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                 “alright, so this is how it’s going to work, princess. you’re mine. your father failed to pay back his debts in time, and traded you so that he wouldn’t die. on the plus side, you’ll have the world at your fingertips for the rest of your life. but as you can probably tell by the spreader bar wrapped around your ankles, or by the way that you’re tied to and bent over the edge of the bed, you are now my personal slave.” he’d walked into the room after dismissing her father down in his study, oliver’s guards forcibly escorting him from the property to be brought to the mainland. here, on his private island in the bahamas, he was king. and she, his new little slave. “i hope you aren’t a virgin, i’ve got a lot of pent up frustrations right now and am in no mood to be gentle.”

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i was singing "la vie en rose" by édith piaf in the school bathroom bc i didn't want anyone to hear me pee and?? when i get out this pretty girl i have maths with tells me how i have a lovely singing voice and honestly.... what kind of cheesy romcom gay bullshit...

Oh my, this brought up my bad mood and made me giggle like a little kid!!!
And, even if it is cheesy, maybe it’s a good thing? You never know, she could be super gay.

(Also, I do the same thing. I sing or do something so no one hears me pee, even if I’m alone in the bathroom.)

Exo Reaction to Being Rejected

So I have been spam listening to a sad song, so this reaction might be a little on the down side. I apologise. I have put myself in a messed up mood to write my fic and now I can’t get out of it. 

None of these are in character because I suck. 


Baekhyun had planned confessing carefully. He brought her to dinner and then told her sincerely how he felt as they took a walk after. He knew right away that she would reject him just by the way her eyes looked. No one had ever stared at him with that kind of pity before. 

“I get it,” he said to her with a small smile. “No big deal.” 

She looked away from him and folded her arms awkwardly, standing in the silence that had formed. She looked like she wanted to escape, like he had forced her into the worst situation and she was desperate to get away. “I don’t want to ruin our friendship…” 


“I’m sorry,” she told him hesitantly, “I just don’t see you that way.” 

He tried to play it off like he didn’t care, laugh and move on. She saw through it though, he could tell by the way she was staring at him. She smiled at him as she shifted her weight and then looked towards the bus stop where people were boarding. 

“I’m sorry,” she repeated as she began to take a few steps towards her retreat. “It’s just that we have progressed past the point that could have happened.” 


She pressed her lips together as she watched him confess to her, confident that she would return his feelings. But she didn’t. Chen was her friend and she didn’t want to throw that away for a relationship that probably wouldn’t work. 

“I’m sorry, Chen,” she said to him as she bit her lip. “I don’t feel that way about you.” 


He had thought they would be something special, but she had just smiled and shook her head when he confessed. All he could think about was how it seemed like some kind of game to her, he couldn’t get that smile out of his head. 


“I’m sorry, Yifan,” she told him with a smile as she pushed him lightly. “I don’t find you very attractive.” 


“Please don’t hate me,” she said as she backed away from him and held her stomach. “I want to be your friend.” 

“I could never hate you,” he said with a small reassuring smile. “I want you to be happy. If being my friend makes you happy, then we’re friends.” 


*doesn’t process that she said no; doesn’t even realise that he asked*


“No, it’s a bad idea,” his friend told him as she crossed her arms. “Nothing good will come out of us being together and we will destroy our friendship. Absolutely not.” 

Luhan approached her and smirked. “Are you sure?” 



Sehun tried to play it off like it didn’t bother him. She stood in front of him, smiling at him, but he could tells he was uncomfortable. She understood his personality so well and most likely knew that he had been genuinely hurt by her rejection, but said nothing. He liked it better that way anyways, it spared them both even more embarrassment. 


He felt so damn awkward now. Had he misread all the signs? He had genuinely thought that she liked him and he had grown to like her, but now the tables were turned and he was suddenly in a one-sided relationship. He wanted to bury his head in the sand. 



“And I just don’t think we’d be a good couple,” she said to him as she played with the bracelet she wore. “You’re so kind, thoughtful, cute, sexy and everything else you are and I just don’t think that’s for me. I need someone more on my level that I don’t have to feel insecure about.” 

“Are you done making excuses now?”

Late night confessions (smut)

Summary: Y/N is in a relationship with her boyfriend Jake but realizes she has feelings for Luke. One night she discovers the feeling is mutual. 

Warnings: Sexual content and explicit language- don’t read if you are not comfortable with sexual situations; Cheating – don’t read if it’s triggering

Word Count: 2000

The tiles felt cold under my bare feet while I was standing in the kitchen. I let the rather uncomfortable feeling consume me; it fit my current mood perfectly. It was late in the evening and the 5 sos boys were out clubbing. I brought up some lame excuse about rather be spending the evening alone because I’m not feeling well but that was a lie. It was fun being with four of my closest friends while they are on a well-deserved break but at the same time it was awfully painful.
At first I thought I just have a little crush on Luke. But it got worse and worse every day. So I was definitely not in the mood to watch Luke flirt with random girls until I could cry and scream at the same time out of jealousy. And I certainly didn’t have any rights to be feeling that way because I already had a boyfriend. We became a couple shortly before I met the guys from 5sos and before that I really thought I have actual feelings for Jake. But that changed more and more every day I spent with Luke though I still hadn’t really the guts to break up with him. We were together for a year and I really liked him, Jake meant safety, I knew for sure that he loved me. Whereas Luke meant being separated most time of the year because of his career. It was a rather complicated situation: I kept telling myself that I didn’t wanna break Jake’s heart and that was in fact true; I always was bad at hurt people’s feelings. But I kept forgetting that I was scared I would fall for Luke too easily and would end with a broken heart myself. So it was a tad egoistic and kind of self-protective to not break up with him too. That rational analysis of my situation didn’t keep me from watching every move Luke does. Then I kept finding Luke looking at me hungrily with dark eyes whenever our eyes made contact. He kept touching me a tiny bit too long when he handed me something or hugged me a bit too tight whenever one of us left the house.
I needed to distract myself from thinking about Luke fucking a girl in the backseat of his car, because that was all I was imagining since the guys left. That was why I decided to cook myself a dinner at 2 am in the morning to get my mind of Luke. Just as I prepared everything I realized that I had the house completely to myself, so I could literally do anything I wanted. With a mix of excitement and shame I made my way to Luke’s room where I found the red flannel he wore today lying on his unmade bed. As I took it I realized his special scent that made me feel all needy for him. I knew they wouldn’t be home until the sun rises so I decided to wear it. I took off all my clothes and his flannel on, I didn’t bother to button it up so it just hung loosely on my bra and panties clad body. I made my way back to the kitchen and put my phone on shuffle while I was chopping some vegetables. Just in the second “wicked games” started to burst loudly through the speakers I heard a key clicking on the table. Immediately I turned around in horror only to find Luke standing there and watching me intently. That was the moment I was painfully aware I was wearing his flannel and it wasn’t even buttoned up. I was just about to wrap the flannel around me to cover myself up as I looked into his eyes. He didn’t even say a word he just looked at me with dark, lust filled eyes. A few seconds passed then suddenly Luke was all over me. He pressed me against the fridge and kissed me. It wasn’t a gentle, slow kiss like I always imagined it to be, it was full of need and urgency. His lips moved against mine and I unconsciously opened my mouth to grant his tongue entrance. He tasted of alcohol, peppermint and something I realized was his own taste and I couldn’t get enough of this. I kissed him back with the same amount of passion and bit his lip ring which made him let out a low moan. I could feel his hard on pressing onto my bare thigh and I began grinding my body against his. By this moment we both moaned at the well needed friction. Just as I began to suck on his neck I felt his hands wander up my sides and to the clasp of my bra. That’s when I snapped out of my daze and realized that I was just about to cheat on my boyfriend. “Luke…, stop, we can’t do this!” He didn’t even hear me at first, he just kept on sucking harshly on my sweat spot on my neck and I let out an involuntarily moan.  “Luke,.. wh-what are we doing?” I whispered breathlessly. That’s when he pulled away only slightly and cupped my face with his large hands. “I’m gonna fuck you like we both want to since we know each other.” “But, Luke we.. I can’t.. what about Jake?” I knew he was right but I couldn’t cheat on Jake, that wasn’t fair. “I need you Y/N. I can’t let another day pass without making you mine. Just tell me: do you want me to stop ‘cause you don’t feel that way about me or because of Jake?” I didn’t say a thing, I couldn’t, I really wanted this to happen but not while I was the girlfriend of another man. “Y/N, please” He said and kissed me, this time it was sweet and slow. After a few moments passed by he touched his forehead to mine and looked pleadingly at me with these obnoxiously beautiful blue eyes of his. “Y/N I don’t want that to be a meaningless hook-up, you know I love you, do you?” He whispered and suddenly he looked so vulnerable and sincere, I knew I couldn’t move on with Jake like I did before.  “I know Luke, I love you too, but I don’t know if this works out, you’re always away and…” I couldn’t even finish my sentence; Luke’s lips were all over mine again. He began trailing kisses from my lips to my cheeks to my collarbones. That was all it took for me, I moved my shoulders so Luke’s flannel slid to the ground.  He only stopped kissing me to lift my legs around his waist so he could carry us to his room and lay me softly on his bed. I sat on my knees to take his shirt off, while he slid his black skinny jeans down. I could see his hard on pressing against the tight confinements of his boxer briefs. Without hesitation I grabbed him and pulled him towards me so he was on his knees too, only centimeters between us. I began trailing my fingers down his torso and watched his breath hitch while I was doing so. The moment I reached to palm his member through his boxers he crashed his lips onto mine while his fingers worked on the clasp of my bra. When he finally had it undone he yanked my bra away and looked at my breast in awe for a second before he attached his lips to my right nipple, sucking and nibbling on the sensitive bud. My right hand was at the nape of his neck to bring his face closer to my body. As soon as he heard my embarrassingly loud moan he looked up at me and smirked “Do you like that?” I couldn’t even form a sentence so I just nodded my head and looked at him with hooded eyes. That’s when he gently pushed me on my back and moved his head in between my thighs. He kissed the insides of my thighs and bit them lightly making me impatient for his touch, but he kept teasing me and only sucked on my thighs. So I bucked my hips up to hint at him what I wanted most. “Eager are we?” He chuckled. “I waited so long to do this Y/N, I’m not gonna rush this. You don’t know how often I imagined doing this to you.” He said in a husky and low voice I never heard before. I whimpered at his words and he began to slide my panties down agonizingly slow. When I was fully exposed to him I tried to close my legs because I felt so vulnerable but his hands held my legs apart. He looked at me with pure hunger in his eyes and said in a cracking voice “You’re beautiful, you never have to be ashamed in front of me, ‘kay princess?” I only nodded in response so he dipped his head down to kitten lick my clit. I moaned at the long awaited touch and bucked my hips. That’s when he began sucking and licking furiously on my clit. I was just a moaning mess when he took one finger to move in and out of me fast while his tongue kept sucking on my clit. “Luke.. Luke… I’m gonna…” I couldn’t say anymore but Luke took the hint and began to pump his fingers only faster, so after a few thrusts I came hard on his tongue and fingers. I was still in a haze when Luke removed his boxers and moved so he was eye level with me. “Are you ready princess?” “Yeah Luke I am.” After my permission he slowly moved inside of my while he looked directly in my eyes. He let out a loud moan at the feeling of my walls stretching around his cock. Then he started to slowly rock his hips against mine. Just as I was thinking about how I couldn’t handle this anymore he lifted up my left leg to get deeper and fuck me at another angle. In this position he brushed my g-spot perfectly so I bucked my hips to meet his thrusts. He finally sped up and pounded in me at a high speed. The bed collided with the wall with every deep thrust Luke made and I felt a burning knot in my stomach. “Y/N are you there? Are you gonna cum for me one more time baby?” He grunted in my ear. That was I needed to cum. “Luke, fuck, fuck, fuck, Luke” I couldn’t control myself from moaning anymore and my walls clenched tightly around him. Luke crunched his face together and his hips stuttered. I felt him shoot his load in hot spurts inside me while he was moaning my name and he pressed his hips hard against mine to ride out our highs. When we both came down we looked at each other without disconnecting our bodies. “I meant everything I said before Y/N. I want you to be my girlfriend; I can’t live with you anymore without you being really mine.” He suddenly looked at me all shy and sad as if he thought I would reject him. “Luke I already told you I love you, I was just too afraid to tell you. I didn’t want to ruin our friendship, I was scared to lose you” He smiled slightly at my words. “I promise you, we can make this work. But I think you should take a call.” I nodded and kissed him one last time, before he rolled off of me and I stood up to take my phone in the kitchen. He held my hand tightly in his and followed me. I called Jake and told him everything. He screamed angrily through the phone and I started crying out of guilt. Shortly after he hang up and I realized we finally broken up. Luke held me closely in his arms, kissed the top of my head and stroked my back to calm me down. I stopped sobbing and looked up at him. “Do you regret it?” He asked concerned. “No, of course not.” I answered immediately. “I’m just sad about how I ended it. I should have broken up with him sooner, that wasn’t really fair.” He smiled lovingly at me and pushed some strand of hair out of my face. “Good, because I don’t ever let you go away from me.” “It’s good that I don’t want to go then. Never had anything in my life felt more right than this. Us.” I told him as I placed my hand upon his beating heart and moved to stand on my toes to kiss him with all the love I felt. And really, at this moment, standing naked in the kitchen at the middle of the night, tightly embraced by Luke’s arms, I never felt more complete.  


I spend a ridiculous amount of time headcanoning Klaine’s kids, so here they are! Just my little two cents to brighten the mood a little bit <3

From right to left: Audrey (aka Hep), Tracy and the mascot of the house Lil’ Feta <3
Tracy and Hep are twins, Hep is Kurt’s and Tracy is Blaine’s (of course), Quinn donated the eggs and Rachel was the surrogate. Born 2020-ish
Lil’ Feta gets adopted around 2025, and is of filipino heritage like daddy Blaine. His real name is Alfredo. When Kurt and Blaine were deciding a name, Blaine brought up that silly idea they had years before about calling their baby fettuccine alfredo. As the conversation progressed, Kurt thought Blaine was joking, but he was dead serious when he said “No but Kurt, really, I like that name. Alfredo….”
Long story short, they end up giving their children the very same names they had come up with in high school.

(I’m now stuck with this headcanon, I spent so much time thinking about it I can’t imagine any other versions. You’re welcome)


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“And I win, again.” Carl laughed as you pushed him down onto the grass, laughing simultaneously as you both had expressions of joy on your faces. 

“So what should we do next? Scare Enid?” You giggled as you smacked his shoulder.

“That would give me a chance to talk to her without Ron around.” He sneered. Oh Carl. Completely oblivious. 

You formed your lips into a frown at the mention of Carl’s little crush on Enid, you should have never brought her up. 

Carl took hint of your sudden bad mood, and suggested another idea, 

“Or, you could dance with me.” 


“Dance with me Y/N.” He smiled as you took his hand and spun around into his arms. 

I needed some time to relax and draw, because honestly, this week has been pretty horrible. I haven’t slept properly over the past nine days, and I learned that my grandma had a minor heart attack. She’s fine and recovering, but it still isn’t news you want to hear. That, combined with all these other little things has just really brought down my mood.

But, this man, Markiplier, has never failed to cheer me up. Mark can always make me laugh, and to me, that’s one of the most important things in life. 

So, thank you, Mark, we are all so proud of you and what you have done, and we look forward to what you do in the future! And thank you all, too, you’re such a loving and caring community, I’m so glad your here with me. Here’s to 8 million subs, and hopefully many more!