this came out so pretty im so proud

I ended up getting rid of almost all my bitmap drawing i premade for this animation and I instead replaced them with vector drawings made entirely in toon boom ( the buildings werent made in toon boom tho ) and i am near tears with how everything looks. Its all so soft and pretty and I l OVE IT SO MUCH.

Also i keep forgetting to mention that I accidentally animated this at 1080p ithink.

so theres that .w.

All the backgrounds and most effects are finished so all that remains now are final edits, adding the background characters in, and coloring.

Im now down to about a week left on this trial. imsoscaredofrunningoutoftime owo;;; And hey, even if i, for some reason, cant finish this by the time the trial runs out, then I’ll still show yall what I have. I really am proud of how this all came out. :3

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i really hate doing backgrounds particularly really stylized backgrounds like SU has but im pretty happy with how this one came out!!

Stevonnie wearing (partially thats not all there is to it tho) the armor i designed for rose which im just now realizing ive not posted here?? i mean its just a sketch and thats just so i have a reference for it when i do a cosplay with it i guess ill post pics of the cosplay when its done ANYWAYYYYY i tried to emulate the style of the show i hope it came out decent??


so for those interested this is the presentation i gave for my final game project (we didnt wanna do the powerpoint at the beginning but we were forced to). the entire presentation is a skit to go with the theme of the game.

the entire game was coded from scratch in C++ between the four of us on stage so the past four months have been a pretty hectic time for me (which is why i wasnt always posting very frequently) but im proud of how it came out!