this came out p well

It was on my dash again…

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came out to my dad n it went p well even tho he said he feels bad that I’m queer/poly/trans and he thinks I’m still a lesbian bc I date other trans men, but he def tried his best? Lol


Painted new shoes. Really proud of them and just wanted to share the finished project.

So I was thinking about homestuck in the car on the way here and I just have to say, Roxy is a great character? Like, Hussie presented us with this girl that could have easily fallen into a tropey “girl problems” thing–she was a little flighty, obsessed with romance, a silly drunk–and THEN he not only lets her conquer her big issues, he has her still maintain her fun, feminine qualities AND points at those qualities saying “this is what makes a leader. This is what makes her the most qualified to take charge” and that’s really awesome? 

Also 8tracks changed some stuff and now my Jake English playlist doesn’t have the Indiana Jones theme or Jake’s Flight from Avatar, and I need to fix that bc it definitely needs both of those things

Boy of the End, Hansel
  • Boy of the End, Hansel
  • mothy

Right, so, you know that new mothy song that came out as a bonus for SC&P and Fifth Pierrot?

Well, someone leaked the song and put it on mediafire as an .MP4. So I downloaded it and converted to .MP3 and voila! Here it is!

Have fun and praise bat god for the fact that we don’t need to hunt for the blasted thing.

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character reversals | accepting

The downpour assaulted the meager covering of the faded poncho, quickly discarded among the roots of the tall pine which the ninja had designated as his launching platform. Dampness would prove no significant obstacle to the task which he prepared himself for - or rather, assigned to him by the all-too-magnanimous general, Ionia’s so-called Maiden of Miracles. Even now, in the eleventh hour of the pivotal campaign of repatriation, Zed could barely restrain a wicked smirk passing over his normally stoic expression, the concept of Ionia resorting to calling upon a man that walked with darkness and kept company with discord deeply amusing. He remembered a disciple sharing the rationale for why they disallowed the daughter of the previous Fist of Shadow to undertake the task: The girl is too young, too inexperienced for the mission.

Zed had stormed the treacherous Isle of the Phoenix before his sixteenth spring with nothing more than a satchel of spare shurikens. But no, the council did not seek his expertise until exhausting all other options; only then did he find the Will of the Blades come to make desperate audience with him, speaking in reserved tones as if addressing a hostile, gold-hoarding mountain dragon. As if he harbored a nucleus of unstable matter not to call upon lest he might shatter the fragile scales monks and nuns worshiped on their brazen altars.

None of their sagely doctrines would mean a thing if they could not wrest control of Ionia back from the tyrant’s iron holdings, if they could not throw the usurping leviathan back into the sea from whence it came. And the necessary force would not come with a gentle breeze, or even a rousing condemnation of Noxus’ greed from the decrepit voice of a temple priest, but from the daggers slit across the back of the admiral’s neck that would find their way there by his strength and skill alone.

His weightless form melded into the black clouds strafing across the invisible skyline as he made his leap into the abyssal waters.

And of course, by his shadows alone.