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The BB fandom is hypocrites. Yes Elena’s tweets are problematic, but I see demika stans thanking Dem and Ika for being unproblematic, but I could have sworn Demetres was exposed for having problematic tweets too. No shade to Dem but it’s very hypocritical

I personally never saw any of Dem’s old tweets, but there’s a difference between what’s happening to Elena and past houseguest.

Yes, Elena’s tweets are old, but some of them are fairly recent and are even from this year. People change, but Elena clearly has not. The person she was in the house is the same person that was in the tweets.

Demetres in contrast, from what I’ve heard, has shown a difference and overall growth as a person. I heard that he had some homophobic tweets, but then he was really good friends with William and Gary.

Likewise, people brought up some of Danielle Lickey’s tweets from years ago to show she was homophobic, but in the house she became friends with Jason and spoke up when Monte made homophobic comments in the house. Additionally, post show, Danielle has dated a woman, which shows she’s not the same person she was then.

So when people show that they have changed and are willing to grow and learn, they’ll get a more positive response and people tend to not make as big of a fuss over their old tweets because fans know that’s not who they are anymore. Elena on the other hand, has shown to exhibit the same viewpoints now as she did then. In the house she made rape jokes, black jokes, and just a few months ago joked about building a fence.


Dem has shown a change in his views for the better whereas Elena hasn’t changed and continues to spew the same things she’s been saying since 2011.

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Wait, so when you hung out with @flyawayrachel, who dyed their hair? And what color?? :)

Twas me! The box said “burgundy brown” but it came out way more burgundy than brown. Not what I was expecting, but I LOVE it. Can’t wait to see my friends and family back home next weekend, because none of them know this happened …


Regal Believer Appreciation Week

Day 5: Team Mills

prom night!!!!! :’) inspired by this post by @vodka-aunt-coran

2‌•29 °˖✧ Hᴀᴘᴘʏ Bɪʀᴛʜᴅᴀʏ, ʙᴀʙʏ! ✧˖° 2‌•29

i love shiro so much, and i really hope he’s having a nice birthday,,.. floating around in the astral plane,.. :/ hm.   .. pls bring him home and give him bday smooches; ♥


after taking me over thREE HECKIN WEEKS TO MAKE my first animation meme is finally done!! :0 chose to do Posin’ with Knockout and Breakdown since I thought it fit them well pffffftt. This was lots of fun to make (albeit really challenging too) and I’m really happy with the way this came out!! you can totally expect to see more of these from me in the future!!

*all proper credit/links to originals are given in the video’s description


Guess what happens when I find out that the guy who plays wheatley in Portal 2:The (Unauthorized) Musical  is called J.D. and I’ve been listing to the Heathers soundtrack on and off for like a month

This happens

I am not sorry