this caaaast

Some people are like, “Oh, stereotypical accent!” An accent is an accent. If there were jokes written about the accent, then that would certainly be harmful. But there aren’t jokes written about it. It’s not even talked about. It’s just a fact of life: immigrants have accents. Making the choice to have that is a way of not watering down the character and making it politically correct. It’s choosing authenticity over safety, and I think that’s bold. The people who are going to laugh at the alleged stereotypes are the same people who are going to laugh at their Chinese waiter in the restaurant next door for very coarse, uneducated reasons.

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Okay, if we're submitting old rock gods to be Sirius, surely it'd have to be Michael Hutchence?! C'mon, NEVER TEAR US APART!

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((OOC:……I’m so sorry…..but he looks like Brendan Fraser in GEORGE OF THE FRICKIN’ JUNGLE (whichmeansithinkhe’sreallyhotlikewowwhatadork) XD But I can see his Sirius vibe!))