this came out a little darker and blue than i had imagined in my head but oh well!


{synopsis} a game of 20 questions leads to something much more scandalous 

{warnings} cursing, praise kink, hair pulling, name calling (positive only), some biting/marking, highkey dom!reader, highkey sub!bucky, cursing, slow love making, thigh riding, dirty talk, filthy porn basically, some angst if you squint, unprotected sex

{pairing} bucky x fem!reader

{word count} 3663

   Bucky Barnes was something. From his thick thighs to his crystal blue eyes, that boy gave you countless reasons to stick your hands down your panties at night. You and him had been friends for a while, and you didn’t want to ruin anything because of your little crush. But at the same time, you did. It seemed worth it; completely abolishing the friendship you had kindled just for one night with the soldier in your bed. You wanted to ravish him; completely ruin him as his baby blues and flushed cheeks and plump lips looked up at you, begging for more. So, you decided to act on your desires.

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Stupid Feelings

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Anon requests: Okey, i have this crazy idea for an imagine. (Y/n) was a popular girl, she was cheryl bestfriend but she doesn’t feel like all of these popular kids. She always saw jughead in the school and always think about him bc he is different. So she left the popularity to became the bestfriend of jugg and the day she finally goes to tell him that she like him since always, he tell her that he likes betty and you can choose the end, maybe a happy one or a sad one :) (sorry my english, i’m spanish)!

Can you do a love triangle between the reader, betty and jughead, please ? Love your blog

Hi i love your writing and i was wondering if you can write a jughead x reader where the reader confesses her feelings but he doesn’t return them?

Pairing: Betty x Jughead x Reader

Description: Popular (Y/N) climbs down the social ladder to befriend Jughead, but quickly develops feelings.  The crush is only one-sided.

Warnings: one swear

Word count: 1,117

A/N: brace yourselves for a sad ending

“(Y/N)!” Cheryl snapped, interrupting my thoughts.

“Huh?” I asked, looking up at her.  She smiled sourly.

“I asked you if you’re still coming to River Vixen tryouts tomorrow,” she repeated.

“Of course!” I exclaimed, plastering a fake smile on my face.  Satisfied, she nodded and strutted down the school hallway, leaving me at my locker.  The smile slipped from my face and turned into a frown as I opened my locker.  

Cheryl had been my best friend for five years, and I knew deep down I loved Cheryl.  But her other friends?  Not so much.  I found myself constantly feeling drained when I was in their presence, and Cheryl seemed to regress into a horrible nightmare around them.  

I slammed my locker shut and strode down the hallway, not bothering to make eye contact with anyone. Anyone but one person.  I walked past Jughead Jones, and I couldn’t help but let my eyes linger for a split second longer than usual.  He was looking right at me, and we made eye contact for only a moment before I walked away.

During lunch, I sat at a table with Cheryl and her friends.  Cheryl droned on about something she and Jason had done two summers ago, and as much as I wanted to listen and give my sympathy to my friend, I couldn’t do it.  For some reason, my mind kept wandering to Jughead Jones.  The mysterious figure lurking in the school hallways intrigued me, and I couldn’t seem to think of anything else.

“Are you even listening to me, (Y/N)?” Cheryl scoffed, snapping me out of my thoughts.

“What?” I hummed.

“I said,” her voice was cold and stiff, “are you listening to me?” I glanced at her pursed lips and narrowing eyes, and her mannequin friends raising their eyebrows at me. This is not the people I want to be with.

“No,” I retorted, standing up. “I’m not listening to you, Cheryl.”

“And why not?” she demanded, also standing up.

“Because I don’t want to!” I exclaimed, throwing my hands up in frustration.  “I’m sick of this, Cheryl.  I’m sick of you treating everyone like peasants whereas you carry yourself like a queen.  I’m done!” By now all the other lunch tables had quieted down so they could eavesdrop on our conversation.

“Well,” Cheryl spat, “I don’t know why you’re still here.  Get out of my sight!”  I rolled my eyes but obliged, grabbing my bag and storming away from the table, all eyes on me.  Once I got inside the school, I leaned against a wall, closed my eyes, and released a sigh of relief.  I was free.

“That was quite the scene,” a deep voice commented, causing my eyes to snap open.  Jughead was standing in front of me.

“Oh yeah,” I breathed a laugh. “I don’t know what came over me, honestly.  I just kinda… I was fed up.”  He nodded in understanding.

“I get it,” he said, moving so that he was standing next to me.  “I don’t know how you dealt with it for so long.”

“I don’t either,” I confessed. “I guess I was just oblivious to how awful she is.”

“What made you realize that she was awful?”  I paused, unable to think of an answer.  Glancing at Jughead, I admired his raven locks and blue-green eyes.  

“Jason’s death, I guess,” I answered, unsure of myself.  “Because most of the time when a loved one dies, people will become more vulnerable. Usually grief brings about self-reflection, and it makes you realize you should be a better person.  Cheryl, although she was heartbroken about Jason’s death, didn’t become a better person.  In fact, it felt like she got worse.  She’s bitchier, more demeaning, and just more terrible overall.”  Jughead nodded at my answer.

“Well, I don’t say this kind of stuff too often,” he said, “but if you’re looking for any new friends, I’m here.”

Jughead and I quickly became close friends.  Pop’s became our usual meeting place, and we would spend every evening there.  Whether we were working on homework or just chatting, I always felt happy in his presence.

We had been best friends for a few months when I realized my feelings for him.  Every night when we sat in our booth, the butterflies in my stomach grew a little flutterier.  My cheeks began to tint a bit darker every time we hung out, and I always grew nervous when I anticipated us being together.  But then when I was around him, I felt calm and safe.

One night, I decided that I’d tell him.  I was tired of keeping this secret from him, and I figured being rejected was better than bottling up my feelings.

“Jughead,” I said, taking his attention away from his computer.  “Can we talk?”  He closed the lid, showing that I had his undivided attention.  I swallowed and fidgeted with my fingers, beginning to second-guess myself.

“Is everything okay, (Y/N)?” he asked.

“Yeah,” I tentatively smiled and nodded.  “I just… I need to tell you something.”


“I… I like you, Jughead.  I like you as in more than friends, and honestly, I think I have ever since we started being friends.”  I bit my lip as I nervously scanned Jughead’s face for a reaction.  He was motionless, and we sat in the booth in silence.  Finally, he broke the silence.

“(Y/N)… I’m sorry,” he apologized, and then my heart shattered.  I knew what was coming next.  “I don’t… you’re a great friend, truly, you are but… I like Betty.”  I swallowed and nodded.  Of course it was Betty.

“Yeah, that’s- that’s fine, it’s fine,” I stuttered out a reply, slowly standing up.  “It’s fine, really, but… I have to go, I’m sorry.”  Jughead stood up too.

“I’m sorry, I don’t want this to ruin our friendship,” he said, trying to get me to sit back down.  I shook my head.

“I don’t either, Jughead, but I need time,” I responded.  He nodded sadly in understanding.  “Bye, Jughead.”  I walked out of the diner desperately holding onto the little bit of dignity I had left. I wanted to be mad at someone, but there was no one to blame.  It wasn’t Betty’s fault; she had no idea that Jughead liked her, she wasn’t trying to steal him from me.  Nor was it Jughead’s fault, because he can’t control who he has feelings for.

As I strode out of Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe, I knew that this would be the last time Jughead and I ever had a simple relationship.  Thanks to me, every interaction from now on would be awkward and tense.  And it was all thanks to me and my stupid feelings.

Part two here   Part three here

forget it

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word count: 2.6k

requested: yes ;) I have no idea if this is what you wanted by hope you like it anyways

warnings: mature language & angst I guess

summary: you’re best friends with the boys and secretly in love with Ashton but when he gets a girlfriend, any hope of him liking you disappears.

a/n: this could’ve been longer but honestly it was long enough tbf & this feels kind of rushed but that might just be me

“She’s so rude.” Luke complained, his body hunched forward as the four of you sat on the couch. You were trapped between Calum and Michael as Luke sat on an armchair opposite you. 

“I still haven’t met her.” you sighed, resting your head on Michael’s shoulder, wallowing in self-misery. It was no secret that you were completely infatuated with the curly haired boy and it seemed like he felt the same until he brought home a girl called Lola, his new girlfriend. 

“Consider yourself lucky.” Calum huffed from beside you, rolling his eyes back before relaxing into the worn couch. You let out a sigh, your heart pounding in anticipation as you awaited the return of the hazel-eyed boy and his girlfriend. 

Ashton had wanted to introduce you to her for a while now but you could never bring yourself to actually meet her, which was only made worse when the boys told you she was a horrible human being. 

Your heart ached at the thought. Ashton deserved someone kind and wholehearted even if that person wasn’t you. But according to the boys, he was smitten with the blonde haired girl. 

“What time are they coming back?” you asked, your head still resting on Michael’s shoulder as you both lied back, your back hitting the old leather couch. 

“Any second now,” Luke huffed, running a hand through his hair. “I’m still surprised he even has a girlfriend, especially after everything he said about you.” 

Your eyebrows raised at Luke’s words, confused as to what he was talking about. “What’s that supposed to mean?” 

“He always talked about you, he was so captivated with you. So him bringing home a girl that wasn’t you is surprising, to say the least.” Calum answered, glancing over at you briefly as he spoke. 

Your heart sank at his words, you’d always had your suspicions but it seemed he’d moved on and there was nothing more you could do. 

The door slam echoed through the apartment and your heart was beating out of your chest. Michael wrapped an arm around you, pulling you into him almost as if he could sense the anxiety that was taking over you.

Luke looked up at you with sympathetic eyes which quickly turned hard as he heard a girly giggle fill the apartment. Your whole body tensed and Michael was quick to notice, rubbing small patterns on your clothed skin in hopes to ease you. 

“Hey, anyone home?” Ashton’s voice boomed out as you shrunk into Michael’s torso but he didn’t seem to mind. 

“In here.” Calum replied, a bite to his words as his jaw clenched. 

Ashton entered the room a few moments later, his hands intertwined with a short, pretty blonde girl. His eyes scanned the room, his face breaking out into a grin which quickly disappeared when he saw you cuddling tightly into Michael. 

“Y/N! I’ve been meaning to introduce you to Lola,” he started, glancing back to his girlfriend, “Lola, this is Y/N and Y/N, this is Lola.” 

You sent her a warm smile, hoping she wasn’t nearly as bad as the boys made her out to be but the raised eyebrows and eye roll made it clear enough. But Ashton was too focused looking at you to notice her action. 

The room was filled with silence, Lola clinging on to Ashton as he looked her his jaw still slightly clenched.

“So, what do you guys want to do?” you said, breaking the silence. Everyone’s heads snapped to you as you sat there, an awkward smile resting on your face. 

“I was thinking pizza and movies, like before.” Michael smiled, glancing around the room, earning nods from the two other seated boys. 

“Actually, Ashton and I were going to head back to my place.” Lola chirped, her eyes burning into you. You suddenly felt incredibly insecure, you’re sitting there wearing an oversized sweatshirt whilst she stood tall, a mini skirt adorning her figure. 

“But we just got here babe.” Ashton said sadly, his eyes meeting her bright blue ones. Your heart sinking even further at the pet name. 

“And now we’re leaving. Let’s go.” she smirked, her eyes traveling around the room, shooting dirty looks at you and the rest of the boys. 

Ashton smiled sadly at you, ignoring the rest of the boys’ grimacing faces. You smiled at him, your eyes full of sympathy as the girl tugged at his bicep once again. 

“I guess I’ll talk to you guys later then.” Ashton waved, being pulled from the room before you could even say goodbye. 

Silence took over the room once again, only interrupted by the loud door slam that followed their exit. Your eyes met Luke’s, his baby blue eyes now a shade darker than usual. 

“What a bitch.” Calum huffed, making a giggle escape you which made the rest of the boys lighten up a little. 

“And here I was, thinking Michael was the bitchiest girl around.” you huffed with a smirk, the two boys erupting with laughter as Michael looked down at you with a grimace before rolling his eyes and breaking out into a grin. 

It was a few hours until Ashton arrived home again, alone this time. You were smushed into the couch, pizza boxes and soda surrounding you when Ashton returned home. 

“Hey, I’m home.” Ashton said from the doorway, all eyes finding their way to his lean figure. The boys looked at him with disgust whilst you smiled at him, making a small smile grace his lips. 

“Is she with you?” Calum spat, looking behind him expecting to see the short girl behind him. 

“No, just me.” Ashton stated, walking towards the four of you. The boys reverted their attention back to the TV, South Park gracing the screen. 

You scooted over slightly, making room for Ashton to sit down but instead he took the larger armchair that Luke had resided in earlier that day. 

Michael snaked an arm around you once again and it was then you realized what he’d been trying to do all day. Ashton’s jaw clenched at the sight and his eyes went hard making a smirk play on Michael’s lips. 

Michael leaned down, his warm breath hitting against your ear as he whispered to you, “Let’s make him jealous.” 

You couldn’t help but smile, your eyes trailing down to the floor; desperately trying to avoid eye contact with Ashton. 

Michael’s arm wrapped tightly around your waist pulling you even closer into him as you rested your head on his chest, similarly as to how you’d sat earlier that day. Your head rested on his thigh, Ashton’s lips twitched up almost reminiscing a snarl. 

“Y/N, can I talk to you? In private.” Ashton asked, his tone making it sound like more of a statement than a question. 

“Keep it going, let’s see how far we can go till he breaks.” Michael sniggered in your ear. You couldn’t help but feel slightly guilty, after all, he was your best friend but you couldn’t resist seeing his reaction. 

“After this episode.” you smiled warmly, reverting your attention back to Michael who was staring down at you. A large smirk graced his face and it took everything within you to not laugh. 

Michael leaned down once again, his lips dancing along the outer shell of your ear making you shudder slightly. “Okay, so pretend I’m saying something really funny to make him annoyed.” 

You laughed, mostly because you thought this whole jealousy game was actually quite funny. Michael smiled again before whispering again, which to anyone else would’ve looked flirty. 

“Oh, shit. He’s getting annoyed. Told you he liked you.” Michael whispered playfully making your heart pound as you stole a glance at Ashton who was watching the two of you intently. 

Before you had the chance to respond Ashton stormed over to the two of you, grabbing your forearm before lifting you off the red-haired boy. 

“Episodes over, time to talk.” Ashton said, pulling you from your seat and into the hallway, leaving the rest of the boys grinning on the couch. 

As soon as you reached the hallway, the grip on your wrist loosening but his fingers still wrapped around your wrist. 

“Since when were you and Michael a thing?” he spat, his words laced with venom. 

“Me and Michael?” you laughed flatly, ”Michael and I aren’t anything.” 

His eyebrows raised at your statement, clearly not believing you. 

“Well, you seemed really comfortable back there. Him whispering into your ear and you giggling back at him, didn’t seem like nothing.” he said through gritted teeth, each word coming out more poisonous than the last. 

“What has my love life got to do with you. You have a girlfriend.” you said, sounding angrier than originally intended but you couldn’t help the fire inside of you that came with the thought of the blonde girl. 

“So what? As soon as I get a girlfriend you go crawling to the next boy?” Ashton shouted, waving his hands around in the air. 

“Michael and I are friends. Why do you even care so much? It’s not like we’re dating.” you shouted back, the once peaceful conversation now becoming heated. 

“Ugh, would you stop asking questions.” Ashton said, tugging at the ends of his hair. 

You went silent, watching Ashton as he tried to collect his thoughts, pacing back and forth in the small width of the hallway. You stared down at your shoes, your heart feeling as if it could fall out of your chest. 

“Ash, calm down.” you sighed, looking back up at him to find him clearly stressed and aggravated. 

“Do you know how hard it is to watch you cuddle into him? To watch you giggle at the things he says and to have your hand on his fucking thigh.” he said, his eyes burning into you and you couldn’t help but feel tiny as he towered over you.

“Do you know how hard it is to hear you ramble on about your girlfriend? To hear how captivated you are with her and still have to smile and tell you she sounds great. Because it fucking hurts, Ash.” you finished, tears glossing your eyes. 

Ashton cowered back, his eyes sad as he took in your words. A tear slipped down your face and you shook your head pathetically, wiping your face. 

“I-I didn’t-” Ashton started before cutting himself off, not able to finish his own sentence. 

“Forget it.” you sighed, moping back into the front room; leaving Ashton alone in the hallway. 

The boys had remained on the couch, all of their eyes on you. It was clear from the pitiful smiles that they’d heard everything but you hadn’t expected any less since the two of you were practically screaming at each other. 

Calum held his arms open which you miserably fell into, his chin resting on the top of your head, rubbing small circles into your back. 

You heard Ashton leave, taking a small piece of you with him. 

“What a dick.” Luke spat, making you smile softly at his annoyance. “He gets his dream girl fucking handed to him and he still goes crawling back to some rich bitch.” 

You smiled at him, his temper seeming to burn out as he smiled softly back at you. You let out a huff, as you relaxed into the kiwi boy. 

“I’ll get over it.” you sighed, reverting your attention to the TV knowing full well that it wasn’t that easy. 

It was the very next day you found out that Ashton had broken up with Lola, apparently she’d been cheating or at least that’s what you’d been told. 

The boys had forgiven Ash but you still couldn’t bring yourself to face him despite his constant attempts to contact you, whether that be through texts, calls or face to face. 

You knew you couldn’t avoid him forever but you liked to think that you could. It’d been working for a while now but Ashton was trying harder to grab your attention. 

“You’re gonna have to speak to him someday.” Luke sighed, bringing up the subject for the thousandth time since him and Ashton had rekindled their friendship. 

“I prefer to avoid the problem until it goes away. In this instance Ashton is the problem.” you said, sending him a sarcastic smile. His eyes rolled back as he smirked at you. 

“You can’t hide from your problems forever.” he smiled, looking over your shoulder and to the door of the diner which you currently occupied. Your head snapped around to see the curly haired boy glancing around before spotting you. 

You looked across the booth, prepared to scold Luke; only to find him gone. You looked back once again to find him talking to Ashton before sending you a wink and leaving. 

Ashton slowly walked towards your booth as you sunk into your seat in hopes it would swallow you up. Unfortunately, it didn’t and soon you found yourself sitting opposite Ashton, resuming the position that belonged to Luke a few moments before. 

“Hi.” he breathed, his eyes burning into you as you slouched into the seat. You flicked your eyebrows up at him, the straw of your milkshake suddenly becoming interesting. 

“Are you just gonna ignore me?” he groaned, his eyes searching your face for any emotions. 

“That’s the plan.” you smiled, before continuing to fiddle with the straw. 

“What have I got to do to make you forgive me?” he asked, his eyes sad as you finally made eye contact. Your heart yearned to forgive him and tell him you loved him but you wouldn’t allow yourself to. 

“You broke me, Ash. You had a girlfriend but still got jealous, or at least I think that’s what that was. I thought that maybe, just maybe you felt the same way but now I’m just confused.” you sighed. “I loved you and I still do.”

Your eyes were glossy as you sat there, awaiting his speech about how he loves you but only as a friend before proceeding to tell you that he hopes it can go back to the way it was. 

But before he said anything he reached across the table, cupping your hand in his two large ones as you looked up at him with scrunched eyebrows. 

“I love you Y/N. So much.” he smiled sadly, his warmth radiating through you as his hands rubbed against yours. 

“Then why’d you get a girlfriend?” you said, your voice small in hopes he wouldn’t hear the wavering in your speech. 

“Because I thought I didn’t deserve you. I needed a distraction and Lola was perfect,” he said, making you wince slightly at the use of her name. “But she wasn’t you.” 

Your eyes burned into his as a tear threatened to spill but as soon as one did, Ashton was quick to catch it; the pad of his thumb swiping across your cheek. 

“So, you actually like me back?” you sighed, desperate for reassurance despite his confession. He chuckled slightly before speaking once again. 

“I don’t like you, baby girl.” he started, “I love you.” 

Your heart fluttered and you could’ve sworn you nearly threw up. The small smile he sent you almost made you explode and you were puzzled as to how he kept such a nonchalant composure whilst professing his love to somebody. 

“I love you too.” you breathed. 

Ashton leaned over the table and softly pressed his lips against yours making your eyes flutter shut and your heart to pound even harder than before. 

It was a few moments before he pulled back, your lips tingling from the innocent yet meaningful kiss. 

“God, I love you so much. I didn’t even think it was possible.” he muttered, somewhat to himself but it was knowingly directed at you. 

“Can we go home?” you smiled, your eyes soft as they met his dilated ones. 

“Of course, baby.”

“Next time.” A Nolan Holloway Imagine. (Slight smut.)

It had been a long day, a frustrating one. Not because it had been a bad one, no, it was just your hormones going crazy, but how should you be able to control it, when Nolan would be walking around looking like a freaking Greek god all the time? Your dreams lately hadn’t been helping you in any way either.. You would have the steamiest dreams and then wake up, right before anything good would happen. So it wasn’t surprising to you that you had a hard time focusing during your last period when Nolan was sitting right in front of you, his leather jacket covering his torso. You were thinking about your dream when all of sudden the teacher called your name. 

“Y/N and Nolan, you two will be working together on this, I expect you to use time outside of school on this too, it will be taken into consideration for your final grade of this semester, so work hard. That goes for all of you! Okay, you’ll get the last fifteen minutes to discuss your choice of topic. Get started.” You sighed as you rubbed your face trying to shake your frustrations off of you. Nolan smiled when he turned around to face you, those blue eyes doing nothing to help you stop your thoughts. 

“So what do you wanna do?” he asked, his smile sending a tingling to where you wanted him. You, oh god do I wanna do you, you thought but smiled instead. 

“Um, how about we do something about the comparison between then and now? Show how we evolved from primal survivors to more complex people who no longer just do things because it’s a basic need?” you said, hoping you weren’t rambling as much as you thought. 

“Like sex.” Nolan chuckled, when he saw your face, he turned red. “I..I- just meant that we no longer do that because it’s a basic need. You know? Look, I’m sorry, it was just the first thing that popped into my head. I think it’s a great idea.” He coughed out. You smiled at his nervousness. 

“Okay, yeah. Um, how about we meet up later and start outlining, is that fine with you?” You questioned, Nolan already nodding before you had finished. 

“Of course. We can do it at my place, after practice?” he offered. You nodded as you gathered your things, ready to go home. 

“Sure, text me the address and time, and I’ll be there.” You said, pushing a piece of paper towards him with your number on it. Nolan nodded and watched you leave. 

You hurried home after school, so sexually frustrated that you knew you had to take care of it before heading to Nolan’s place. Luckily, your family wasn’t home, so you threw your stuff at the end of your bed, and stripped from your clothes and picked up your toy. It had been a while since you had used it, but oh boy was it a great feeling to finally have some pressure relived. With all of the built up tension it wouldn’t have taken you long to finish. Just as you were about to come, a text from Nolan occupied your screen. 

Hi! Practice got cancelled, I can pick you up in ten if you are ready, so we can get this thing started.”  You sighed even more frustrated than before. Typing a quick okay back, you rose from your bed, and got dressed in a pair of sweats and a tight white top before throwing your hair into a ponytail, grabbing your toy to wash it quickly. It wasn’t long before you heard a car pull up outside, so you grabbed your bag and hurried outside to meet Nolan. 

The first few hours went by fast, you made your outline, got started on the presentation and ate plenty of ice cream. You couldn’t help but laugh as you looked at Nolan, ice cream covering the very tip of his nose. He looked at you strangely. 

“What?” He chuckled, you rose from your position and walked towards him, wiping the ice cream of his nose. His cheeks got a slight pink tint afterwards, but it was nothing compared to his reaction when you licked it off you finger, not thinking anything of it. He stared at you from his seated position and when you looked down, you couldn’t help but get a rushing feeling to your core. Nolan reached out for you, his fingers brushing against yours in a soft attempt to pull you closer, without crossing your boundaries. You didn’t mind his contact, and walked closer. It was when he pulled you into his lap that your own cheeks matched his pink tint from earlier. You were straddling him, looking into those blue eyes when he leaned in, looking for any discomfort. You reassured him by closing the gap between the two of you. The kiss was soft at first, but it wasn’t long before your frustrations from earlier came into play, your hips grinding into his, trying to remove some pressure. To your surprise, Nolan pulled back looking at you, his eyes a shade darker and a smirk playing in the corner of his lips. 

“So that’s why you were squirming in your seat earlier huh?” He teased, his hands traveling to the exposed skin on you back and sides. You rolled your eyes trying to hide the fact that he was right. Nolan chuckled as he leaned forward a little bit. 

“So I take it that you’re not super horny right now?” You shook your head , not wanting him to know how you felt about him. The devilish smile that erupted on his face sent chills down your spine. 

“Soo, if I, let’s say, start kissing your neck right now, I won’t get a moan out of you? You won’t enjoy it in any way?” You shook your head again, but decided to play along. Letting your hand travel from his chest to his hair, you shrugged. 

“No, you won’t, but I’ll bet I’ll get one out of you.” You smirked as you saw the dark shade become darker. 

“You sure ‘bout that?” You nodded. Nolan took your nod as approval and seconds later, his lips were attached to your neck, sending the most thrilling feeling through your body. You reacted immediately, tilting your head to the side to give him the access he needed but biting your lip holding back the sound he so desperately wanted to hear coming from you. You grabbed his head, forcing it back so you could kiss him. He responded immediately, his hands grabbing your hips harshly making you smile in triumph and your feeling of victory only grew, when something beneath you did as well. 

Pulling apart, you smirked at him, “getting excited?” Nolan rolled his eyes, “screw you.” He growled making you laugh. “Gladly.” You responded. When he realized what you said, he didn’t waste any time. He got up, you still in his lap and walked towards the bed, throwing you onto it. However, just as he hovered over you, lips on your neck once again and hands ready to rip your pants off, the sound of a door slamming rang through his house. Nolan’s eyes went wide with panic and then he sighed loudly. 

“Of course today was the day she had the short shift at work.” He grumbled, head falling onto your chest. A few moments later you could hear footsteps and you both jumped apart. 

“Nolan, I thought I told you to not slee-” his mom stopped death in her tracks when she opened the door and saw you lying on the bed, book in front of you and Nolan in his chair, reading a paragraph. “Oh, I’m sorry. I thought you were sleeping again, you know how I feel about sleeping during the afternoon.” Nolan smiled at his mom. 

“Not sleeping. We’re just doing homework.” You tried really hard not to laugh, since you could still see the lump in his pants, but he did a great job at hiding it from his mom. 

“Oh that’s great. I’m just gonna leave you to it then. It was nice to meet you young lady.” 

“My pleasure Mrs. Holloway.” You said sweetly. As soon as she had left, Nolan sighed loudly and walked towards you looking like a hurt puppy. Plopping down next to you, he apologized. 

“It’s okay. You’ll make it up to me next time.” You said, winking.  

Hi guys! I guess I’m back! So, I know this imagine is not the smut I wanted it to be, but it was getting sooooo long! So if enough people like it, I will write a part 2 to it. Have a great night! 

Mean - Part 5 [Harrison Osterfield series]

A/N I finally did this :D hope everyone likes it!! Some drama ahead it’s exciting 

Summary: You and Harrison share the same group of friends, but somehow you can’t stand each other. All of your friends wonder how long it’ll take for you two to get along, or maybe even fall in love.

Word Count: 1, 600

Pairings: Harrison Osterfield x reader, ft Tom holland 

Warnings: none? a little fanboy!Holland

MasterlistMini Masterlist

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 6 | Part 7

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“Pairings: Damian Wayne x sister!Reader, Batfam x batsis!reader

Requested by anon:  Hiiii can I request more Damian x batsis but she is 5 years old and can it be super fluffy just like the one of avengers assemble, I swear it was the cutest thing ever💗💗💗💗 it can be about Halloween and matching costumes or going to the park or him helping her with kindergarten homework just something really fluffy

I hope you like this anon, I struggled through this one. In the accountancy period. I write in school. I get in trouble. Who cares.

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(requested by anon)

Kai Parker x Reader
word count : 4 840
: smut
summary: Reader squirts for the first time.
*gif by phantom-evil
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An evening at the Salvatores.
Lately it appeared the Mystic Falls gang had started to finally accept that maybe there is good in him , or maybe they were just tolerating him because he was Y/N’s boyfriend and it was more than obvious they were crazy about each other. It’s been almost three months since Kai and Y/N had officially become a couple , but their history went beyond that - stolen glances and kisses here and there. They had played the cat and mice game for a while until Kai figured out he just can’t be without her. He had fallen in love with the human girl and there was no going back. Kai knew Y/N loves him too , not only because she had told him so multiple times , but because it was in her eyes , in her entire attitude towards him. Always , no matter who of her friends would try to say something about him that she didn’t like , she’d try to bite their head off. Kai really loved that fire burning inside her.
Kai had expected everything but this. Since the second Y/N had walked in , his breath had been taken away and his thoughts had been thrown off completely balance. Y/N was wearing knee high boots with a short tight black dress(and no bra!!) , a short black jacket , her hair made in waves but still a tad messy and that lipstick - Kai felt as if he had been thrown straight into Hell. He could barely control himself around her in general and the way she looked in that moment had pushed it a bit too far. How was he supposed to keep his hands off her for a few more hours , when all he could think about was tearing that dress off her and messing up her hair completely ? The moment Y/N had gotten up from the sofa and asked him if he wants to go home , he had hardly managed not to grab her and whoosh them away in vampire speed.

On their way home Kai had held onto the steering wheel so hard , he had nearly broken it to keep himself from pulling over somewhere and having his way with her in the car in the middle of nowhere. Not that they hadn’t done this before but the entire night he had ran scenarios in his head and the car or the woods just wouldn’t do. Finally they got to their house and Kai could barely wait for them to get inside. Y/N’s outfit had droven him completely mad and his skin felt as if was on fire even more with each passing moment , watching her walk a step ahead of him and her dress lightly lift itself up.
The door wasn’t even closed completely when Kai smashed her against the wall lightly wrapping his hand around her neck holding her in place , brushing his nose against her cheek moving towards her neck.
“You did that on purpose , didn’t you? Wearing that short tight dress with those boots , with your hair all messed up. Not to mention that lipstick -” whispered Kai , nibbling on her earlobe. “ I can’t decide if I want to tear that dress of your body or just pull it over your head for you to wear again.”
“I have no idea what you are talking about.” said Y/N innocently , tangling her fingers in his hair pulling him closer to her than ever. Truth to be told , those had been her true intentions since the early evening. Usually they’d go there together but that evening they had gone separately because she had told him there is something she has to do. The second Y/N had walked in and he had seen her , she had known her mission was complete. Kai’s eyes had gone wider than ever and he had nearly choked on the bourbon he was drinking. The rest of the evening she had spent sitting on his lap , playing with his scruff or next to him ,her hip brushing against his and stealing glances from time to time. Kai barely took his eyes off her and his hands were shaking the entire evening as he struggled to keep them away from her.
“So innocent.” he teased resting his forehead on hers , their eyes meeting. His hand slid up her inner thigh to her core , feeling a wet spot on her panties. A smile spread across his face , seeing her eyelids fluttering closed for a second as he pressed on her entrance. Kai had been listening to her hearbeat knowing fully well she had lied to him. Even if he wasnt a vampire , he’d be able to tell by the look in her eyes. Usually she was better at hiding things , not this time though. He wondered why. “I don’t believe you for a second.”
Kai’s lips hungrily attacked hers , kissing her so hard her lips hurt a bit. All emotions he had suppressed during the past few hours came rushing back full speed and he didn’t plan on slowing down at all. He pressed his body to hers so hard her breath got knocked out of her lungs. His lips left kisses down her jaw line to her neck to her collarbone while his hands pushed down her short jacket. Kai snaked his hands down her back to her ass pulling her towards him suddenly , making her feel how hard he was. A small gasp tumbled off her lips feeling his hard on press against her and she bit her lip , her eyes going wide. They were standing so close their lips almost touched as Kai spoke and Y/N could feel his heart racing and she tried to suppress a smile realising his heart was beating as fast as hers , maybe faster.
“This is your fault.” he whispered , looking at her with hooded eyes. “You did that to me the second you walked in. Only you can do this to me without even touching me. Though you sitting on my lap on the sofa , you must’ve already known.”
Kai smirked at her and slid his hands down her hips , hitching them around her thighs as he scooped her up. He could hear her heart rate change the moment he touched her bare skin. He shoved her against the wall again , his nose brushing against hers for a moment as the tension build more. They were starring at each other , none of them willing to look away for more than a split second. Y/N’s eyes darted between his eyes and his lips , holding onto him tighly. Kai’s eyes had darkened to a darker shade of blue and the fact was looking at her with hooded eyes only turned her on even more. She wondered if he knows the effect he has on her. One look from him was enough to get her right where he wanted her - wet on the spot and begging for him. That night had been a payback for all those times. With the help of Elena and Caroline ,she had gotten the hair and make up done and later one had picked out the dress. Y/N darted her tongue out licking his lower lip and a low growl came from deep inside his throat.
“Well…” he trailed off. “Time to pay sweetheart.”
In a flash he whooshed them away upstairs , pulling the dress over her head in vampire speed and tossing it on the floor. Kai’s lips smashed against hers a split second later and her hands pushed away his jacket , hooking around his neck right after. Y/N pulled herself closer to him trying to gain some control , only he wouldn’t let her. He spun her around in vampire speed pressing his chest to her back while slowly trailing his fingertips all the way from her shoulder to her fingertips sending shivers all over her body. Y/N threw her head back , resting it against his chest , turning slightly towards him. Her boyfriend was getting back at her for the entire evening.
Kai could barely hold himself together but somehow he managed knowing if her just pushes her buttons a bit more , things would flip in reverse and Y/N would be the one unable to keep her hands to herself. Their eyes met just as his other hand slid down her stomach to her core , pushing its way in her panties. She bit her lip watching Kai’s eyes darken even more.
“Mmmm so wet.” he whispered , pushing two fingers inside her , curling them around slowly a few times before pulling out. A soft moan tumbled off her lips and Y/N grabbed his hand , shoving his fingers in her mouth licking them clean without breaking eye contact with him. “Damn Y/N..”
Kai’s hand snaked around her stomach , holding her towards him as her ass rubbed against his crotch. Having her lick his fingers was pushing him over the edge as if his emotions weren’t already on an over drive. He wanted her , all of her. In that moment and not a second too late. Kai moved her hair from her neck , whispering in her ear.
“How is it that you drive me so out of control? I swear , I almost lost it tonight.”
“Oh you mean like you do to me every single second of every single day ?” replied Y/N , snaking her hand behind her back towards his lenght catching a glimpse of their reflections in the tall mirror on the other end of the room. Purple black veins flashed under Kai’s eyes and he sank his fangs into her neck at the same time his fingers found their way back inside her panties rubbing slow figure eights on her clit. Y/N titled her neck a little , giving him better access not taking her eyes of their reflections. Kai looked so hot while feeding in general and even hotter in that moment while feeding on her , she couldn’t look away no matter how hard she tried. It all looked so perfect , like they were two pieces perfectly fitting into each other in every scenario. He pulled away following her gaze , purple black veins still flashing under his eyes while her warm blood trickled down his chin dripping onto her neck and slowly down her chest.
“Damn you are so hot when you do that.” she moaned out

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Precarious // 7

mafia!bts: park jimin
precarious: adj. dangerously insecure or unstable
Psychotic, that’s how he viewed himself. He was a precise hitman who never made a mistake, until now. Set on an all kill mission, he brings back more than just blood stains.
word count: 2183
warnings: explicit language, fluff? maybe?? 

[ 1 ] [ 2 ] [ 3 ] [ 4 ] [ 5 ] [ 6 ] 7

summer is here now so i hope i will be able to update more frequently ((: pls let me know if i should add smut to this story bc im torn ive never written it b4 but it could fit well in some parts ??!!

Originally posted by sugamysavagebaby

The many floors disappeared under your feet. The elevator shooting up smoothly. The glass was clear all around you. Tiny people scattered below and became out of sight. The elevator was rather frightening because it was window all over, even under your shoes.

It stopped and a ding noise caught your attention. Jimin was on his phone the entire time, scrolling through emails and text messages. Several business men stepped inside, carrying briefcases and neck ties secured at their collars. Another stop followed with another ding. The elevator was slowly becoming crowded. 

The men eyed you with a mischievous glisten. An uncomfortable chill ran down your spine and you followed their many eyes to your slightly exposed chest. The dress was cut low, but Jimin said he really liked you in it. 

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the sea doesn’t like to be restrained | part 1

listen. the new rome idea was so cute and all, but i just can’t imagine percy and annabeth spending their lives in the roman camp? they have to be in new york. i won’t have it any other way.

even at twenty years old percy jackson is still a sappy dork who is hopelessly in love with his girlfriend and i love him very much

Looking back on it, I think almost everyone at Camp Half-Blood knew that I was going to propose to my girlfriend before I knew it myself.

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Unexpected lust, Part 1/2

Pairings: Pietro x Reader

Words: 1K

Summary: Tony and the reader are reading fanfiction of themselves and when Pietro joins them, the atmosphere between him and the reader gets a bit more heated.

Warnings: Smut! Few swear words.

A/N: Okay, it’s kinda weird to post a smutty writing after my blogs have always been stamped with the good girl –title, as well as me as a person. But hey, girls have their needs and mine are totally involving smutty Pietro Maximoff and I happen to know that I’m not the only one. *winks* I hope you enjoy this!

Texts in italics are standing for fanfic-clips.

Part 2

”Oh my god, listen to this one”, I laughed, sitting at the kitchen with Tony, eyes watering and stomachs hurting from all the laughing. “Oh no, I can’t-“

Y/N came out of the shower, her soft skin twinkling as the sunbeams hit it, and I couldn’t get my eyes off of her. She smiled softly, before walking in front of me, dropping her towel to the floor”, Tony quoted the text, smirking. “Oh, guess what you are going to say next-”

I glanced at the screen of my phone, deep smirk taking over my lips. I raised my head to watch straight into Tony’s eyes, innocent smile on my lips. “Do you want me, daddy?” I purred, bursting into laugh. “I would never say anything like that.”

“Shame, I like this version of you”, Tony frowned, laughing then deeply. “She kneeled in front of me as a good girl she is, taking my big, hard cock in her soft little hand, blinking her eyes sweetly. Then she kissed the top of my- Oh okay, things are getting weird now- lightsaber and that was all it took me to cum to her pretty, light pink mouth, filling it with my love paste, while screaming her- the sex goddess’s name.

“Oh god, I love these- oh here is one about you!” I laughed, tears in my eyes. “”Tony”, I shouted, running to him, tears rolling down my cheeks. “I thought I was going to lose you!”
“You are never going to lose me”, Tony whispered, wiping my tears away, before pulling me into a deep kiss.
Hey- this is not fair. Why on earth does they write only cute stories about you, but I’m a sex doll in each of mine?”

“Because you are more sexier than him, Printsessa”, I heard a familiar, Sokovian accent coming from the doorway. I turned around to see Pietro leaning to the doorframe, smirk on his face.

“Oh is that so, Piet?” I smirked, rising my eyebrows.

“My opinion is yes”, he chuckled, taking a slice of pizza from the counter. “What are you reading?”

“Fanfiction”, I laughed brightly, glancing at Tony, who were fully focused on reading something from the screen of his phone. “It seems that our- fans are writing these stories about us and publishing them on the internet, on a site called Tumblr.”

“Oh”, Pietro laughed, leaning to the counter. “What kind of stories?”

I felt a slight blush creeping slowly to my cheeks. “Well, for example love stories, stories that are labeled with angst, and then there are my personal favorites -smutty ones. With sex, a lot of sex. Kinky sex, romantic sex, public sex, break up sex –any possible kind of sex.”

“Between who?” he frowned, looking truly interested.

“Mostly between the reader and the character –which in this case means one of us, but there are stories where they are pairing us together as well”, I explained, laughing.

“For example-“, Tony harrumphed, way too deep smirk on his face. “”Pietro”, Y/N whispered, nipping her bottom lip between her teeth, as he pressed her against the wall.
“Didn’t see that coming?” Pietro chuckled, kissing her neck softly.
“Pietro, w-what are you-“
But she didn’t get a change to finish her sentence as he pressed his lips against hers, making her head spin. This was all she had ever wanted –to have Pietro kissing her, touching her, showing her how much he loved her-

I glanced at Pietro and nipped my lip between my teeth as I saw how focused he was, leaning to the counter, listening to Tony with slight frown on his handsome face while caressing his jaw with his long fingers.

She let out a soft moan as the kiss got deeper, making Pietro want her even badder –if possible. He pressed his growing hardness against her, making her beg and repeat his name again and again, like it was the only world she knew. It was the only word she had to knew, as Pietro finally picked her up and tossed her to the sofa, before pulling her pants harshly away. He couldn’t wait to have a taste of that-

“Oh my god”, I breathed out, trying to steady my breathing, the mental images repeating themselves in my mind, making me blush. “I think we have heard enough, thank you very much, T.”

“Oh, did that turn you on, Y/N?” Tony chuckled, looking amused. “I bet it did.”

“Tony”, I let out a nervous laughter, crossing my legs. “Don’t-“

Pietro pressed his tongue on her sensitive clitoris, making her throw her fingers to his dusty blond hair, pulling it, as the waves of satisfaction rushed over her body, making her pant and gasp hard. Pietro kept his icy blue eyes focused on her, as she squirmed at the sofa, his name escaping her lips here and there with soft moans surrounding them”, Tony continued, glancing at both of us occasionally, grinning.

I tried not to think about the words I was hearing, but they kept pushing to my mind, filling it with visions of Pietro on top of me, his tongue making me scream his name. I glanced at him carefully and gasped slightly as our eyes met, his gaze darker than usually, lip between his teeth.

“Fuck Pietro”, Y/N moaned, as she was getting closer and closer to her orgasm. “I’m gonna-“
“Come for me, ljubimyi”, he breathed out, sliding two fingers inside of her, causing her to scream his name as she came hard, collapsing to the sofa. Pietro’s fingers were still working inside of her, making her orgasm last and last-

I bit my lip to stop a moan from escaping my lips as I saw the growing pulp in his grey sweatpants. I formed his name with my lips, glancing at him interrogatively. “Are you-“

He tilted his head, slight smile on his lips and glint of deep lust in his eyes. “You want to-“, he nodded towards reading Tony.

I felt my heart beating like a drum as I nodded my head. “Yes.”

Part 2/2

My Anchor - Archie Andrews

@bxllasanosa said:

HI! LOVE YOUR IMAGINES SO MUCH! Can I request an Archie imagine where Y/N and him have been on a few dates and really close. One day, he asks her to come watch him on the upcoming variety show, she eventually accepts. And when it’s Archie’s turn, he’s nervous but he sees her in the audience and they smile at each other. And after the show, they meet backstage and just PURE FLUFF. Sorry if it’s long. And tag me when it’s out? :))

Originally posted by riverdalesource

The Earth shifted when you started to date Archie Andrews. Everything about your budding relationship was easy, nothing too forced. You got along so well because you had been friends before you started your romantic relationship. You were very open with each other when it came to sharing how you felt. With Riverdale High School’s big variety show coming up, you and Archie had been focusing on his songs and supporting him. You would listen to him sing, loving every moment of it. Sadly, without a musical background, you couldn’t help him every much other than giving him support. He called on Valerie to aid him with his composition and you feel a little jealous.

You had only been on a few dates with Archie yet you found yourself falling for the talented boy more and more each day. The night before the big variety show, Archie invited you over to listen to the final draft of the song. You walked over to his house, conveniently not far from yours, and was greeted at the door by Fred.

“Oh, hello Y/N. Come in,” you smiled at Archie’s dad and walked into the house. “Archie’s up stairs getting his outfit soredt out for the big night.” You smiled at Fred, he always seemed happy to see you. You made his son happy, so how could he not be pleased.

“Is he nervous?” Your voice was quiet but Fred heard it. He nodded and you walked to the foot of the stairs. “I’ll go see if I can help,” you said and Fred gave you a smile. You walked quickly up the stairs and down the hallway to Archie’s room. You knocked lightly on the door and waited for the all-clear.

“Come in,” you smiled when you heard Archie’s voice and walked through the door. Archie’s face lit up when he saw you. “Hey babe,” he said, walking towards you. He wrapped his arms around your shoulders, pressing a kiss to your forehead. You blushed at the action, despite him having done it before. Your arms wrapped around his middle and you smiled at his warmth.

“Need any help?” He let out a chuckle as he pulled back to look at you.

“You don’t think I can dress myself?” You smiled at his teasing and he grinned. You tangled your fingers with his and walked towards his bed. He had laid out a nice pair of jeans and his favorite pair of sneakers. You let out a small giggle and Archie smiled.

“Going shirtless?” You gestured to the empty spot on his bed where a shirt would go. Archie’s smile widened and a glint of mischief shown in his eyes.

“I thought you’d like it,” you let out a laugh at his words. You leaned up a pressed a kiss to his cheek. When you pulled away, a soft smile rested on his kissable lips. Your eyes moved from his lips to his eyes and you saw that he noticed your glances. You swallowed hard, turning around to break the tension. Despite the many dates you went on with Archie, neither of you had kissed the other’s lips or uttered those three words.

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Baby Daddy [Bellamy Blake]

Title: Baby Daddy
Fandom: The 100 (TV Show)
Characters: Bellamy Blake x reader, Clarke Griffin, Jasper Jordan, Octavia Blake, Monty Green, mentions of Miller
Warnings: Teen pregnancy, a little bit of violence
Word Count: 1,591 (because I got carried away…)
Requested: By a trusty anon
Short Description: Set before the Ark came to Earth. Request by anon: Can you please write a The 100 imagine for Bellamy where you’re talking to another delinquent (maybe Jasper or someone else) about the fact that you’re pregnant. And Bellamy overhears and thinks that it’s Jasper’s child??

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The Invitation.

A little imagine which my dear friends helped to write.

@jazzyjonah @boomboomboomwayhoo @lost-in-wonderland-x @5sosmusic1d @dannyboyseavey @thatssoherron @superseavey

You should defo go follow these amazing girls! They’re amazing.

Warnings: Cursing, let me know if you spot others..

Summary: Why Don’t We spot a special group of friends hanging together and genuinely enjoying each other company. They decide to pay them a little visit.

You headed for the airport, excited to finally meet you best friends. You had spent many, many late nights talking to them in your own special group chat, longing to meet each other. You referred to each other as best friends. Always supporting each other, sending virtual hugs and even offering to fly across the world to help fight for each other. Why Don’t We where holding a convention here in you home town, LA. You best friends, desperate to meet each other all decided to visit and meet you in LA. It was your excuse to finally meet each other.

You headed towards the gates where you had promised to meet them. As everyone began to flood in through the gates, you held up your personalised sign reading the name of your group chat. ‘Jeepers Nutsack’ could be read in large swirly letters. Too excited to meet your friends, you hadn’t noticed the funny looks of people passing by. You suddenly felt anxiety building up as your mind came to one thought. 'What if they don’t show?’ You mind was suddenly taken away from the dreaded thought when a short girl, you recognised as no other than Maia. She looked stunning as usual. Her long dark hair, flowing behind her as she raced towards you, excitement plastered over her beautiful smile. She wore an off the shoulder top with skinny jeans with make up (the one thing she took pride in), her signature look. You where so happy to finally meet her as she collided with you, drooping her luggage as she brought you into a tight embrace.

“Maia” you beamed, both of you laughing in a pile on the floor.

“Y/N!” She replied as you both began to regain your posture. “I’m so fucking happy to finally meet you!” She added.

You two didn’t get long to chat before another one of your friends had arrived. Maia lived the closest to you, followed by Samie. She was older than you however, she was much shorter. It wasn’t hard to spot the red haired girl with beautiful hazel eyes, her glasses bring out their beauty, and freckles to match. She wore black overalls with a purple crop top beneath them. Her hair was curled and she appeared to be carrying a harry potter suitcase. It was typical of her since she was a huge fan. You could ask her anything to do with Harry Potter and guaranteed you would get a sassy paragraph explaining everything. It was one of the many things you loved about her. Being her clumsy self, she had managed to trip leaving you and Maia to catch her.

“Oh my fucking god! Thank you Y/N! Shit! You’re even prettier in real life” She gasped smiling brightly as she glanced from you to Maia, pulling you both into a tight hug. This was something you would never get fed up of.

“Aw thank you!” You smiled. You had decided to wear a simple t-shirt, jacket and leggings. You where too excited to put loads of effort into your look, you had practically made your mother leave early just so you could be there on time. You all went back to holding up the sign. Samie practically jumping with excitement causing you and Maia to laugh.

Another crowd of people flooded the airport, you and your two besties began searching in hopes of finding the other weirdos that belonged to you chat. It was then that Maia noticed Stephanie, probably the most supportive member of you group. She always made sure that everyone felt loved, she wouldn’t stop until they did. You loved that about her. She practically skipped steps when she read the sign, her brown hair and shone a tinted red in the light, perfectly framed her face, her brown eyes filled with love as always as she brought you all into a tight hug, almost not letting go.

“Noodles!” You nearly screamed in excitement. “Oh my god! That outfit is amazing!” You added. She wore a black band tee, with skinny jeans ripped at the knee, a flannel tied around her waist as she rocked her black ankle boots.

“Could you wear more black?” Maia teased, earning a playful punch from Stephanie. You where so busy laughing at the two teasing each other you hadn’t notice Rhea arrive, until you heard-

“jEePeRs NuTsAcKs” You knew instantly who that was as you turned to meet the gaze of your taller friend, Rhea. A ball of sunshine. Her hair was balc and about medium length. Like Samie, she too had hazel eyes. She wore her glasses to day, her hair perfectly straighten as usual and tucked behind her ears to reveals her beautiful studs. Upon reaching the group she began to grow awkward noticing that people had began to stare at the nearly complete group of friends. She wore something simple. Sweatpants and a graphic tee of some kind, you didn’t care, she still looked as pretty as the others. You were only waiting for three others before you could finally say that the group was complete. 

About 10 minutes had passed before two other girls had joined you. These two being the wonderful Haley, who wore I a lovely, loose jumper with skinny jeans and Hero, the beautiful blonde with adoring brown eyes and nerdy glasses, holding some chips she must have picked up on her way to meet you.

Haley had lovely long, brown hair and brown eyes. She looked flawless as usual. Upon noticing us, she rushed over, Hero trailing closely behind in what appeared to be skinny jeans and a comfy blue tee with the Hogwarts logo on showing her love for Harry Potter. Hero and Samie instantly started hitting it off, talking about everything to do with harry potter, from the houses to the movies to the books. EVERYTHING!

“OMG! I’m so freaking pumped to finally meet you!” she gasped, hugging each and everyone of the girls in turn. “Is that all?” She asked after she finally let you out of her grip.

“Nearly, we’re just missing Nicki” You explained.

“SUP PEEPS!” You heard Nicki call as she ran across the room. Her small structure colliding with the group. She wore an over sized grey hoodie with a pink moustache on it, with black high waist skinny jeans that where ripped at the knee. She wore her hair up in a messy bun, strands falling everywhere, revealing the purple dye beneath the blonde. Behind her was another girl, one you didn’t recognise.

“Guys, this is my good friend Nastya, she’s here for the why don’t we convention, I offered her to tag a long with us cuz she’s cool” She explained. Nastya waved. She had adorable brown eyes and a slightly lighter shade of brown hair that hung neatly around her face. Like Nicki, she wore a hoodie, a darker grey than Nicki’s.

“Heya Nastya” Everyone greeted. It didn’t take the gang long to take pictures and begin fangirling over the boys for the millionth time that week. Hero sharing meme’s of the boys while Maia imitated Jack’s sassiness. Samie couldn’t help but start feels amongst the group by sharing a very touching story about Jonah. They had gone nuts yet again, it was if they had always known each other. Nobody would have thought that this was their first time meeting.

The group left the airport heading straight for starbucks after Nicki had complained the entire time that she wanted to go. You gave in asking if your mum didn’t mind you and the girls heading off out after they had settled into their hotel rooms.

“I can’t fucking believe that my mam let me come here on my own” Nicki gasped, Her welsh accent thick amongst the group. Hero attempted to agree as she munched on her freshly backed muffin. It didn’t take the group long to kick off on a mission again. Rhea bring up the subject of dogs and Nastya chatting to Stephanie about football.

“Y/N! Do you have any pets?” Maia asked

“No, but I play the guitar” You answer looking over at Samie and Nicki who where on the subject of instruments “I’d love to own a dog” You added bouncing back to Maia’s conversation with Rhea. The coffee shop had began to die down. Only the sound of your group of friend laughing, joking and teasing each other about Why Don’t We and the idea of meeting them. You had no idea that the boys wher watching you or even there until Hero jokingly said.

“Could you imagine Jonah being stood behind me right now” Nicki’s and Haley’s face dropping to the floor as they noticed the tall boy behind her. “What?” Hero questioned “Is there something on my face?” Stephanie and yourself stopped mid-conversation as the other boys joined him. “Shit” Hero muttered “Tell me what I said didn’t just happen” She muttered too scared to turn around. No one could answer, in fact you where the only one who could manage to nod.

“Hey” Jonah smiled, Hero’s face dropping as her heart began to pound loudly in her head. “I couldn’t help but drop in after reading your group chat and after hearing you guys talk, you sound like the right people”

“Wait you actually read the messages?” Maia gasped in disbelieve.

“Oh Sweet lord this is embarrassing” Haley muttered still not functioning proper.

“I SWEAR I’M A GOOD CHILD OF THE LORDE!” Stephanie blurted out

“Shit” Nicki muttered unable to think of anything else to say. There was a lot of embarrassing thing written in that chat and he had read it all.

“JEEPERS NUTSACK!” Rhea blurted, falling into a fit of laugher, everyone else joining her, include the boys. Everyone finely regained their sanity, well what little they had of it. As Jack perked up.

“We actually came over to speak to you guys, we missed you at the airport” He began once again leaving you and your friends in shock.

“Us” You said “As in the bunch of weirdos who as suffering from extreme embarrassment right now” You hated yourself for saying that.

“Pinch me i’m dreaming” Bre muttered as Nastya giggled at her.

“We want to invite you guys to hang with us, you seem like really nice people who are extremely supportive of one another” Daniel explained

“Holy child of God” Stephanie gasped.

“About that” Daniel began, frowning slightly. “You guys gave up some strange nicknames”

“I don’t know what you on about 'cause Aesthetic Meme Corbyn is pretty lit” Corbyn smiled.

“That actually fucking read the chat” Hero looked terrified as she spoke, her eyes wide with disbelief “Boy am I fucked”

“Really Fuck Boi Zach?” Zach dramatically gasped faking being insulted “But seriously, you guys are freaking awesome, we’d love it if you’d hang with us someti-”

The poor boy didn’t get a chance to finish his sentence before they where suddenly coated in hug from the girls who had suddenly realised that this was literally Why Don’t We and they wanted to hang with them. US!

Can’t Help Falling In Love

Artist: Elvis Presley

Relationship: Peter Parker X Reader

Summary: You love him, but you’ve never spoken to each other.

Warnings: FLUFF

Word Count: 2,434

Want a Song?

It hurt, looking at him hurt. The ache in your heart as you watched him perform the chemistry lab in front of you.He was so smart and so cute. He was also so out of reach.

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Dancing Music

Dancing music Castiel x reader

Castiel x Winchester sister!reader

Disclaimer:I do not own any of the characters

Warnings: Angst and jealousy, implied smut, but then fluffy fluff

AN:This is my submission for Moey’s 1k Fluff Fest Challenge. My prompt was “This is not dancing music.” This turned out full of angst in the beginning but it ends super fluffy so I hope its still ok for your fluff challenge. @waywardmoeyy

Summary: After admitting your feeling to Cas he tells you its forbidden. When you start dancing with another man Cas gets jealous and admits his feelings for you.

Words: 2,613

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anonymous asked:

Hey!! I just wanted to ask if you could write a Harry x evie fic, maybe one where they're trying to hide their relationship from their friends? Thanks!!

Oh Anony, this was so much fun to write. Thank you for the prompt. Here you are, hope you enjoy it. 

Title: Subtle you are not AKA The Five Times Evie and Harry tried to keep their relationship a secret Plus the one time they failed.
Word Count: 3216
Rated: G.
Note: On AO3

I. Ben

Ben knew he was late. The appointment he’d set up with Evie had been for noon, but of course the meeting with the council had went over the allotted time. Grumpy having taken an instant dislike to something Genie had suggested and things only escalated from there. Ben had to defuse the situation before things got out of hand.  

Fifteen minutes later and he finally arrived at Evie’s dormroom. He only hoped she wasn’t too angry with him for making her wait. Ben knocked lightly to announce his presence, giving the doorknob a quick twist, surprised when the door didn’t budge. He waited a moment and listened only to hear a soft giggle followed by someone shushing another.

“Evie, I’m sorry that I’m late. The meeting got a little hairy towards the end but I was able to settle things. I hope you aren’t mad. Evie?” Ben’s smile wilted, staring at the closed door, “if you’re busy I can come back another time.” Another giggle was his only response. The young king just making out some rustling before Evie gave him an answer.

“No, it’s fine Ben. I was just working on another commission. Give me a second and I’ll let you in.”

Ben nodded, despite knowing she couldn’t see him. Rocking back and forth on the balls of his feet, the king waited, greeting any student who happened to pass by.

“Sorry for making you wait, Ben,” an innocent smile graced Evie’s lips as she pulled open the door. Ben’s brow rose as he took in her appearance. Her normally perfect hair was in disarray, though it looked like she had tried to calm it down before answering the door. The top she wore was slightly skewed, delicate hands quickly working to smooth out a few wrinkles.

He waved her off her apology with a smile, thinking nothing more of it, “no I’m sorry. We made this appointment and I was the one late.”

“Yer majesty,” Harry cooly addressed from where he lounged on Evie’s bed, giving the king pause. If he noticed the lack of boots and socks on the pirates feet, he didn’t say a thing.

“Don’t mind him,” Evie reached for his hand, pulling him towards the little platform for him to stand. Ben didn’t miss how her eyes lit up when she looked at the pirate. “He was helping me with one of my latest orders.”

She waved to the beautiful blue cape draped across Mal’s bed.

“For Chad?”

Evie nodded, ignoring the snort that came from her bed, “how can you tell?”

Ben laughed, “peacock feathers gave it away.”

Evie clapped her hands together, “right! Well let’s get started on that new suit!”

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The Show

Castiel x RockSinger!Reader

Word Count: 2.4k

Warnings: swearing, inappropriate/sexual thoughts, dirty talk, smut.

Author’s Note: This is dedicated to the ever so amazing @queenkaywinchester and to her absolute love of In This Moment. <3 Pics is collage are not mine. The song featured is “Adrenalize” by In This Moment. Bold italicized words are lyrics.

Castiel’s eyes widened at the impressive crowd. There were at least several thousand, possibly more, all pushing each other forward towards the stage. The first band had played for about forty-five minutes, awakening the crowd for the second band, your band.

You were stoked to be the second opener for a majorly popular rock band, one you had idolized for years as you pursued your passion for music. Sure, it was just a side gig, going on mini tours, taking a few weeks off hunting. But, when a world-popular band had asked you to open for them two states over, you couldn’t refuse, even though you were currently working a case.

A quick break never hurt anyone, right? Plus, the regular opener for the band’s tour had taken the night off to go on a local talk show.

So, this was your big break.

Dean nudged Cas, who seemed somewhat unimpressed with the first band. Castiel hadn’t been a huge fan of modern music, especially rock, despite Dean and your encouragement. But, when you asked the boys to come to your show, they couldn’t say no. Even Cas wanted to be there to support you.

The lights lowered, causing the crowd to erupt with excitement. Shouts and whistled filled the air as the stage lights flickered, drowning the outdoor arena in a red glow.

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Daddy Osterfield pt. 3

Warnings: little sex talk and a tantrum that is all.

Word count: 1605

Tagging: @misshollander1 @tomsleftbrow @newt-parker @143amberrose @rawrimamy16 @holland-toms (tagging people who comment and ask to be tagged)

Part 4 here

The coffee shop was a nice change from the atmosphere of screaming teens, at least here you got some quite apart from the coffee machine buzzing. You and Harrison sat opposite each other as Hannah, Audrey and Tom sat at another table, closer to the children’s table. Audrey had nearly outed you to Harrison as she called you mum and tugged on your shirt, if not for Hannah laughing and picking her daughter up to look at the cookies, the truth would have spilled out much faster than you expected.

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Nobody (Part 8)

Plot:  Reader has been held prisoner by Hydra and is discovered by Nat and Bucky.  Post CA:CW (Bucky’s on the team, no one hates each other) Slight AU

Warnings: Cursing only…I think.

Words: 3115

A/N: This part might be shit.  I’m not happy with my writing style and am researching on how to improve so please bear with me. And I feel like I lost my touch…the first parts were far better…

italics = reader’s thoughts

Reader’s POV

A wave of tranquillity passed over you as you realised that you must be, once again, back in the void.  The void wasn’t such a terrible place.  You just hated how you got here.  It normally involved agonizing pain and paralyzing horror in order to get into the void.  It was just dark and quiet, nobody lived here.  Nobody hurt you here.  Nothing hurt here, where ever here is; you wished you could stay forever.  

Though, something was different this time.  It wasn’t as black and silent as it usually was.  There was a soft humming and an occasional unfamiliar beep; someone had turned the noise back on.  And the darkness was slowly washing away, like a receding ocean tide.  Don’t go.

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I’m Not Ill pt.3

//Trigger Warning and Disclaimer: mentions of mental illnesses, physical abuse, and light mentions of death. //

Summary: Namjoon gets a hold of two patient files, and in the midst of tranquility, something unexpected happens.

Words: 3k+

“Namjoon, when are you going to show me his records?!” To say that you were aggravated was an understatement.  It’s been weeks now, and still, no one has given you a clue as to why Taehyung was apparently dangerous. Mrs. Kim still refused to let you get a hold on the patient files, and everyone else just blatantly avoided the topic.

“I told you, be patient! Now what was the thing about his meds?” You decided to meet Namjoon in a nearby coffee shop. All you asked for was a job, so that you could finally pay your rent on time, but instead you got a puzzle no one wanted to help you solve. 

To say that Taehyung didn’t grow on you would be a lie. Ever since you ‘planted’ your poppy flower, he’s never left your side. And you didn’t want to leave his either. His child-likeness made him more like-able. Even Yoongi, who looked as if he had a grudge with everyone, stuck around him.

“Shouldn’t they do something about it? I mean, in a non-violent way.” you said, stressing the last part. “If he doesn’t want to take them, then we can’t do anything about it. We can’t force feed him. And mixing the pills in his food didn’t turn out well.” Namjoon leaned back, exasperated. You flinched, hearing his words. It was true though, and you didn’t want to repeat Taehyung’s anger.

“There’s what?!” You could hear Tae’s voice all the way up to the front desk. You and Jackson proposed the idea to Mrs. Kim, and she was more than thrilled to hear it. She got the “It’s for your own-”

“Bullshit! I call bullshit on everything on you say! You’re all liars. Jungkook’s right, you’re all liars!” The remnants of his oatmeal were on the ground. The second he tasted something different, he freaked out. Now, the table in front of him was flipped, and you were next to Jackson, trying to calm him down.

“You put something in it!” He pointed an accusing finger at Daehyun. He was the one tasked to prepare Tae’s food that day, and something must’ve gone wrong with the mixing. The older boy shook his head. “No! It’s the same thing you’ve been getting ever since.”


It took five guards and two nurses to sedate him. It was difficult to get in a shot since he was flailing his arms a lot. Yoongi offered to drag him to his room, but not before getting in a few words with you. 

“Jungkook, hold him for a bit.” Yoongi muttered, stomping his way over to you. He grabbed your arm and gripped it tightly, but not enough to hurt. “What were you thinking? There was no way in hell you’d actually think this would work- he almost had a switch for fuck’s sake!” Yoongi whispered to you.  

“I’m sorry, I just wanted to-”

“To help? Well it sure didn’t work. Don’t fucking go behind his back to do things like these, because he really trusts you, and I don’t want him to get disappointed by whatever fuckery you’ll come up with.” He finished, giving you one last cold glare, before heading back to help the younger one with Taehyung.

“Yoongi has a point, you know. It’s been a while since Tae trusted someone, especially a staff member, like that.” You stared at Namjoon as he slowly drank his frappe. It was hard figuring out how Tae’s brain worked. How he could go from cuddly and sweet to yelling and fuming in a blink of an eye.

“I just- When Jackson told me that he’s been there for a few years, the only thing I’ve thought of was to get him out. Doesn’t he have a family?” Namjoon winced as you said that. 

You didn’t tell anyone, but you went through the visitor’s log one time, and there was no one who was was listed for Taehyung. It was as if this boy was the only one for himself in the world, and you just can’t accept that.

“He doesn’t like talking about it. But last time I heard, he used to live with his father and his sister.” Namjoon downed his drink and reached into his bag. He passed you two folders, both of which had the hospital’s logo on them. You raised an eyebrow in question.

“I couldn’t get the files from the fourth floor up, but I know that you’re probably familiar with Jungkook and Hoseok. I got you a little something. Consider it as a sorry for not answering your questions.” he shrugged, motioning to the files. Hesitantly, you reached for the one nearest to you, and it happened to be Hoseok’s.

“You found him where?!” Your eyes widened after reading the first few lines. “Fun fact, I’m literally the one who found him. I was walking home one night, and I saw him passed out by a gutter. I thought he was drunk or high or something, but then he jolted up. He looked so confused, and the first thing I thought was to bring him home.”

“Real smooth, Joonie. I didn’t know you were into guys.” You smirked at him teasingly. He rolled his eyes. “Anyway, we kind became friends, and I told him to go get a check-up from a psychiatrist, so he did.” He picked his chair up and placed it next to yours. “He’s a really nice guy. And he’s just there for a few months until he gets his narcolepsy under control.” You nodded, understanding the situation.

You took one last look at Hoseok’s file, before closing it and moving on to Jungkook’s. As soon as you saw the initial report, everything clicked together. “I had a hunch.” you whispered. Namjoon looked at you with sad eyes.

“Jungkook… may take longer to recover. He’s still too wary about… well, everyone. Everyone except Taehyung, and we really don’t know why. Two weeks after he was admitted, we just saw him talking to Tae, and after that, he never left Tae’s side.” Namjoon leaned closer, just enough to read the file. “His parents left him there six months ago. Over the course of those six months, only his brother visited him. Three times.” he muttered, voice laced with distaste. 

“Kookie….” You didn’t understand how people can do that. Leave someone and shut them out for good. Act as if they never existed. You saw a bit of Taehyung’s personality in Jungkook. They had the same way of looking at the world like it was their first time seeing it. Except Jungkook acted rather scared than curious. 

“Is he getting better though?” you looked at Namjoon, hoping for a positive answer. However, all he gave you was a hesitant face. “Listen,” he said slowly “Paranoid Personality Disorders take a long time. He may need therapy for a few years, just like the fifth-floor patients. We need to be patient with them.” 

You stared at Jungkook’s photo. It was attached by a paper clip, and the edges already started to fray off. He was looking at the camera, distress evident in his face. His hair was slightly disheveled, giving out a vibe that he hadn’t slept in weeks. 

He looked fairly younger, even though the picture was taken only roughly six months ago. His cheeks were chubbier, and his skin was a darker shade. He reminded you of one of those boys you and Namjoon always saw at the arcade. The ones who usually held parties at their house while their parents were away. Who’d sleep with anyone they can get without any second thought. The ones who usually wasted away.

It was clear that Jungkook was far from that. He could barely talk to anyone, much less look someone in the eye. He was restless, and plagued by constant worrying. But he won’’t waste away. You won’t let him, or anyone in that amned psych ward for that matter.

You nodded at Namjoon and placed the folders carefully in your bag. “Thank you, Joon. I should get going now.” You placed a lollipop in front of him. He gave you smile and took it. “My pleasure. Call me after your shift, okay? Maybe you can slip a few more hints of me.” You laughed, patted him on the shoulder, then headed out. 

The second you stepped in the hallway, Taehyung came running to you. “Y/n! I missed you so much!” You got used to his hugs, remembering to step back a little, so that you won’t get tackled. Recently, Taehyung developed the habit of nuzzling into your hair, which he was doing right now. His breath tickled your ear, and you felt blood rushing to your cheeks.

He pulled away, and placed his hands on your shoulders. “What are we going to do today?” he asked excitedly. “Well, I was thinking since it’s close to lunch time, we could eat first. Then maybe-”

“Yes! Eat first. We could eat with Kookie, then we could play some games with Yoongi-hyung. I haven’t introduced you to them yet, right?” Before you could get another word out, Taehyung had already dragged you to a table where Jungkook sat by himself. “Oh, hyung.” His voice was small, eyes narrowing as he looked at you. He cocked his head slightly to the side, and gave the older boy an unsure glance. 

“She’s nice. I told you, she’s nice. No need to worry about her. She’s just joining us for lunch, that’s all.” Taehyung said in his most reassuring voice. However, Jungkook just shrank back in his seat and continued picking at the chicken on his plate. 

You understood him, and decided not to push your luck. You would’ve loved to talk to him, but you doubt he’d respond, much less spare you a look. Shifting in your seat, you got your bag and took at the pre-made lunchsets you cooked for them. You saw Jungkook sheepishly peek at the pastel yellow tupperware you put in front of him. You took the blue one and gave it to Taehyung. 

“Woah, you made this for us?” A big smile made its way to his lips. You nodded happily at him. Namjoon was picky when it came to his food, so seeing someone appreciate your food without complaints warmed your heart. 

Taehyung got up, disappeared behind the counter, then soon reappeared with two pairs of chopsticks. He chucked one to Jungkook, then began opening his lunchset. “Wah~ Japchae! Jungkook-ah, your noona made us japchae!”” His cheeks were stuffed, but you somehow understood what he was saying. You chuckled, and ruffled his hair.

On the other hand, Jungkook didn’t seem to resonate Tae’s enthusiasm. He stared at the unopened lunchbox in front of him, contemplating whether to accept it or not. “Ah, you’re really nice, noona.” he said meekly. He appreciated the effort, but he just can’t shake off that feeling he had. A warning siren lit up in his head, and he just so badly wanted to ignore it, because he knows that there was no way you can hurt him. Right?

“Kookie, why aren’t you eating? You were complaining about your food a while ago, and this one’s way better. So what are you waiting for?” Taehyung stared at him expectantly, which made the younger one more nervous. He didn’t like being put on the spot, and he didn’t want to disappoint Tae by refusing the food. But something didn’t feel right for him. 

Noticing his distress, you decided to help him out of it. “It’s okay. You can eat it later. Just have Jackson microwave it, and it’ll taste just as fine.” Jungkook looked relieved upon hearing your words. He nodded, his fingers ghosting over the lid. 

Taehyung didn’t give much thought to it afterwards. He finished his meal, savoring the last few bites, before turning to face you. “Do you wanna play that game now?” you nodded, and looked at Jungkook. “Do you want to join us? Tae said Yoongi’s playing too.”Jungkook’s eyes lit up at the mention of Yoongi’s name. He curtly nodded, his eyes still avoiding you.

Taehyung took your hand and stood up. “Jungkook-ah, we’ll just call him. Don’t leave us hanging, arasseo?” He didn’t wait for the younger boy’s reply before walking upstairs to get Yoongi. 

Aside from Taehyung, you also wondered why Yoongi was there. Just like Hoseok, he looked normal, like any other boy at your university. And his friendship with Taehyung is what piqued your interest the most. They were obviously opposites, one being animated, the other rather lethargic. 

Halfway through, you tugged Taehyung’s arm, pulling him back. He immediately stopped walking, giving you the chance to lean close to him. “Tae” you whispered. “I’m going to ask you something, but you need to promise me that you’ll keep your voice down.” He nodded, whispering back an “Okay”.

“Tae, do you and Yoongi talk about, well… life outside?” he looked at you, confusion written all over his face. “What do you mean ‘outside’?”

You struggled, tying to find the correct words. “Uh, I mean- not to intrude, okay? I mean, life before this.” You gestured to the space around you. Taehyung still didn’t seem to get it,and you just sighed. “Nevermind. It was just a weird question.” He slolwy nodded, but it bugged him that he wasn’t able to help you.

You saw his frown and guilt began to fill you. ‘Shit, did I hit a touchy subject?

“Hey, TaeTae, don’t get upset. It’s nothing, don’t worry. I’m sorry for suddenly asking it.” You pinched his cheek softly, which made him smile. The boy practically melted in your touch. “Okay. I’m sorry I couldn’t help you.” His words came out as a soft murmur as he leaned into your hand. “Don’t be. Now, let’s go get Yoongi.”

There were only two things that Jackson told you about Yoongi. The first thing being not to wake him up. He was restless, even though he slept most of the time. He just needed time for himself to crawl out of his shell. The second thing was that you weren’t allowed to throw any papers out from his room until he tells you to.

“He likes writing music. It’s his outlet and his coping mechanism, so I’d rather not mess with his lyrics.”

This took you by surprise, seeing that Yoongi wasn’t one for expressing his emotions. Still, you thought that it was a beautiful way of coping. It made you sad that there was a boy locked away from the world, writing amazing songs that only the walls of his room will hear.

“Y/n, we’re here.” Taehyung knocked on the door. “Yoongi? We’re gonna play downstairs, can you come with us?” No response. Taehyung knocked again. “Yah, Min Yoongi. Do you wanna join us?” He was getting impatient, and you could tell by the rapid tapping of his foot. He went to turn the knob, but discovered that it was locked. “Yoongi, are you okay?”

He was met with more silence, then suddenly, a piece of paper slid under the door crack. You pointed towards it, and Taehyung picked it up. 

‘I’m busy’ it simply said.

“Aish. Well, you can catch up if you feel like it.” Tae folded the note and kept it in the pocket of his white pajamas. “Come on, y/n. We can’t leave Jungkook waiting.”

“Wah your cheeks are just so cute! Look, look, I’m drawing a flower for you! One day, I’ll get out of here and buy you a real one!” After what felt like a hundred rounds of UNO (with Jungkook losing most of them), the three of you found yourselves in the ‘garden’ again. Taehyung was busy giving you a rose bush. Before that, you managed to sneak in a packet of marshmallows and you had a competition with Taehyung to see who could fit most of it in your mouths. 

Jungkook settled to be the referee, still cautious of the food you gave. However, it was clear that he enjoyed it, judging from the muffled laughs he gave. Halfway through, he got a pen and paper and started to draw. Not long after, Jungkook started to join him, while you sat back and watched them.

“Wow Kookie, I didn’t know you could draw that good.” What you said made Taehyung look over to the younger one’s paper. He nodded in approval, and Jungkook blushed. “Oh, uh, thanks, noona.” He gave you a small smile. He figured that if Taehyung trusted you, maybe he could trust you too. 

That smile soon vanished as he looked at the clock. “Hyung” he said quietly. “It’s meds time.”

The color drained out of Taehyung’s face. You could see his jaw tense, and for a second, you thought he was going to yell again. “I don’t want to.” He hissed. His knuckles were turning white from the tight grip he had on the crayon he was holding. Jungkook looked to you for help, fear in his eyes. 

“Jungkook, go ahead. Leave him to me.” You patted his back and scooted closer to Taehyung. 

“Hey, no need to get worked up.” You nudged his head onto your lap, and he gingerly laid there, looking up at you. You stroked his hair, also making sure to massage his scalp. He hummed, enjoying the feeling of you being so close to him. “But I don’t need those. I’m fine! Look, I’m healthy.” He raised up an arm and flexed it, whining more as you chuckled at him. 

You cupped his cheeks and stared at him. “Taehyung, why don’t you like taking your meds?”
“Becuase I don’t need to. They make me feel like something’s wrong with me.” he pouted.

You sighed, tousling his bangs. “If you don’t want to, you don’t have to.” You offered. His face lit up again, and he finally smiled. “You really are the best, you know that?” He laced his fingers around yours, and you stayed like that. No one needed to talk, for it was a comforting silence that surrounded you.

Taehyung felt calm in your presence. It reminded him of home, or at least the bright parts of it. Things he used to do, used to love, came back to him. Riding bikes across a park, the warm sand between his feet when he went to the beach, the fresh air around him as he stood in his grandmother’s farm. It was the little things he missed that you reminded him of.

The peaceful moment got interrupted by a few shouts coming from the lounge. You looked out the doorway and saw Daehyun with two other nurses running towards the stairs. “Y/n, we need you at the fifth floor!” Jackson burst in the room, but soon left, following the other nurses.

Taehyung sat up, looking at you with wide eyes. “Tae, I need to go for a bit. Find Jungkook and stay with him, okay?” He nodded as you scampered up, exiting the room.

“Let go! Get the fuck off me!” Yoongi was being held back, a nurse each holding his arm. Daehyun and Jackson stood at opposite ends of him. “Where did you get it?” Daehyun hissed at him. Yoongi refused to answer and only fought more against the nurses’ grip. He was shaking his head so much, then finally stopped when he saw you. 

“Y/n, tell them to let me go, please!” The boy was desperate, his voice hoarse from screaming. His eyes were glistening, and tears pricked the corner of his eyes. In the right light, he almost looked scared. You were about to comply to him, when Jackson stopped you. 

“It’s kind of a serious situation right now. That kid-” he pointed to Yoongi. “-got his hands on a lighter.”

“Nothing happened though, did there?” Yoongi stopped struggling and focused his attention on Jackson.

“Something could’ve, Yoongi. It’s not just your life on the line here. You could’ve set something on fire and-”
“Maybe you should stop treating me like a murderer!” his voice boomed

Jackson stopped talking. Even the nurses holding him loosened their grip. Yoongi eyed the floor while all eyes were on him. Slowly, you walked towards the poor boy. He looked so vulnerable; broken to be exact. You gently touched his shoulder and bent down to try and look at his face. 

The other patients peeked behind their doorways, watching the scene unfold. No one said anything, then Yoongi looked up to you. Tears streaked his cheeks. He took shaky and heavy breaths while he straightened his back. 

“Take the lighter away. I’ll talk to him.” Surprisingly, they obeyed. Jackson shoved the lighter in his pocket and signaled the other nurses to leave. He gave you a knowing glance.”Leave the door open.” You nodded at him, and guided Yoongi into the room. 

You went out, feeling mentally and emotionally drained. The good news was that Yoongi felt significantly better. What felt like years of bottled up anger and sadness all came crashing down on him, and you were there to witness it.

“Don’t tell anyone about this, y/n-ah. Especially not Taehyung.”

His voice was weak when he said that. You promised him, wanting him to trust you. The boy didn’t need any more let downs. 

“Y/n, we-”

“You needed to tell Mrs. Kim. Don’t worry, I understand.” You gave Jackson a small smile. He returned it, nodding. “Taehyung’s with Jungkook in the garden. You can go with them if you want.”

“I’d love to.” As you headed towards the all too familiar door. Jackson called out to you again. “You’re doing well. Keep it up, and you might get what you want sooner.” He gave you a thumbs-up and walked away.

You looked at the spot where he once stood. At this point, you didn’t want just the patient records. You wanted everyone out there. You knew that life wasn’t a fairytale where everyone got a happy ending, but you sure wish it was. Because if Yoongi, the most apathetic-looking person, has a breaking point, surely Taehyung had one too. And you just didn’t want to see that.