this came out funnier than i thought

anonymous asked:

How do you feel about the pewds stuff?

i never really enjoyed him back when he was popular. i’ll admit before all this grossly antisemitic stuff happened i occasionally watched some of his newer videos bc i thought he was much funnier now that he’s clearly dead inside, y’know? like, something about his newer humor made me laugh more than the older stuff but i wasnt an avid follower of his content. in fact i cant even remember if im subscribed to him i think if i was i probably already unfollowed (im gonna go check rn and make sure. i dont really follow my yt feed so idk WHO im subscribed to anymore lmao)

however, when that video came out where he paid some guys to hold those awful signs, it just kinda disgusted me, you know? ive never been emotionally attached enough to his content to feel BETRAYED, and like… tbh i believe that he probably is just a dumbass and sees it as only a joke and probably doesnt understand why everyone is so offended. but he strikes me as a guy in a position of a lot of privilege with not much empathy for people different than him, so he wouldnt have ever considered the harm that could and did cause people

so like. short answer yeah he’s garbage lmao but ive never cared about him and i dont care now. i hate antisemitism, and im glad disney and youtube have shown that they care enough about jewish people to drop him.