this cake is so stale

kim taehyung as your boyfriend

ahh thank you all for the support for this little series! i appreciate so much! but without further ado, here’s mr. kim taehyung’s version!

Yoongi / Hoseok / Jimin

Seventeen / Got7 


- when you wake up, its almost always because taehyung is poking your cheek, giving you kisses everywhere, or tickling you lightly. like seriously, almost always 

- he gives you his famous rectangle smile every morning when you look at him with an annoyed glare then he tackles you in a bear hug thats super duper warm and comfy

- you two always get ready together because honestly you cant get enough of each other. taehyung will comb your hair while you brush your teeth and then you’ll sit on the counter and do his casual makeup while he has his hands wrapped around you and resting on your back (sometimes he tries your makeup but he can never get the eyeliner matching so he just pouts)

- breakfast is always at the cafe next to your house and you two share some type of unhealthy, sugary pastry and maybe a coffee and talk about what you had to do today and then what you two will do after work together and its basically  tradition now

- you guys are big on candy like you’ll go to the drug store and grab a jumbo bag of assorted candies to share and that’s basically your friday night date

- you two sit on the floor across from one another with the bag of candy in between you and you close your eyes and grab a piece from it and try it wihile giggling and you always let the other try the certain candy that you picked out, whether its a sucker or chocolate bar or hard candy

-“yo tae, i got a pizza flavored dum-dum pop!“ 

- "ooh let me try it!”

- tbh taehyung is the master in weird dates. sometimes he’ll wake you up in the middle of the night and you both will go to a grocery store and buy a birthday cake even though its neither of your birthdays and take it home and eat it across from each other at the dinner table and usually it ends in a food fight that neither of you want to clean up or you’ll go to a zoo but instead of observing the animals you observe the people and ask what country they’re from (but honestly you still check out the lions and elephants and sometimes the birds) 

- tae almost always buys matching couple things that you two never use, like couple oven mitts and seat covers for a car that you dont own

- but you two do have these matching animal onesies that you literally wear every weekend while cuddling up and watching a plethora of fluffy movies (you two also eat the extra candies)

- even though people never take him serious, he can be very calm and a great listener when needed. he is always the first person you go to because he doesn’t care if you rant or shout your frustrations or share gossip and you trust him 10000% because he’s so loyal and, well, trustworthy and you honestly are so grateful to have someone like him

- tae loves PDA because he just cant get enough of you. when you leave the airport together he is always snuggling with you (the small baby is tired from the plane ride) or while walking around town he never fails to be holding your hand tightly in his. but your personal fave is when you two are waiting for the bus or something and he hugs you close and gives you really sweet forehead kisses and he looks at you with love and adoration and it just makes you melt

- speaking of kisses, taehyung’s kisses are very random (though amazing). like he’ll just give you a surprise kiss on the arm or something and you’re just like “wtf tae” and he just smiles that adorable rectangle smile and gives you another warm and sweet-tasting kiss on the lips this time and you cherish all of them 

- there was this one time that you were in the hospital because you had to get your appendix out or something and precious taehyung was so worried that he cried in the waiting room and jimin had to try and calm him down because honestly tae loves you so much that he doesnt know how he’ll survive without you (when you were released from the hospital totally okay he still wouldnt let you do a thing like he cooked you every meal and cleaned the house and although it was very sweet and considerate of him, you were totally okay) 

- honestly taehyung’s first priority is you like when you guys are in a crowd he always is looking after you to make sure you’re okay and he even secretly sneaks you the best pieces of cake while he takes the stale piece and omg he’s just so in love

- when you guys said i love you for the first time it was because he kept tickling you and you were laughing so hard you had tears in your eyes and everything was bright and happy and suddenly you just yelled out “taehyung i love you, but stop tickling me before i kill you!” and he suddenly stopped and you just went wide-eyed and he was all like “you love me?” and you nodded with a blush forming on your cheeks and he just smiled really delicately and kissed you with such softness that you thought his lips had to be made of clouds

- your and taehyung’s relationship is extremely playful and random, but also filled with so much love that you guys dont know what to do with all of it