this cake is so stale

Why in the name of all things cake, are Swift blogs following me?!

Have I ever, EVER given any indication that I am a fan?

Have I ever, EVER shown any interest in her or her ‘music’ or any damn thing about or to do with her?

No? So why you following me? One after another. Baby cheeses…please stop

Is it because someone I AM a fan of took her on a few dates once upon a long time ago? Purlease, I have actual real life friends whose SO’s I don’t fraternize with, why would THIS matter to me?

No disrespect intended, but we have NOTHING to bring to each other’s tables. I’m a hot spices and full fat chocolate kinda girl. Not a fat free, vanilla from essence only, bland, stale, rice cake kinda girl.

So, please… Don’t. Just get off my lawn. Ta muchly.