this bud's 4 u


these fuckers just love to put on a show

               the starter call that’ll last forever ( hopefully )

so what does liking this bad boy mean? basically:

you’ve read my rules and about | you wanna interact | i’m allowed to send you ic or ooc stuff | you can send me random ic or ooc stuff | we’ll be buds 4 life | or 5 life | or 3 life if u aren’t comfortable with that much commitment | also i might make you stuff so ey | basically do all the stuff i was doing before but without the whole awkwardness thing bc hey | you liked this, so you’re stuck with me for all eternity | it’s basically like selling your soul but without the cool powers | you just get to talk to me which is much better lbr

also, mutuals only.

scullybox  asked:

hey bud ive got some college tips 4 u!!! make sure you do your assigned readings and keep up on them, try to familiarize yourself with the campus as soon as you can, i know planners dont work for everyone they dont work for me but some people keep track of their assignments that way? dont pull all nighters if u can avoid it. i believe in you!!

this is such good advice lena !! i know i couldn’t survive pulling all-nighters like i used to .. iv become a hoe for sleep .. but omg.. thangks… if i ever see anythn spooky ill post it and tag u in it !!


more dreamy memes 4 u my bud

also im callin this ship “astral projection” u can’t stop me