this calls for another ye tat


Winter sat at her desk in her office with Weiss and Two people she plans to hire to search for her missing wife. It has been about two days since she has heard from Autumn and a strange feeling has made her look into the matter.

“Well Ms. Schnee are you sure she isn’t just busy?You have said yourself that sometimes she will take these trips to explore unknown areas o the world. What if she is just busy and found a new village or is simply ignoring you?”

Weiss gets angry looks at the man tat just spoke d let out a huff f air. “She sin’ in some unknown part of the world and you clearly were not listening to Winter when she spoke. They always find a way to check in with one another when she is gone.”

Winter sighs when she hears a buzz. A female voice filed the room about a urgent phone call for Winter on line four. She lifts the phone to and answers with an angry tone. “Yes. Who is this? We are rather busy at the moment. Make it quick.”