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hi i love your writing so much and was wondering if you had any fic recs to hold me over until your next update 😭


I’m just gonna throw out whatever comes to mind ok and its probably mostly all smut cuz I’m a perv sorry (wow this ended up being way longer than i intended IM SORRY)

@jiminniemouse is the queen of threesomes so take a look into her profile but some of my favorites is:

Crave (Yoongi smut), Taste (Hobi smut), Making Him Jealous (ima call it a jikook threesome let me live), and her ongoing series Purple Jewels!


@jungblue ok anything from this girl is gold G O L D i love all of her fics but if I have to choose then

Future Hearts (Jimin/Jungkook love triangle), I Hate You I Love You (Jungkook smut/angst), and Control (Jimin smut omg i am still having chest pains thinking about this one)


@seokvie This girl has got a whole fucking load of fics it’s like finding a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow smutland wonderland your vag will cry in joy and pain

Costume (Hobi smut MY ALL TIME FAVORITE FIC I L O V E IT), View From 4-B (Hobi smut), basically all her Hobi smuts, Show Off (Wonho smut), Paradise (JB smut), JUST BINGE READ ALL OF THEM (i am also excited to read her new fic with jimin and assplay and lets just say my ass is ready but I DONT HAVE A KINK FOR ASSPLAY OK LET ME LIVE)


@jungkxook yes yes yes everything all of it just do it

Pour Up (taekook threesome), Hiraeth (zombie apocolypse au)


@war-of-hormoan‘s For You (Tae angst) killed me about 40 times


@kimvtae‘s Fall For You (Jungkook smut) series and Couples Costumes (Hobi smut)


@minsvga‘s Philophobia (Jungkook/Jimin smut/angst) series, Taking Risks 101  (Jimin smut), Children of the Night (Jungkook/Tae smut) series


@yoonminnings‘s Lace Casualties (Jimin sugar daddy)


@trapmonster‘s He Didn’t (Yoongi smut/angst), Bite me (Jungkook smut), Silent Treatment (Jungkook), Nerd (Tae), Toxic (maknae line)


@btssmutgalore oh my god all of her fics ALL OF HER DAMN FICS LETS JUST SAY SHE SERIOUSLY OWES ME A NEW PELVIS OK FUCK but my favorites so far are

Nude (Tae), Lightweight (Jungkook), Business (A FUCKING TWO PART TAEKOOK THREESOME GOD), Lollipop (Jungkook), Forbidden (Hobi)


@ellieljade‘s Apologies (Tae smut/angst) is one of my favorites and honestly just read all of her masterlist as well i cry (out of everywhere)


@kookingtae‘s Experimental Error (Tae smut I fucking died), The Switch (OT7 Smut holy hell this was one of the first bts smuts ive read and wow now you see why I really love them), Falling Into You (Jungkook smut GOD I LOVED THIS SO HARD) + the rest of her masterlist


@floralseokjin oh my goodness ok i cant believe i havent discovered you sooner I fucking love your writing pls

Buzz trilogy (Yoongi smut & O       M       G), Playing with Fire (Jungkook smut) i havent read anything else yet BUT I JS SAW SHE POSTED A NEW FIC YOU KNOW WHAT IM READIN TONIGHT


@onlylovekpop basically all her Wonho smuts and drabbles killed me k i l l e d me but my fav is Bad Behavior


Other people you should def look into is @kittae (cat fics yes) @seoulscapes (an amazing demon wonho au) @helloblamebts @seokline @kstopping @imaginethisbts @kainks @jeonins @baeseoul (p r o t e  g e)

Im so sorry I’m still sick and I’m getting tired and lazy so I just had to bunch up the rest HAHAHA but I hope this helps anon! And you will def not be disappointed in any of these ok they are amazing and beautiful and amazing and everytime I read their stories literally

Dating Yugyeom Would Include

Can you make a “date Yugyeom would include..” please? Brazil loves your blog Jagi xoxo

Note: You’re so adorable thank you so much! You called me Jagi and I nearly died of fluster and happiness. I am so happy you requested this and I really, really hope you enjoy the outcome! (I loves Brazil too, I’d love to visit some day!~)

Disclaimer: I don’t own any gifs/images used.

GOT7 Masterlist ~ Main Masterlist

Jackson Wang || Jinyoung || Yugyeom ||


Originally posted by chichangyu

  • Let’s start off by saying that he is so selfless and kind in a relationship, like, he will text you to remind you to do basic everything things like eating or resting before he even thinks of doing it himself
  • And he’s going to be constantly thinking about you
  • “That reminds me of the time when {y/n} and I went to-”
  • “The park on your first date? yeah you mentioned it about thirty times in the last ten minutes, we get it.” 
  • Teasing by the other members
  • Of course it’s never nasty
  • Always fun and playful 
  • And Yugyeom gives zero fucks because he doesn’t have time for them basic bitches
  • “{y/n} has rather a few love marks at the moment”
  • “They’re beautiful right?”
  • Him admiring you from afar
  • And blushing when you notice
  • But never turning away
  • Staying at home dates because it’s one of the places he loves the most
  • Because at home is the place where the two of you are well and truly alone with no disruptions from band members or paparazzi to disrupt or stop the two of you. 
  • Sometimes he’ll want to do every day things with you like laundry or cooking because it reminds him of a normal life and allows him to forget about being idol and being famous for a while
  • Which to be honest is good for him, because it can get to anyone’s head if they’re in it for too long.
  • Of course, he loves being and idol and his fans mean so much to him as well as his band members
  • But sometimes he just likes to escape it, even for a little while
  • And you’re his best escape 
  • Him being shy
  • But it’s just so cute 
  • Him singing in the house
  • All the time
  • Like you’re pretty sure he’s having a mini X Factor competition in the shower every night as he sings at the top of his lungs 
  • You can’t complain though, not when he has the voice of an angel 
  • Cuddling whenever he can 
  • And kissing
  • Generally having a beautiful relationship with a beautiful man


Originally posted by yugyeomism

  • He’s rather shy, but that’s not going to stop him from being sexy af in the sheets
  • Those dancing hips being put to very good use
  • Careful what you say, because you might just find yourself regretting it not
  • “Yugyeom, you’re such a crybaby”
  • “Really? even when I make you cry baby every time you orgasm because it’s so good?”
  • “Okay fair point.” 
  • Him cuddling you in bed like his life depends on it
  • Shy smiles when you tell him that you love him
  • And even those he’s flustered he won’t hesitate to return the same words 
  • Him kissing you on the forehead as you fall asleep
  • And running his hands through your hair
  • Him singing at night as well
  • When he’s getting ready for bed and putting his PJ’s on
  • When he’s shaving
  • When he’s brushing his teeth
  • He almost loves singing as much as he loves you
  • and that is a lot. 

i’m sorry, but fanfiction where the reader is just interacting nicely with a guy who’s her friend and doesn’t even like her, and her boyfriend gets super possessive and accuses her of being too close with other guys (or in some scenarios i’ve read, even calls her a slut, yells at her, slaps her, or does other undeniably abusive things) and then proceeds to just have sex with her while she’s still mad at him really makes me angry while also making me genuinely scared for girls who think this is appropriate behavior.

[SUMMARY: John receives a call from his boys only to hear something he never thought he would….Sam and Dean had come across a woman that looks exactly like their mother…]


**if you aren’t tagged even though you asked to be its cause some names won’t come up**

John and Juliet.

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“Try Me” (M)


Member: Sehun from EXO

Genre: Smut (M), A little bit of angst

A/N: This is a scenario i had in mind for awhile and it’s inspired from the fic Talk Now by my favorite scenario blog @noonatrash so be sure to check them out they’re awesome!

Summary: You and Sehun have a strictly sexual booty call relationship and Sehun makes you submit to him a little too easily.

It’s been 2 weeks since you last spoke to Sehun. It felt good. It felt different. You’ve had some time to reflect on the way you handled things. “Never again” you mumbled to yourself, disgusted at your own behavior.  He made you feel so numb, to everything. He made you feel good but also so mad and you didn’t know how to handle a guy like him but you were hooked and there was nothing you could have done about it.

You were sitting at home on your bed, dim lights and the silence of the night coming through your window. Your phone screen lit up showing an unfamiliar phone number. You crooked your face to the side presenting a confused expression. “Who the fuck is calling me at 2 am? This better not be Chanyeol on about how I drank all his bubble tea again”. You decided to answer the call, already ready with an excuse for drinking 3 cups of bubble tea. You picked up the phone and waited for the other side to start talking but only silence draped the other line.

“I need you.” A familiar voice appeared as your eyes widened. “You have to be kidding me” you thought to yourself, letting out a scoff. “Don’t you have some other poor girl to booty call Sehun?” he was surprised at your sudden response. “Yes. But none of them are you.” He let out a breathy response. “Sehun, I thought I made myself clear last time we saw each other….” There was a short silence, “You mean when I fucked you to submission and you screamed my name all over my apartment?” he said smugly. “Sehun we’re over.” You announced once again before you quickly hung up.

Sehun hasn’t left your mind the entire week after he called you again. Why did he think you would act this stupid again? He really doesn’t know anything about you, you thought to yourself.  Sitting on your couch and drinking another bubble tea cup you stole from Chanyeol’s apartment.  It was another Friday night that you didn’t have a date to. The only company you had was the chocolate bubbles and the 5th season of Friends. You weren’t even bothered to wear pants, you were wearing your black revealing lace panties and a long V neck shirt that was a bit transparent but you couldn’t care less.

Your drink long gone and already on season 6 when you heard a loud knock on your door. You glanced at the clock, “2:30 AM” you scoffed to yourself. “If it’s who I think it is, then I might as well have fun with it.” You mumbled to yourself as you got up to open the door.  Swinging the door to an all too familiar face, you flashed your fake smile at the tall broad shouldered man. “What are you doing here Sehun?” you let out a laugh but he didn’t look too amused. 

“Why don’t you answer my calls anymore?” you remembered you blocked his number last week and didn’t even get those calls in the first place. “Sorry I’ve been busy” you put out an overly fake frown and crooked your head to the side. He pushed you aside and let himself in. he walked up to your couch and wrapped his arms above his chest, leaning against the side of your couch. “Busy? I see….” He laughed. “I’m sure watching Friends in your underwear is real tiring.” He crooked his head at you. “It sure is more fun than sucking your dick” you let out. He scoffed at your statement, “Playing hard to get are we?” 

you took one step closer to him sporting an all serious confused look on your face. You wrapped your arms around his neck and brought your lips inches away from his, slightly touching. “Is there something in the words “We are over.” That you do not understand Oh Sehun?” you looked straight into his eyes. He leaned closer a bit and grabbing your waist to bring you to a kiss right before you pulled away and waved your finger at him. 

“Ahah if you wanna touch my lips again then it’s gonna cost you way more than just touching my waist Oh Sehun.” You smirked at him. He let out an impressed giggle before grabbing you by your waist and lifting you on his shoulder, one hand on your ass. He walked over to the dining table across the room and dropped you on the glass table, throwing the candle stands you had on the floor and sliding you further. He spread your legs apart with one brief action before standing still between your legs. “fine.” He said, looking at your underwear.

He grabbed your underwear and roughly tore them apart, letting out a growl. Grabbing your hips, he slid you closer to his body and it only took 2 seconds before you could feel his tongue on your clit. He didn’t go easy at all. He flicked his tongue on your clit, teasing at first but giving in faster than you. He attached his lips on your heat and sucked on your clit while swirling circles around it. He bit it slightly, earning a loud moan from you as you arched your back and grabbed his hair. You could feel his smirk against your opening right before he licked it and entered his 3 fingers in. pumping hard back and forth until you finally graced him with another moan, trying to hold in to not let him enjoy himself too much. He crawled all the 3 and hit that spot in you he knew all too well. 

Another moan took you by surprise; you closed your eyes and shouted “FUCK” at the top of your lungs, encouraging him to continue. But it wasn’t a surprise to you when you felt emptiness again. He pulled his fingers out and stood still in front of your burning heat again. “Get up.” He said, panting. You sat up on the table and shot him a look, not doing as he said. You saw him flick his tongue and move his head from side to side slightly impressed from your persistence.

He grabbed your thighs and pulled you to his body. You raised your eyebrow at him, looking at his now hard cock. “See something you like?” he smirked at you. “Yeah” you said, he smirked again. “My lonely bubble tea that I didn’t get to finish” you giggled. His smirked dropped at your sound and his grip on your thighs hardened. He grabbed your waist and slid his lower body between your legs, expecting you to wrap your legs around his waist again like always, but at his surprise you didn’t. Instead you swung your legs in the air, shooting him an innocent puppy eyed look in your eyes. You knew exactly how to play him. 

Approaching your lips, intending to kiss you roughly, you turned your head away and blocked him with your hand. “It’s a shame you think that little tongue game of yours is enough for me” you laughed in his furious face. “My bad” he let out and pulled his jeans down, shoving his entire length in you in one sharp go. An instinct made you grab his shoulder with your fingers, leaving white marks all over it from the sudden pain.  He began to move his hips against yours, grabbing your thigh with one hand and his other hand busy on your clit again. His thrusts were rough and desperate almost like he was aching for you. His dick thirsty for you those past 3 weeks.  

Dropping his head back and moaning your name, the grip on your thigh marking blue marks all over. You could feel his hand giving up on your clit until you finally felt that spot you liked so much. Stars in your eyes and a ball of warmth in your stomach, you came breathing out a warm moan against his ear. He came too and made sure that you knew what name came out of his lips.

Avoiding his lips once more, you got up from his embrace and headed straight to the shower. He leaned his hands against your dining room table, panting and shaking his head at your actions. A dark thought dawned his mind and he was not ready to give up just yet. Not until he got to taste your lips.

You got into the shower, facing the wall and striking a smile at your actions. Before you could turn on the water, you felt a hand on yours. Turning on the cold water, it hit your back and you hissed at the sudden sensation. Before you could notice, you were pinned against the wall face on. His lips reached your ear and hands gracing your curves until they got to your hips, gripping them tightly, tighter than his earlier grip on your thighs. His cock stroked your entrance and without any words he entered you again. He pinned both your arms against the wet wall and bit your neck, drawing hickies all over it. 

His thrusts were even worse this time. He was really desperate and you could feel your walls responding. You let yourself let loose and you let your head drop back on the crook of his neck. He looked at you once before he sped his hips and went even deeper in. working on your G spot with a couple hits and your entire body gave in against the wall. He let his cock enjoy your orgasm a little longer before you felt his warm cum on your back, being washed away by the cold stream from the shower head.

Sehun turned you around to face him, pinning your back against the wall. He kept his gaze on your lips, not letting anything else distract him. “What’s the cost?” he asked seriously. “This thing” you pointed your finger between the both of you. “Is on my terms now.” You said, keeping your gaze on his lips too. Your eyelids closed as you felt the touch of his lips against yours. Kissing you passionately, his lips cold and wet from the water and drops falling from his chin, he gave into you.

Out of Work

Hello everyone! It’s been a while!

So sorry about that. 

Anyways I’m back on the rack and ovula-

We’re not going to go there. But anyways enjoy some Jimin smut. 


I don’t know if I can go through with this,“ you murmured to your agent as you sat in the  dressing room.

"Well, it’s not too late to call this off. But, Jimin is one of the best pornstars in the industry and it would be good for you to work with him. He’s worked with a lot of people and you would do well to keep up appearances here,” she said, rubbing your shoulders.

The nerves were stemming from the fact that you were so new to the industry and that Jimin had a reputation that was nothing short of incredible. All of the women that had the pleasure of fucking him said that they came probably three or four times.

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Pleasure Seeker- Part One (Bucky Barnes x O/C)

Originally posted by buckypupbarnes

A/N: I keep coming up with ideas for series and never finishing them, but after being entranced by the Crossfire series of books, I’m gonna give it a try. And I’m treating you to some smut to begin with too. Enjoy it! Please let me know if you’d like to be tagged.

Warning: Smut. 

Tagging my faves: @formyfandoms @winterboobbear @poe-also-bucky @cutefandomsdaily @itspipsicle @lavender-limerence @fvckingavengers @bovaria @just-call-me-mrs-captain @minervaem @actual-jar-of-water @chrisevanshh

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Truth Or Dare Game From Hell

Shawn Mendes
Words ~ 3,000+ (I need to make these shorter :D )
Warnings ~ A lot of swearing, some violence, talk of sexual stuffs
Summary ~ A game of Truth or Dare goes bad.
Some Quick Notes ~  I write all of my Shawn stories with characters I’ve made up; For example, the stories are actually being told from the POV of a character called ‘Alexis’, but take out all the personal details before posting them. Where I’ve been writing 'my friend’. I’ve ben referring to a character called 'Que’. I’m too lazy to keep switching it, so I’m just going to start writing the names for some people. I hope that wasn’t too confusing :/
Also, this is based in England where we can drink at 18. I’m not condoning under age drinking!

“You taste like beer.” I giggled as pulled away from our kiss. I was not letting Shawn or his tongue anywhere near me while he tastes of that awful stuff.

“Baby.” He whined as we went in for another kiss. I laughed again, pushing his face away with my hand.

“Nope, I don’t want to get drunk, no matter how in love I am with you.” I instantly regretted my stupid attempt at quoting Beyoncé.

Shawn barked out a laugh as he left a kiss on my forehead, “You’re adorable. Okay, what do you want me to do about it then?”

I handed him my mug of tea. He looked at me as if to say 'seriously’, I shrugged and smiled sweetly. Rolling his eyes, he took the cup from my hands and took a few big gulps, making sure to swill the sugary liquid around his mouth to get rid of the beer taste.

“Happy now?” Shawn asked as he placed the mug back on the counter. I nodded my head. That was enough for Shawn who eagerly brought our lips together once again.

“Are you drinking tea?” Que asked as she entered the once quiet room, letting in the sound of loud music and chattering people. Shawn sighed as he pulled away from our kiss.

According to Que, Shawn and I were spending too much time in my room. So an hour into the party she was throwing, Que thought it would be a good idea to come in, drag us out and locked the door behind us.

We weren’t happy bunnies. Shawn was instantly recognised by some girls from my class who wouldn’t leave him alone. Since then we’ve been trying to hide from everyone, which was hard considering I lived in flat consisting of five rooms. I tried begging my other roommates to let us hide in their room but they denied, apparently on Que’s side.

So now we were hiding in the kitchen, and it was going surprisingly well until Que found us.

“We were having a nice conversation before you walked in.” Shawn joked dryly and took a swig from his beer. Que gave him a bland look.

“I may be a bit tipsy. But I’m not blind, or deaf. There was no talking going on.” She slurred, “Seriously, why are you drinking tea in the middle of a party?”

“Because it’s my house too and I wanted some tea?” I replied confused. I didn’t really understand why me drinking tea was such as mind blowing thought to her. I sensed Shawn starting to get irritated, “Why did you come in here Que?”

“We’re starting a game of truth or dare and want you guys to come play.” She opened the fridge and pulled out an unopened bottle of vodka. I looked at Shawn, trying to gage his thoughts on the proposal. He didn’t look to pleased about it.

“I think we’re fine here.” I told her. I was about to pick up my mug when she grabbed my arm.

“There was no question to that. Come on, it’ll be fun.” Que started dragging me away from Shawn, knowing if she got me into the living room that Shawn would follow.

“I’m pretty sure it was a question.” I reasoned but quickly gave up. There was no point in arguing with her.

There was a group of maybe ten people sat and ready to play, most of them I recognised from class. There was a group of four guys that cheered when they saw Que drag me into the room, then suddenly went quiet when they noticed Shawn behind me. On the other hand, the girls from earlier looked very happy to see him. I’m starting to guess it wasn’t Que’s idea to make us play.

Shawn slumped down on the last available space on the sofa, making a big show of pulling me onto his lap while glaring at the guys who were starting at me. I placed a small kiss against Shawn’s shoulder before resting my head there. Shawn grabbed my hand in his and I started absentmindedly playing with the ring on his finger, something I did when I was nervous. I had a strange feeling that this game wasn’t going to end well.

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Luhan Boyfriend Material

Originally posted by lusass


  • so much skinship
  • like hand holding, cuddles, kisses, random makeout sessions, the whole shebang literally all the time
  • sUPER possessive of you
  • becomes jealous very easily
  • “who’s that Y/N”
  • “Literally I have no idea Luhan, he’s just some random guy who passed us in the street.”
  • “He gave us a weird look… he gave you a weird look.”
  • “Luhan….”
  • “I’m pretty sure I saw him wink too”
  • “You know there’s this thing called blinking right?
  • “…….”
  • holding onto your hand tighter or pulling you closer whenever you visited him on set
  • leaving marks on you all the time just to make it known you were taken
  • and for other reasons too… ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • he would push you to try new things
  • take you on dates simply to go exploring
  • most of the time you guys would just end up walking around the city lost but…
  • it’d be cool though because he would take the lead… and the blame
  • sometimes you would find some really cool abandoned buildings though
  • and maybe go stargazing
  • lazy dates would be frequent too
  • sometimes he would just randomly show up at your house with movies
  • he might fall asleep on you half way through the movie or if its a sad one tear up a little, but u would be warm from cuddling so it would be ite

Originally posted by ballaydeer

In Bed:

  • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • sex sex sex sex
  • literally its all he thinks about
  • he may appear calm in public or when he meets your friends or family…. but he is a FREAK in the sheets
  • kinks galore
  • you guys would probs have sex at least once a day usually 2-3 times a day when he didn’t have to travel
  • and boy when he did have to travel…
  • be prepared to not leave the bedroom for a couple days before he leaves and for a couple days after he returns
  • you gotta make up for lost time right?
  • at least 5 out of the 7 days of the week you would be tied up, blindfolded or dressed in an interesting manner or get pounded against the wall or headboard
  • he may seem skinny… but he sure packs a punch
  • when would you neck not be covered in bruises or pink marks
  • you skin around your hip bones would always be covered in scratch marks and bruises
  • he seems like the submissive type right? with his feminine looks and petiteish frame…
  • oh honey… what treat you’ll be in for…

lollllllll so Admin A and I kinda skipped two days posting sorryyyyy. Anyways this is a new thing I’m kinda testing out to see how u guys like it. I’m thinking of possibly doing it for other members and other groups too idk yet tho 

~Admin S

Hello trashcans. Welcome home.

If you’re here for more Death smut and or shitposting then boy have I got some good news for you.

I’m currently working on about a million and one writing projects, exerts of which can be found under various different tags, the most prolific probably being #Hunger Pangs and #the vampire werewolf thing. (ie the polyamorous paranormal romance erotica between vampires and werewolves (very NSFW extract) which already has it’s own AU despite not being published yet, as well as a gritty Scottish romance novella (extract) based on a pun, a pun based bakery romance (extract), a pun based werewolf Scottish romance (have you noticed a theme yet), and  a modern day romantic (probably smutty, I mean who am I kidding at this point) comedy concerning Scotsmen with questionable morals. Also now apparently skeleton smut too. I don’t even with my life.

If you’re completely new here you might notice some people calling me “mom” or other variations therein of familial relation. It’s perfectly okay to greet me as “mom” or “tumblr mom” even if we’re not mutuals or we haven’t spoken yet, I’m so used to it at this point I even respond to it in public. ‘Cause that’s a thing that’s happened more than once.

Please have patience if you are sending me asks or IMs. I am but a humble smut peddler with chronic health issues who somehow ended up with a high traffic blog, and a loving and devoted tumblr family. I try to answer everyone, but sometimes things get left behind. Sorry.

I hope whatever made you click on me was worth it and you enjoy the content. I try to make this blog as safe as possible for everyone. All smutty content is clearly tagged and under cuts, and if you need me to tag something for trigger purposes, please let me know, I will be more than happy to do so.

Other than that, welcome, hope you’re having a good day and don’t be afraid to come say hi <3

Neighbor Fling

My first imagine shot on tumblr that I wrote…Also posting this on my One Shot/Imaginess book on Wattpad…

Finn Balor and reader are neighbors. Reader was about to leave her house but the garage got stuck and you try to move it up but it was too heavy so Finn Balor helps you open it. One night you saw him naked in through his window and he catches you checking him out and he calls you over to his house and it’s turns into very steamy fling.

I got some of the idea from the movie The Boy Next Door. 

Warning:  Steamy smut….

Originally posted by thearchitectwwe


   I was about to leave to go to the store. I opened the garage door open but it only opened half way. “Oh shit! Now I can’t get out,” I said. “Hey! need some help,” a man with a Irish accent comes over. “Please,” I said. He runs over and help you open it all the way. “There you go,” He said. We made eye contact and can’t get over how sexy he looks. “Thank you so much and you are?” I asked.

“I’m Finn Balor. I just moved into the neighborhood. And you are?” he asked. I told him mine. “Nice to meet you,” I said. “You too. I think you need a new garage door or opener thing. I can help you find one,” he asked. “That’s so sweet of you but you don’t have to,” I said. “Oh insist,” he said, smiling.

We both went to the hardware store and he went to find a new part from the garage. I was sitting my car. I saw my ex knock on my car window but I locked it. “We need to talk, bitch! Get the hell out of the car,” the ex yelled. “Go away!” I said. “Hey! Leave her alone, you son of bitch!” Finn came back. I unlocked the door for him.

After he got in I drove away. “Who was that?” he asked. “Ugh my abusive ex. He’s been stalking me for 2 months. Just won’t leave me alone,” I said. “Glad I scared him off,” he said. “Thank you, you’re my savior,” I said, smiling. “No problem,” he said.

We got back to my house where he fixed my garage. “Thank you again for helping me,” I said. “No problem. If you need anything, just come over. I live just live across the street,” he said. “Ok. Thank you Finn,” I said. “You’re welcome. Chat with you later,” He said, walking away. I watched him walk away and I started checking him out. “Hmm, such a nice guy,” I said, walking back inside my house.

Few days later, I was in my room getting out of my work clothes. I looked through my bedroom window and saw Finn in his room with no shirt on and he dropped his towel. He was naked and I kept checking him out. I bit my lip as I looked at him. He looked into his mirror and saw you checking him out. I gasped and looked away. “My God,” I whispered, closing my eyes. I looked back at him. We both saw each other. I waved at him and looked away.

I got dressed in comfortable clothes with shorts and tank top with hoodie over it, laying on my bed.  I can’t get Finn’s naked body out of my head. I closed my eyes for a minute. I hear my phone go off and it was an unknown number. “Hello?” I asked. “Hey is this______?” Finn asked. “Yes Finn it’s your neighbor,” I said. “I just made some dinner over here and I was wondering if you want to join me?” he asked. “I can but I have lazy clothes on,” I said. “I don’t mind,” he said. “Ok, I will be over,” I said. “Hurry,” he said. I hanged up and ran upstairs to get better clothes on. Then I ran over to Finn’s house.

We ate the dinner he made. “That was good. You’re a good cook,” I said. “Thank you. I try,” he said. We kept talking and I noticed he was still staring at me. I looked at him. “What?” I asked. “ are so beautiful,” he said. “Bullshit!” I didn’t want to believe him,“No I’m not. I got up to put the dishes in his sink and I walked back“You are. You’re sweet, smart, beautiful, sexy and everything else,” Finn whispered, as he got closer to me.

“Finn, what are you doing?” I asked, getting chills. He started blowing in my ear and I sighed softly. Then he untied my dress and he pulled it down as he kissed my chest. “Let me love you(y/n)” he said. “Oh god, Finn,” I said, quietly. “I noticed you checking me out. Did you like what you see?” he asked, as he grabbed my breast. I nodded and moaned. He kissed my lips. “A young woman like you should be loved cherished, and passionate. Just us,” he said, he cupped my face. I couldn’t resist his touches and kisses on my body. I unbutton his shirt and I looked at his abs. I take it completely off.

He and myself started to kiss each other deeply with our tongues touching. “Lets go to my room,” he said, lifting me up. I wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist. He carried me to his room. We both lay down on his bed, we laced our fingers as we held hands. We kept making out. “Be mine, (y/n),” he said, unhooked my bra in the back. “I’m yours and only yours,” I whispered. “Good,” he said, as he kissed down my chest, sucking on my tit. I let out a little moan. I felt his hand go down my underwear and my moans got loud. “Fuuckk,” I said, as he fingered me.

“You are wet for me, aren’t you?” he asked. “Yes, sir,” I said. He pulled my thong off and started licking my clit, flickering his tongue. I moaned louder. “Ahh fuckk, Finn,” I moaned his named. He went deeper with his tongue in my pussy walls. He kept going until I reached my climax. “God! I gonna cum,” I whimpered.

He started eating me out. He sat up and gave me a kiss to let me taste myself on his lips. He cleaned his beard off. I sat up and kissed him deeply. I touched his abs. “So fucking sexy,” I said, as I undid his belt and jeans. “Want me to fuck you, babydoll?” He asked. I nodded and kept looking at him.

We were naked together. I kissed him deeply and he lifted me up. He sat down on the bed and I sit on his lap and I puts his hard cock deep in me and I slowly slid down his cock and rode him and we fucked each other fast. We let out sexy moans and groaned. “Ahh fuckk me, daddy,” I moaned.
“Am I your daddy, babydoll?” he asked. “Only yours,” I said. “Good,” he said, as we fucked faster and deeper. We were both sweating head to toe. He kissed my neck and started to bite my neck hard.

I felt like I was going to cum right there. “I’m gonna cum!” I cried out, as I came “Me too,” He pulled out and he came on my chest. “Aaahh fuck!” he said. We both were catching our breaths and both us passed out cuddling…

Unexpected Visitors

Dean Ambrose x reader

Smut: he’s just come home from a tour, so (y/n) tries to surprise him. She hears the door, walks out in lingerie, but he ended up inviting Roman and some other wrestlers over, there’s an ‘oh shit,’ moment, he kicks them out.

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Could you do a oneshot where rossi & hotch are in an established relationship & when the reader comes to join the team they both develop crushes on her & decide to ask her to be with them both in a polyamorous relationship? (they all date each other), and for the hotch and rossi one shot, could there be some smut in it too, please? Thanks!

I am completely familiar with poly-amorous relationships!  The perfect story to post on my 5th wedding anniversary!  I can definitely do this.  Here is your one-shot, comin’ ‘atcha!

It was no secret to the team that their two eldest members were more than just friends.  The soft laughter between the two of them on the plane, the glances through each other’s office windows.  One time Jack even slipped up and called David “Papa” with Garcia still in the room.

That had pretty much sealed the deal on what the team knew.

But now there was a new force in both of their lives.

And it came in the form of you.

You were wild, and precocious.  Wise beyond your years with a child-like play in your eye.  The way you played with Jack was mesmerizing to Hotch and the way you serenaded yourself under your breath when you were bored at work made Rossi want to scoot closer to you just to listen.

But there was one moment that solidified the confusing feelings for each of them.

For Aaron, it was when Jack asked if you were there to read him a bedtime story, and he called you.  He meant for you to just read one from your phone over speaker, but you insisted coming and doing it in person.  Complete with a glass of warm milk.

For David, it was when you were showering at HQ after a long case and an even longer plane-ride, and he heard you singing his favorite Italian aria as your high notes wafted through the rafters and descended upon his ears.

The two of them had a serious conversation, and wondered if there was room in their relationship for this type of exploration.

They were both enamored with you, and you had no idea what was going on.

But you were a profiler.

A profiler who grew up with parents who were in a dedicated relationship with another couple.

You knew exactly what it looked like: two couples wholly and completely in love with one another.  There were so many benefits: always a babysitter, growing up around their kids, always someone to meet your needs, and vacations were always the most fun over the summer.

You told yourself that if you ever found yourself offered into one, that you would be stupid to turn it down.

Too many people in this world go through it never finding their soulmate.  But to find two…or even three!?  The luck behind that is just too palpable to turn down over what people define as tradition.

You saw the way Hotch looked at you when you forwent the adult interaction to engage wholly with Jack, and you saw the way Rossi always seemed to walk closer whenever you were singing to yourself in the bullpen.

You convinced yourself that your mind was playing tricks on you.  That you would never be so lucky as to ever find two mature, beautiful, powerful men who would want to love you and share you.

But you found them becoming more protective of you in the field, and asking your opinion more around the round table, and even Morgan and Prentiss were beginning to ask questions.

So, as much as you told yourself it wasn’t going to happen, part of you wasn’t surprised when they both randomly turned up on your doorstep, Jack in tow, on a random Saturday evening that the team had free.

“May we come in?” Aaron asks as Jack holds his hand.

“I brought dinner,” David chimes with his charming smile as he holds up a foil-covered platter of something you knew would be delicious.

And four hours later, the guys were asking you out on individual, as well as a group, date(s).

The three of you had beautiful times.  David loved taking you to all of the dimly-lit, expensive restaurants while he filled you with wine and got your tongue loose enough to get to know you better, and Aaron loved staying in and having low conversations over wine after Jack had long gone to bed.

You eventually had to tell them to slow down on the wine.

But while you grew accustomed to holding their hands or giving them kisses, the subject of actual intimacy had not yet been broached.

And you weren’t sure who should start the conversation.

Were they waiting for you to say something?

Were they waiting for a specific point in the dating timeline?

At this point, the three of you had been going strong for four months, and you were all sitting down and coordinating summer breaks: one week with the three of you and Jack, and then a week where Aaron’s sister-in-law, Jessica, would watch Jack while the three of you spent time together somewhere.

And you decided that it was during that week that you would ask.

Just…out of sheer curiosity.

You know…to let them know that you were alright.

And things.

The week of camping with Jack was wonderful.  You loved how survivalist Aaron was and how Jack was learning things from his father, and you chuckled at how the bugs ate up David and how he refused to come camping without…you guessed it…a cooler full of wine bottles.

Both you and Aaron shook your heads at that.

But after long, hot showers and getting Jack over to Jessica’s, it was time for the three of you to check yourselves into the most luxurious hotel on the coastline: a beachfront piece of property with a beautiful porch, endless room service, and spa appointments booked to the brim by David.

“Now this is a vacation,” he sighed as the three of you began the start of your massages.

“Ooooooh,” Aaron groans.

The sighs and the groans coming from both of the men beside you was nothing short of torture.  You imagined what their faces looked like with those types of sounds, things that you could do to elicit those sounds…

…things they could do to elicit them from you.

And before you could catch yourself.

“Jesus, yes,” you breathe.

And the two men beside you went silent.

To be honest, the rest of the massages were practically dead silent.

After tipping the masseuses and booking more appointments the next day, you sit on the bed in your robe as the two men awkwardly walk around the massive hotel suite.

You decided to just blurt it out.

“Is there a reason why we haven’t had sex yet?”

Yikes.  Very abrasive.  Good job.

The two men looked at each other before taking stock of your form: your head bent towards the ground, your hands clasped between your knees, and your shoulders slumped.

And the two men slowly made their way towards you and sat down on either side.

“We just…” Aaron begins.

“…didn’t know if you were ready,” David finishes.

“Ah,” you breathe.

“Is this your way of telling us you are?” Aaron asks, a bit too much hope in his voice as David scolds him beside you.

“Yeah,” you murmur.  “I mean, I care about you both a lot.  I just…I don’t know…thought maybe-”

“Don’t even go there,” David warns.

“You know we think you’re beautiful,” Aaron reassures you.

One of the benefits, and sometimes downfalls, is that when dating two profilers, you never really have to finish your thoughts.

Not if you don’t want to.

“We care about you, bellissima,” David soothes as he crooks his finger underneath your chin as slowly raises your gaze to his.

“A lot,” Aaron adds as he takes your hand tightly in his.

And you decided that if they weren’t going to make the first move.

Leaning into David as Aaron laces his fingers with yours, your lips land heavily on his as his wide eyes look to Aaron for reassurance.

And he got it when Aaron moved in to slide the robe off of your shoulders.

As David closes his eyes and cups your face in his warm hands, Aaron begins peppering your neck and shoulders with kisses, causing you to moan deeply into David’s mouth.

And his skin began to tingle on the back of his neck.

As Aaron removes his robe and latches onto a patch of skin on your back, you arch in pleasure into David as his hands drop to your waist, removing the rest of the robe from you as your naked form presses between Aaron, who has now disrobed, and David, whose robe you are slowly sliding off.

And all three of you were soft from the massage oil.

As you lean your head back towards Aaron, his tongue finds entrance as David’s lips drop to your breasts, kissing them and suckling your hardened nipples as Aaron ravishes your lips.

Your body was on fire for the men that were encompassing you, and you had no idea where to place your hands.

Running your hands through their hair, David begins peppering your stomach in kisses as Aaron slowly lays you down onto the bed, his lips peppering your jawline as his soft hands caress and slowly begin to massage your breasts.

The whimpers and moans dripping from your lips were nothing short of obscene, and you could feel both of their arousals as David stopped to nibble on your hips and Aaron began to suck patches of skin on your chest into his mouth.

You bucked and you writhed, giggling and moaning as they marked you as theirs over and over again, David outlining your pelvic bone and Aaron laying claim to your breasts.

And then something absolutely pornographic entered your mind.

Squeezing Aaron’s ass, you motion for him to raise up before using your hands to guide him above your face, his legs straddling you as his throbbing length bounced just above your swollen lips.

“Y/N, you don’t-” he pants.

But before he could be a gentleman, his eyes widened as he hands braced against the headboard as you swallowed all of him that you could take.

And at that exact same moment, David’s tongue dove into your depths, causing your hips to buck up to him as your throat opens lewdly, slipping Aaron right down it as he grits his teeth and grumbles, “Oh, Y/N.”

Sucking and slurping, you bob your head as Aaron gyrates his hips, and as your moans pick up from David’s ministrations on your swollen clit, the vibrations cause Aaron to white-knuckle the headboard as David reaches up, slowly slipping his finger into you before quickly pulling it out.

The brief sensation caused you to whimper before you watched Aaron’s jaw unhinge.

David had lubricated his finger with you, only to insert it into Aaron.

And watching Aaron…your boss…come unhinged above you was nothing short of mesmerizing.

“Oh, shit.  Yes.  God…Y/N…David…please…”

He was begging.

Tears were forming in your eyes from the pleasure David was inching you towards, and Aaron was begging.

“Please, Y/N…please let me cum down your throat,” Aaron pleads.

And you gave him one last massive gulp before he began to spill down your throat.

“Yes.  God…oh…yes…yes…jesus…fu-”

His body shook and his legs trembled, and as your hands flew up to his hips as his body collapsed, his manhood slowly grew limp in your mouth as his head leaned up against the headboard.

He looked absolutely beautiful.

You almost forgot that David was still in between your legs.


“You taste delightful,” David murmurs lowly.

“May I?” Aaron breathes.

“You got the energy, old man?” David teases.

“Do I ever,” Aaron says as he smirks down at you.

As Aaron makes his way down between your legs, David leans off to the side as he curls up next to you and looks into your eyes.

“Keep your eyes on me, beautiful,” he smiles as he strokes your hair.

That was going to prove harder than it sounded.

As Aaron and David interchanged, edging you to the point of tears, you begin banging your fists against the comforter before fisting them in anger and kicking your legs out.

“I can’t…I can’t…I can’t,” you breathe as you shake your head back and forth.

And that’s when Aaron smiled at David.

“Want to do the honors?” he asks lowly.

“Since you’ve already gotten yours,” David states.

Lining himself up with your entrance, David slowly inches himself inside of your tight, throbbing, aching slit as you arch your back as tears roll down your face.

“Please,” you whisper, begging them for just one climax.

Just one.

But just as David started pumping himself into you, you felt Aaron’s tongue attach itself back to your sore, swollen clit.

And in seconds you were cumming on David’s dick.

“David!” you yell out into the room as you grab a handful of Aaron’s hair.

“Aaron, god.  Yes.  Please.  Just.  Fuck!” you yelp out.

“That’s it, beautiful,” David grunts as he grabs your hips, your legs shaking from your rolling orgasms as Aaron’s tongue works a magic you thought you could only find in the latest toy.

You found yourself speechless as your jaw unhinged and an otherworldly drone began emanating from your throat.

“Yeeeeeeeeeeeeees…” you drone as David pounds into your hips.

“Yes, Y/N.  Yes. Oh…bellissima, you are perfect.  Perfect for us both,” David whispers.

And just as his praises for you tumbled from his lips, he filled you to the brim as Aaron slowed his ministrations after your 4th rolling orgasm.

Your body was visibly shaking on top of the bed as David slowly pulled out of you, careful not to hurt you in the process.

“Y/N?” Aaron asks, concern riddling his voice as he dashes up to your head and rubs your hair back from your forehead, “Are you alright?”

“Uh huh,” you breathe, your voice hoarse and your throat dry as David chuckles from the edge of the bed.

“Care for a dip in the hot tub on the porch?” David asks.

“There’s a hot tub on the porch?” Aaron asks as he cranes his neck back to look at his partner.

“Is there ever not with me?” David asks.

And you smiled up at the ceiling as tears of happiness rolled down the sides of your face.

You were in love with the two most incredible men this planet had to offer.

And they loved you in return.

*Sigh* if u get mad it's your business but

Okay, calling idols or ANYONE daddy, mommy, or use any sexual references that make them uncomfortable or take this too seriously IS TOTALLY WRONG, but I see some people out there that don’t know how to put a message on a tumblr without kinkshaming others. I’m not defending anyone, you can tell by posts I already did before that I hate when people do things to make others uncomfortable, but kinkshaming ALSO makes other people who aren’t even showing their kinks out there feel bad, don’t you think so? If a person is confident with her sexual life and like to share this with her/his partner is totally fine if the person is not making anyone unconfortable, if you got ANY TYPE of kink and you do this to your own pleasure and the pleasure of your partner it’s okay. Like, what do you guys got in your heads? Kinkshaming is wrong as much as pour out your sexual desires in someone who is unconfortable is wrong, you are putting boundaries in other people’s sexual lifes. Stop this bullshit of saying you need to keep your kinks in the back of your mind because of this and that. I already said, it’s wrong to call them daddy personally or say to someone who didn’t asked or feels comfortable with this, but tell someone she should stop doing what she pleases with her sexual partner is ridiculous. Stop trying to control other people’s lives and mindsets because it won’t work. Y'all need to know that words cost a price and stick with the people who are affected by those. If you like normal sex, keep reading your normal sex smut and things in this track. If you like daddy kink, read the daddy kink, alright? But don’t pour out your desires in a way that will make idols unconfortable nor pressurize people to have a regular sexual life because you are not open-minded and you try to control other people’s sexual desires. That’s weird and ugly. And also, if you got any kinks Y'all keep yourselves healthy and remember that even if it’s a lifestyle kink or something that’s not so present in a daily basis keep it natural, don’t do things like some fans did to Bambam, Changkyun or Jooheon. Please, be confident of your sexual life with education, because you wouldn’t want to be approached like that, I’m sure, and you wouldn’t want to be ashamed on a public place by someone you don’t have contact with nor someone you have. Respect people with kinks, the idols, people around you and the people involved. This is me hugging all of you, respectful smooth and professional smutty beans.

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I’ll Take Care Of  You [a Barry Allen AU] (Part 14)

a/n: powerless au how i love thy…so cute

WARNING: Smut, angst…yeah

| Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11 | Part 12 | Part 13 |

Nightmares are common with people. They happen once in awhile, some people get more than others. Usually they aren’t real; usually nightmares are made up in your head…right? That’s what Barry keeps telling himself about the nightmare of you getting killed, just like his mother. With the lightning… the lightning that almost killed him too…

“M-mom!” he calls out, shooting upwards in bed. His chest heaves, taking short, yet deep breaths, left leg dangling off the bed. The soft navy sheets pool at his waist, palms digging into the mattress behind his ass, holding himself up. That…that nightmare…his mom…screaming… “M-mommy…” he whispers in a low voice, lower lip quivering, eyes brimming with wet tears.

Instantly after he sits up, you follow his actions, hand rubbing soothing circles on his chest. “Barr, Barr, it’s okay, it was a nightmare, it’s okay.” you try to calm him; feeling his rapid heartbeat hammering in his chest. Turning his head to look at you, you cup his scruffy cheek in your hand, thumb wiping away tears as they fall. “I’m here, my baby boy, I’m here.” you comfort, bringing your other hand to his parallel cheek.

Barry’s breathing slowly begins to even out, tears still falling at a steady pace. “M-mom… I-I ne-need - I n-need…. m-mommy…” he whimpers, wrapping his unsteady arm around your waist, pulling you into his torso. The mattress shifts when he nuzzles his head in your neck, messy hair brushing your earlobe. He feels so small, so frail…

You gulp, hand scratching the back of his hair. Wetness blossoms against your shoulder and your heart drops. “Hey, hey, baby boy, I’m here.” you hum, pulling his face off your neck, “I’m here, baby boy.” you repeat, pecking his pouty lips, feeling his arms tighten around your waist.

Lips suck on lips and he breathes a shaky breath of air in you. Suddenly, he feels delicate hands on his flat stomach, causing him to gasp. “M-mommy?” he asks, unsure if this is okay. Your hands push his gray CCPD shirt over his head, unkempt brown locks fluffing with the fabric. “I-I…” he trails off, shivering when your fingertips trace his pink scars.

“Shh, baby boy, let mommy take care of you…” you whisper, lips placing open mouth kisses on his pale chest, over his moles. He pops his lips together, panting slightly, body trembling underneath you. “Is that what you want?” you ask, hand traveling to the waistband of his red boxer briefs.

The sun is just starting to rise, sky a mix of pink and orange, light sneaking through the thin currents, hitting your messy hair to create a halo. Barry blinks away tears, nodding, “Y…yes. Mo-mommy, pl-pl-please take ca-care of me…” he mumbles, hard on starting to rise like the daylight.

Humming, you slowly take off his underwear, hearing his breath hitch in the back of his throat. “Of course, my pretty boy.” you grin, wrapping your fingers around his thick cock, causing him to let out a cry. His scruffy cheek hits the pillow case, tears in his jewel eyes. “Are you okay, baby boy?” you ask immediately, fingers twitching. He stays quiet. “Tell mommy what you want.”

Barry keeps his face in the navy pillow, right arm bent in a 90 degree angle so he’s looking at his hand. “I-I wa-wanna be in-in you…” he sniffles, cheeks heating up from embarrassment. You nod, understanding; getting a condom from the side table. Barry craves intimacy. “I-I wa-wanna to-to-touch you too, m-mommy…” he whines, feeling the latex roll on his dick.

Leaning down, you leave kisses on his collarbone, turning his face to peer at you. His eyelashes bat against his pink tinged cheeks, lower lip drawn in between his teeth, showing his jaw clench, hair moving. You peel your tank top off your body, “Then touch me, baby boy.” you purr, taking his shaking hands in yours, positioning them on your exposed breasts.

He gulps, fingers twitching on your skin. It isn’t like he hasn’t seen you naked before, you’ve taken baths together, but he’s never been like this before. Your pussy hovers over his dick, making him breathe heavy, chest tightening. “Mo-mo-mommy, pl-please I… n-eed y-you. Ple-ase.” he begs, tears spilling down his cheeks, disappearing into his dark dark hair, squeezing your boobs slightly.

Nodding, you wipe his scruff, biting your lip as you sink down on him. His eyelids hide his pretty green eyes, scrunching tightly and he turns his head away again, jaw clenched. “Is this okay?” you pant, giving yourself time to adjust to his size. The is worrying you; he looks like he’s in pain.

Yes!” he shouts, voice rocky and eyes still shut, “G-god yes!” he cries out, whimpering while he gropes your boobs, thumb flicking your nipple. “Pl-please mo-ve, mom-mommy, please?” he asks, chest heaving heavily.

You rock your hips against his at a steady pace, bracing yourself on his chest. He breathes in short breathes, head shoved into the pillow, feeling your body bounce above him. The sound of his gasps and skin connecting with skin echoes through the small house; sweat drips off your temple, moaning as you feel him twitching.

Barry groans, brown hair sticking up on end. “I…c-can't…” he cuts himself off with another whimper. He’s close. “M-mommy!” he cries, tears leaking as he unloads himself into the condom. You keep rocking until you cum, eyes glazed in pleasure at the blissful moment, getting off him.

There’s a pregnant pause, followed by sobs. Crinkling your eyebrows, you roll on your side, seeing him shaking, crying hysterically. “Barry, what’s wrong, sweetheart?” you ask softly, reaching up to cup his cheek.

He flinches away, tumbling out of the bed, covering his face with his hands as he darts to the bathroom, slender shoulders shaking with cries. You go to follow but he slams the door. Gulping, you look down at your hands. You don’t know what just happened…

Only yours - Nash Grier Imagine (smut)


[Y/N - ‘your name’]


I’m getting dressed to go to a party with some of my friends and my boyfriend Nash Grier. The only reason we were even invited to Bethany’s house party, was due to Nash being the schools best quarter-back.

“Y/n are you finished yet? We have to go in like five minutes!” Rachel (A/n: I decided to name some people so it’s not too confusing) called from downstairs.

“I am ready I just need to make sure I look good tonight, I want Nash to think I look sexy, not cute and innocent like always!” I yelled back at her so she could hear.

“Jeez I’m not deaf, I’m outside your room right now, there’s no need to yell.”

“Whoops, sorry, and come in I need you to tell me if I look good or not.”

Rachel opened the door, only to stare at you in shock.

“What? Is the dress too much? Should I change into something not so risqué?” I was freaking out thinking all the bad possibilities. What if I don’t look good? What if it’s all too much?

“No, no, it’s just-” she took a second to look me up and down, noticing my tight mid-thigh red dress stuck to me like a second skin (and made my ass look good, if I do say so myself) and the long sleeves made it look better as it was a low-cut dress, my black pumps made me taller almost the same height as Nash himself, “-you look hot. God you clean up nice! You look hot in that dress and those heels, don’t get me started on the heels!” She clapped her hands like a child on Christmas.

“Why thank you, didn’t think someone seeming to be as innocent as me could look this good, right?” We giggled and looked in the mirror for a final check up.

I put my hair out and curled it into loose curls. I put the last touches of my makeup as I did a smokey eye, with a subtle eyeliner and put on some nude pink colouring lip balm to finish off the look.

*ding dong*

“Okay the boys are here, how do I look?” My best friend asked as a nervous expression took over her natural features.

“You look hot, trust me, Cameron’s going to be blown away!” She gave me a nervous smile as we descended down the stairs.

Once we reached the door we both looked over at each other. I gave her a reassuring thumbs up. She opened the door to reveal a handsome Nash Grier wearing a black long sleeved top with a silver long necklace handing loosely around his neck, black skinny jeans with cuts on the knees and black vans, his hair looking naturally perfect, way better than mine to be honest. And a bad-ass looking Cameron sporting a black denim-like vest, a white t-shirt, black skinny jeans with a cut in one knee and black vans also.

“Hello ladies, my you do look ravishing!” Cameron exclaimed with a bad British accent. Whilst Nash couldn’t get his eyes of me, his mouth hanging open and his eyes wandering my body, looking me up and down. Cameron, noticing Nash’s quietness, nudged his friend back into reality.

“Wha-uh y/n you look-”, his eyes checking me out intensely, “-beautiful as always.” I blushed at his stuttering and walked outside, closing the door behind me.

“Why thank you Hamilton, you do look very good if I do say so myself,” I whispered into his ear as we made our way to Cameron’s car.

“The dress may look hot, but it’ll look stunning laying on the floor,” I whacked his arm causing him to chuckle. I blushed a deep crimson and hid my face behind my hair.

Once we made it to the party, all we could see were sweaty bodies grinding everywhere. Cameron and Rachel took off to get drinks leaving Nash and I in the middle of the dance floor, thankfully there was no awkward bodies rubbing against us.

I turned around and found Johnson making out with his girlfriend and Gilinsky taking shots. Rachel and Cameron were grinding on the far side of the house and Shawn leading his girlfriend upstairs with a devilish grin. Jacob and Bea were taking body shots and Aaron, Taylor and Matthew were in the pool outside. The others engaging themselves into any other activities they could find.

“So y/n, what’d you say we take a couple of shots and then make our way over to the dance floor huh?” I nodded letting Nash lead me over to where Gilinsky was filling up three shot glasses with what I presume to be, Vodka.

“Oi, Jack! Two shots here!” Nash yelled over the loud boom of the bass. Jack simply nodded and filled up two shot glasses and placed then right in front of us.

“There you go, don’t drink to much I may have put a little something in there for you two, aka my not-so-special mix of sprite, tequila and vodka!” Jack winked at me making me blush and Nash to clench his fists.

“Okay, come on Nash, on the count of three. One, two-” I looked over at Nash to see he was looking straight back at me, “-three,” we downed the shots, but I won due to me being able to unhinge by jaw like a snake (A/N if you get that reference I love you).

“Do you need a sippy cup Nashly?” I joked as he started dribbling the vodka due to him laughing too hard.

“Hilarious!” He shouted causing me to laugh. Nash just stared at me, smiling and grabbed my hand, leading me to the dance floor.

I started to dance to the beat of the music. But then it just turned to me grinding on Nash, whilst he held my hips.

“Oh god, y/n what you do to me,” Nash whispered in my ear as a low groan escaped him.

“I have no idea what your talking about,” I whispered back innocently. We were dancing for about five minutes, until Nash had to use the bathroom. I didn’t mind because I found Rachel and Cameron and started dancing with them. I was swaying my hips freely until I felt two hands touch my waist, but I knew for a fact they weren’t Nash’s.

I quickly spun around to be face to face with a drunk Gilinsky.

“Okay now Jack, why don’t you go sit over there and make out with Sadie instead?” I asked calmly. I didn’t want Nash to see, he seems to get really jealous and protective around me.

“No! I want to dance with you, cause you look hot!” He slurred his words making me laugh as he almost fell over saying the word hot.

“Oh come on now Jack, you don’t want to dance with me, look Sadie is telling you to come over to her!” I pointed at her, standing only a few feet away making eye-contact with Jack smiling widely.

“O-kay! Bye bye y/n!” He waved at me like a little kid and I couldn’t help myself giggle at the cuteness of it.

I turned around only to bump into a hard chest. I looked up, only to be face to face with Nash. He was red faced and had his hands balled up into fists by his side. His beautiful blue eyes, almost black in colour, staring intensely down at me.

“What were you doing with Jack? Did he touch you? Huh?” I smirked, jealous Nash is my favourite.

“We just danced that’s all,” I whispered into his ear so he could hear me better.

Nash roughly grabbed my hand and lead me to a vacant room upstairs.

I closed the door and had my back facing Nash.

“No one else gets to touch you like I do, you got that?” I nodded my head closing my eyes at his close proximity of my back. His warm breath fanning over my neck, causing goosebumps to rise.

Nash abruptly turning me around and slammed me against the wall, causing me to let out a loud gasp. His lips were on mine in a instant. My hands found there way into his hair, pulling at the brown roots, earning a moan from him. His large hand lifted me up and I wrapped my legs around him, his hands making there way to my ass, squeezing it. His tongue traced my bottom lips, asking me for entrance, I denied only for him to grab my ass harder causing me to gasp, letting his tongue in. His tongue exploring my mouth and meeting mine.

His mouth made its way to my jaw and neck sucking harshly at the skin, obviously leaving a rather large hickey.

He pulled me closer to him and found his way to the bed, tossing me carelessly on to it. His whole body hovered over me, he took off his top, throwing it away, showcasing his toned abs. My hands felt all the way up then ‘til they reached his head, yanking his head to reconnect his lips to mine. His mouth went back to my neck. He began leaving hungry trails of love bites from the top of my neck to my collarbones. He tugged at the bottom of my dress.

“This has to go,” he said in-between kisses. I lifted my self off the bed slightly giving him the chance to pull the dress over my head and throw across the room.

“Told you you’ll look better without it,” I smirked as his eyes widened at my matching white lace underwear. He looked back into my eyes and I saw the were a deep shade of blue. His hand made its way to my back and unhooked my bra, tossing the material on top of the dress.

His mouth began greedily sucking on my left breast and his right hand roughly massaging the other. My head shot back and my hands pulling more at the long hair. His mouth wandered from my cleavage to my stomach, leaving a trail of sloppy wet kisses. He reached the hem of my panties and looked back up at me, his eyes connecting with my own lust-filled ones. He took the white lace off, with his mouth. I moaned loudly at the erotic sight. Nash slowly licked a line from my entrance, right to my clit, flicking his tongue slightly, making me squirm underneath his teasing.

“Nash,” I moaned dragging out his name, “please.”

No more words were ushered as his mouth made its way onto my heat sucking and nibbling harshly. His tongue flicked my clit repeatedly causing my hips to buck up. A strong arm was placed on my hips to keep me still. I looked down only to see his blue eyes peaking up from behind my heat. I almost came at the sight. Suddenly his tongue made its way into my entrance, as his fingers began rubbing me. His tongue was darting in and out, his fingers rubbing faster. I moaned loudly. My orgasm approaching.

“N-Nash, I’m gonna c-cum!” I screamed the pleasure was overwhelming.

His tongue and fingers left me. My head shot up at him.

“Why’d you stop!?” I glared at him, he just chuckled.

“I was just warming you up, baby girl,” he ripped open a condom and put it on.

“Warming up for wha-” I was cut of as his dick slammed into me making me scream in pain and pleasure. No matter how many times we’d have sex, I’d never get used to his size. His head thrown back. A thin layer of sweat already forming.

“You’re so tight, baby girl! Who makes you feel this way? Huh? Say it, who?”

“Y-you do Nash!” I moaned the pleasure overwhelming.

“I want you to scream it baby girl. Whose cock makes you feel this good? Whose dick pumping in and out of you makes you moan loudly? Huh? Who’s tongue can make you cum in seconds? Who can give you the best orgasm of your life? Scream it baby girl!”

“NASH!” I screamed as my orgasm took over me and I came on his dick.

“F-fuck y/n!” He moaned my name as he came. We rode out each other’s climaxes.

Nash took off the condom throwing it away in the bin and collapsing next to me. He grabbed my waist and pulled me closer to him causing us to be spooning position. I giggled as he started kissing my neck softly, making me squirm in his arms.

“You’re mine, and only mine,” he breathed into my ear.

“Only yours.”

A/N: well that was a roller coaster, I thought I’d give you guys a small taste of my smut writing skills. If you want to see more smuts, just send request for them


You and the Joker decide to have some fun before wrecking havoc on Gotham again. With a game called shush, you and your pudding share one last sweet moment together before wrecking terror over Gotham once again, it’s been too quiet, and here’s to the start of chaos all over again

Warning: Smutty as hell, Knife Play, Rough Sex, Language not kiddie friendly



I sit on our shared bed, reading up on the latest crimes in Gotham. Me and my Puddin hadn’t done very much lately. After he broke me out of prison, he said he just wanted to lay low. Of course I didn’t mind, more time for just me and my Puddin to be together.
He walked into the room, at first paying me no attention. I pout but decide to give it a second before acting on it. He walks into the bathroom and I hear the bath tub come on. A few moments later my Puddin walks out with only his briefs hanging at his hips. He stands waiting for acknowledgment.
“Hi, Puddin”, he half smiles at me and lifts his hand moving his index and middle fingers back and forth in a come here motion. I get up and slowly advance over to him. The height difference would seem frightening to anyone else standing next to the joker at my height, but not me. Not with my Puddin. He pulls me against him forcibly but the impact is slowed to be soft. “I’ve missed you, my beautiful princess” he whispers by my ear. I smile, my hands against his chest. “I’ve missed you too, Mistah J”. He kisses my neck softly, his hands settling around my hips. I drape my arms around his neck, titling my head to the side, giving him more room. He stops and I stop myself from protesting.
He pulls me into the the bathroom. After breaking me out of prison, he had a new home all set up for the two of us. The bathtub was grand, big enough for more than two people but the perfect depth for a tub all the same. With the tub a little over half way full he pours in a bottle of bubble bath. The smell is intoxicating. Like strawberries and a hint of chemicals, mesmerizing. He looks me up and down and I get the message, slowly unbuttoning my flannel and discarding it, then putting my thumbs in the band of my lace panties I pull them off as well, never breaking eye contact with the joker.
“Oh so very pretty” he says looking me over, “pretty”, now he’s right in front of me “pretty” his hands grab my breast firmly “pretty” flicking my hard nipples “pretty” as he runs his hands down my hips, leaning in by my ear “mine” he whispers as he presses my clit with his thumb his other fingers around my now dripping center. I can’t help but moan, feeling his cock twitch against me through his briefs.
He backs away and pulls off his briefs. Stopping the water flow and stepping into the tub, he puts out a hand for me to join him. I step into the tub, feeling the water burn me,adding to the swirl of pleasure I already feel. We sink down into the water, soap encasing around the both of us. I take a moment to look at how beautiful he has set the place up. Candles scatter the bathroom, the light on the dimmest setting possible. So much effort had went into our times together lately. I cherished it, for I knew eventually we would have to get back to being the King and Queen of crime and he would go back to the tough maniacal façade he often wore. He seemed to hear my train of thought, wrapping his arms around me, kissing my neck ever so lightly. I moan, low and quiet, faint.
"You’re so beautiful, I had to have sometime to ourselves before getting back into the crime scene” he says. “I know Puddin” I press my back against his chest. He washes me off and me him. We exit the tub and step into the shower to wash off the suds. Suddenly he grabs my throat, backing me against the glass door. I moan lightly. “Now my princess, that we have had our sweet time, it’s time for some fun.” Starting to laugh manically, I join in. He yanks me out the shower and throws me over his shoulder, spanking my ass. I yelp knowing his hand will be left on my pale skin and loving the image of it. He throws me on the bed, and walks to grab a few of his toys. He comes back with 2 knives, one blunt and one sharp, two ropes and small vibrator. "Time for fun and games princess ”. I feel myself growing wetter at the thought of his future ministrations. “I love when we play games Mistah J” I say seductively.
He takes the ropes and ties my wrists up to the headboard. Taking the blunt knife he positions it between my breasts, I feel the coolness of the blade. He applies pressure and drags it down, causing a small line of blood to appear down my chest, I moan at the feeling. “Now let’s play a game of Shush, you know the rules cupcake, you moan, you get a cut, three cuts and you get no more pleasure” I nod looking in his green eyes “Okay Mistah J”.
"Good then let’s begin” he places the little vibrator against my clit, waves of pleasuring being jumped to course through my body, I tense but don’t utter a sound. He smirks. “We’ll play to 5 rounds today, you make it to round five and have my permission to explode as soon as I say Let Daddy Hear His Princess ” I nod once again. "You’ve made it through round one but that’s always the easiest, time for round two” he leaves the vibrator against my clit and picks the blunt knife back up, cutting little marks in me, my back arches into the blade, trying not to moan I smirk. "Paint your canvas Mistah J” he grins and presses the knife deeper, my mouth opens into a soundless moan. His grin stretches wider. “Cmon now princess, it only gets harder from here”.

I bite my lip, “round 3” he breathes softly putting the knife down and putting two fingers at my entrance, on contact I draw my breath in quickly. He pushed them in and it takes everything in me not to moan, but it’s not enough. I moan loudly and he stops, without a word he picks up the sharp knife and slices 1/3 around the front of my neck. My mouth opens, my mind mixed with pleasure and pain and not sure how to receive either. It’s a cut not deep enough to be fatal but enough to cause enough pain and shed of blood. He roughly inserts his two fingers again, pumping them in and out , I see the lust pooled in his now deep green eyes. The image alone makes me want to explode but I have to hold on for my Puddin. He continues for a few then slows to a stop.

“Four” he says, his tongue coming out to lick my clit. Another breathless moan. His tongue dips into my pussy, caressing my soft walls. Pulling out and licking my clit, he shoves 3 fingers in as he grips my clit with his lips. I can’t help it, i moan again, louder than the first. He peers up and grabs the knife looking directly at me, another cut, a little past halfway around my neck.

More pain and more pleasure. I can’t ruin this, I have to hold on. He shoves the 3 fingers back in and laps at my clit hungrily, my whole body tenses and I almost moan but I hold it.

“Good girl, round five” he removes his hand and before I have a chance to realize what’s going on, he rams his now fully hard cock into me. My mouth shoots open but it’s so much pleasure no sound comes out. I’m relieved. My back arches pushing further into him.

“You like that huh, don’t you? Being my filthy little pet” he grunts fucking me slow but deep, I can feel my orgasm building but it feels so good I dare not ruin it.

He puts his hand against my throat cutting off my breaths, I can feel the full blade scraping my side as he cuts me. It’s all so much, I’m quiet and tense, my body screaming for release. As if on queue he tosses the blade to the side and picks up the sharp blade.

He holds it above me with both hands and brings it down, midair changing direction to slice the rope holding my left wrist, he does the same to the right one and I fall completely back onto the bed. He starts to fuck me faster , leaning down, his lips so close to mine I can feel his breath. I bite my lip not trying to moan, with everything in me. My arms wrapping around his neck.

“Now let daddy hear his princess”, I only need to hear those few words and I’m moaning so loudly I question if people outside the warehouse can hear me. I decide I don’t care. My juices flow over him as he fucks me, my orgasm prolonging as he continues, I hear him grunt, feel him start to tense.

His strokes become slow and hard again. He’s cumming and I’m holding the back of his neck as we begin to kiss. He falls on top of me, my arms wrapped around him.

“love you Puddin ”

“I love you too Princess”

He rolls over and pulls me on top of him. “We’ve let the amateurs have their fun, now it’s time to remind Gotham why we are the king and Queen clowns of crime and let terror reign once again”.

I nod with a evil grin and we both start to share a maniacal laugh.

Hope you haven’t gotten to comfortable batty, we’re back, and mayhem is coming for Gotham.