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beewitches  asked:

ok so I've heard a lot about Tegan and Sara and I wanna listen to them but I dont know what song to start with do you have any suggestions ??

Hello friend, 
I would first like to thank you for bestowing me the honour of helping you take this important step in your life. Now, prepare to be taken on a journey unlike one you’ve ever taken before…

OK SO. Before hoping on the SS Quin, we first have to analyse what mood you’re in. Are you feeling hyper? Confused? Lovestruck? Angsty because you’re 19 and she won’t call you??? These are important considerations before choosing which delightfully well crafted ballad you want to reward yourself with.

In addition to considering what mood you’re in, you have to decide which genre you want to listen to. Oh yes, friend, genre. See, not only are Tegan and Sara talented musicians whose music can touch your very soul depending on you immediate emotional fragility, but they can serenade you with any indie-folk, indie-rock, alternative, or synthpop tune of your choice. ARE YOU NOT YET AMAZED? Good.

NOW. Let’s divide some songs into categories shall we?

Are you just feeling excellent about yourself today, like you could take over the world…. like you feel like fire is what you are? Well then you might want to check out these sick beats:

  • ProudThe Business of Art (indie rock)
  • SuperstarThe Business of Art
  • Hell**Sainthood (indie pop/indie rock)
  • SomedaySainthood

Feeling like smashing things in a fit of anarchic excitement? Check out these smash hits:

  • The First – The Business of Art (indie rock, complete with spiky hair and bleached tips!)
  • FreedomThe Business of Art
  • Time RunningIf it Was You (alternative/indie rock)
  • NorthshoreSainthood (see if you can sing along!)

In a chill mood? Wanna contemplate love, life, and lesbianism? Sit back and relax to these cool tracks:

Lovesick, missing someone you had, or someone you know you’ll never have? Grab a box of tissues, some chocolate, and prepare to cry your love drunk eyes out while listening to these melancholy melodies:

Lovestruck? Need a song to make out to?A just a song to make you feel like you’re the most eligible sexy person in town and those who aren’t making out with you are missing out? How about a song about the sexy times? Hit it ;) :

  • Red Belt – Sainthood (listen carefully to this one…)
  • CloserHeartthrob (a song about lesbian sex on mainstream radiowaves yee)
  • Love They Say**Heartthrob (mushy, gushy, love feelings)

Just feeling general angsty-ness about everything? 

???? ?? ??? I still don’t know, but does it really matter?? ?:

On a serious note. Sometimes you’re just in a really bad place. These are songs that TnS wrote that deal with depression and extreme sadness/loneliness. These can be triggering areas, and for that reason they’re sometimes not the best choice if you’re feeling particularly distraught. Having said that, these songs are–in my opinion–some of their most honest and memorable songs:

Also, have these TnS Banter videos cause I know you’re already falling in love with Tegan and Sara but these will ensure that you trip down the stairs and plummet into a cosmic void of ultimate Quin obsession and adoration.

(there are so many more but i’m running out of energy)

** = my personal favourites

ALRIGHTY THEN. I hope that this was a sufficient enough introduction to the marvellous world of Tegan and Sara. I bid you good luck and warm wishes on your sweet, sweet journey to Quinlightenment (like enlightenment but for tegan and sara… i’m so fucking clever).

And with that awful pun, I bid you “goodbye, goodbye.”

– Amanda

If It Was You (2002)

If It Was You was born out of rebellion. Tegan and Sara were first discovered by talent scouts when they were 15 and in a band named Plunk, short for “light punk.” Their songs were scratchy and abrasive, meant to be played in dark rooms through tinny speakers. Once they signed a record deal, they were encouraged by their label to change over to acoustic guitar. The label’s reasoning was twofold: 1) the producer they were working with liked their voices and harmonies and wanted those to be highlighted and 2) because it was too expensive to take a full band on tour. The label didn’t want to lose out on their investment and the Quin sisters were too young and inexperienced to fight it.

Under Feet Like Ours and This Business Of Art are good albums but there’s a reason they rarely play songs from either one live: it must feel like a completely different lifetime to them. For the first few years of their career, they were pigeonholed into the folk scene; comparisons to Ani DeFranco were the norm. They were suffocated. “I felt like this whole acoustic guitar, singer/songwriter thing wasn’t fun,” Sara told Canadian Music Magazine. “We were listening to a lot of Cyndi Lauper and the Police and we were like, ‘We wanna bounce.’”

From the first seconds of “Time Running,” they sound revitalized. Tegan and Sara finally let loose, were finally able to rock out and, boy, does it sound good. They recruited John Collins of the New Pornographers and David Carswell to produce and those two were a driving force in getting the girls to change up their sound. “It would have sounded completely different with anyone else,” Tegan said. “They didn’t stop where they thought we should stop.” They encouraged them to try new things, to go back to their roots.

In the years between signing to a label and the release of IIWY, the Quin sisters had done a lot of growing up. They moved out of their mother’s house and to different cities on opposite sides of Canada. They learned how to live alone, learned how to become a person outside the shadow of each other. From Sara: “This album feels like it’ll take less time for us to grow out of. The album feels more relevant because we are in a period that isn’t changing so dramatically so fast. When you get out of high school, it’s like, 'Oh my god, change your hair change your clothes change your friends change your house change that.’ Whereas now I feel like we’re in a lull. It feels like we’re a little more confident about what we’re doing.”

If It Was You is the first essential Tegan and Sara album, the first that feels like it was created by two adults rather than two kids who were just hoping not to fall flat on their faces. It’s brash and sexy, not afraid to delve into ugly emotions or wallow in sadness and it feels just as vital and urgent now as it did when it was released.