remus raising Harry AU pt. 1

• Dumbledore tells Minerva Harry will be sent to the Dursleys and immediately Minerva does all she can to convince Dumbledore to give Harry to Remus, mostly because she knew what kind of sibling Petunia was and how much she hated magic.
• Dumbledore is hard to convince, after all he want to give Harry to Sirius. But after some serious arguments he agrees.
• Remus is very hesitant once Dumbledore offers it because obviously, Sirius is Harry’s godfather so he should be technically first in line.
• Dumbledore explains what had happened earlier with Sirius and Peter and also explains that during full moons Harry can stay with Minerva or with Hagrid, in general just at Hogwarts.
• After everything that was just told to him he immediately says yes, Remus doesn’t understand why Harry wasn’t given to Sirius earlier though as in the second someone entered the house they were hiding in.
• The first few days are amazing yet horrible, the only thing that it made horrible is despite that Harry was so young, whenever Remus looked at him he was a spitting image of James except for Lily’s green eyes.
• Once Harry could properly speak, around 5, he asked to Remus where he got his bedtime stories from as Harry looked through the massive amount of books there was in their house yet couldn’t find anything that was a small bit alike. Remus smiled sadly.
• “Because, Harry, they are not as much story as they are memories from the time I spent at Hogwarts and our other friends.’’
• Harry is six, he likes the day he spends every once a month with either Minerva or Hagrid, or both. Minerva is always able to tell him something interesting, explain something he found out or talk about a book whilst Hagrid was always able to tell him about the many animals living in the forbidden forest. Despite being a half-giant, Hagrid was one of the kindest people he knows.
• Despite that he enjoys spending time with Minerva and Hagrid, he still misses Remus every full moon. So one night after a full moon he decides to ask Remus why he needs to go every full moon.
• Remus explains he’s a werewolf and dangerous to Harry during a full moon.
• “How though? I don’t mean to be offensive Remus, but most of the time what you do is just wear oversized sweaters and read books.’’
• Remus’s heart breaking that moment because those are the exact words James and Sirius said to him once they found out at Hogwarts.
• Harry is seven and the past few months he’s been doing research about the Wolfsbane potion and the past weeks was trying to find a potioneer who made it which, after a while, he found luckily in Diagon Alley.
• Harry goes to Minerva and asks if they could go to Diagon Alley to get Remus a present.
• Minerva is dumbfounded to find herself dragged towards a potion store. After a second she realizes why they are here though and she wipes a few tears away because the boy literally has a heart of gold.
• Remus actually crying because he realized he raised this boy.
• “So, now, I won’t have to leave anymore, right?”
• Harry going to Hogwarts more often to talk with Minerva who’s getting quite suspicious, eventually he explains he wants to become an Animagus because Remus doesn’t trust himself.
• Minerva having to explain that it’s very advanced magic and it takes extremely long.
• “Harry, it’s extremely advanced transfiguration and takes very long. Most wizards aren’t able to do it and those who can took at least a year to learn it. There’s a school which focuses especially on Transfiguration and students there, if they are naturally gifted, can reach it when they’re fourteen. You’re only nine.’’
• Harry doing puppy eyes
• “But if I am naturally gifted, can you promise to teach me?’’
• Draco and Harry meeting in Madame Malkin’s shop to get their robes, Draco immediately recognizes Harry but also sees who Harry is with and feels a bit hesitant to flaunt how he is and it makes him doubt whether blood purity matters as much, after all Harry is a half-blood as well. (It also makes him doubt whether he’s straight)
• Harry hugging Remus one last time before getting on the Hogwarts express and calling him dad.
• Meeting Fred and George first because he sees them with a piece of parchment in their hands he knows far too well
• Telling them about the Marauders and becoming immediate best friends.
• Draco knocking on their compartment door, alone, and asking if he could join them. Harry being polite says yes. The twins are hesitant but at the end of the ride have learnt Draco isn’t like his father at all.


for the ever so lovely @envydean, my sweet little bumblebee and also the runner up of best original content in my 2k tumblr awards, whom requested a destiel teacher au ages ago (i’m such a procrastinator i hope you can forgive me)

anyway, hope you enjoy it, sweetie <3

Cas doesn’t make it a habit to go out drinking anymore. He has a six-year-old daughter, a job, a mortgage; the kind of responsibilities he didn’t have in his early twenties. His weekends are usually spent playing dress up, making Spongebob macaroni, and watching Ariel for the hundredth time. Only this time Ellen’s husband, Bill, managed to get tickets to some Disney on ice thing, and Claire had wanted to go, so Cas willingly gave up his weekend. It’s just one weekend; they’ll have plenty more before she gets into her teens and resents him. He’s sort of hoping she skips that phase.

Should I Stay or Should I Go is blasting from the jukebox speakers when Cas enters the bar. He remembers his brother used to play this record during secret parties, along with a few others. He finds an unoccupied stool, sinking down onto it, and shrugs his jacket off. A wide eyed man approaches him, raising his eyebrows in inquiry, and Cas orders a beer. Above, the song switches to another old one, Ozzy Osbourne singing about the road to nowhere, and Cas can’t help commenting, “There seems to be a theme tonight with the music.”

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hey!! i was looking for some fanfics that are kind of a slow burn, lots of chapters and then end happily. can either be an AU or stay in the regular setting, doesn't matter. plus i was wonder what u think is the best site for fan fics? i wanna read the best ones!!

personally i’d recommend AO3 (that’s where nearly all our recs come from, because of the tagging system); the other popular one is FFN :)



+ slow burn tag!


Some kinda sketchy apocalyse AU designs

 i’ll probably end up re-desigining most of them but for now they’re pretty fun, IDK what kind of apocalypse they’re going through so if anyone has ideas hmu 

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When people are talking about DA characters in modern AUs, they usually give them ordinary professions, and that’s cool, but give me modern AU where darkspawn are still around and Grey Wardens are some kind of special forces with all modern gear

also darkspawn can sense them anyway, so they don’t really care about camouflage


Two of my fave iterations of two of my faves lol??
I wanted to draw them both lately… so I just drew them in the same pic lmfao whoops
Now Tottys some kind of delinquent kid who can…see spirits or something?? IDK

I realized halfway through that that’s basically the plot of YYH and so…

Can’t believe Tottys’ gonna be the next spirit detective lol