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The Parent Trap - Part Eleven

Character: Dean Winchester

Warning: None

Word Count: 954

Part One - Part Two - Part Three - Part Four - Part Five - Part Six - Part Seven - Part Eight - Part Nine - Part Ten

Summary: When Dean shows up in the middle of the night unexpectedly, the reader learns that he knows more than he lets on and has a similar secret.


   The only time anyone ever knocked on your door at two AM was when you hunted. They never came bearing good news; it was either inconvenient or a trap. You never answered the door weaponless, especially at two in the morning, so when rapping wakes you from sleep at quarter past, you snatch up the pistol you keep hidden on a top shelf and prepare to use it. Small as it is, even small silver bullets will slow down most things.

   But you don’t need it, as it turns out. The knocker is only Dean. His presence is both a relief and a surprise, and he confuses you further by entering your house without a word.

   “What the hell?” you hiss.

   “Why do you have a gun?”

   “Because someone was knocking on my door in the middle of the night!”

   “You’re expecting me.”

   “What? Why would I be expecting you at this hour?”

   Dean furrows his eyebrows and crosses his arms. “Ramona called me like half an hour ago. Said she was homesick and to please come get her.”

   “Nobody called anybody.”

   “She used your cell, and I have the call history.”

   “Dean, the kids have been asleep for hours. Ramona is just fine, and I have no idea … oh, son of a bitch, he did not.” Pursing your lips, you check your purse for your phone, but you find it missing. “Mitchell.”

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AARP, American Medical Association oppose GOP health care bill, citing loss of coverage

  • Two major interest groups with sway among Capitol Hill lawmakers have come out forcefully against the GOP’s newly released health care plan, saying the bill could lower the quality of health care or even put it out of reach for many low-income Americans.
  • On Tuesday night, AARP came out against the bill, saying it will increase costs to Americans aged 50 and older by thousands of dollars per year.
  • And on Wednesday morning, the American Medical Association — the largest association of physicians in the United States — sent a letter to Congress opposing the bill, calling it “critically flawed” and saying it would “have an adverse impact on patients and the health of the nation.” Read more (3/8/18 10:10 AM)
Waking Up

waking up w your avenger boo

Bucky: Most of the time you were awoken by Bucky himself shifting around in the bed, and petting the dog who managed to place himself on top of both yours and Bucky’s legs. The Great Dane seemed to think he was a small lap dog, and tended to do whatever was necessary to reach Bucky’s hand that was willing to scratch his ears. The next thing you always took notice of was the creases in your face from having your cheek pressed to his bare shoulder all night. Which also explained how your hair became a tangled mess, and one with Bucky’s long hair. But the overall best thing was Bucky’s sleepy face; hooded eyes, and a smirk that could make your pants fly across the room. Not to mention the raspy, sleepy voice that you adored more than anything. Waking up next to Bucky is the best place to be in the world.

Steve: It seemed like he donned a halo each and every morning that the sun came shining through the window panes of your bedroom. Even on grey mornings, Steve seemed to have an aura about his sleeping body that brought a smile to your face. Every morning you reach out to brush your hands over his cheeks, then place a kiss on his nose before he wakes up only to pull you closer. One thing nobody really knew about him was that his body temperature was so out of whack, so most nights he spent only sleeping in boxers because he was so warm. (Not that you minded one bit) Steve also really enjoyed having the news on in the morning once the both of you were awake, because this way he knew what was going on in the world all while having you in his arms.

Natasha: Since Natasha absolutely despises being sweaty, she “fixed” the thermostat in your room to always be a chilly 65 degrees. So waking up next to her, more like on top of her, is the best part of the day. Both you and Natasha are always bundled up with plush blankets that have been collected from various missions, and presents from over the years. To be honest, your bed could win a competition of the comfiest in the Avengers tower. But waking up next to the Black Widow was incomparable, red hair splayed out on the white pillow case, face scrunched from the dreams she was having. It was rare for you to wake up before her, since Nat’s wake up time was normally about 5 am. But either way, being with Natasha was the greatest time in your life.

Thor: The giant teddy bear you’re lucky enough to call your boyfriend was the best cuddler of all time. No one could ever come close to his soft skin and big arms pulling you to his side. However, Thor always ended up naked in the middle of the night, even if the previous night’s activities weren’t all that crazy. You often climbed on top of him and used his whole body as the bed, because he was honestly the comfiest person ever. He beat the bed’s comfort level by a long shot. If not for his horrible morning breath attacking your nose every damn morning, you would stay sprawled out on him all day. Thor adored seeing your sleepy face every morning, which gained you even more cuddles and kisses.

Bruce: He had developed a habit of scrunching himself into a ball while he slept. Bruce felt secure this way, and small enough to keep his destructive nature contained so he couldn’t hurt anyone. But the truth is, he hated it. He wanted to stay spread out so he could hold you, but his constant inner conflict kept him balled up. You always tried to lay on top him, hoping to keep him in one place for the duration of the night. It never worked, because you always ended up rolling off of him in your sleep. Which then started the chain reaction of him giving in to the reflex and curling up into a ball. It happened every night, without fail. Bruce craved contact with you, though, so he grabbed your hand and held it close to his heart. Waking up every morning without feeling in your hand became regular, because he gripped it in his sleep so unbelievably tight, like he was holding on to you for dear life.

Tony: If Tony is sharing a bed with anyone, there’s a 1000% chance there will be physical contact involved through the entirety of the night. You developed this theory when you had woken up early one morning, with one half of your body almost overheating and the other half cold enough to snap off. Feeling the steady rise and fall of Tony’s chest against your back, you looked over and realized that he had you locked in a bear hug. One of his arms were always tucked around your waist, and the other was underneath your torso, hand gently gripping the side of your stomach. Tony’s embrace is so unbelievably warm, in contrast to the below freezing temperature of his room. It feels like a furnace during the winter, so warm and so comforting. Comforting enough to keep your restlessness at bay until Tony woke up.

Peter: Sometimes when he came home from long missions in the city, he totally forgets to take off the spider-man suit. So this lead to you making sure that Tony upgraded his suit to the most comfortable material, not only on the inside for peter but on the outside as well. It was a gamble every morning on who would be where, since he formed a habit of flying out of the bed. You tried your best to prevent him from going anywhere, mostly by smushing your face into his neck and hooking your arms around his muscular frame. This usually guaranteed that he wouldn’t be flying anywhere, but there were slip ups. Sometimes, though, the placement shifted and he ended up nuzzled into your side. It was your favorite way to wake up, with his unusually warm body pressed against yours. So you loved to wake up with a faceful of warmth, and Peter.

Pietro: Since you were the closest thing Pietro had to a pillow, you always woke up with his head resting somewhere on your body, his hair tickling your skin. It woke you up every morning, without fail. Sometimes, he had planted his face on your chest, and lazily thrown an arm around your torso. Other times, he had his head on your stomach, absentmindedly rubbing small circles everywhere he could reach, the monotony putting him back to sleep. Most times however, Pietro had his head on top of your boobs, talking about how comfortable boobs are while you were lowkey suffocating. There was even one occurrence when he had completely flipped himself over the opposite end of the bed and had placed his head on your thigh. But it didn’t matter where he had ended up, you always cracked a sleepy smile and ran your fingers through his hair until he woke up.

Scott: This man child always woke up at least an hour before you did, there was never a time when he didn’t. You would have thought that he would just get out of bed and let you sleep. But no, he stayed put on his side of the bed and intently studied your face. Scott admired you like you were a piece in an art gallery. His eyes were drawn to the arch of your nose, then to the soft curvature of your cheekbones. You were in such a peaceful state when you were asleep, it was more than just beautiful. Well, to be fair, Scott thought you were beautiful under any circumstances. Sometimes he would just blurt out how pretty you were when heading home from missions, covered in sweat and blood. But there was just something about when your face was reminiscent of the peace that came with sleep that made you glow. When you finally cracked your eyes open, you immediately met his and uttered a raspy ‘good morning’, causing him to smile like a goof.

Loki: Personal space was very important to Loki. It didn’t matter that you had been sharing a bed with him for as long as either of you could remember. If Loki didn’t want physical contact, then that was that. You still were the only exception, however. Every evening, you would climb onto your respective half of the bed and get cozy, and wait for Loki to do the same. You never pressed him into any type of cuddling or anything, because you knew that you would make your way over to his side of the bed eventually. It always happened, and Loki never complained. He tried to keep the fact that he really enjoyed your cuddles a secret, but that was the one thing he couldn’t hide behind the facade. You discovered his “secret” when you woke up one early morning and buried your face in his hair, and pressed into his back. Instead of gently pushing you back to your half of the bed, he reached behind him, grabbed your arm, and brought it over his torso. Nothing could melt your heart more than that.

Clint: For some odd reason, unbeknownst to the two of you, you were both on the same exact sleeping schedule. The two of you became used to being sleepy at the same times, and opening your eyes at the same time as well. Throughout the night, Clint would wrap his arms around you, and you in turn would knit your legs together with his. The two of you would basically become human pretzels all while sleeping. He wanted to be as close to you as possible, and found that entangling his limbs with yours was the best way, without you two literally fusing together. That’s when waking up at the exact same time was good, because you could spend some time giggling and reclaiming limbs without waking the other. Honestly, you two were so enamored with each other it almost made everyone else sick, but you two were as happy as ever.

Wanda: Wanda’s room is undoubtedly the most cute and comfiest room in the whole building. Starting with the fact that it’s always at a perfect seventy degrees. The pillows are memory foam, the blankets are fleece, and Wanda is the perfect size to cuddle. So it was a given that you would sleep together in her room. In the mornings, the only thing that would wake the two of you was Steve’s incessant pestering about training. He would periodically knock on the door, open it and peek his head in, reminding the two of you that ‘you can sleep after practice’. Wanda just groans and cuddles deeper into your side, while you cover your face with another pillow, effectively tuning him out. Mornings with Wanda felt like a dream, because you never felt more peaceful with anyone else.


The White House is under pressure to clarify whether it has issued an apology to the British government for claiming the UK’s GCHQ intelligence agency spied on Donald Trump for the Obama administration.

Less than 24 hours after press secretary Sean Spicer repeated the allegation from a White House podium, British government sources briefed news outlets on Friday morning that the US had apologized. The Telegraph, quoting intelligence sources, even reported the apology came direct from Spicer and National Security Adviser, General H R McMaster.

In an on-the-record statement, a Downing Street spokesperson said the UK government “made clear the allegations were ridiculous and received reassurances that they would not be repeated” following a discussion with US counterparts.

But US officials have been disputed whether the Trump administration had gone as far as an apology. One administration source told BuzzFeed News: “The UK demanded an apology, NSC worked overnight to try and smooth things over.”

The ambiguity over whether it was an apology puts pressure on Trump aides to clarify the exact nature of the conversation. Trump is legendarily opposed to apologizing.

The White House told reporters on Friday that British ambassador to Washington Kim Darroch and Sir Mark Lyall, the UK national security adviser, had expressed their concerns to Spicer and McMaster, who had explained that Spicer was simply pointing to public reports, not endorsing any specific story.

The diplomatic row between the White House and its closest intelligence partner broke out on Thursday when Spicer cited Fox & Friends’ Tuesday show while trying to defend the president’s allegation of wiretapping. On the program, Fox News’ judicial analyst Andrew Napolitano claimed that three intelligence sources had told him Obama called on the services of GCHQ.

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Trump falsely accuses Obama of releasing 122 recidivist Guantanamo Bay prisoners

  • Trump hopped on Twitter Tuesday morning to incorrectly blame Obama for the release of 122 former Guantanamo Bay detainees U.S intelligence agencies claim have now returned to terrorism.
  • The tweet came just after a segment on Fox News’ FOX & Friends correctly claiming that 122 prisoners released from Guantanamo Bay have re-engaged in terrorist activities.
  • The clip, however, failed to mention that 113 of those prisoners had been released during the tenure of former President George W. Bush. Only nine of them had been freed during the Obama years. Read more (3/7/17 10:14 AM)
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Character: Min Yoongi x reader (oc)

Genre/words: Angst, Future Smut/Mature scenes, Arranged Marriage! AU / 10k words

Summary: He is the successor of his family’s business empire, and you are the female heir of yours. After the trouble his older brother had created in the past, he now must face certain requirements needed for the sake of the family’s future and to save his rights of inheritance, and you become his only way out. Everything might seem so simple, just the way they are supposed to. But everything isn’t always what it seems, is it?

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anonymous asked:

soooo happy that FMM claire has a bun in the oven!!! would love to see a classic pregnancybrain moment that she gets to share with jamie. mine hit me worst at 5 or 6 weeks in!

Flood my Mornings: Eggs

Notes from Mod Bonnie:

  • This story takes place in an AU in which Jamie travels through the stones two years after Culloden and finds Claire and his child in 1950 Boston.
  • Previous installment:  The First Step (Misunderstanding over Claire’s application+ baby news)


Jamie came awake and jumped out of bed in one single second, stumbling toward the sound of her voice in the kitchen. Stumbling; not running.  He knew from her tone that there was no danger to hand: a ‘goddamnit’ of frustration only. Nonetheless, it was the middle of the night, and Claire—unpredictable and mad as she was, on the whole—didn’t usually take to screaming at random

She was standing over the stove, her hands in fists at her sides and her robe slipping off her shaking shoulders.

“Claire, love?” He put a hand on the small of her back. “Have ye burned yourself?” 

“NO, the—blasted stove is broken—" She was agitated and angry and looked as though she were going to lay a kick to the offending appliance. “I just wanted to scramble eggs but they’re not—not—cooking!

“No? What’s wrong, d'ye think?” he asked, glancing at the pan, which sure enough, held only wet, raw eggs.

“The damned—stove is broken—” she repeated, teeth gritted in frustration as she gestured wildly at the item in question. “I just don’t understand, it was working fine at dinner—but — ”

She gulped air. Then, she burst into tears. 

“Och, hey, shhhh it’s no matter, lass,” he said, half-laughing as he pulled her to him and hugged her tight. “Hey, now, it’s alright—we’ll get a repairman out, if we must—”

She sobbed into his shoulder. “I’ve been trying for ten minutes and I don’t—I don’t—I just wanted EGGS —

“Dinna fash, mo nighean donn,” He choked back a laugh and only rubbed her back, swaying her as though they were dancing cheek-to-cheek, like the song said. “Here, let me make ye something that doesna require heati ” He went mute, gobbled for a moment, then pursed his lips hard together, his wame now convulsing madly from the effort not to burst out laughing . 

“What?” she said sharply at his sudden silence. She pulled back enough to glare at him. “WHAT?” 

Without a word, but with his lips quivering, he released one hand from her waist, reached over….and turned on the Stovetop.

You willna laugh, James Fraser. 


But thank GOD his pregnant wife cackled first. 

She dropped her forehead against his shoulder, wrapped her arms around his neck, and positively SHOOK with laughter, bringing him right along with her . They slumped against each other, hooting like the wee fools they were.

“Oh Jesus H. CHRIST, what is WRONG with me??” she moaned as she stepped away from him a few minutes later, wiping away tears and still giggling.

“Dinna fash yourself,” he said, turning the Stove off again. “It’s common early in a woman’s carrying, no? To feel a bit daft from time to time?”

“Well, yes, so they say, but—”

“Jen told me once that when she was newly wi’ child (I think it was wi’ Wee Jamie, come to think ) she lost her favorite book of French folktales and was near-distraught. Then the next planting season, she was turning the soil of the kailyard and up came Contes des Fées along with the rotted cabbage roots.”

“Oh, Jenny,” Claire hooted, leaning back against the counter. “Well, that does make me feel a bit less insane. It’s just so strange—I don’t remember anything of the sort with Faith or Brianna.” 

“No, indeed?”

“I should have thought that by my third pregnancy, I would have seen it all! Apparently not!”

He stepped into her arms and kissed her deeply. He didn’t want to voice the sad thoughts running through his mind. The still-raw grief from the loss of Faith. That at this phase of her last pregnancy, Claire had been close to starvation from months of war on the slow march toward Culloden. Much might have been missed, amid that bleak time; much had been missed, since. 

But those sorrows were of another life, and had no place in the foolish glee of this night. He said only, “No child of ours would make things easy for us, would they?”

“No indeed.” She rubbed her abdomen and made a stern face at it. “Just don’t make Mummy jump off a cliff or anything permanent, alright, little one?”  

Jamie grinned and added his hand, spanning them both. “Aye, young Fraser, be nice to your Mama, or you’ll have ME to answer to.”  They both sighed then, with twin, happy, humming sounds. 

Jamie did some quick calculation. “It’ll be August, aye?”

She smiled and nodded. “I think so—can’t say for sure precisely when we conceived, but yes, August approximately.” She suddenly groaned. “Oh, LORD, that means I’ll be carrying a 7-, 8-, and 9-month baby in SUMMER.” 

“Well, never you fear, Sassenach: I’ll be here with all the lemonade and cool cloths ye might desire.” 

“Well, that sounds much better than last time. God, this time next year, we’ll have him or her with us. Can you imagine?” She beamed. 

As did he, imagining. A new bairn. A wee brother or sister for Brianna. Getting to see Claire carry a child in peace and under the care of doctors. Getting to hold his child from the moment they would be born…. 

He kissed her temple. “Go sit yourself down, mo ghraidh, while I make ye some eggs.”

“Oh, no, I can do it!” She turned toward the Stovetop, catching up the Spatula. “Now that I know it’s just a matter of turning ON the bloody —”

He turned her firmly away and settled her into the chair. “I insist.” 

“You really don’t have to wait on me hand and foot, Jamie—I’m perfectly capable, and for all my teasing, I don’t expect royal treatment.” 

“Aye, I ken that. But it’s my joy to take care of ye, Sassenach. Always, but—particularly now that you’re carrying our child.” He took the Spatula from her hand in a manner that brokered no argument.

She sighed and then grinned up at him. “Well in that case, I’d feel much better cared for if you’d put cheese on the top.”

“Your wish is my command, your majesty.” He opened the Frigidaire, peering. “Sorry, I dinna think we have any.” 

“No, no, I know we do,” she said, furrowing her eyebrows and glancing confidently around the kitchen. “Just had it in my hand a few min—ohforfuck’ssake—

She walked with dignity to the counter, and oh-so-casually picked up the block of cheese.  

From the soap dish. 

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Prompt: Naegi and Kirigiri with Saihara as their child (PS this is spoiler-free and I haven’t played/watched the game so excuse me for mischaracterizing)

A/N for @qosic a WAY belated birthday gift. Dude, I love you so much that I would write naegiri for you. Thanks for being awesome and I hope this will be enough for your forgiveness at my late greeting.

Another Detective in the Family - naegiri with child saihara

When Saihara was born, they never talked about his talent.

Instead the parents cried and cooed at a healthy baby born and how they would protect him and shower him in love. Whether or not he had talent was not a concern of theirs so long as he was happy. Makoto did joke before that he wished their son didn’t inherit his luck if that counted as a discussion. Kyouko was still smooth as ever when she calmly mentioned that their son would most likely inherit his hope. They both blushed at that, him more so than her. It was nice and peaceful and all was right in the world in those moments.

When Saihara grew up, he inevitably showed talent.

At first it was just interest in his parents’ works which then developed into skill. He solved his first mystery when he was four and the culprit was his father who ate his mother’s pudding. It was an easy first case but he had been proud over debunking his father’s alibi. He had a feeling that his mother knew all along but just milked the situation for his father’s reaction. The next time they went grocery shopping, they bought him extra pudding as a reward.

From then on, he pursued mysteries with a wonderlust. He solved them left and right and he grew bolder with each success. It seemed as though he was already set on the path of being a detective just like his mother. However, unlike his mother, he didn’t become cold and distant in his work. He took after his father when it came to being social. He was friendly enough and made sure that everyone was at least  comfortable around him. His mother made no comment on his work ethic and his father cheered him on. He would make them proud.

At the tender age of seven, he was a prodigy.

A prodigy that was still babied by his parents just because they can.

“Mom, I have some news.” He declared as soon as he caught sight of her in the living room.

“Really?” Kyouko asked although judging by her tone, it sounded rhetorical.

Saihara’s smile immediately turned into a scowl or at least it was supposed to be but it came out as a pout. “You already know, don’t you?”

She hummed playfully. “If you say so then what ever gave me away?”

This was a test and he just knew it. Ever since he started showing interest, she also began to train him in subtle ways. Sure it was fun at first but after a few years, it got old fast. Well more like annoying since they were easy and she knew how he felt about the easier tests but still handed them out. Her excuse was that it was to drill in the basics but he knew better and that she just wanted to tease him.

He took a moment to reorganize his thoughts into a concise explanation. “Well you’re early but not too early. That provides just the right time frame for you to meet auntie given his schedule. However, the incriminating evidence is that your blouse has wrinkles around the shoulder area that could only be acquired by someone placing their arms there in a hugging manner. And you never let anyone but auntie do that. Given auntie’s nature, I have no doubt that she already told you about the news.”

Kyouko stared at him, her silence carrying judgement with every passing second. “Nice try.” She curtly said.

“Nice try? Not well done?” He asked incredulously.

“It’s not a bad induction.” She shrugged. “However, it is incorrect.”

“Incorrect?” He gasped. It was like a blow was dealt to his gut.

“I learned about the news from your uncle this morning. Everything else, I planned and planted.” She explained in a collected manner and then surprised him at the tenderness in her touch when she patted his head comfortingly. “It seems that you have much to learn since you were deceived easily.”

“It wasn’t that easy. I’m going to see through it next time.” He grumbled and covered half of his face in embarrassment.

“There, there.” She smiled as she continued to pat him.

Makoto came home shortly after and gave both of them warm hugs. “How was your day, Saihara?” He affectionately brushed his hair.

“M'fine.” He mumbled though he did not pull away.

“Oh, Kyouko. It looks like you already know about the news. Did uncle tell you?” Makoto said when he turned towards her.

“Seriously?” Saihara’s jaw dropped. “How did you even find out about that? I thought mom was the detective between the two of you!”

“I have my fair share of experiences at solving mysteries.” He winked at his son. “I just might be better than you.”

“How??” He squawked at how infuriatingly talented his father was. “At least tell me how you figured it out!”

“A lucky guess?” Makoto just laughed at his son’s scrunched up face. “Just kidding, kiddo. I actually saw them when uncle delivered the news.”

Saihara practically fumed. He was played by his parents. Twice! “I hate you both.” He grumbled.

“Love you more.” Kyouko giggled.

“Love you too!” Makoto chuckled.

Despite Saihara’s weak protests, Makoto pulled the three of them together in for another bear hug which Kyouko obliged. He ended up smiling with them and although he did laugh, he refused to acknowledge that out loud. More than the thrill and satisfaction of solving mysteries, he thought that it was moments like these that topped his list. Here, in the safety and warmth of his loving parents. He forgets and forgives them for teasing but they would never let him forget that he was their beloved son.

When Saihara looked up to his parents, he didn’t think of talent since all he saw was love.

“Gary Oldman {Sirius Black] actually came around the next morning, because we lived near each other at the time, and he said, ‘Have you seen the new book? We’ve got a lot of work to do, mate.’ He was quite happy, and I didn’t know how to break it to him. So I said, ‘Have you actually read it yet, Gaz?’ ‘No, just clicked through it.’ A few days later I’m in makeup and he comes in, and sits down, and goes ‘Have you heard the news?’ ‘What’s that, Gaz?’ ‘It’s terrible fucking news.’ ‘What is it?’ ‘You know how everyone is talking about who dies in book five? It’s fucking me! This woman puts the poor bastard in prison for 12 years, brings him back for a few scenes, and then she kills him!’”

-  David Thewlis [Remus Lupin]

Dear Journal,

This morning I woke up to Sirius jumping on the bed.

“Mhmm Pads?” I mumbled.

“WE HAVE IT! WE DID IT REMUS!!” He yelled.

“What? What did we get?” I asked, my eyes still heavy from my sleep.

“WE GOT THE LETTER! WE ARE GOING TO BE PARENTS! BABY WE DID IT!” He said, falling to his knees on the bed, eyes full of happy tears.

“What? Are you being serious?!” I asked, my heart beating really fast.

“Yes! Yes! We are going to have a baby Sirius! I mean, he’s still a bit young and it’ll take a few days but.. we did it!” He said, tears in his eyes.

“We’re going to be parents?” I said, not believing it.

“We’re going to be parents.” He smiled, kissing my lips.

I let happy tears run down my face and i just started laughing. Sirius laughed too.

“We’re going to have a baby!” I laughed, feeling way too happy.

“I can’t wait to tell James! And Regulus! And Lily and everyone!” Sirius said, still holding my face.

When Regulus woke up, Sirius yelled that he was going to be a father. Regulus was suprised and he jumped in his brother’s arms.

“Wait does that mean I’ll be uncle Reggie?” Regulus smiled.

“Yes you will!” Sirius said.

This afternoon, we walked to James and Lily’s house to announce them the good news. When Lily opened the door, I instantly noticed her baby bump. I still wasn’t really used to seeing her like that. Her baby was due for in few weeks. We came in and James made tea while talking about yesterday’s quidditch game. When he sat down, Sirius spoke up.

“So.. We just received some very good news.” Sirius smirked.

“What about?” Lily asked, smilling.

“We received a letter this morning. It was from the wizard orphanage…” Sirius said, smilling.

“No way!” James said.

“We’re going to have a baby boy!” I said.

“Oh Merlin’s beard! No way!” Lily said. Tears in her eyes.

“Yes way!” Sirius laughed.

Lily and James instantly stood up from their seats and hugged the both of us. They were happy for us. James even said that our kids could be best friends and go to Hogwarts together! I can’t wait to be a father.

Tonight, we’re going to my mum and dad’s to tell them the good news. I hope they will be happy.

I’ll write after diner.
April 7th 1978

For 7 years I was blessed to have him as my best friend, despite many arguments and periods of not talking, he never spoke a bad word about me, always rooted for me, bragged about my accomplishments, and remained so loyal to me. He called me looking for a DD that night, however I was drinking at a party & when I answered all he could here was a guy in the background refusing to leave me alone and yelling at me, being the hero that he was, he jumped in his car in an attempt to come find me, even though I wouldn’t tell him where I was and repeatedly told him to stay put. He sent me this text while driving, according the police report he wrecked going 70mph into a pole only minutes after. His car was engulfed in flames and his body so badly burned that we weren’t sure we would even have anything to cremate. I was woken up the next morning to a phone call that truly didn’t sink in until I hung up the phone and my mom came to hug me because she had already heard the news. I can’t get the images out of my head, I blame myself every day, while the “what if’s” invade all of my thoughts. He said so many times that he would lay down and die for me, and he did. He has always been my angel on earth, and now he’s my angel in heaven. It isn’t fair how many times he saved my life, and I couldn’t even save his once.

Distractions pt 2

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Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Angst (kinda…I guess?)

Summary: You and Yoongi had a history which nobody knew about. Now that you’ve debuted, you know your paths would cross again.

Word Count: 1689

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Yoongi tossed and turned in bed unable to get the image of you out of his head. Seeing you at that music show was the first time he’d seen you in person in almost four years. He couldn’t lie, you looked amazing and watching you perform was on a whole other level. He knew you loved music just as much as he did, but he never imagined you going through trainee years or debuting as an idol. 

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City Beneath the Sea

In which Harry and Y/N are both of the supernatural sort, and Y/N is caught where she’s not supposed to be.

This may or may not become a small series of one shots, depending on how this week goes for me, so stay tuned for more.

W.C.: 2,493

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Dangerous Woman- Part 13

A/N: I’m sorry about that last cliffhanger… no I’m not. LOVE YOU ALL!

Warnings:SMUT/ Fluff/Cursing

Summary: You’ve caught the eye of Tony Stark to become the head lawyer for the Avengers. You never expected your life to change but fate has a funny way of turning everything upside down. 

Bucky x Reader

Part 12/ Masterlist

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Marry me. Those words hung in the hair for a moment but his voice was so calm, so sure, that you knew you couldn’t be imagining things. 

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Faking It

Paring: Bucky Barnes x reader

Characters: All the Avengers

After getting news about a family reunion coming up, the reader decides to set up a plan to make her look like she isn’t as single as she actually is. But when all her candidates can’t go, she’s left with the only person who she least expects to go along with the plan.

Word count: 1.3k

A/N: Okay, I’m terrible at summaries. Just read the imagine and tell me what you think. If you want to be tagged on all of my works tell me, please. And if you want a second part to this tell me, it’s still under consideration

All other parts are on the masterlist

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It was the annual family reunion. Well, not so annual. The last family reunion was two years ago and the last family reunion you attended was six years go. You were a teenager at the time and itching to leave home. Not to mention you were the definition of teenage angst.

Now, you were someone completely different. You were Y/N Y/L/N, an Avenger. You were badass and can take down a man in less than 5 seconds. You didn’t have any powers, but you were a skillful fighter. It was a dream when Nick Fury offered you to join the elite team. So much adrenaline and you absolutely loved the members of your team.

Your family didn’t know this, of course, they think you’re a secretary for Tony Stark. Which isn’t an entire lie. You and Tony came to an agreement and he allowed you to pass that small lie. He was a good friend and you always did favors for him, you didn’t mind of course.

However, now that you’re going back home after not seeing your family for so many years, your mother is gonna expect some things. Knowing your mother, she will either hope for a man on your hand, a ring on your finger, or maybe even a baby bump. You surely didn’t have any of those. You also didn’t want to seem like a complete loser. Your older brother was already married with a baby on the way. Your older sister was engaged. Which means that they will be nagging you about how you don’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend.

You certainly didn’t want to walk into that reunion empty handed.

An idea popped into your head, not a very good one, but an idea nonetheless. You were going to ask Steve if he can accompany you. The look on their faces when I walk in there with Captain America will be priceless! You thought to yourself.

“FRIDAY? Where’s Steve?” You asked the system.

“Captain Rogers is in the gym, Miss Y/L/N,” She replied.

“Thank you,” You added and walked down to the gym. Just like you were said, Steve was hitting the punching bag. The muscles on his back were visible through his tight shirt. His blond hair was disheveled and drenched in sweat.

“Steve,” You called.

He turned and smiled at you, “Hi Y/N.”

You waltzed towards him, “Stevie Wonder, Stevie boy, Steve baby.” You poked his firm chest at each ridiculous nickname you gave him.

He had an amusing look on his face, “What is it?”

“So listen,” You patted his chest one more time before drawing your attention towards his face. “I have this family reunion coming up next week and my mother is expecting me to walk in with a significant other, so I was hoping you could go with me.” You smiled widely.

Steve raised his eyebrows, he looked surprised and flattered at the same time. A small blush rose on his cheeks, “Y/N, I’d love to, really I would, but I’m busy next week. Upcoming mission with Sam.”

You groaned, “Sam was my second choice.”

He laughed, “Sorry Y/N. If you asked me sooner, maybe I could’ve gone.”

“My mother called me this morning, it was all news to me too,” You paused. “Alright gotta find another date.”

“Ask Tony,” He asked, though it came out like a sarcastic comment.

“Tony is old enough to be my dad,” You said.

“And I’m old enough to be your grandpa,” He joked.

“Right you are there, gramps. But no, my family thinks I’m Tony’s secretary so it would be a bit questionable to be dating your boss,” You explained as you left the gym. The doors slid shut behind you.

“Okay,” You said aloud. “Steve is out, so is Sam, Tony definitely.” You gasped. “Thor!”

You went in search for Thor and found him in the lounge area. Mjolnir sat on the coffee table in front of him. Thor was balancing a book in one hand and using his free hand to hold a Poptart. His blond locks were pulled into a bun. His eyes narrowed down at his book. He looked so concentrated that you almost didn’t want to interrupt him.

“Hey Thor,” You greeted.

“Lady Y/N!” he looked up and bellowed.

“Just Y/N, remember? Whatcha reading?” You asked and plopped down on the couch next to him.

“A very interesting book, lots of death,” He smiled and showed you the cover of a book you didn’t recognize. “Hey Thor, I have this family thing coming up and I was wondering if you could go with me. It’s next week.” You said hopeful.

“I have Asgardian business to take care of,” He replied. “But why would you need me to go? Does your family want to see a real life Asgardian god?”

“Kind of. They’re just having high hopes of me being in a relationship. Considering the fact that all my other siblings and cousins are married, dating someone or engaged. I am the only single cousin that I know of.”

“Just tell your parents the truth. Say ‘Mother, Father, I have no one.’” Thor smiled and shrugged. “Simple as that.”

“You don’t get it, Thor, I can’t say that.” You whined and buried your head in a pillow.

“I’ll never understand your Midgardian ways,” He frowned.

Your shoulders slumped once again, you stood up and left.

The rest of the day you asked everyone who was a worthy candidate. Natasha said that she was busy of course. She was going on that mission with Steve. Wanda didn’t feel comfortable to be around so many unknown people. Pietro would not go anywhere without his sister because he didn’t want to leave her alone. You didn’t want to ask Vision because you knew he’d say no and you’re convinced he has a thing for Wanda.

You slid down in the chair and mumbled miserably to yourself. You had checked off everyone on the list. No one could go. You banged your head against the island as you tried to come up with another plan.

“Hey Y/N,” Bucky entered the kitchen.

It’s as if the gods spoke to you and brought Bucky to you. How could you forget him! He’s your last hope.

“Bucky, Bucky, Bucky,” You clung onto him.

He gave you an alarmed look, “Y/N.”

“Bucky, I have a family reunion coming up and my mom and pretty much everyone is expecting me to go with someone. A spouse, of course, and I don’t have one. I already asked Steve and he’s going on a mission with Sam and Natasha. Thor can’t go because he has Asgardian business. Tony is my boss. Clint has a wife. Wanda can’t go because she doesn’t feel comfortable and Pietro doesn’t want to leave her alone. I can’t take Vision because everyone will flip their shit when I show up with Robot Jesus. I’m freaking out because you’re my only hope and I completely forgot about you and if you can’t go I’m gonna be doomed. I’ll be the butt of everyone’s joke and I don’t like being the butt, Bucky.”

“Y/N,” Bucky grabbed your shoulders and shook you a little. “You’re talking so fast and so much.”

You breathed, “Sorry, I’m just freaking out!”

“Calm down,” He said. “When is it?”

“Next week,” You replied.


“Back home in California.”

He nodded, “I’ll do it.”

You perked up, “Really?”

He nodded once again and smiled, “Can’t be too bad? It’ll be fun, besides. I’ve been stuck in here for too long doing nothing good. Also, I’ve always wanted to go to the west coast.”

You squealed and threw your arms around him, “Thank you, thank you, thank you.” You repeated. “You saved my ass.”

“I think I’m gonna be doing plenty of that these next few days.”

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Where you belong Lin-Manuel + Daveed x Trans FTM Reader (platonic)

I haven’t opened up any prompts yet because LIFE STUFF meant that I’m not really able to commit to them fully right now, but this prompt came in my asks the other day and made my heart jump and I really wanted to write it. It’s a short platonic fic but feels very timely in light of Trump’s transphobic bathroom bullshit right now.

Prompt: Do you take requests? Not sure if this is something you wanna write so no pressure but would you maybe write something about reader coming out as FTM trans and either Lin or Daveed looking out for them/standing up for them? You write over protective Lin so well! - anon

This is pure platonic fluff with a bit of over protective Lin and Daveed.

Warnings: Trigger warnings for descriptions of misgendering.

Word count: 1965


“Excuse me can I get another…”

You tried to get the waiter’s attention for the 3rd time as he skipped by your table, it was like you were invisible. You slumped back in your seat feeling embarrassed. Where were those guys? You looked down at your phone re-reading the last message from Lin.

Lin: Sorry! We are running late, be there in 15 mins. It’s all Daveed’s fault. 

That was 20 minutes ago. You were ready to head home when Lin burst in through the door followed by Daveed. Lin’s eyes searched frantically across the crowded burger joint until he spotted you in the booth at the back. He smiled and waved, and they headed over to join you.

“Sorry sorry sorry!” Lin said, pulling you in for a hug. “I know we’re late.” You stuck out your lip in mock indignation and Lin’s puppy eyes grew.

“That would be my fault” said Daveed sheepishly, giving you a big squeeze before sitting down to join you. “But it was for a good reason.”

Daveed pulled out a bag and put it on the table in front of you. “This is for you, man” Daveed said grinning.

Lin smiled knowingly as your face flushed with embarrassment.

“What’s this?”You asked shyly.
“”Maybe you should open it and find out!” Daveed mocked. Lin fidgeted excitedly like an anxious puppy and you could tell he was trying so hard not to ruin the surprise and tell you what was inside.

You opened the bag and pulled out a book. It was a copy of The Inheritance Trilogy, one of your all time favorites. But this was a first edition in a beautiful hardback you hadn’t seen before.

“Open it!” said Lin excitedly and Daveed shot him a look telling him to cool it.

You opened the book to find a handwritten dedication to you by the author herself, NK Jemisin.

“Wow. Just. Wow.Oh my god!”

NK Jemisin was your favorite author, she was the reason you’d started to focus on your own writing, you couldn’t even remember ever telling Daveed this.

“How did you  get this?”

“She came to the show last night” Daveed said, grinning. I was a total fanboy myself, and I knew you loved her work too but I didn’t have anything on me for her to sign for you. So she very kindly brought this round to the theater early this morning just for you.”

You shook your head in astonishment and you felt a warm fizzy feeling in your stomach.

“This is amazing! Thank you so much. I don’t know what to say.”

“You don’t need to say anything.” said Daveed waving his hand. “Anyway, what’s this big news you have to tell us? You sounded pretty excited on the phone last night.”

You placed the book down and sat upright, taking a sip of water and clearing your throat.

“Well um, it’s good news. I uh, I’ve been given a date for my top surgery, it’s next month. It’s finally happening, and I just really needed to tell someone.”

You looked down at your hands as you spoke, too nervous to make eye contact with Daveed and Lin. They knew you were trans, you’d come out to them last year when you first met while working as an intern at the Public and you’d remained friends ever since. They’d accepted it without question, but even still, telling someone news like this felt scary. It was actually happening.

“Are you serious? Holy shit Y/N that’s amazing news!” Lin reached over clapping you on the back and squeezing your shoulder. “I’m so pleased for you” he said, grinning, his eyes wide with excitement.

“That’s the best news man, that’s so great! I know it must feel like you’ve been waiting forever for this.” Daveed said, flashing you a wide smile.

You let out a huge sigh. “Yeah, the referral process took so long, it’s been… Well it’s been rough, you know that. But I’m just so relieved. A bit scared. But mostly excited.”

“And how’s your mom been” Lin asked cautiously.

“Um, she’s… well she’s getting better at accepting it. She’s still not ok with it all though.” you said, looking back down and playing with the napkin in your hands. You hadn’t realized you were tearing it into pieces until Lin reached over and placed his hands on your arm, the torn tissue fell onto the table. You looked up and he smiled softly.

“She’ll get there.” He said gently and you nodded, your throat thick with emotion.

“And if you ever need a place to stay…” Daveed offered. You looked away, that warm fizzing feeling in your stomach again.

You nodded and swallowed. “I’m just gonna head to the bathroom a sec, order me a burger would you?”

You stood up from the table and headed to the restrooms. Things hadn’t gone so well with your mom, and telling her about your upcoming surgery had ended in tears and arguments. Hearing Lin and Daveed be so supportive without any hesitation was overwhelming. It was nice to feel accepted for a change. You just didn’t want them to see you with tears in your eyes.

You pushed open the door to the men’s restroom when you heard someone call

“Miss? Miss? Where do you think you’re going, you can’t go in there!”

You looked behind you to find the same waiter who had been ignoring you for the last 20 minutes. You looked at his name tag, he wasn’t just a waiter, he was the manager.

“Um, I’m just going to pee”, you said nervously, looking down at the floor.

You’d think with all the practice you had of being questioned about your bathroom choices, that you’d be great at standing up for yourself by now. But the truth is, it hadn’t got any easier.

The manager smirked at you, looking you up and down with his hands crossed in front of him.

“That’s the men’s bathroom, the ladies is down the hall where you belong” he said pointedly, raising his voice so that those seated nearby turned round to look while he grinned. Your face flushed red.

“Um yeah, I-I’m a guy. I’m trans.” you mumbled, cringing at having to out yourself to a perfect stranger.

“Yeah, like I said, the ladies bathroom is down the hall where you belong.” he continued loudly.

“Um ok, never mind.” you mumbled.

You turned around to head back to your seat, bumping into Daveed who had come to find you holding a laminated menu.

“Hey we’re getting chilli fries instead, Lin says do you want in?” he asked and you looked down at the ground, wishing it would swallow you up.

“Is this lady with you?” the manager asked Daveed, still smiling smugly.

Daveed shot the manager a look.

“Excuse me? He asked incredulously.

“I just found this young lady trying to sneak into the men’s bathroom, it’s disgusting.” he said, snickering.

“Wait, hold up, what did you just call him?” Daveed demanded.

“It’s ok, please just drop it.” You said, your eyes pleading with Daveed. You didn’t want a scene, you just wanted to be invisible. You quickly headed back into the restaurant, your face hot and your ears ringing, the manager stood behind the counter watching. He leaned over to his co-worker pointing you out and whispering behind his hand. “Freak” you heard him whisper as you walked past.

“What’s wrong?” Lin asked as you sat down.

Daveed slipped into the booth next to you shaking his head furiously. “Some bullshit bathroom policy. They won’t let him pee.”

“You are fucking kidding me?” Lin said, his eyebrows furrowed.

“We’re leaving.” Daveed said, picking up his jacket to go.

“No please, I honestly don’t want a scene.” you begged, wishing for the same anonymity everyone else in the restaurant seemed to have.

“Oh my god, Lin-Manuel Miranda, I’m such a huge fan!”

You looked up to see the manager now stood by your table, his eyes wide in astonishment and squealing at the great Lin-Manuel Miranda sitting opposite you. You had somehow turned invisible again, and he didn’t even notice you sitting there. Daveed turned round to see him and immediately started shaking his head. Lin however smiled politely, the same friendly smile he gave to all fans.

Your heart sunk as you watched Lin smiling warmly while the manager babbled on at Lin, telling him how he loved Hamilton and was such a huge fan blah blah blah. That was the great thing about Lin, he always had time for fans. He’d be in the middle of the street running for the subway, but he’d still stop and chat, making that person feel special for just a couple of minutes. You looked down at your hands again, you couldn’t watch Lin be polite to him, and you sank lower in your seat, hoping he wouldn’t look up and notice you, you didn’t want any more hassle.

“..I mean I haven’t seen it yet, ‘cause you know, tickets are hard to get but I’ve listened to the soundtrack like a billion times, it’s so great, I can’t believe you’re here! Hey, can I get a picture with you?”

“Lin…” Daveed tried to interrupt. But Lin ignored him. “Sure!” he said, smiling sweetly.

He got up from his seat, moving around the table and over to the manager who was excitedly fishing around in his pocket for his phone.

“Except that since you won’t let my friend use the restroom here then I’m afraid we are leaving.”

You looked up. Lin’s warm smile was gone. He stood scowling, squaring his shoulders back and flexing his jaw.

Even though the manager was 6 ft, Lin seemed to be towering over him.

The manager looked behind Lin to see you sunken in your chair.

“It-it-it’s company policy” the manager stammered.

Lin shook his head, his eyes staring coldly and said in a calm tone “You’re an asshole” prompting Daveed to stifle a laugh.

The manager’s look of shock was soon replaced with annoyance. “It’s actually a matter of safety for our customers, we don’t want people like that scaring our clientele.”

Daveed reached over and grabbed your shoulder reassuringly and you watched Lin cross his arms, squaring up to the manager. He cocked his head and leaned forwards. “Bullshit.” said Lin with an icy stare. “Funny how you care so much about safety, but don’t give a shit about my friend’s safety over here.” Lin said, cocking his head back towards you.

Daveed stood up, gathering your jacket and book for you as you slowly climbed to your feet.

“We’ll be leaving now.” Daveed said.

“And maybe don’t try and get those Hamilton tickets” Lin sneered. I’m not sure you’d be welcome. It’s a matter of safety for our audience members, I’m sure you understand.” He smiled sweetly and spoke in a hushed tone, knowing you didn’t want a scene.

Lin threw his arm over your shoulder, clapping you on the back. “Let’s go” he said, his eyes never leaving the manager’s as he lead you out. Daveed followed behind scowling at the manager.

You didn’t look up until you were outside. “You ok?” Lin said, finally dropping the hard stare.

You took a breath and swallowed before nodding. “Yeah I am, thank you” you said earnestly and Daveed patted your shoulder knowing it was hard for you to talk about this stuff.

“Their chilli fries suck anyway” you said, wanting so desperately to change the conversation. “We should definitely go somewhere else.”

Daveed grinned at you. “Fuck their chilli fries” he said.

“Yeah, fuck their chilli fries” said Lin, smiling at you and leading the way.

Woozi: Damn Paperboy

Anonymous asked: Hi There :) Can I Request A Scenario Where Lil Ol Jihoonie Gets Jealous? I Don’t Have anything Specific But~~ The Ending Should Be Rlly Fluffy!!! Thank You~~~

Summary: There is a (very handsome) paperboy who stops by your house every Sunday morning. Jihoon is not jealous. 

-Admin Syrup

Jihoon held the blinds open with two of his fingers and peered out the window through the small opening. “It’s that damn paperboy again,” he muttered under his breath, eyes trailing the unsuspecting paperboy in question, who was pedaling toward your house on his bike. Jihoon was very familiar with the boy, who was tall with dark, dark hair and dark, dark eyes and a jawline that could split Jihoon right in half. The only reason why he had become unpleasantly acquainted with the older—dare he say attractive—male was because the paperboy had made a point to show up in front of your house every Sunday morning with the newspaper. 

What’s so important about the damn news anyway?

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[post 4x15]

“What about SHIELD?” she asks, and he’s grateful that she’s at last asked a question that requires and answer more than “How did you get in here?” or “Who are you?”

He glances towards Beth.  She still sitting on his desk, back straight, but he can tell from the way her lips are just barely open that she’s scared.

“What about SHIELD?”

“You never went?”

“Of course not,” he says, and then, without meaning to, “My father and I–”

And she nods.  "How funny is that?“ She whispers.  "It’s not fair that you only get to be loved by one of us in each life.  I suppose he didn’t think things through.”

He doesn’t bother to ask who.  Instead he repeats his first question.  "Who the hell are you?“ and it makes him sick with how much she wants to cry.  

"It’s not real,” she says, for not the first time.  "In the real world, a hole once opened.  A portal to another planet no one new existed.  And you still tied a rope around your waist and jumped straight into it, just because I might have been on the other side.“

He wants to ask "Were you?”  but walks to the desk instead and says “For fuck’s sake, tell me who you are or I’m calling security.”

“Oh, Fitz,” she sighs, and his hand hovers over the call button.  "Please wake up.“

"You’re crazy.”  It’s the first time Beth has spoken, but the girl doesn’t look at her.  She only laughs and it’s the saddest thing Leo Fitz has ever heard.

“I’m dead,” she says, half hysterical.  "I’m dead here and you’re not there to care.“

He knows it sounds impossible cruel, but he feels Beth’s hand on his and, pressing the security call button, says "Why would I?”

“I’m not surprised,” she says.  “You’re the first thing that ever made me want to live.”

Leo shakes his head.  “I don’t know you,” he tells her.  He’s done with her game. 

The door opens and several security guards walk in.  At first, she seems like she’ll let them escort her out.

But she fights.  It surprises him, the strength with which she fights and an odd part of him, a part he doesn’t recognize thinks, “That’s my girl.”

“Fitz!” she screams.  “Fitz!  You have to wake up!  You have to come back to me!”

The guard hits her hard and she falls.  In his head, he’s screaming her name.  

It’s only when they’ve carried her away that he realizes she never told him what it was.  

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You’re dating Michael Gray and end up pregnant.

Originally posted by bonniebird

Michael Gray x Reader

Requested by Anon

You had met Michael Gray at the Garrison when you were out drinking with a couple of your friends. He had been coming out of the side room by the entrance when he had run into you, spilling your drink, which was wine, on your white dress.

“Oh, I am so sorry,” He said as he took your glass and set it on the bar, leaning over the counter to get a small towel. He had started to try to pat your dress dry when he realized where he was patting and dropped the towel, “I’m so sorry, I didn’t even realize what I was… I’m sorry,”

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