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I'm So Sorry

Tom Holland x reader // gender neutral

This is my first ever imagine idk I’m feeling so emotional about tom and I was watching that vid he posted on Instagram and this happened so here y'all go (btw I wrote this on my phone so sorry if the formatting sucks?? I’m new at this pls don’t attack me)


Today you got into a really heated argument with Tom and once you guys start running out of things to yell at each other he walks into your guys’ bedroom, grabs his gym bag, slides some shoes on and leaves. Usually he doesn’t do that when you guys argue (but then again your arguments are never this serious and he never makes you cry not like this anyway) so when a few hours have passed you start to get worried and decide to head over to the gym to try and find him. Once inside you almost immediately spot Tom at the punching bag hitting it relentlessly, you start toward him, not getting too close yet. You can hear him cursing at himself saying things like “god dammit Tom” and “how could you be such a dick” your eyes start tearing up and you take a few more steps closer still not close enough to catch his attention. A few punches later he starts slowing down before his punches eventually come to a stop and he backs against the nearest wall and slides down onto the floor.

At this point you decided you’ve had enough and make your way over to him noticing tears running down his face, the ones in your eyes falling too now. He looks up at you and continually whispers “I’m sorry” between sobs while weakly taking his gloves off. You take him into your arms, bringing his head into your chest, now both of you a sobbing mess on the floor of the almost empty gym. You keep trying to soothe him “shh Tom it’s okay baby just calm down. It’s okay.” A good ten minutes of you trying to convince him to come home and he finally agrees. You wait for him to grab his bag and not once does his hand leave yours on your way back to your shared apartment. The whole way back is full of Tom telling you how much he loves you and how sorry he is for how out of hand the argument got between you two.

You had tea waiting for Tom when he got out of the shower, you waiting for him on the couch. Once he made his way out of the bathroom he made his way into the living room and plopped down next to you, kissing you on the lips and putting his arm around you as you found something to watch on the tv before you both were ready for bed. Tom leans down and kisses your temple before whispering “I love you so much. I don’t know what I would ever do without you” as you drift off to sleep in his arms on the couch.


Pairing: Jimin x Reader
Genre: Fluff
Warnings: mommy kink, basically just some fluffy Little!Jimin bc little!Jimin makes me weak,,
A/N: sorry if this sucks btw,,I quickly wrote it in class before I could be told I couldn’t have my phone out lmao,,I’m also shit at titles so
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You having early morning classes meant you couldn’t sleep in unless you wanted to get there late and looking terrible, so you always kept a strict schedule when it came to school. But this morning, you accidentally slept through your alarm because you were so exhausted from fighting with your brother the night before. He had gotten angry at you for not showing up to his party, but you had tests that you really needed to do well on. You apologized and apologized, but he just wouldn’t let it go, resulting in a very tired you going to bed really late.

You groggily opened your eyes, wondering why you had woken up so many times during the night. You were happy to find your boyfriend sleeping soundly next to you, an arm thrown over your waist, but you weren’t happy to find the clock that read “6:00”.

“Fuck!” You groaned and pushed your glasses on your face.

Your hand hitting the bedside table must have woken up Jimin because you were being pulled closer to him.

“Jimin, I have to get up! I’m gonna be late!” You tried pushing his arms off you but to no avail. He just squeezed you tighter. “Jimin!”

“If you’re gonna be late, why go at all?” He mumbled. “You deserve a day off.”

“Jimin.” You continued your fight to get up. “I have a presentation today. I can’t just not go!”

“Please, mommy?” He whined as he snuggled his face into the crook of your neck. “I’ll be a good boy for you. I’ll make you food and rub your back, and we can take a bath together with that bath bomb we love so much.”

You huffed in defeat. How could you say no to your baby boy when he was being so good? He smiled sleepily and started to pull the glasses off your face but failing, making both of you giggle. You set the plastic frames back onto the table and turned to face Jimin. He was already drifting back off to sleep. You kissed his forehead and ran a hand through his hair.

“Thank you, mommy.” He mumbled as he leaned into your touch.


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Group: Day6
Member: Jae
Word Count: 3313 Damn son
Genre: Fluff

a/n: Why do I feel like Jae trying to plan a date would be a complete disaster? Also this seemed waaaaaay better in my head than it actually came out, don’t hate me. This is like 99% dialogue btw.

Your phone buzzing on the desk pulled you from your sleep and you opened your eyes. A look at the clock told you it had only been an hour since you’d finally made it to bed after finishing and submitting your essay. Slowly getting off of your bed and trudging over to the phone left abandoned on your desk, you picked it up and answered without looking at who was calling.

You heard a chuckle on the other end laughing at your groggy morning voice, recognising his voice before he even spoke. “What do you want, Jae?”

“Man you sound like shit.” 

You woke me up, asshole.”

“You’re so rude, what have I done to deserve this?”

“What do you want?” 

“You free today?”

“Yeah, why?” 

“Great, I’ll be at yours in 10.”

“Wait what. I’m not even ready or anything. You just woke me up, give me at least 20 minutes.”

Fiiiiine, I’ll be there in 20.” He said and hung up on you. 

You rolled your eyes and threw your phone on the bed. ‘Time to get ready, I guess’.

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Oh hello

Request: “Hello! I absolutely love the stories on this blog! Would it be possible for you guys to write something where the reader has a habit of walking around in their underwear while at home but one day Barry (like maybe it’s their one month anniversary or something?) comes over to try and surprise the reader and walks in to see her in her underwear? He gets all flustered and stuff but maybe that is when they finally take their relationship to the next level? You don’t have to, I just thought I’d ask.” 

Ship: Barry Allen x Fem!Reader

Warnings: A wee bit of smut, sass, sarcasm, swearing, shyness, fluff, etc. 

Your P.O.V

I’ve had a long, shitty week. All I wanted to do was relax and not deal with anyone… well other than Barry. I wouldn’t have to deal with him.. in fact I could do him? OH MY GOD (Y/n) GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF THE GUTTERS! I shake my head, giggling to myself. Since I was the only one home, I put on my usual bra with a t-shirt and some comfy lace panties. I played through my normal routine, eat, workout, catch up on Netflix series and eat some more. It was phenomenal. The only thing I was missing was Barry. I wasn’t sure what he was up to today. Probably saving the city. I rummaged through my kitchen cabinets, looking for a cereal bowl, when all of a sudden, I paused, deep in thought. I was missing something? What was it? Oh well.. probably nothing. 

I pored some cereal and milk into my bowl and began chowing down as I caught up with my latest Netflix addiction. After finishing my food, I curled up on the couch, mesmerized by the recent events in the show. 

Barry’s P.O.V

I had the whole day planned out. From one moment to the next, it was all organized. It was (Y/n) and I’s anniversary and I wanted to treat her like the queen she was. I planned on going to her house and then a movie and then dinner. Just the two of us. We haven’t been able to hang in ages. I’ve been excruciatingly busy with the C.C.P.D and Flash activity. (Y/n)’s been helping out as much as she could and it’s been very much appreciated. Even if it were for a short period of time, I loved being with her. She made me laugh and smile like no one else. I loved her, and I want her to know how much I love her. I run past Joe, grinning. His brows furrowed. “You okay Barry?” I nod, too giddy. “It’s (Y/n) and I’s anniversary.” He smiled. I continued. “So should I wear my usual or should I go a little fancier?” He rolled his eyes. “Go with the casual. You don’t want to freak her out about going to some hot shot restaurants. She’s not that kind of girl and you know it.” 

I nod, immediately changing into my casual, but classy attire. I grabbed the flowers and chocolate I’d bought her a little while ago. “Thanks Joe! Wish me luck!” He shakes his head, before yelling. “Good luck Barry!” I bolted over to her house. Heart in my throat. For some odd reason, I was really nervous. 

Your P.O.V

I shuffled up out of the blankets and waltzed over to the kitchen to get another snack. I plugged my phone into my speaker and clicked on Pandora. Like That By: Jack and Jack came on. I swung my hips and jumped up n’ down. I sang the lyrics, perfectly in tune (btw). I moved my hips seductively as I walked back to grab something from the couch. All of a sudden, I heard a low, croak. “(Y/n)…” I turned to see Barry, redder than a tomato. I saunter over to my music player, turning it down. “Hey, I didn’t realize you were coming over?” He watches my movements, completely and utterly speechless. While his eyes were glued to my bare legs. I smirked to myself, speaking in a seductive tone. “You okay, Barry? You don’t look to well?” He stepped back, hitting the door. 

He stuttered. “Yeah, I’m fine. Totally-” He gazed down at my legs again, his breath hitching. “Yeah, I’m good.” I walked forward, hips swaying. “Are you sure?” He nods, body pressed fully up against the door. “Yeah- totally-” He averted my strong gaze, staring at the ceiling. I placed my hand gently on his face. “Are those flowers and chocolates for me?” He barely nodded. “Yeah they’re for our anniversary.-” He said still looking at the ceiling. “Ya know, you have a really nice ceiling. Really great quality-” I rolled my eyes, giggling. “Barry, if you’re that uncomfortable with my body, than all you had to do was say so.” I turn around, waltzing back to my room. Before I even enter my kitchen, he shouts. “NO!” I turn around, brows arched up.  I pretzel my arms together. “Than what do you want Barry?” I take a step forward, pressing my boobs together. “It is our anniversary of course. You got me something..I could-” I bat my eye lashes. “return the favor some how?” I lean close to his ear. “What do you want to do Allen. Your call.” His breath hitches. 

I take a step closer, our bodies almost touching. “If you’re uncomfortable, tell me. But if you want me..take me.” All of a sudden, his eyes changed. There was no longer this fluffy, cute Barry anymore. His eyes were dark and full of lust. It was nothing I’ve ever seen before.. and I loved it. His eyes scanned my body up and down, numerous times. It was almost like he was enjoying every bit of me. 

I turn around, swiveling my hips and walked away from him. All of a sudden, I was picked up and placed roughly on the counter top. He began ravenously kissing my neck. I couldn’t help but moan. His large, muscular hands gripped tightly on my hips. His right hand moved up and down my back, sensually. My hands found its way to his brunette locks. I tugged and gripped his soft hair. Automatically, my leg lifted up and wrapped around his torso, pulling him closer to me.

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When our lips separated, I began to devour his neck. Immediately, his low gruff, moans filled my apartment. My nails dug into his back, pulling him closer and closer to me. His body shook with pleasure. “I guess I should probably cancel our reservations.” I stopped kissing him, batting my eye lashes, innocently. “Would you rather go to the restaurant?” He moaned. “Hell no.” He lifted me up off the counter and carried me to the bedroom. He set me down roughly. Our lips crashed together and moved in a sensual, rhythmic motion. I switched position; him on the bottom and me on the top. “You have too many clothes. Shall we get rid of them?” He gasped. “God yes.” 

I began to kiss down his neck, slowly removing his shirt. I grabbed his tie and pulled him up to my face. Our lips, collided. He smiled as I pushed him back down on the bed. Each second we were with each other, things became more and more intense. The passion and sexual drive radiated off our bodies. One by one, I began stripping the clothes from his body. Finally, he only wore his shirt and pants. I couldn’t help but glance at his growing member. When our eyes connected, he launched up. Pulling our lips together. He chewed down on my neck, making me gasp and moan in pleasure. “God..Barry..Uhh.” He smirked with each kiss. I pushed him back down on the bed. Wrapping my hand around each of his wrists to keep him down. He looked up at me, pleading. “(Y/n).. Please.. I need you..” I smirk. I had such a profound affect on him. I hovered over his body. “You already got me an anniversary gift. Now it’s time for me to give you yours.” His eyes lit up. I began placing gentle kisses on him as I travel down. I tore of his shirt, and kissed his torso. He gasped. “Uhh… (Y/n)!” 

He clutched the sheets that lay under him. I began unbuckling his pants. His eyes watched me the whole time. His gaze devoured each movement I made. He pulled my face back up to his. Our lips colliding once more. All of a sudden, I heard a loud beeping come from my phone. I groaned getting off of him to pick it up. As soon as I held it up to my ear, Barry flashed over to me; turning it off. I gawk. “Hey!” He smirked, lifting me up, placing me roughly on top of the counter. His voice was low, ruff and demanding. “Oh I’m not done with you yet.” My brows furrowed. Oh boy…

(I hope you liked it!) 

I didn't mean to. Andy Biersack Imagine

Could you do an Andy Biersack imagine when you guys get in a huge fight then he accidentally hits you and then you guys talk it ll out pweesss (: dank you I love your blog btw

I looked at my phone, 3:43 AM, no calls from Andy. He said that he was going out to the bar with the guys and would be back by midnight. I sighed and sat down on the couch. I was there for about fifteen minutes before I heard the front door open and closed quietly. Andy came into the living room trying to be quiet. I cleared my throat and he jumped. “Oh… hey y/n I thought you were asleep.” I sighed and crossed my arms, “Well I’m not. I thought that you were going to be home by midnight.”
He shrugged his shoulders and started to walk into the kitchen, “I was but then I got distracted. Why does it matter to you anyways? It’s not like you’re my mom or anything.”
I followed him into the kitchen, “I care because we’re in a relationship a two year one at that!” I said throwing my arms into the air. “And what did you get distracted with? Was Juliet there or just some whore?” I was starting to get mad. (I personally don’t hate Juliet by the way.)
He laughed and nodded his head, “Yeah she was there and we talked. I’m going to hang out with her tomorrow.” He said getting a glass of water
“Would you have even told me if I didn’t ask? Would you have even cared?” I was yelling by this point
He slammed down his glass on the counter, “In all honesty I wouldn’t have told you because I knew that you would have reacted this way! You always get this way! Do you not trust me or something?” he was also yelling at this point.
“I do trust you but I don’t trust her! And I don’t always act this way. God damn it Andy, I just want you to tell me things! You could have told me when you were actually going to be home!” I screamed back at him. I looked at his eyes they weren’t the normal blue that they were, they were a cold grey color.
“I do fucking tell you things. I didn’t tell you when I was coming home because you would freak out on me!” he yelled back at me.
“Why the fuck wouldn’t you tell me when you were coming home I would have been less mad! This is the fucking problem with us. You never tell me anything and I’m –“ I got cut off by a sharp pain on my cheek. I looked up at Andy and he looked back at me shocked. I raised my hand up to my cheek and felt it. It was hot.
“Shit Y/N I’m so sorry I don’t know what came over me I—“ I cut him off
“Fucking save it.” I grabbed my keys off of the table beside the door and went out to my car and drove off. I pulled up in front of CC’s house. On my way over here I texted him and asked him if it was ok if I stayed the night, he said yes. I got out of my car and knocked on the door. CC answered in a pair of pajama pants and let me inside.
“Why did you want to spend the night here? Andy said that he was going home to see you.” He asked. I turned around and he saw my face. “Shit Y/N! What happened?” he asked touching the bruise that Andy gave me.
“Andy.” Was all that I said.
CC looked surprised, “Wait, so Andy gave this to you. That’s not like him at all. You can stay here tonight if you want. You can take my bed and I’ll sleep on the couch.” He said leading me to his room
I shook my head, “You can stay with me. I don’t mind.”
He looked at me unsure, “I don’t mind taking the couch.”
“I don’t mind.” He got in the bed and I fell asleep.
I woke up the next morning to talking outside of the room, “Andy she doesn’t want to talk to you. You gave her a fucking bruise on her face.” CC whispered.
“I gave her a bruise. I didn’t mean to. I was just so mad I don’t know what came over me.” Andy whispered back. I walked outside of the bedroom; they both stopped and looked at me.
“Um, I’m going to fix some breakfast.” CC said quickly and left.
Andy and I just stared at each other, “I don’t hear any talking!” CC yelled from the kitchen. We both laughed
Andy took a couple steps towards me and touched my bruised cheek, “Y/N I’m so sorry. I really don’t know what came over me. I’m so so so sorry!” he looked at me with pleading eyes.
“Alright, but if you ever do it again I won’t come back.” I said looking at him.
He smiled and kissed me, “Don’t worry I won’t ever do it again.” He kissed me again.

*Not written by me but a lovely person that helps me out*

Meeting Matty Healy !

Paris x the 1975.

it was the most amazing thing ever. After the concert me and my three friends went outside next to his bus hoping we would get a picture. when they came by they saw it was only us smiled and said to give them a second so they could change to take a pic. As we waited I got so fucking mad because basically a hundred of people came outside. When he came he took a few pictures and I was all the wayyyyy in the back. When he said goodbye I screamed “Matty I came all the way from morocco for you” When he heard someone speaking in English (all the girls were FRENCH) he turned and said “baby come here!” I literally pushed everyone and went to him. He was soooo fucking adorable. He grabbed my phone and was like “all the way from morocco that’s amazing” and I smiled and hugged him close. I also sniffed his hair hahaha. This was the best FUCKING night. I’m in the middle btw. :))))


After finishing just one exam, posting another doodle will be totally okay.

Btw the 2nd picture is what randomly came out while yesterday I was having a fever for a whole day and lying on bed and on my phone 24/7 and I thought: SOCK PUPPET DIPPER IS QT AF!!! (Mom: plz don’t swear darling)
This is somehow the result, I almost died from my headache at that point tho

How did you came out to your parents? (made by my followers 2 years ago)

So many reactions like for real sooo many !! Thank you all. I will make a part 2 tomorrow. :D 

I forgot what brought the subject of marriage up, but my mom said “Don’t you want to find a nice man and get married?” and my response was “I don’t want a man.” So, she asked me if I was gay, and I said yes and we got some Mcdonalds. - Anon

  this is actually how I came out to my mom and I sent this text to my friend who I came out to before I told my mom. my mom laughed and then asked me all about it. I’ve never felt more close to my mom after this.- lesbianonlyforyou

I came out to my mom by- Well I had a girlfriend already and I went to her house one weekend but lied to my mom saying I was going somewhere else. I come home that sunday- my mom yells “YOU’RE GAY!!!- you have a girlfriend!” I was like speechless. I came out to my stepdad by- I was buying my ( ex ) shoes and he was like “this boy better be special if you’re spending this much money” and I was like it’s a girl hahahah - wearestill-kids

I told my mom I liked a girl before she slept over & she said “whatever floats your boat tiff” & my dad saw a picture of me kissing my girlfriend on my phone at christmas dinner, very awkward btw - tiff-naaee

I checked out the book Annie on my mind from the library but my mom works at the library I use so she saw I had it checked out that is my coming out story - witchbong

I had basically hidden myself in a big closet where our jackets are hung up and I called my parents, came out of it and told them about my girlfriend. I could barely talk at that moment because I was so nervous - meu-p 

I came out to my mom by sitting her down and saying “Mom I’m pregnant” and when she asked if I was being serious(she was freaking out) I said “No but I am gay.” and she started crying happy tears and said, “That’s fine, but please adopt cute babies.” - hxleyn

funny thing is, i didn’t necessarily come out to my parents, but they took bets on when i would. i just told them about how i had such a huge crush on this girl one day and later i saw my dad pay my mom $50. They told me a year later as to what the money was about. I aint even mad, bruh - leadingasshole

I came out to my parents when my mum asked me “Do you think Jacob (my brother) is gay?” and i said “nooo i dont think so, thats me” and she said “what do you mean thats you?” and i said “hes not gay, i am”-Anon

I came out to my mom, because she saw one of my messages from the first girl I love on AIM (aol) that said “if you go to a party with me on Saturday, I’ll have sex with you.” She asked me, I denied it. Then later, I came to her and cried while telling her. She was just there for me. I was so relieved - bridgecangetit 

  How did I come out to my parents: Three years ago my best friend and I were 15 and we were at a New Years day dinner with both of our families together. We had been best friends for 4 years, and our families were really close. After dinner Marissa and I stood up and said: “We kissed for the first time last night at the New Years Eve party (our friends Allison and Amanda always have a New Years Eve party}. We liked it. We think we are in love. We want to start dating.” Our parents were OK. - carlyluvsmarissa 

  I was at dinner and my mother and stepfather were talking about something to my older sister. I was too busy staring at a really pretty girl… Anyways. My stepdad then goes, “well if either one of your were a lesbian I wouldn’t care. Are you?” And I was still zoned out so I looked back at them and went, “all that matters is that I get her number.” And yeah. -Anon

I came out to my parents in a funny way. I was at the mall with my friend and she bought me a shirt that says “nobody knows I’m a lesbian” and I wore it around my parents and they laughed and thought it was a funny way I came out -Anon


Pardon the lack of updates lately. My mom and her family came over here to Florida to visit me and have a mini reunion. This was from yesterday while I took my mom and grandma to one of the state parks. The ones at night were from downtown Disney after watching La Nouba. Photos taken with my phone btw. Hope the week doesn’t end!


As you can see I was excited.

I woke up at 4am this morning. I got maybe two and half hours of sleep so really I took a nap. I got to the convention center at 5:30ish and the security guards were telling everyone that the line was capped off and no more people were going to be allowed in… I swear me and the kids behind me were about to start a riot because there was no way in hell that 750 kids had already showed up. The security thought Dan and Phil were doing a two hour meet up and only let in 250 until someone was like “it’s a 6 hour meet up.” So they let us in. Because seriously I did not travel nearly 400 miles, wait all weekend, and wake up at 4 after two hours of sleep to be told no. 

Hanging out for nine hours with a bunch of Phans was awesome though. A highlight of my experience at Vidcon. It’s so cool to be able to talk face to face with kids in the same fandom instead of talking over a keyboard. And it was so cute and cool when they found out that yeah I was Taylor from internet support group 3. We watched the video and the group I was sitting with squealed when my question came up. So awesome. I can’t. 

Meeting them was surreal and nothing like I’d ever thought. They were so kind, they gave great hugs and goddamn did they smell fucking good. Dan complimented my shirt, and when I was trying to get my phone out I apologized for shaking so much (I still am btw) and Phil was like “it’s okay, you’re fine.” And fuck I felt so short… I am 5 foot 9, I don’t feel short often, and I felt two feet tall and so small. It was humbling really. 

When I walked away I started to cry pretty bad and I called my best friend and cried to her and told her what happened and she started crying with me. These were tears of happiness I assure you, I didn’t know how to feel so crying was better than screaming :D

These two mean the world to me and I don’t know how to express that fact. There’s simply no words. They’re my heroes, and the constant in my life that kept me from losing my mind this past year or so. I told them in my letter that they’re the reason why I am the person I am today. Why I’m still alive. I know it’s a little corny to say that they saved my life… but that statement is true. I can honestly say they saved my life. Dan and Phil had me laughing when no one else could, pulled me out of the dark and made me feel like I wasn’t alone. And I’m forever indebted to them. So thank you Dan and Phil. Thank you so much. 


🔸 • Matt Espinosa Imagine • 🔸

Thank you so much:-) Hope you like it. Part 1, (idk if I should write a part 2)
With the music blaring through my ears, I finally hopped out of the shower. Wiping my hand across the foggy mirror I began to blow dry my hair.

Don’t Stop by 5 Seconds Of Summer still playing in the background I decided that my hair was dry enough to stop the blow dryer. I placed it carefully on the counter and switched the power point off.

I challenged to hook my new pink bra on and slip into my new pink lacy underwear as I opened my bedroom door open to find some clothes to wear since I forgot to grab them before.

Over my music, I heard a sight bump downstairs but didn’t think twice about it since I am home alone. Mum and Dad are at work and my brother, Jack was at his friends house.

I started to look through my wardrobe deciding rather I should wear a loose grey crop top paired with a high black skirt and my black boots.

“Hmmm..” I hummed to myself.
Being interrupted by my thoughts my door flung straight open and my the room filled with fading laughters as I turn around shocked to see my brothers friends, Nash, Cameron, Matt, Sam, Jack J and Taylor.

“Oh my god!” I scream hiding my body, The boys just stood there eyeing me up and down.

“ARE YOU GOING TO SHUT THE DOOR?!” yelling, their mouths quickly blurted out answers like “oh yeah” “shit” “I’m sorry”

They all backed out and shut my door, cautiously I walked out of the bathroom where I ran into and slowly entered my bed room grabbing my outfit.

I sighed to myself, thinking why i was so stupid not to realise that they were over. I totally embarrassed myself in front of really cute guys, especially Matt.

Me and Matt have been really close friends for a while, he was officially my best friend until him and jack started to become close and soon best friends.

I don’t understand what really happened, why all of a sudden we stopped talking. He use to come and visit me, not my brother.

Now it’s just awkward, before him and my brother began to talk to one another we use to have a thing.

I don’t know exactly what we had but we both had feelings for each other, nothing else happened between us though. I miss him quite a bit.

“Argh” I shove my face into my hands.
My door knocking, I started to feel nervous, not knowing if it was my brother jack or one of the other boys.

“Y/N? It’s me Matt..” My face probably as bright as a tomato from what happened moments ago.

“Come in” I quickly fix my hair. “Hey” he said as he sat next to me at the end of my bed.

“Hi” “I’m really sorry for what happened before, jack didn’t tell us you were home before he left” Matt stated.

“It’s fine” I nervously laugh as it clearly wasn’t fine.
“Where did he go?” I asked.
“He went to the video store with Aaron to grab some movies”
“Oh okay..” I drift off not knowing what else to say.

Silence washed over us both, not that comfortable silence, the awkward silence. The one no body liked. The tension in the room starting to make me feel rather uncomfortable.

“I just need say that I’m sorry again, for everything that I’ve done. I’m such a fuck up” he broke the tension while shaking his head at his last sentence.

“What are you sorry for? You didn’t do anything. And you’re not a fuck up Matt, don’t say that.”

“You don’t understand, I messed this up” his hand guesting to the space between us. “It’s not the same anymore like it used to be, and I’m the reason why.” He confessed.

I sighed, “it’s okay, we can always get this back can’t we?” I look up to him.

“I wish, I’d be surprised even if you let me.. But it still won’t be the same Y/N, what we had..” He sighed himself.

“Of course I’d let you, don’t be silly I miss you.” I smiled to him.

He embraced me into a tight hug, “I miss this” he admitted into my neck.

“Me to, and about what we had we can get that back to. If you’re lucky.” I pulled out winking at him.

He chuckled to himself, being interrupted for the second time today without a knock Nash came through the door.

“Matt, Jack is back with movies and Y/N, the guys said next time don’t hide your body please. We loved it.” He smirked to himself while shutting the door.

“Oh my” I laughed as Matt did to. “Argh. Gotta go, I’ll text you.” He kissed me on the cheek.
“Okay” I smiled, shocked at his sudden action.

As he left the room, happiness came over me, smiling like a kid in the candy store I flopped down on my bed.

Thinking what will happen between me and Matt?

My phone beeping off alerting me that I have a new message from Nash.

“Nash🙇: nice pink underwear babe😘”

I mentally face palmed myself as this 
will be a day I will remember.

I wanted to get this up as soon as I could, but sadly I have school tomorrow so I have to end it here as it’s late.

btw omg you don’t understand how hard this was to post this..
I’ve posted it about 5 times already but had to delete it bc I messed up, or I deleted it or I posted it to the wrong account 😭

Tell me if you like it and I’ll write a part two after school tomorrow :-)

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anonymous asked:

Can I have a Jack Gilinsky imagine? My names Alyssa and I'm 16! I have long brown hair and green/blue eyes! I play softball so can it be like he came to one of my games and surprises me since he's been on tour and took me out on a super cute date after? I love you blog btw! (:

You’re in the change room getting ready for your last softball game. You felt so nervous because your couch just told you that there are people that are offering scholarships watching us play. You were lost in your thoughts until you heard your phone ring. It was a text from your boyfriend Jack. It read “Hey baby I’m SOOOO sorry I can’t be there for your game! I know you’ll do well! I love you <3 see you soon babe” You smiled while reading the text. You were disappointed that he couldn’t be here to watch you.

“LADIES LETS GO ITS GAME TIME” the couch yelled

-after the game-

“WE DID IT WE WON!!” Everyone cheered.

Suddenly something on the big screen appeared. Your boyfriends face popped up and he said “Hey Alyssa I’m so proud of you and your team mates! I’m so sorry that I missed the whole game! I promise I’ll make it up to you” after his message you saw all the guys congratulating you. You started to cry because you felt so blessed to have a wonderful boyfriend and friends like them. When the clip ended you felt a tap on your shoulder, you turn around to reveal your boyfriend holding flowers

“Hey babe” he said with a wide smile

You screamed and ran hugged him.

“I missed you so much jack” you said while holding on to him

“I miss you so much too Alyssa” he pulled away from the hug and he gave you a kiss.

You started to hear screams you got scared for a moment but you turn around and see all the guys running up to you congratulating you and saying how much they missed you.

After all of that Jack pulled you to the side and said “Go home and I’ll pick you up at 7 I have a surprise for you” You nodded and kissed him and went back home.

You put your outfit on and waited for Jack.

You heard the door bell ring and rushed to the door. Jack stood there cute as always

“You look amazing Alyssa”

“Thank you! You look amazing as well!”

Jack blind folded you and drove you to your date.

20 minutes later….

He went over to your door to open it for you. You politely thanked him and gave him a kiss on cheek.

You just realized that he took you to a carnival.

“I know half the rides here you’re scared of but I’ll be here with you I promise” he said really fast.

“okay I trust you” you replied.

You guys went on some rides and you guys just finished going on a huge rollercoaster with many loops. You were surprisingly fine but Jack wasn’t. He kept saying he was fine but when you let go of him to walk by himself he walked a couple steps and bumped into a pole.


“yeah yeah babe im fine i need a kiss tho” he said

You giggled and gave him a kiss.

After the date was over he took you back home and gave you a goodnight kiss.