this cake is impressive

This has been hanging out on my computer for who knows how long so I thought I’d post it. I’ve been thinking about streaming while I paint. I wonder if anyone would be interested in watching?


Impressed by your hyungs ability to cram cake in his mouth… #bap #vine #mine #himchan #daehyun

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Dean looked over at his brother, clearly proud of his achievement. “D’you see that, Sammy? Piece of cake,” he murmured smugly.

“I’m actually impressed,” Sam granted. “Those lines were just awful, man.”

“Terrible,” you added with a teasing smile, setting down your pen and taking your time to slip the piece of paper with your number in Dean’s jacket pocket. “But compelling. I’ve been looking for a man with a VCR.”

Dean quirked one eyebrow, still grinning. “With a what?”

“A very cute rear, handsome.”



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miracle no knead bread

Halloween Mini Cheesecakes


Happy Birthday Ryoma! The lobster of my life.

I’m a day or two late bc of work and other priorities but I’m glad I was able to finish the cake today! 

Honestly, my favourite part was making him out of chocolate melts, THE CAKE NOT SO MUCH BECAUSE I HAVE NO SKILLS LOL 

anonymous asked:

I think that Bday cake is so functional, makes anything we'll get within next days seem more real-time...

You mean like a decoy birthday cake? I can get behind that. I don’t get the impression Zayn and Gigith hangout outside of their assigned promotional obligations together. 

With all of the stuff going on promotionally between Zayn and Gigith, I’ve been operating off the safe assumption we’ll be getting Zigi. Just see it for what it is (an uber predictable PR relationship), and don’t let it worry you much. 

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[I realize Voyager’s crew is a little light on the diversity of species, but I really wish we dedicated more time to celebrating the human racial diversity present. The senior staff includes four people of color - one Black, one Asian, one Native American, and one Latina. That they’re all captained by a woman, and that there’s only one white man to be seen, is icing on the cake. That’s always really impressed me.]
lyriumdreaming replied to your post “Omg your build of hangman’s alley I’m just !!! I have given up on ever…”

Whoops! My bad - what I get for tumbling (tumbling?) past 2am ������ sorry bout that

No worries! We’ve all been there. I just wanted to give credit where it’s due. I will share my Hangman’s Alley eventually. It’s pretty much been done for months. It’s not as impressive as @mirelurk–cakes but I did have fun building it. I love working on the smaller settlements!

Halloween with Seventeen

S.coups: forces you to go trick or treating with the maknae line to watch over them or they might get hit by a car or something, stays at home all day watching Jeonghan attempt to bake a cake

Jeonghan: ignores Seungcheol and calls for Joshua’s help when it’s time to decorate the cake

Joshua: impressed Jeonghan with his amazing cake decorating skills

Hoshi: begs Jeonghan to let him put on the icing, ruins the cake and halloween and eats all the sprinkles

Wonwoo: watches a horror movie with Mingyu and keeps on glancing at him during the movie to see if he’s scared, smirks when Mingyu screams during the jump scare, moves in closer to him to make him feel safe

Mingyu: hides behind Wonwoo, wraps his arms around him whenever there’s a scary scene, tells everyone that he wasn’t even scared at all after movie ends

Woozi: busy writing lyrics, refuses to come out from his studio, almost strangled Seungkwan to death when he jumped in dressed up as a vampire while pretending to sink his teeth into his neck

DK: tries to scare everyone with a not so scary story

The8: terrified because of DK’s story even tho he didn’t really understand most of it (no one did), starts crying

Jun: stares at The8 who’s crying, grabs some tissue to give it to him but ends up making paper ghosts out of them

Seungkwan: gets the most candy while out trick or treating because the ahjummas thought he looked cute dressed up as a penguin (the vampire costume was demolished by Woozi)

Vernon: doesn’t say “trick or treat” but starts talking about kidney function instead

Dino: is mad that Seungcheol made you babysit them even tho they were mature enough to go on their own but what a bunch of mature kids going trick or treating at this age

Gosh I keep stopping my re-read of Harry Potter just to get over how unfailingly sweet Hagrid actually is, and what an utter perfect person he is as a gateway for Harry into the wizarding world.

He gets Harry a birthday cake when they first meet. Like Harry first impression of him is a giant of a man who’s fascinating and gives him a birthday cake.

Then he buys Harry an ice-cream when they’re at Diagon Alley. And then buys him Hedwig as a birthday present, despite Harry trying to say no because he wanted to give Harry one. He just lists off what Harry needs and goes “oh yeah birthday present” like it’s the most normal thing ever.


Rubeus Hagrid.