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We Found Love (Oswald x Reader, Edward x Reader, Victor x Reader) - One Shot Fluff

Anon asked: could you do some polyamorous fluff with Ed, Zsasz, Oswald, and reader? With lots of kisses and just general cuteness?

Here you go sweetie. I hope you`ll like it. 

Tags: @oswald-cobblepot-is-my-addiction @amandajuly81 @aya-fay @ascoolasathestral @cnygma @ellayf-of-ravenclaw

Warnings: None really, Polyamourous Relationship, Fluff & kisses.

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I am truly stunned by the response to this campaign and am so grateful to everyone! We reached the stretch goal and will now be creating not just the beautiful and amazing Hybrid Moon moth, but one of its parent species too, the Spanish moon moth! I’ll be making unique backing card art for this second pin, and backers will be able to choose which/how many pins after the campaign ends via individual backer surveys.

If you’ve been waiting to hop onto the campaign, there’s still a little time. Thank you so much for everything!

(You can refer back to the original campaign post here.)