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Locked Together [NCT U Mark Oneshot]

Genre: Fluff! 

REQUESTED: mark scenario where he’s the quarterback of the football team and you’re the head cheerleader so everyone tries to set you guys up but you guys are both too shy to confess to each other until you’re locked in a room by your friends? lol thanks

Y/N’s P.O.V.

“Alright girls, let’s start again from the top!” My cheerleader coach shouted at us as we finished our routine for the fifth time.

“But coach, we’ve done it for five times, can we get a break?” One of my friends, Chaeyoung, complained.

“Fine, only for 15 minutes,” my coach said. “When I come back, I expect all of you to be here ready to redo the routine again.”

“Yes, coach!” We all shouted in sync and sat in the bleachers.

As the girls began chatting, I watch the boys practicing football. Our school has a history of having the best football team and best cheerleading team. So, our coaches have to train us to make sure we maintain our history.

Even though they all were wearing helmets, I could recognize Mark from because of his uniform number. He was number 5, the quarterback. I’ve known him since we were in primary school and we immediately clicked - but we weren’t best friends. I admit, I have a crush on him, but I don’t want to confess to him because I didn’t want to ruin our friendship.

“Look at her, staring at Mark,” I heard Chaeyoung teasing me.

“I know, she’s so in love with him,” Tzuyu continued.

“If only they confessed to each other,” Yeri continued after Tzuyu.

“You guys, I’m not deaf,” I said to them and rolled my eyes. “And I am not in love with him.”

“Says the one that always stare at him and blushes around him,” Koeun teased.

I looked back at the guys, trying to ignore the girls, and saw that they were having a break.

“Let’s go talk to them,” Yeri said and most of them got up except me.

“You guys go ahead, I’ll just sit here,” I said.

“What, don’t you want to talk to Mark?” Chaeyeong asked and I just shook my head with a smile.

“I can talk to him after school or whenever he feels like talking to me,” I replied.

“I think that’s going to be now,” Tzuyu said and we looked at the direction of the field.

I saw Mark running to our direction.

“We’ll leave you two alone,” Tzuyu said and left me alone at the bleachers.

Some of the other girls were here, but they sat further away and the rest were over with the boys.

“Hi, Mark,” the girls greeting him as they went in the opposite direction.

“Hi,” Mark greeted them back and walked towards me.

“How’s cheerleading practice?” Mark said as he came up to me and sat beside me.

“Well, we’ve to repeat the routine for five times in a row and my back hurts,” I said. “How’s football practice?”

“Well, our coach keeps yelling at us the moment we started. I guess he’s not having a good day,” Mark replied.

“He probably had an argument with his wife,” I joked and he laughed.

“Or maybe he didn’t have his coffee this morning,” Mark joked and I laughed.

“Or maybe you guys are really bad,” I joked and Mark hit me lightly.

“Hey, we’ve been having a winning streak,” Mark defended himself. “I think we’re pretty good.”

“Don’t be too confident,” I warned him. “It might hit you at the back.”

“Oh right, touch wood,” Mark said and touched the wooden plank.

“Well, whatever the reason is, let’s just not make them angry anymore,” I said and he nods.

“The boys and I are going to watch a movie this weekend, I was wondering if you want to come and watch with us. You can invite the girls too,” Mark said to me changing the topic.

“What movie are you watching?” I asked.

“We’re going to watch Captain America: Civil War,” Mark replied.

“Oh, I’ve been wanting to watch that movie,” I said. “I’ll definitely go,” I replied with a smile.

“Great, I’ll tell you details after our practices then,” Mark said.

“Yeah, sure,” I said and looked out into the field. I saw my coach coming back and I immediately stood. “I better go, I don’t want to be in trouble.”

“Yeah, I don’t want you to be in trouble either,” Mark replied.

“Okay, see you,” I said with a smile and walked off.


Mark’s P.O.V.

As I sat in the bleachers and watch the cheerleaders perform their routine, my eyes were naturally drawn to Y/N. By the way, she moves and her presence, I understood why the coach chose her as the head of the cheerleader. She’s one of the best cheerleaders in the history of our school.

Honestly, I can’t believe that the two of us has been friends since primary school. Most of our primary school classmates have changed schools and some left the country. Only me and Y/N are still in this school. I’ve been wanting to confess my feelings to her plenty of times, and I almost did, but my insecurities always get the best of me.

Lots of boys like Y/N, but my football teammates don’t - luckily. Some of them are better than me visually, educationally and talent wise. So, I kind of feel like I don’t deserve to be with her.

As I see Y/N do her signature move, I smiled like an idiot and I could see Y/N noticing me because she was trying to hold in her laugh. I immediately got up and went to the field not wanting to embarrass myself any longer.

When I went back to the boys, they all were beginning to tease me.

“Wow, wow, wow,” Dino teased me.

“How are you guys like friends since primary school and still not together?” Rocky asked.

“It’s because they’re too nervous to confess to each other,” Dino teased me again.

“Oh my god, can you guys stop it,” I said getting annoyed.

“If Mark doesn’t want to confess, then it’s best if I just confess,” Kangmin joked.

“What, you can’t!” I exclaimed.

“Can’t what?” I heard my coach standing behind me.

Dang it! I wanted to facepalm myself but it’s best if I didn’t do it. I could see the boys laughing and I just rolled my eyes at them.

“Can’t skip practice,” I said quickly making something up. “Kangmin wanted to skip football practice.”

“What!? I didn’t say that!” Kangmin exclaimed and jumped up.

“He did, I heard him myself,” Dino said joining in.

“What? They’re lying,” Kangmin said.

As my coach began scolding Kangmin, the boys and I just watch him behind the coach and tried to hold in our laughter. I think we’re going to get in deep trouble.


“Y/N,” I called out to her as I saw her entering the class. “I’m sorry I didn’t text you the details for the movie outing last night. I was busy with homework and we had to stay longer for practice and-”

“Calm down, Mark. Calm down,” Y/N said with a cute laugh. “It’s okay. I know, the coach made you guys practice longer, I was there. Remember?”

“Oh yeah,” I replied and scratched my head trying feeling a little embarrassed.

Before I could tell her the details, my teacher came in.

“I’ll tell you later,” I said to Y/N and she nod.

We then went to our places, greeted our teacher and sat down quietly.


Y/N’s P.O.V.

After our last period, we all had 2 hours before our practices began because the teacher had a meeting today - which is good! I can go home and relax before the practice begins.

“You guys can go ahead to the cafe. I want to go home,” I told the girls.

“You sure? You’re going to miss all the fun,” Koeun asked and I nod my head.

“See you!” The girls greeted me and left.

“See you,” I said and continued to pack my stuff.

After packing, I just sat in the classroom for a while - thinking I was alone - and played with my phone.

But, apparently, I wasn’t. “You’re still here?” Mark asked me.

“Y-yeah, you too?” I asked and he nods.

“Where are the girls?” Mark asked me.

“They’re hanging out at the cafe for two hours, but I want to go back home and relax first,” I replied. “What about the boys?”

“Same, they’re going to the cafe too,” Mark replied. “I think we should get going right? Don’t want to be locked in here.”

“Yeah,” I replied with a faint laugh and got up. “Let’s go,” I said as I carried by bag with my headphone in my ear and my phone in my hand.

When Mark tried opening the door, it was locked. “Who can that be?” Mark asked.

“I don’t know,” I said feeling a bit worried. “Are we locked inside?” I asked as Mark fiddled with the handle.

“Apparently so,” Mark replied.

I groaned in disappointment and looked at the classroom. “I thought the doors wouldn’t be locked until sunset?”

“I thought so too,” Mark replied.

All of the sudden, we heard people laughing outside in the school courtyard. We walked towards the window and saw the girls and boys laughing while waving at us.

“I thought you guys went to the cafe!” I shouted at them. “And what are you laughing at!?”

“We all thought that you two should have some time alone!” Rocky shouted.

“After all, you have two hours to confess your feelings!” Yeri shouted.

“Confess what feelings!?” Mark and I shouted together.

“Confess your feelings for each other!” Dino and Chaeyoung shouted at the same time.

I looked at Mark and Mark looked at me. I quickly hid my face as I felt my heart beating loudly, butterflies appearing and cheeks turning red.

“I guess we’re going to be in here for a while, huh?” Mark asked and I nod.

“Yeah, for two hours,” I said and went to my table.

As I sat on the table, I dropped my head into my arms and looked at Mark.

Mark followed my actions. He took the chair in front of my table and turned it to face in my direction. But instead of dropping his head on my table, he dropped his head on the table beside mine.

I took out my earphones, unplugged it from my phone and let the song play on my table. My phone was playing a song titled ‘Somehow’ by DIA.

There was silence between us and the only thing that was making noises was my phone. I think it kind of helped with the silence. It didn’t feel awkward.

“So, you’re okay with the plan for this weekend right?” Mark asked me out of the blue.

“Yeah, of course,” I replied.

“What time should I come?” Mark asked.

“Hmm, since we’re all meeting up at 11, maybe around 10.30?” I suggested.

“Okay then, I’ll pick you up at 10.30,” Mark said.

“Okay,” I replied and there was another silence.

My phone then began playing a song titled ‘Momomo’ by Cosmic Girls.

“How long have we been in here?” I asked and sat up leaning against the wall.

Mark checked his watch and said: “We’ve been here for only 5 minutes something.”

I nod and looked at the window. The sky looked clear today and I could hear birds chirping.

“The sky looks nice today,” I said.

Mark sat up and looked at the direction of the window. “Yeah,” he replied with a smile.

His smile always melts my heart even though I’ve seen it for a long time.

“It’s a good thing that the Sun’s not striking hot these days,” I said and Mark nod.

“Yeah, or else we’ll be getting sunburned,” Mark joked making me laugh.

“I hate sunburns,” I said.

“Who doesn’t?” Mark asked.

“More like, who does,” I corrected him and we both laughed.

There was then another silence between us. We then had another conversation when my phone began playing a song titled ‘For You’ by Lovelyz. It’s one of my favourite songs.

I heard Mark sigh and he looked at me. “What would you do if you loved someone but didn’t know how to confess to them?” Mark asked.

I looked at him in confusion and shook my head. “I don’t know, I’m having that problem too actually,” I replied.

“Oh really? Then maybe we should help each other,” Mark said.

“Maybe,” I said feeling disappointed knowing he has a crush on someone - that’s probably not me. “So, who’s the unlucky girl?” I asked in a joking way trying to not feel sad.

“Hey!” Mark exclaimed and hit me lightly making me laugh. “You’re insulting yourself.”

“What do you mean I’m insulting myself? It’s supposed to be an insult to the girl you like,” I said not laughing anymore.

“Exactly,” Mark said. “The girl I like is you. No, the girl I love is you,” Mark said and looked at me, waiting for a response.

But, I didn’t reply. I didn’t know what to reply. It’s not that I don’t want to, it’s I didn’t know how to.

“So, who’s the unlucky guy?” Mark asked trying to change the mood.

“He’s the one who loves the unlucky girl,” I said with a little smile appearing on my face.

Mark’s face changed from a little bit disappointed face to a shocked one.

“I-I’m the unlucky guy?” He asked double checking to make sure he heard the right thing and I nod my head.

“I love you, unlucky guy,” I said trying to laugh because I didn’t want to spoil the moment.

“I love you too, unlucky girl,” Mark said trying to get into the mood.

We ended up laughing because of the unlucky word that we kept using.

“I guess I’m the luckiest unlucky guy right now,” Mark said with a huge smile on his face as we locked our eyes.

“So, I’m the luckiest unlucky girl then, huh?” I asked and our face moved closer.

“Yup, you definitely are,” Mark said and our nose were touching each other.

As our lips were about to touch, the girls and boys came barging into the classroom.

“Finally!” They all shouted happily.

Mark and I immediately jumped and moved away from each other.

“You guys were listening!?” I asked them loudly and they nod their heads happily.

“After all these years, you guys finally confessed to each other, doesn’t it feel good?” Kangmin asked.

Mark then came up to me and wrapped his arms around my waist. “It definitely does,” Mark said and let our lips touched.

His moist lips felt soft against my lips and I felt a smirk appearing on his face. I tried to contain my smile but it just appeared.

“I’m happy that we got locked in the classroom together,” I said as we broke the kiss.

“Me too,” Mark said.

“Hate to ruin the moment here,” Rocky said. “But please don’t forget our presence.”

All of us laughed at Rocky’s words.

“And we should get going,” Tzuyu said. “We wouldn’t want to be locked in here now.”

“Yeah, let’s go,” Mark said as we all walked out of the class together.

As we walked out of the school, Mark kissed my cheeks making me blush and locked his hands with mine.


This was requested by enchanted-vibes. This was really fun to write and I’m happy that you requested this. I decided to fit in some 99 liners in here. Twice’s Chaeyoung & Tzuyu, Red Velvet’s Yeri, SR15G’s Koeun, Seventeen’s Dino, Astro’s Rocky and Romeo’s Kangmin. Thank you so much for requesting and I hope you all enjoy this :) I managed to write two stories in one day! Yay!