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Guardians of Notra pt. 1
  • Random New Blood, sets their hand on Cal's: If I touch someone, I can feel their feelings.
  • Cal: that's nice.
  • Random New Blood: You feel love.
  • Cal: yeah, I guess yeah, I feel a general unselfish love for just about everybody-
  • Random New Blood: No... sexual love...
  • Cal: No, no I dont-
  • Random New Blood, points to Mare: FOR HER!
  • Cal: NO!
  • Cal: Dude come on, I think you're overreacting a little bit.
  • Mare: blushing a lot
  • Kilorn, bouncing up and down and grabbing the New Blood's hand: DO ME! DO ME! DO ME!

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where the stars are embracing

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Thoughts on the new SU episode?

hmm I thought the first part when he got in the room was p funny like the speech about sports i juSt (and the charlie brown thing) some good Rose meme faces came out of that also lol

and then the part right before he tried to take a picture got pretty touching and emotional ;v;

I don’t think we got a lot of answers but I guess that was to be expected since it wasn’t actually her and couldn’t reply with anything Steven doesn’t know, I didn’t think he was doubting Rose’s motives for “making” him so at least he found himself an answer to ahh maybe he finally came to terms with the things he found out about her and the fact that there’s more to her than he initially thought too? and he’ll have to decide what to make of the things he knows

but yeah overall i think it was a nice ep!

That’s it I’m done playing nice. You bitches want war you can have it!

Stop whining about Mon-El and Karamel, because guess what? IT’S PART OF KARA’S STORY ARC IN THE COMICS!!! YOU CAME INTO THIS FANDOM KNOWING THE SHOW WOULD FOLLOW THE COMICS TO AT LEAST MOST EXTENT. So you DON’T get to complain. And like many others have pointed out, if it wasn’t Mon-El it would have been Brainiac she’d be with! That’s CANON! Kara is not going to be with Lena, it’s not gonna happen, Lena is a villain in the comics! Get over it, that’s CANON! Kara is not going to be with James, he is not with him in the comics! Get over it, that’s CANON! (And yes i agree the writers shouldn’t have started something between those two if they weren’t intending to follow up but that’s not an excuse to hate on Mon-El or Karamel, but the writers)

I’m done people being entitled little bitches and having the AUDACITY to DEMAND we change a whole comic universe to cater the show to suit your fanfiction! I’m NOT having that again! YOU ARE NOT ALONE IN THIS FANDOM! I’ve had that happen to so many other shows that I loved, where a part of the fandom destroyed the show for the rest of us because they were entitled!

You bitches moan about Mon-El being a white frat boy but he’s been nothing but sweet and NOT abusive like some of you claim (like where did that even come from? And as someone who’s been through shit like that YOU DON’T TAKE TERMS LIKE THIS LIGHTLY!) You’re just salty he’s in the way of your non-existent, NON-CANON ships! You call us homophobic and racist because we ship a ship that is CANON in the comics and don’t ship your little fanfics! You do realize the show is called Supergirl and it’s about a high middle class white girl that looks like barbie and is by no means a saint right? I could sit here and call Supercorp racist because you’d rather see Kara with a rich privileged white woman (who by the way believes humans ‘have a right to know if their neighbor is an alien’) instead of a black man. Or i could say that Karolsen is homophobic because they don’t want to see Kara with a woman. 

But nooooo it’s just us for shipping the canon ship. Like you do realize a big part of the Karamel fandom also ships Sanvers or Winn x James and is LGBT+ & non-white right? So stop ASSUMING we’re all straight white people not wanting to see progressive material on screen. We ship chemistry nothing else! I’ve honestly never encountered a fandom this disgusting and abusive, you guys make me sick! You are making it so hard for us to enjoy the show and many of us have said it’s too much negativity and that it’s no longer fun to watch or be a art of the fandom or that it’s weighing us down emotionally. You people are bullies and nothing else, because the moment you start abusing someone else because they enjoy something you don’t then you’ve become monsters! You can choke!

Also, stop pretending like Supergirl is some super progressive piece of entertainment or that Kara is somehow a super progressive feminist icon, because at the end of the day she’s still a privileged white girl and by no means representing the diversity of women AND YOU WALKED INTO THE SHOW KNOWING THAT! Shows like Orange is the New Black, Eyewitness, Shadowhunters etc. are way more progressive than your precious Supergirl will ever be. Yes, Supergirl will not follow everything from the comics since they’re like a dozen AU’s but you CANNOT DEMAND they change whole story arcs to suit you, specifically wipe out a PRIMARY character like Mon-El/Superboy out of existence just because! Mon-El wasn’t kidding or exaggerating when he said he’s ‘The Other Superman’, in the comics Superman is his mentor and Clark uses him as a substitute when he’s not around to save the city! Yes i know some of you will say ‘but there are lots of AU’s’ and yes Kara is not with him in all AU’s, but guess what? Your fanfics DON’T EXIST IN ANY AU! Kara is not only with Mon-El because she loves him (yes that’s also canon, you mad?) but because their stories are linked due to the history Daxam and Krypton have. Again you would know that if you were following the story. So Karamel SERVES as a key plot point and not just a ship. 

You say Mon-El destroyed everything but guess what? Some us actually came into this God-forsaken fandom because of Mon-El/Chris Wood. And the ratings have been fairly steady to say the least, so no you cannot say he’s ruining the show.

Also the very fact that you assholes are sending Chris hate is absolutely despicable and disgusting. You can hate on Mon-El all you want (like I said in your own fucking tags!) but YOU DO NOT SEND CHRIS HATE! Chris is nothing but a sweetheart, he’s an activist, and outspoken about issues that matter like women’s rights, and BLM, even having started his own organisation for mental health issues and you would know that if you weren’t so far up your asses! But even if he wasn’t all those things YOU DO NOT SEND THE ACTORS HATE. Like,  am I supposed to send hate to Iwan Rheon or Jack Gleeson from GOT for playing homicidal, psychopaths that rape women? NO! Because unlike you some of us are not bratty little children and can tell the difference between TV and real life.


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Am I the only one not wanting a Richonne baby? Honestly I feel like some people want a Richonne baby as a sort of Verification that Richonne is end game. They already have Judith and Carl who both love Michonne very much and vice versa. I just don't see Michonne getting pregnant before all out war begins. Plus Richonne is here to stay with or without a baby. Some people are using it as a fetish because interracial couples always make the 'cutest babies with blue eyes and nice skin' like🤔

I know you sent this before the quote from Andy came out (what kinda timing? haha), but I wanted to hold off since everyone was celebrating yesterday. But I kind of agree, I still don’t want a Richonne baby right now. I don’t know what people’s reasoning is for wanting it; some people just like babies, I guess. (I’m not really one of those people, lol.) But you’re probably right on some level.

Still, I do enjoy the idea of them helping to repopulate the world (and us getting to see them practice 👀); I just don’t think it makes a lot of sense to actively try and have a baby now.

It’d be cool if that’s something they discuss in 7B, and agree that that’s what they want for the future. But Maggie is already pregnant through all this, and they’re not exactly handling that so great, so I don’t really want the same kind of storyline for Michonne. Like I mentioned, it would be ideal for me if S9 were to open with their little one sitting at the kitchen table. Or maybe a 9 months pregnant Michonne. But anytime during All Out War would be… a lot.

It feels so scary but also nice to share my writing with you all for the first time. I was randomly just really inspired to write and idk I guess that’s what came out. On the posts that are really personal to me, I always check the tags when people reblog it so thank you to anyone who has tagged nice things on any of my posts. Anyway, love you guys. 💕 I hope you had a good day

Solangelo FanFiction #1 Part 1
  • (Will and Nico having flirty conversation with neither of them realizing it)
  • Will: then I kind of put a cherry pie in his locker to make up for it. *Smiles*
  • Nico: Why are you smiling? I would've raised the dead and freaked him out. He's only mortal.
  • Will: Well I'm sorry Mister Mortals-Are-Below-Me, I was just being a nice person. *Laughs and lightly punches his shoulder*
  • Nico: *holds back a grin* Well, if you haven't noticed already, I'm not exactly Mister Sunshine.
  • Will: Nico...
  • Nico: Yeah?
  • Will: Was that a pun?
  • Nico: *realizes* No! It wasn't, it was just the first thing that came to mind!
  • Will: I guess I'm the first hing that comes to mind.
  • Nico: *Blushes* No you're not!
  • Percy and Jason from bushes: *Whispers* Awww
  • Nico: I HEARD THAT! *Stomps over to bushes*
  • Will: *follows*
  • Nico: What in Hades are you doing!?
  • Percy: Um Nothing Nico!
  • Jason: Just spying on you.
  • Nico: For the love of Zeus, GO AWAY!
  • Percy: We were just watching a romantic movie! The characters just happen to look just like you guys. *Laughs with Jason*
  • Nico: Go to Tartarus! *Looks over* Who are they?
  • *Iris children running up to them*
  • Jason: Percy! You didn't call it off?
  • Percy: Well I was busy being yelled at by Nico! And now you!
  • *Iris kids run at top speed towards them and as they pass they turn Nico's shirt bright pink and Will's black*
  • Will: Wahh?
  • Percy: We might have.... asked the Iris kids to change your shirt colours...
  • Nico: WHAT?
  • Jason: We thought it would be cute!
  • Will: Why do I get black though?
  • Jason: Cause Nico always wears black, duhh.
  • Nico: I'M GOING TO KILL YOU! *Lunges at them*
  • Will: *Keeps him back from behind* Shhh...
  • *Percy and Jason back away behind a far away tree*
  • Nico: What are you doing?! I need to hurt them!
  • Will: No, no. Come here. *Hugs from behind*
  • Nico: STOP. IT. *struggles to get away*
  • Will: Shh... Come on DeathBoy. *leads to Hades cabin*
  • Will: Do you swear on the River of Styx?
  • Nico: I hate you!
  • Will: No you don't. *Laughs*
  • Nico: Why are we here?
  • Will: So you can calm down!
  • Nico: I DON'T NEED TO CALM DOWN! I need to go out there and hurt them!
  • Will: They meant no harm! Come here. *Pulls Nico on to the bed, against his chest*
  • Nico: Will, what are you doing?
  • Will: Why do you want to know?
  • Nico: If you're gonna do something to me, I wanna know.
  • Will: Is that so? *blushes and smiles*
  • Nico: *Blushes* That didn't...
  • Will: *laughs* I know, sunshine.
  • Nico: Sunshine?
  • Will: *sings* You are my sunshine, my only sunshine.
  • Nico: You're such a dork. *Finally relaxes into Will's chest*
  • Will: *blushes like a tomato* Yeah, I don't really know where that came from...
  • Nico: Shh.. *closes eyes*
  • Will: Nico?
  • Nico: Yeah, Will?
  • Will: You wanna sleep?
  • Nico: We're gonna regret this when we wake up.
  • Will: *Closes eyes* Life's all about taking risks.
  • Nico: Is it worth it?
  • Will: I think so. What about you?
  • Nico: ...
  • Will: Nico?
  • Nico: *Faint snoring*
  • Will: *smiles* Sleep well, sunshine.
the Big Brother Act

Request:  can you do an imagine where you’re scott’s little sister and hes like really protective of you and you start to really like isaac, and scott does not like you two together? and like you guys try sneaking around but he catches you one time and threatens isaac but isaac is sassy about it and yah thanks!

“Hey Scott?” I hesitantly called from my slouched position on the couch. My face felt hot when my big brother glanced up from his phone.


           Sucking in a deep breath, I asked, “What do you think of Isaac?” It was apparent from the look on his face that he hadn’t been anticipating that question; his brows lifted as his dark eyes widened. For a few seconds I was afraid that he was onto me.

           “He’s an alright guy, I guess.” Scott bit his lip and nodded, staring off into space. Then he whirled on me. “What do you think of him?”

           I shrugged. “He’s nice, ya know? And he seems smart. Plus he’s funny, and sweet, and caring…” A grin split my face. “He’s kinda hot. Actually, he’s very hot. And he asked me out and we’re seeing a movie tonight.” The last bit came out in kind of a rush. Slowly, I glanced up to see Scott jumping up from the sofa.

           “The hell you are!” He roared, and crossed his arms. “Y/N, when were you going to tell me?”

           I pursed my lips and examined my freshly-painted fingernails. “I thought now would be a good time, considering he’s going to be here in like five minutes.”

           Scott ran his fingers through his hair roughly. “God, I thought Stiles was just messing with me when he said that you liked Isaac.”

           “I told him to keep that a secret!” I shouted, standing in a huff. Then I realized my mistake when his cheeks darkened.

           “You told Stiles before you told me?” Scott’s eyes were flat black. If he was a cartoon character, smoke would be billowing from his ears.

           My shoes were suddenly very interesting. “Yeah… only because I knew you’d react like this. You’re always so overprotective.”

           “I’m not overprotective! And you’re not going out with him!” Scott snapped.

           Just then, the doorbell rang. I slowly rose my head, and the two of us stared at each other for what felt like the longest time. Then we lurched into action. I sprinted around the side of the couch while Scott jumped over it, diving down the hallway and slamming into the door. I arrived a few seconds after him, desperately shoving at his waist. He was too strong. “Damn it, Scott, move!” I nearly screamed from frustration.

           “No! I told you that you’re not going out with him. You’re my little sister. What I say goes.”

           Scoffing, I pushed his arm. “Gah, who gave you that one- Stiles maybe?”

           “So what if he did?” Scott’s mouth was set in a firm, unhappy grimace. “He has a point. I’m the man of the house. I have to look out for you.”

           “No you don’t. I can take care of myself, thanks.” I hissed, attempting to pry his fingers off the doorknob. “Worry about yourself.”

           “Would you stop?” Scott snarled, bumping me with his hip. I kicked out, nailing him right in the knee. His leg buckled, but he still blocked the entryway. “I swear to God, Y/N-”

           “Move!” I shrieked, slapping at his arm.

           Scott reached over and boxed me behind the ear. “Cut it out!”

           I swung my fist and hit him in his lower back, around the kidney area. “Not until you move, damn it!”

           Scott pinched my side; I screamed and slapped his hand away. He went for my other side. I retaliated in the only way I knew would be efficient: I grabbed a handful of his hair and yanked as hard as I possibly could. “OW!” He knocked me off, sending me sprawling to the floor. “That hurt, Y/N!”

           “I’m going to nut-punch you next if you don’t get out of the way!”

           “Um, guys?” Isaac said from the other side of the door. “I can, uh, I can hear you guys. Can I maybe come in?”

           Scott tugged the front door open sharply, poking his head out. “No. You can’t come in because you’re not taking my sister out tonight.” I weaseled my way under Scott’s arm to see Isaac raise an eyebrow.

           “And who isn’t allowing this? You?” He snickered. “I’d like to see you try to stop her from doing what she wants.”

           “What’s that supposed to mean?” Scott glowered.

           Isaac pursed his lips and shook his head. “It’s not that complex of a sentence, Scott.”

           My idiot brother rolled his eyes and sighed. “Why are you still here?”

           “Because I’m waiting for you to kindly move out of the way so I can take Y/N out- preferably within the next five minutes. The movie starts at six, and I want to get some popcorn before it starts.” He folded his hands behind his back and stretched on the balls of his feet.


           Isaac inhaled deeply and then exhaled, nodding. He clapped his hands together. “Okay, you want to do the whole big brother act. That’s cute; I’ll bite. Where do you want to give me the long talk about not hurting her and bringing her home by nine and shake my hand unnecessarily hard?”

           Scott’s jaw clenched. It was obvious that Isaac wasn’t going to give up any time soon. Atta boy. Scott’s eyes flickered to me, sending me a sharp glare. I just smiled and waved. His eyes tightened. “Living room.” He grumbled, stalking back down the hallway.

           Giggling, I accepted Isaac’s high five before reaching up to plant a sweet kiss on his lips. “Meet you in the car, love.”

           “I’ll be waiting. Good luck.”

           “Thanks. I get the feeling that I’m going to need it.”

           “Oh, you’ll be fine. Scott is an actual puppy.”

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2. this was a mistake

I’m assuming septiplier

“THIHIHIS WAHAHAHAS AHAHA MIHIHIHISTAKE!” Jack screamed. He had, rather reluctantly, asked Mark to tickle him since he was feeling down. And now was paying the price (though he rather enjoyed the torture). 

“What? You did ask for this so… cootchie cootchie coo~” Mark teased, scratching wildly up Jack’s right side. He was so happy Jack had actually asked this time. He was getting less shy about it! Except when it came to baby talk. Jack lit up like a firework.

“SHUHUHUT UHUHUHUP!” Jack covered his blushing face rather than trying to block out the tickling. 

“How adorable~ you don’t even want it to stop!” Mark cooed. Jack was in hysterics, the teasing making everything so much worse.


“Well that wasn’t nice!” Mark paused his hands. “I guess you get no tickles then.” Mark stood and walked away, smirking when he glanced back and saw Jack’s dejected look. Jack scrambled to his feet, off to not-so-subtly pester his boyfriend for more.

hope this is okay!


Hey, I leave for a week in Britany.
I may be out of tumblr in meantime, it may be a good timing to take fresh air.

Thanks to all those who came to me tonight, it was really appreciated, I love yu guys. But I struggle since a moment irl and in here. Time to clear things out I guess?

nonetheless i hope to come back full of ideas and nice comments to everyone as I used to be. That should always be my aim on tumblr…

See you, I hope!

Jackson Wang x Male Reader

Written by: Admin Sherlock

Relationship ( So Far ;] ) :

Haven’t met as of the beginning.

Scenario :

Your boyfriend throws you out of your place, so you sit in front of your apartment complex trying to figure out what to do.

~Jackson Wang x Reader~

To Have a Boyfriend

>Your PoV<

I guess the fake romance we had wasn’t enough, which is probably why he got himself someone who is good enough for him..

The sun continued to set, barely peeking over the buildings, loosing all the warmth as cruel reality begins to set in.

My head naturally thumped back against the concrete wall, exposing my neck and adam’s apple to the cold wind. It would’ve been nice to have been told in advance.

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what is your favourite song?

My favorite song is Van Halen’s “‘5150’”. No matter what happens, that song always makes me smile. It’s also interesting that the song is barely about anything. I guess it’s a love song (kind of?). It’s on the theme of relationships, is about as much as you can say about it. I’m not even sure it says anything very definite—or very well (lots of mixed metaphors)—but it always sounds nice and hopeful to me. I never get tired of it, and it’s been probably 21 years since I heard the first time (well, in truth, it probably got some radio play when it came out, and I probably overheard it here or there as a 5-7 year old). The song isn’t even lyrically coherent enough to earn its own name: it’s named after the album, which itself is named after Eddie Van Halen’s studio, where the album was recorded (and it’s the studio name that references the actual 5150 CWIC [Eddie referring to himself], not the album or the song). It’s about as close as you can get to having a song about nothing (that has actual lyrics, of course).

But yeah, despite its place in the history of music, or who wrote and engineered it, and who they are—and despite the fact that I almost never listen to Van Halen anymore—this song never fails to cheer me. It’s still my all time favorite.

More pointless Guilty Gear art. 

Admittedly, I’m not confident about the way this came out. It looked a lot nicer in my head. Honestly though, I was so fed up with trying to get it to look nice without cleaning up the sketch (because the cleanup process sometimes sucks the joy out of working on my pictures.)

tldr; It’s late, I have an exam tomorrow, I’m cranky and I just want to post something people might like so I can be happy. 

Potemkin and Bedman. Oh and there’s no rhyme or reason to this picture. Make something up I guess.

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Hi Doc! Nice to see you're back from your intense training. Hope it went well. While you were gone, that protection spell you gave me a while back wore off, and Nightmare came back to haunt me. But Clea's been helping me out, and we're trying to defeat him together. Also, Ghost Rider/Johnny Blaze has a blog now, so I guess we should all go over and say hi to him. He's pretty nice. A bit scary, but nice. Also, hope you have a Happy Heart Day. (And....I think that's everything for now)

That’s…*pant*…good. Good they have been…*pant*…helping you.

The intense training went well. It was…intense. Ghost Rider used his Penance Stare on me by the way. I won’t sleep tonight. Definitely.

I came back home a few minutes ago and, while I was out in the middle of the night talking with some friends, under the stars and the moon, feeling cold, I realized I totally miss to cuddle, lmao. Like… I seriously need more oxytocin in my body???

Being single is ok but having someone to cuddle with is better. I need to cuddle so much. I know that ppl that has been in a relationship understand me xD I guess it’s kinda addictive…

I hope I can find some nice dude to cuddle with soon, lmao (in a non-nsfw way tho), but I guess that will be difficult, godammit.