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Hey there! Just jumping on the passing bandwagon c: I'm an FTM guy and I came out about 3 months ago. So I was at the mall the other day to get a new bus pass, and the back of the line was across the way from where the actual store is, but I stood where the line split to make room for the people in the hall. An old lady came up to me and said "Excuse me sir, but the line is over there," and I felt absolutely amazing. I was having doubts since I came out but this made me sure that I'm trans. ^ ^

Awesome! I’m glad you’re more confident after that!

I cant believe a girl in a girl group just came out as bisexual this is so amazing and so wonderful and im so proud of Lauren and I’m just thinking of all the girls out there who are fans of fifth harmony being so unsure about their sexuality or being ashamed of it and lauren helping them and that’s so beautiful and wow im tearing up 


Some oooold stuff from Same Old World. This was my first time drawing Lapis, so it was pretty daunting. I ended up liking how the episode came out, though, thanks to everyone else’s amazing work down the line. 

In this first shot of Lapis I really wanted to capture how Steven’s presence takes her out of her misery, so I got into posing out that mental transition, also drawing her wings and hair *_* I love Steven’s moments with the Homeworld gems… I think there is something very fragile, exciting and sweet about his relationships with these characters that very recently turned a new leaf.

Lost me

Doodle of good ol Jackaboy, and simply i got an idea for this after Fireflies from owl city came on *its amazing go check it out if you haven’t * but yeah.

 *thanks for the outstanding support on here and everywhere! I’m still not really used to Tumblr, so I’m the rookie of the rookies, so thats an explanation of my knowledge on here *knowledge: 0%* but thank you so much! * 


DA: Higgiandxene

The @miracuclasszine finally came out and it’s amazing! Everyone’s posting their own masterpieces so here’s mine? I’m pretty happy with how this turned out overall.

 I tried to draw all the girls and managed to forget Lila though


A commission I got from @cocotingo last week!!! Seriously cannot get over how amazing she came out. Love my girl so much. Definitely commission her if you get the chance to. I know I will be again

Please don’t comment and say that she looks like another character. Please don’t repost or use for your own RP characters.

i did the art thing w dane dehaan’s face. it’s v emotive and nice and i rlly like it so here’s to to u dane dehaan thanks for having a drawable face (please do not delete the caption!!)


For those that don’t know, the Majora’s Mask CGI shortfilm by EmberLab came out today! It looks amazing!!!