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Day 5 : “Over the Airwaves” - Voice/Music 

Gabe singing just to cheer up Jack is my cup of tea ~

Didn’t actually think I would participate in the reaper76week but after reading through the list of what’s to come, I couldn’t resist making something after finding a song I haven’t heard for sooo long, and it brought back so many memories…

ya’ll wondering what song dis is?: Eternal featuring BeBe Winans - I Wanna Be the Only One

just FYI, I tweaked the lyrics a bit to my liking in some places..


       Her heart stopped.
       A great wave of lurching dizziness passed over her, and for a moment she wondered if she were going mad, if after so many years the past and the present had blended within her memories until she could no longer tell the difference. For the voice she heard was not the soft, silent voice-within-her-mind of Brother Zachariah. The voice that had echoed in her head once a year for the past one hundred and thirty years.
       This was a voice that drew out memories stretched thin by years of recollection, like paper unfolded and refolded too many times. A voice that brought back, like a wave, the memory of another time on this bridge, a night so long ago, everything black and silver and the river rushing away under her feet…
       Her heart was pounding so hard, she felt as if it might break through her rib cage. Slowly she turned, away from the balustrade. And stared.
       He stood on the pavement in front of her, smiling shyly, hands in the pockets of a pair of very modern jeans. He wore a blue cotton jumper pushed up to the elbows. Faint white scars decorated his forearms like lacework. She could see the shape of the rune Quietude, which had been so black and strong against his skin, faded now to a faint imprint of silver.
       “Jem?” she whispered, realizing why she had not seen him when she’d been searching the crowd for him. She had been looking for Brother Zachariah, wrapped in his parchment-white robe, moving, unseen, through the throng of Londoners. But this was not Brother Zachariah.
       This was Jem.

Natsu didn’t friend zone Lucy!

I’ve seen lots of debate in the fairy tail tag today over whether NaLu is actually canon or not, so I wanted to share my opinion!

*WARNING: This is a long one!*

Personally, I believe NaLu is canon, but not in your stereotypical “I love you” “I love you too” confession and makeout session kind of way. Ever since Natsu and Lucy first started acting like a couple and were shipped, we know that the pair have zero experience with love. Neither have ever been in a relationship, and therefore don’t really know how to act when confronted with the idea of one. Lucy has a slim idea, after her early fantasies of a “knight in shining armour” figure, however Natsu is completely oblivious. I think Natsu and Lucy both share an idea on what love is, but neither can properly tell when they are in love unless when the moment is right.

So here comes Chapter 545! Of course Lucy got incredibly emotional when thinking back to the jobs:

Which is only natural, the poor girl has been through so much and just at the thought of going on another job brought back so many memories and tears to her eyes.

So what does she do?
The only thing she can do:

Embrace and thank the man who made it all possible; Natsu.

At this moment, with all the memories flooding back into her, Lucy is finally coming to terms with her feelings for Natsu. She loves him. She loves him out of pure gratitude for everything he’s ever done for her, and for being her first ever friend. As Lucy said herself, if she’d never met Natsu, none of her life would have been possible; she wouldn’t have joined Fairy Tail, she wouldn’t have made friends, she wouldn’t have grown stronger, and she probably wouldn’t have won the best writer award!

And Natsu knows this.

Of course initially he pulls his signature “o shit” face because Lucy is crying and he’s not really sure what to do. 

But this isn’t necessarily a look of “o shit” because he’s uncomfortable or feels awkward. Both him and Happy look incredibly concerned, from their creased eyebrows to the bead of sweat dripping from them. So why is he pulling that face? Because he is confronted with love.

As I said before, Natsu has had no experience with love before, therefore when Lucy hugs him and tells him how much she appreciates him, he doesn’t know how to react.

Now, the next part I think is the most important:

Of course Natsu has never been one to give Lucy any form of personal space, and here is certainly no exception. But this scene is different from all the others. Natsu respects Lucy more than anyone else in the guild, therefore if he were to tease her or invade her personal space, it’s purely in a jokey scenario. This scene here though? This isn’t a joke. Natsu and Lucy are being serious. So that merely means that Natsu leaning in is not a way to tease her, he is being serious with her, a trait rarely shown by the dragon slayer unless in combat.

Now, you’d all be lying if you said you didn’t think Natsu was going to kiss Lucy on the next page, because at this point I was screaming at him to kiss her and this is the point most people believe Natsu rejected Lucy. But in my opinion, it’s the complete opposite.

As I said, Natsu has had no experience with love, so the time he is actually faced with it (right now), he’s not joking around, he’s not teasing, because he has finally realised how Lucy feels. Granted I don’t think he’s absolutely certain, and here’s why:

When Natsu leans in - I promise this isn’t my NaLu senses taking over - I believe he was actually planning to kiss her, like many of us hoped. However, I think he changed his mind at the last minute, purely because he doesn’t want to hurt Lucy. He knows she’s in a vulnerable situation, and he would hate more than anything to make her more upset and tearful than she already is. Natsu knows that he loves Lucy, and is starting to think she returns those feelings, but he doesn’t want to confess when she’s in such a state and all emotional. He doesn’t want to hurt and/or confuse her.

Now let’s discuss Lucy’s feelings towards all this. Throughout the entire Alvarez arc she’s being toying with her feelings towards Natsu, as to whether they’re strictly platonic or whether there’s something more. This is the point where she’s considering perhaps there is something more. She’s so overwhelmed with gratitude and emotions she’s finally putting two and two together and deciding she is in love with her best friend. When Natsu leans in, she thinks he’s about to kiss her. How do we know?

This. The face she makes. You can interpret this however many ways you like, I’m definitely not saying mine is the correct way, but I’ll explain my theory.

Lucy’s contemplating her feelings again when she says “Wait”, but stops in the middle of her sentence. Why? Because she’s panicking. She - much like Natsu - has never had any experience with love, never had a boyfriend, and never had her first kiss. She thinks Natsu is going to kiss her, so what does she do? She closes her eyes and leaves her mouth open. She’s waiting for him to kiss her, so she can properly decide how she feels. She wants Natsu to kiss her.

Need more evidence?

She thought he was going to do something interesting.

What kind of interesting thing were you thinking, Lucy?  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

However, what really ties the knot, (see what I did there), about Natsu’s feelings towards Lucy is this:

He wants them to be together forever.

Natsu and Lucy wouldn’t have a stereotypical love confession because they are not a regular couple. Natsu saying he wants to be with Lucy forever just about proves that he loves her. And let’s not forget who else said they wanted to be with their significant other forever:

And who are together and trying for a baby in the final chapter?

From the words they speak to the expression they make, Natsu in no way friend zoned Lucy.

I believe he confessed to her, but in his own sweet, dense little way! He’s too inexperienced to know how to properly confess, and although he initially considered kissing her, it’d be far more like him to aggravate Lucy but confess his love at the same time. After all, he can’t resist teasing her!

Hopefully this put some of your minds at ease, let me all know your opinions and theories, I’d love to hear them! <3 

Why ‘NU’EST MTV Diary’ re-airing after 5 years is actually bittersweet: As it was originally cancelled because no one watched it

When I first heard the news of Nu’est’s diary airing after 5 years, it brought back some bad memories for me. I didn’t have any SNS so back then I didn’t watch it, but even watching it the first time about 4 years ago….the shows ending was very sad.

It was during Hello era, to put it in context because this was Nu’ests third comeback (despite already being 1 year old) A LOT of their young and frankly immature fans left because they hated the image change from Charisma to mature almost-ballad.The public loved it but the young fans weren’t keen. Also the fact that other boy groups had many comebacks while NU’EST were put in the basement with no activity for months, so despite being literally one of the biggest debuts in K-pop EVER, they fell off the map. Of course after that Pledis shipped them to China and Japan making things even worse, but let’s just talk about MTV diary right now.

The worst bit is that the boys were told roughly the show is canceled because no one watched it.

I was mad the staff told them roughly as if it was their fault! Other rookies in 2012 like EXO and B.A.P had surpassed them despite NU’EST selling more than both those groups combined the previous year, because of Pledis’ lack of funds and bad management.

Minhyun and the others joke around and pretend cry, but especially in JR’s eyes, you can really see the pain of no one watching their show.

You need to understand that this was almost 5 years ago, Nu’est have been struggling for so many years. Honestly, what can I say? It was one of the biggest downfalls ever, and none of it was their fault.

 But JR as always probably blamed himself for the show not doing well- although now he is happy, Jonghyun still has these memories of failure as a scar on his heart. 

In the press con. for his 1st variety ‘Night Goblin’ despite being the Maknae he said he’d take responsibility if the show didn’t do well. Making me have serious flashbacks to MTV diary being canceled. I hope he can give himself a break now, not everything is this fault he needs to see this.

It gets even sadder. They still have so much hope, they scream from the top of a hill their wishes to make it in 2013. Knowing how things got even worse for them after 2013 makes this really fucking hard to watch.

I just needed everyone to know that people watching and talking about MTV Diary, the show that was a failure 5 years ago, is a really big deal. I can’t think of another group who had their rise so late into their career.

Honestly, this show being viewed a lot now feels like some sort of symbol for NU’EST’s potential rise.

Dear NU’EST, I’m sorry you’ve been through more pain than most could bear, I’m sorry you didn’t hit the jackpot in 2013, 2014, 2015 or 2016.

But I am praying with all my heart you can finally hit the jackpot in 2017!

Highlights from Talks Machina (Episode 105)

Again, covering for @eponymous-rose​ while she continues her international vacation! Sorry for missing last week–things got crazy! Tonight’s guests: Darin de Paul, Taliesin sporting a lovely scarlet mohawk, and Travis. Brian starts a story that ends with him forging several signatures, and off we go.

  • The new campaign guide comes out soon! Taliesin is now worried about messing up the history of a character he invented.
  • Darin loves D&D as a long-form improv exercise and is happy he was able to get moments with each of the cast members.
  • Right after college, Darin was an apprentice at the Burt Reynolds Theater in Florida (a year-long program for theater students). One of his co-apprentices was Matt’s mom, and Matt’s grandmother was the director’s assistant. Matt’s father was part of the writing room. During the run of Darin’s last show (Fiddler), a clarinet player said they were going to play D&D and invited Darin. Matt’s mother was also in the group; they were all new to the game, so they rolled on a table for names and played four sessions. Last year, Darin was hired by Blizzard to do various voices, which is where he and Matt became friends. Later, Matt realized his mom had a picture of herself with Darin de Paul, and discussion of that picture led to the conversation of their D&D game. It’s been 37 years since Sprigg’s original campaign.
  • Matt was worried about fitting Sprigg in until Darin mentioned he was a hermit. The hobgoblin TPK was canon! Sprigg, a chaotic evil illusionist thief, was the only one to survive; the last moment of that campaign had him fleeing on a cart with wolves chasing him, abandoning the rest of the party to their deaths. Travis and Taliesin ask if he really was chaotic evil; “Why do you think he was so interested in redemption, dear boy?”
  • The first episode Darin saw was the Trials of the Take episode when the carpet was destroyed. He’s wanted to be on the show ever since.
  • Symmetra’s voice actor, Anjali Bhimani, also plays D&D. My heart skips a few beats.
  • Vex and Percy eloped over the year break. Laura and Taliesin kept it secret out of pique at first (Taliesin doesn’t remember why they were piqued). He’s not surprised the others are annoyed.
  • Grog was extremely impressed by Sarenrae and hasn’t thought much about Kord giving him any boons.
  • Darin has been a fan of the show and watching for some time. Taliesin says he is the most prepared guest they’ve ever had.
  • Very few people were present at Vex & Percy’s wedding. They did not intend to ever bring it up on their own.
  • The plane of books is the worst possible plane for Grog. Only the plane of shopping would be worse.
  • As soon as Darin walked into the studio last Thursday, Travis immediately asked him if he was a god. Travis still thinks he might be.
  • Percy would rather have a thousand years with Vex than a thousand years with Ioun’s library.
  • Travis wants a “positive, upbeat resolution to all the drama that is a-hanging in the air.” Me too. Travis does not read the Player’s Handbook to help keep Grog dumb, so he never knows what’s going on.
  • Travis loves how prepared Darin was. He offered the Deck because he thought Darin was looking for something specific after Sprigg deflected the weaker offerings.
  • Darin loved the emotion in the room during the plane shift and the strong moment with Marisha in particular. He also likes the movie Gargoyles.
  • The hardest thing about playing Sprigg after so long was finding him again. Brian gets very sentimental about the long journey that brought Sprigg back to life, including Darin becoming friends and colleagues with Matt so many years later.
  • Darin will be back on the next episode and is visibly excited about it.
  • Darin used to read tons of D&D books (mentions Drizzt by name) and used to paint minis as a hobby. He still has some of the figures and wants to donate them to the show.
  • Darin’s wife was part of Taliesin’s parents’ circle, so he’s known her for a long time. Taliesin and Darin exchange memories of meeting Roddy McDowall, and Darin says part of Sprigg’s concept of memories being the most important came from a conversation he had with Roddy while Roddy was dying of cancer.
  • Percy’s current distrusting attitude towards the gods came directly from his interaction with the Raven Queen. However, he didn’t know there was a god of knowledge and has been “chewing on it a lot, and what it means to have faith in knowledge.” He sees the library as a testament to faith in humanity and the good works of life and how important memory is and is blown away by it. “Books have always been about finding meaning and this whole library thing has changed him.” Taliesin expected Percy to be much more resistant to Ioun and was surprised at how quickly the books sold him.
  • Darin felt as the scenes progressed that his role was to “illuminate” CR as to where they were and what they could be. Taliesin and Percy both wondered if he was Scanlan from the future. Darin had the choice of being Scanlan’s dad, but declined.
  • Percy picked Vesper because her namesake was the last person he’d talked to in real life.
  • The only place Travis can think of worse for Grog is if the books were replaced with clothing & a For Sale sign. “Grog has a beatnik poet inside him waiting to get out.”
  • Darin’s advice to Keyleth was total improv. He almost cried when she touched his hand. He loves funny characters that can become sad and/or touching.
  • Marisha has no idea how to get Keyleth out of her emotional nosedive. Watching Marisha break character from Keyleth at the end of an episode is one of Taliesin’s favorite things because they’re such different people.
  • Percy would seek out the lifebooks for all his family & ancestry because he’s fascinated with legacy, and Whitestone is full of ghost stories. He had lots of stories he’d planned to give as part of the gnomes’ tour, and tells one about a woman forced into a marriage who slowly poisoned her husband over a number of years.
  • Sprigg feels he is what Scanlan might become. He did not expect to survive the episode.
  • If they were really in Ioun’s halls, Travis would love to see the books of his family and of JFK. Darin would like to see his father’s book. Darin also likes wearing suits, which is why he wears suits. He only wears t-shirts at the gym. (At one point Darin’s family also owned 20 horses???). He wishes his parents could see him now because they were so supportive when he was growing up.

Honor! Justice! After Dark, After Dark, After Dark!

  • If the challenge for Ioun involves any physical activity, Grog will fight Percy for it.
  • Bucket lists: Travis wants to swim with a great white shark. (Darin’s biggest fear is great white sharks.) Taliesin wants to travel to India. Darin wants to learn to tap dance, and casually drops that he used to dance with Cirque du Soleil.
  • Darin’s favorite color is black. His favorite season is winter.
  • There’s a video somewhere of Darin de Paul and Steve Blum pretending to be zombies and running towards the camera.
  • Travis and Darin do Reinhardt “impressions” by talking in high-pitched baby voices. Taliesin does a pretty decent actual impression! Darin likes that there’s heroes for every playstyle.
  • Darin hasn’t told Matt’s parents he brought back Sprigg. He also used to have a crush on Matt’s mom.
  • If Darin could pick any character from VM to play, he would play Scanlan. Brian teases the entire world by saying he would play “the character Pike’s in love with.”
  • Darin’s twitter flooded after last Thursday and he wishes he could respond to all of the kind messages.
  • Darin once shared floss with Gilbert Gottfried as part of an old bit.
  • Darin feels his whole history has led to this moment last Thursday where he had the chance to create a story with people he loved.
  • Laura read the Game of Thrones books as they came out, well before the show started. Brian just found the copy of the first book she lent him in 2010, which he still hasn’t read.
  • If Sprigg could fight any D&D monster, it would be a hobgoblin.

“As diligently as Tony labored over the next few days, his thoughts kept returning to Pepper as she held up the first model of the chest plate.

There was no way to explain to her what was really going through his head. That every time he looked at it, it brought back memories of Yinsen that were becoming increasingly painful. He couldn’t look back. He had to focus entirely on moving forward because the past was too difficult for him to cope with.

Since when is that anything new? Tony asked himself with morbid amusement…”
[-Iron Man Novelization]


Anonymous asked: #43 “I feel like I can’t breathe.” WITH LAAAANGST maybe he gets a pierced lung or something, or it’s a lung condition or just a panic attack idk it’s your call lmao

[A/N: you ask and you shall receive. I’ve always wanted to write our my hc with Lancey Lance, have fun learning of it!

TW: panic attack/dysphoria]

Lance had picked up a trait from Keith - training at ungodly hours of the night, usually when everyone else was asleep. It helped clear his mind, and helped him relax after a stressful day of fighting the Galra. Lately his anxiety had been getting worse, so he had been training even more than usual. This was both a good and bad thing. It was good because he was getting better at sharpshooting; bad thing because he was getting less sleep, so his progress didn’t matter because he couldn’t put it into practice.

Lance hated when he got in this mindset. He would get wrapped up in memories of Earth, memories of who he used to be, of who he was becoming. He shook off the thoughts - he didn’t want to think about that, he needed to concentrate on trying to sleep.

Of course, ten minutes later Lance was walking towards the training deck, bayard in hand. “Why can’t I just sleep like normal people?” He whispered to himself, feeling sluggish as he dragged his body across the ship. He walked into the training deck, “Begin Level One.”

As Lance began to train, he let his mind wander across the various things that were keeping him up once again. First he thought of home - of the family that was no doubt mourning his disappearance. He hoped that his family found the other families that were also missing children - like Pidge’s mom, and Hunk’s family. His mind eventually moved on from that topic as he was defeating the fourth level. From the topic of family brought up the topic of himself - how shocking. Unlike his boisterous remarks when the others were around, his thoughts began spiralling about who he was. Not relative to the team - he was their sharpshooter and occasionally their eye in the sky. Relative to his gender.

Lance was born female, his name was Lucy. When he was thirteen he realized that he wasn’t meant to be a girl - that inside he was male. His father didn’t approve, but his mother did and worked to help him get testosterone and a binder and some packing. He had experienced dysphoria before; his father refused to use his prefered name and pronouns, instead calling him his dead name and female pronouns. It just hurt at first, but then it got worse and worse until he would have full-blown panic attacks when his father used the wrong pronouns and names. It wasn’t until one such panic attack had lead to their entire family going to the hospital that his father began to use his prefered pronouns - occasionally he would slip up, but he really tried to make Lance happier.

It was fine for awhile - then Lance went to Galaxy Garrison and he had to fill out the applications. He understood that they would call him by his name and by his proper pronouns, but every time he had to mark ‘female’ in the sex category his heart would thump a bit harder - his breathing would come a bit faster. Dysphoria would settle deep into his bones, and he couldn’t dig himself out of the pit until he was surrounded by his very supportive friends.

It was like thinking about it called it to him, because as soon as Lance began thinking about the dysphoria he remembered that he never got to have the bottom surgery - his top surgery was done, he had gotten that a month before leaving for Galaxy Garrison. His bottom surgery had been arranged for his 18th birthday - which, judging by Pidge’s makeshift calendar, had already passed. Yesterday, actually. They had celebrated his birthday by eating cake and having a team bonding day where they all sat around the TV Pidge and Hunk had built and watch some movies that Pidge had downloaded on her laptop. But his birthday brought forward memories and promises that he never got to keep, such as getting his bottom surgery done, and going home to meet his sister’s newborn - born two days before his birthday.

Like so many times before, Lance’s thoughts drifted towards the fact that he didn’t really have a dick - that he wasn’t a real boy. “Stop Level Twelve,” he gasped out, falling to his knees. Sweat ran down the back of his neck - and everywhere else it seemed. He needed to get to his room - now. If he didn’t he wouldn’t be able to hold back the dangerous thoughts that were no doubt about to surface. He barely made it out of the door before he collapsed back onto his knees with tears falling down his face. His heart hurt, and he could feel every thought that he fought to have hidden deep inside of him push through his mental blocks, making themselves present. As the thoughts continued to come, his breathing quickened. What if he never got to go home? What if he never got to say that he was a real boy now that he had a dick? Would his space family accept him? What if they didn’t?

Faintly, Lance heard footsteps approaching him. They stopped, “Lance?!” Keith asked, face full of shock. Lance didn’t hear, too wrapped up in his mind. He was only faintly aware that someone had said his name and that their footsteps had sped up. Keith dropped to the ground next to Lance, “Lance? Lance! What’s wrong?” Keith shook Lance’s shoulder, jolting the Cuban out of his thoughts.

“I feel like I can’t breathe,” Lance cried out, only then noticing that he he had tears steadily streaming down his face. “I’m not a real boy, I don’t even have a dick, I’m just a wannabe,” Lance continued to babble incoherently. Keith tried to listen, but by the time he had gotten close enough to hear him, he was mumbling nonsense to himself.

“Lance? Lance, I can’t hear you.” Keith said, moving so he was sitting down next to the Cuban. “Lance, I can’t hear you! What’s wrong?” He asked again when Lance only continued to mumble incoherently to himself.

Lance turned his gaze to Keith, his eyes wide with panic. Tears fell down his face, leaving shiny trails behind as they fell continuously. “I can’t call myself a boy when I don’t even have a dick, Keith! Who am I trying to kid? I’m a girl,” he spat the last word with venom, hatred filling his entire body at the thought. He wasn’t a girl, but what else was he supposed to be if he didn’t have the parts to call himself a man? Dysphoria found its’ way to his stomach and suddenly he felt like he was going to throw up. He gagged, but managed to keep himself from doing it.

Keith stared at his friend in confusion, “What are you talking about?” He asked, catching Lance’s attention by bringing his hands up to move his head towards Keith and keep it there. “You’re a man, Lance. I don’t care what you were born with, you are a man. There is no doubt in my mind that you are a boy. It doesn’t matter what genitalia you have, as long as it’s how you feel,” he told the blue paladin, smiling at him.

Lance’s heart thudded hard in his chest. Was he right? Of course he was, Lance told himself. He sniffled, “But I don’t have a dick,” he whispered, his throat raw from crying.

“That’s fine. Maybe we can see if the Alteans had a way of changing one’s gender to their prefered gender,” Keith offered, smiling at him.

Lance stared at him for a long time, unable to process the fact that Keith - the boy he had a self-proclaimed rivalry with - helped him. With just a sentence. “You’d do that with me?” He asked, feeling tears well up in his eyes.

“Of course,” Keith said, frowning at him. “Just because you and I bicker doesn’t mean you aren’t my friend.”

Lance lunged forward and hugged Keith, “Thank you,” he mumbled into his shoulder. “Now let’s get to sleep, you don’t need to be training at this time of night.”

“What?! You were!”

“Doesn’t count.”

Every time - Sherlock Holmes (BBC) x Reader

Hey ! Let’s take a little break from writing about the batfam and give Sherlock some love. So here, number 44. “EVERY TIME I SAY THAT YOU ALWAYS MAKE THE SAME PUN” for @whovianayesha, it wasn’t an easy story to write, I hope I didn’t mess it too much, like I hope the characters are not totally out of character, like that it’s not just PLAIN FUCKING BAD and that you’ll like it :s : 

(My masterlist blog :


John and Mary Watson enter yours and Sherlock’s shared apartment, and discover you laughing loudly on John’s ex-chair, in front of a very confused Mrs. Hudson. 

Your boyfriend, Sherlock Holmes, is no where to be seen. 

John, being the genius detective best friends understands immediately what was going on, and isn’t able to hold a little chuckle in, under the curious gaze of his wife. 

Mary turns to Mrs. Hudson with a questioning look, and the older lady answers : 

-I’m not sure what happened. They were being cute in the living room. He was trying to solve a case, sitting on the floor in front of her, she was playing with his hair oh it was so cute you should have seen it ! …And then all of a sudden, he stood up, quite annoyed, and left to go lock himself in his bedroom and she has been laughing ever since ! That happened over half an hour ago ! 

John smiles at the confused landlord, and approaches you. He lays a hand on your shoulder, and finally, you notice him. Your laughter finally subsides, and you look at everyone in the room. 

-Oh hey guys. How long have you been there ? 

-Mrs. Hudson, since half an hour apparently, us ? Only a few minutes. 

You smile mischievously and none of them can stop themselves from smiling back at you. Before Mary can asks further questions, because she’s still quite…disconcerted as to what is going on, John continues : 

-Did you say it again ? 

-I have no idea what you’re talking about John. 

-Oh come on, was he stuck on a case ? And you said it right ? 

Your smile broadens even more, turning almost sly, and in a breath you say : 


-What was it this time ? How did you annoy him ? 


-Puns ? 

-Yup. Puns. Terrible one at that. 

And without any warning, you start to chuckle lowly, but it rapidly turns into a full on laughter ! 

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It Is What It Is || Jung Hoseok

Originally posted by cum-for-hoseok

Word Count: 3.7k

Genre: Angst/Fluff

AN: So this turned more into a mini novel, but I really really like how it turned out and I hope you guys too. Please enjoy and let me know what you think!

It was your last year of high school, something you thought was supposed to be terrifying, but only ended up being amazing. This year surprised you the most, you were offered a place at the university you wanted, you had held outstanding grades, and you had some of the best friends in the entire world.

There was one best friend in particular that you had, who had made the last four years of your life beyond amazing. Who had turned your world upside down with his smile and made it something you could have never asked for. There was so much he gave you, and you would never be able to thank him properly for everything he had done.

Jung Hoseok had become your best friend in your freshman year, and it had stayed that way since then. The only difference between now and then, was now you found yourself lost in his eyes, waiting for every moment that he laughed so your brain could play it on repeat and you could listen to it forever. You had fallen in love with your best friend, and you loved everything about him.

Your attention drifted from the notebook you were writing in to the teacher who was standing at the front of the class. Even though your thoughts were elsewhere you were still managing to copy down the note to review for later. Multi-tasking was easy for you, especially when it involved thoughts of Hoseok.

As the teacher continued to drone on and on about the topic that you were studying, your eyes flickered up to the clock and you realized just how close class was to ending. Everyone around the class had already started packing up their things, and some people were even sitting with their heads down, not paying attention to the last few minutes of the lecture.

You decided it was time for yourself to pack up so you finished writing the last sentence for your notes and closed the front cover of your notebook. The teacher was about to start speaking again before the bell rang and you were dismissed from class. Student after student began rushing out of the class and you calmly followed the crowd.

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Bill Skarsgard Imagine

Imagine: Bill has the job of picking you up from a party and putting you to bed, while you are very very drunk.  It’s simple, sweet and domestic.

It was 3:45 AM and Bill just received the text from you, asking for him to pick you up from the Hen Night you were at. He stayed up watching TV, until he could come and get you. He always liked to ensure that you got home safe. There was also not much point of going to bed because he knew that you would wake him up when you got back. Every night out you go on, he would either party with you or get woken up by you trying making food and stumbling on top of him, as you climbed into bed with a slice of pizza. This time, he offered to just stay up until you texted.

Y/N: Billllll, Can u com g4t mt ples. Brinh foodddd. Lobe u xxxx

Yep. You were defiantly drunk and requesting food, as per usual.

Bill: Sure sweetheart, I will be there in 15 minutes. I will make you some waffles when we get back. Love you xxx

He got in the car and drove to the bar he knew you were at. He could see you stood outside in the freezing cold. You only had on a short dress and no jacket. You had your arms wrapped around you and were talking to the bride to be. Bill got out of the car to get you because he knew you weren’t paying any attention to the cars pulling up. He shut the door and walked over to you.

‘baabbbe, you made it’. You slurred.

Bill bent down to kiss you on the lips but he missed as you moved your head to lean into his chest. He got your cheek instead. You had your face buried into his chest.

‘Y/N, we need to go now, you are freezing’. He laughed as he tried to pull you away slightly.

‘No, I’m using your chest to warm my face.’ You mumbled against him.

Bill gave in and picked you up bridal style. You started to giggle and wrap your arms around his neck, as he walked you to the vehicle.You began to wriggle as you go to the Mini. Bill put you down so he wouldn’t hurt you… and so he could get you in the car.

 He tried to put your seatbelt on but you wouldn’t let go of his neck. You puckered your lips, asking him to kiss you. He gave you a quick peck so he could both please you and get out of the cold himself. You were still not letting go.

‘Come on babe, I need to put your seat belt on’. Bill laughed.

‘ ughhhh finnee’ You let go of his neck with a pout.

‘Don’t give me that look honey. I want to make sure you don’t get hurt if we get into a crash. I love you too much’. Bill said as he placed a kiss on the top of your head.

 You smiled at this and mumbled ‘I love you’ back.

 Your boyfriend got into the driver’s seat and drove away from the bar. He could see you out of the corner of his eye, while he was driving. You were trying to get off your shoes but there wasn’t much room because of how slouched you were in the chair. He could see you try the strap, pout when you failed and then try again. You were so adorable. He  tried to distract you, before you got annoyed and broke your shoes.  

‘Y/N, how was your night?’ Bill asked in a sweet voice.

‘Oh, it was good. The music was great and the drinks were really cheap. Some guy split his drink on me though’. You replied with a hint of anger.

‘Don’t worry, we will get your dressed cleaned’. Bill shrugged.

‘I knew you were dying to get me undressed Bill Skarsgård’. You flirted back.

‘Oh, so I see we are at the flirty stage but are far too drunk for us to do anything’. Bill smirked.

‘What, I’m not that drunk’ you objected.

‘How many have you had?’ Bill enquired.

‘Like 12 or something. I’m fineeee’.

‘You have had too much to make any decisions at the moment. When you are sober we can have some fun OK? Plus, you can’t even walk properly so I know for a fact, you would be stumbling around the bedroom.’ He stated.

He never wanted to take advantage of you. You may have been together for a few years but he always made sure you wanted anything before he did it.

Bill pulled up outside of your shared flat and lifted you out of the car. He gave you a piggy back this time so he could climb the stairs easier. Bill unlocked the door and walked into the flat. You both had so many memories in this flat. It was originally yours but he moved in last year. He could see all the photos of you and him on the wall. He could see the table you ate at, the first time he came over for dinner. He could see the blanket you would cuddle under. He could also see the draw he was hiding a small box in. In that small box, was the ring he was saving for your anniversary next week.

 He was brought back to reality when he felt you snuggling into his back. You noticed you were inside and dropped off his back with a wobbled. Bill caught you and sat you down on the sofa.

‘You take your shoes off and I will warm you up some food’. Bill smiled as he held your face.

‘Yes sir’. You saluted.

You got your shoes off and turned on the television, while Bill cooked some waffles. He could hear you laughing at some cute dogs on screen. He smiled to himself, at the sight of your drunk happy state.

 Once they were cooked he bought you in a plate and a glass of water.

‘Here you are beautiful’. Bill said, as he handed you the plate and put the water on the table.

You snuggled against him as you ate. He had is arm wrapped around your shoulders and placed kisses on your forehead, until you finished eating. He noticed you were done and were starting to fall asleep under him. He wanted to get you to bed before you passed out. He lifted you for a third time and took you to your shared bedroom. As he reached the bed, he placed you down. You immediately stood up and tried to get undressed. Tried being the main word.

‘Come here’. Bill chuckled.

You walked over to him and turned around so he could undo your dress. He pulled the zip down and kissed your shoulder. You moaned and moved your face to rest against his. The dress fell to the floor and you stepped out. You shivered at the cold and attempted to take off your bra. Bill pushed your hand away so he could do it instead.As he unclipped your underwear,  his cheeks grew bright red. He has seen you naked so many times but he can never get enough of it. You were drunk but still noticed his reaction. You smirked to yourself and put on your pyjama top.’Still got it’ You thought.

After you had cleaned your teeth and Bill removed your makeup, you both climbed into bed together. You instantly snuggled up against him and put your head on his chest. Bill wrapped his arm around you and rested his head on top of yours.

‘Goodnight Y/N, love you’. Bill whispered.

‘Night babe’.

‘Oh and Y/n…’


‘If you throw up in the bed, you are cleaning it up’.


Aye Captain? - Dean Winchester x Reader x Sam Winchester (Pirates of the Caribbean AU)

Title: Aye Captain?

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader, Sam Winchester x Reader, Jack Sparrow x Reader

Warnings: None

Prompt: Reader, Sam and Dean get sent to the potc universe, because of a certain candy loving angel (aka Gabriel). And in order to get back to their own time they have to go on a adventure. BUT the reader has already been to the potc universe before, because before she met Sam and Dean she was in a similar situation like this so she knows captain jack sparrow. So when they are sent there she knows exactly what to do and the boys are shocked that she’s been a pirate before. But reader is all playfully smug and tries to teach the boys all she knows?

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“I am so going to kill him. And this time I will make sure he stays dead!” Dean growled as he took a look around him and didn’t see anything familiar but his brother and you.

“You know it’s not going to work anyway.” Sam huffed as he ran a hand through his hair but Dean gave him a hard glare.

“Not the point Sam.” Dean grumbled and with a roll of your eyes you huffed.

“Exactly. Not the point Dean.” you gave him a look “Gabriel obviously wants to have fun and mess around. We don’t have to focus on how to get him back for it but on how to get back to our place.”

“How are we going to get back exactly when we don’t even know where we are?!” he exclaimed, giving you a look of disbelief and you huffed, rolling your eyes.

“I’m going to ignore the fact that you this clueless and go look for something. Just stay here, I might have the solution.” you didn’t leave him any room for him to speak back as you disappeared through the crowd and Dean only blinked.

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anonymous asked:

can you please do a fic of elide and lorcan arguing infront of the entire court with everyone watching????? PLEASE?!

A misunderstanding leads to an argument and eventually a blushing/happy ending! 

A few silky strands of black starless night hair fell from Elide’s coiled bun as she briskly walked through the castle halls. Her gait uneven as her ankle twinged in pain, but she paid no attention to it. Just like she ignored the pounding steps that could be heard toward the castle’s entryway.

“Elide!” The walls shook at the deep sound of the male’s furious tone.

Her steps did not falter, but her heart did.

No. Do not feel guilty.

She stepped into the throne room hoping to use it as a shortcut to her guest room during her time Ornyth. A locked door wouldn’t stop him, but maybe he would reconsider and calm himself before approaching her.

“ELIDE!” Lorcan’s voice boomed. Much closer than Elide expected.

“What the hell is going?” Aelin drawled from her throne. Her calm demeanor made Elide walk faster toward her Queen. Rowan looked between Elide and the door she had just walked through.

Lysandra stood nearby with Aedion at her side. Both with varying looks of confusion until their nostrils flared. Lysandra’s eyes narrowed and glowed with the hint of her snow leopard form prowling underneath.

Rowan and Aedion eyes trained on something behind Elide. Their stances were rigid in anticipation at whatever storm had just entered the room.

Elide didn’t have to turn around to know who stood behind her. She could feel his dark presence wrapping around her body like a cloak.

“Elide,” Lorcan growled. His voice barely understandable.

“Not now Lorcan,” Elide said sharply. She was not about to have this conversation in front of Aelin’s Court.

“When? After you lock yourself in your room and refuse to see me?” Lorcan moved to stand in front of Elide. Blocking her path to the set of doors that would lead her to the guest rooms.

“Well at least that would give you plenty to take Essar back to your room then wouldn’t it?” Elide replied with a glare.

“Essar is here?” Rowan raised a brow at Aelin who shrugged one shoulder. They were expecting the fae female for some time now. Apparently Elide was never notified that Essar was a previous lover of Lorcan’s. Aelin almost pitied the male if it wasn’t for the fact that Elide’s statement made her question that pity.

“Essar and I are nothing,” Lorcan said. His long dark hair fell over his equally dark eyes. “There was never any love between us. Perhaps one-sided affection from her, but that quickly diminished.”

“Then explain to me exactly what I overheard in the market today,” Elide bit out. “In fact I’m sure other witnesses would wonder why my mate had agreed to meet some other woman in his room later!”

Aelin and the others blinked in surprise. Both that the Elide’s statement and her furious tone that would have brought lesser men quaking in their boots.

Except Lorcan was not just any man. He was a fae male hardened by centuries of gory battles. He simply narrowed his eyes at the shorter female fuming before him.

“Perhaps if you would listen then I can explain-”

“Oh this out to be good,” Lysandra murmured to Aedion.

Lorcan shot the female shifter a glare before returning his attention back to Elide. “I am not meeting Essar for…intimate relations.”

Elide rolled her eyes. “No need to act innocent with your words Lorcan. We both know your experience with woman,” she turned her head away to glare at the grey stonewalls covered in Terrasen banners. “I just thought you only devoted yourself to one woman at a time,” Elide finished despondently. Wondering if their bond as mates wasn’t a good enough reason for Lorcan. Or if Elide was lacking in some way.

Lorcan snarled. His canines showed clearly with his next words. “You’re right,” his words lashed out even though a part of his mind urged him to stop. Hellas reached to leash in Lorcan’s rage as he sensed Elide’s anger and self-doubt. But if Elide wanted brutal honesty then Lorcan would channel it with his words. “I’ve bedded too many women to count and only saw them for what they could offered inside a bedroom.”

“Then what’s stopping you now!” Elide choked back tears. “It’s not like you haven’t crushed my heart before so why stop now?”

Lorcan winced.  Elide bit her bottom lip. Wishing too late that she hadn’t brought up his betrayal that happened years ago on beach that still brought back horrid memories. Elide could still remember her tear’s falling to the sand as Aelin’s blood dripped down her back from whip lashings.

The throne room was silent. Aelin and the others stood watching what would happen next.

Lorcan went deathly still. His onyx eyes dulled in the memory that Elide dredged up from his past. A decision he made that he’s regretted each day since.

Elide watched Lorcan carefully. She saw the pain of his actions flicker in eyes like a glint of a blade. Opening a wound that hadn’t healed and probably never would.

Her hand clenched into a small fist. Shaking from her emotions that were suffocating her. A slight nudge, perhaps from Anneith or the bond she shared between Lorcan, made Elide slowly reach out. Her shaking fingers grazed his scarred dark hand intending to grasp it. To apologize for letting her anger and sadness get the better of her. By inflicting a barbed statement that cut him to the core.

Such a pathetic little girl. Vernon’s vile voice crept into her mind. You couldn’t save Kaltain nor could you stop your Queen from being whisked away by Maeve. And now your mate seeks the bed of another. You are worthless to them Elide-

“Don’t,” Lorcan’s command halted Elide’s thoughts with frightening severity. He had only said the words to seize the negative thoughts that plagued her mind. But Elide didn’t know that. She thought he didn’t want her touching him.

Her fingers fell from his. The loss of that brief warmth severed something inside Elide. She barely held back the hot tears threatening to stream down her face.

Lorcan wondered how this woman before him could utterly have him at her mercy in a single word. How those tears in her eyes could break him more than a hundred years worth of bloody battles.

He could feel her retreating. The bond confirming his suspicions as he felt a wall being drawn up between them. But he heard her thoughts clearly as if she had spoken them. Her bastard of an uncle tainting her mind with false whispers even though he had long since died by the hand of Lorcan’s merciless hatchet.

Elide’s breath hitched as she turned to leave him as tears finally fell.

“Don’t,” Lorcan repeated. His arm grabbed her elbow and he could tell the others in the room tensed.

She looked up at him with a harsh face with wet trails down her cheeks. “Take your hand off me.” The words were quiet, yet deafening in Lorcan’s ears.

He had always given her space when requested. Knew that there were boundaries not to be crossed. But this moment Lorcan broke that unspoken rule between them.

His mouth tightened as his hand gradually drifted down to take her hand – her fingers dwarfed in his.

“Do not think for one second,” Lorcan began. “That you are pathetic or worthless.”

Elide stilled. Her heartbeat fluttering rapidly in her chest like a hummingbird’s wings. She did not respond to Lorcan’s words.

Lorcan leaned down. His dark hair brushed against her as his forehead rested gently against hers.

“Elide Lochan, Lady of Perranth, you have faced monsters that even the strongest fae warriors would cower at,” Lorcan said. His breath mingling with Elide’s. “You’ve dedicated yourself to assisting your Queen and friends even at the risk of your own life countless of times. You were significant and vital to Terrasen’s growth after years of agony.”

Lorcan paused. Waiting until Elide looked up at him with tired eyes glimmering in hope. “You are invaluable. Precious. And I love you more than anything in this world or the next.”

Elide blinked. “But…Essar-”

“Is in the past like the other women who agreed for simple sex. Nothing more.” Lorcan said. “But Elide…you’re my salvation. A future I can only hope to prove each day that I’m worthy of you.”

“Then why is she coming to your room?” Elide’s free hand fisted into the fabric above her heart. Wishing to push back the pain that pounded with each beat 

“Because I have unfinished documents in my room that I need to give her, but someone,” Lorcan set a seething glare at Rowan. “Never signed his signature which is why Essar now has to come here since the signatures need to be conducted in a magically sealed room.”

“He is right,” Rowan interjected. “Since Lorcan and I are signing off on the treaties between Wendlyn cities and Terresan we figured it would be best to do so in an room without threat of intrusion or magic seeping in. We concluded that by using Lorcan’s room he could ward the room while Essar and I finished signing the last papers.”

“So Lorcan’s purpose in this treaty is for his magical shields?” Aedion pondered.

“We would have used the main room or even mine and Rowan’s room,” Aelin said. “But Lorcan balked at the idea saying that the room would probably smell of-”

“There is no need to say it!” Lorcan interrupted with a slight blush on his dark cheeks. “We know how often you and Rowan spend in that room. And we all know you are not just sleeping in there.”

 Aelin grinned with a teasing glint in her eye.

 “What’s wrong Lorcan. Surely you aren’t embarrassed to be in a room where Rowan and I spend hours fu-”

 “Aunt Aelin!” Evangeline bounded into the throne room with a stumbling maid trailing after her.

 “I’m sorry my Queen, but miss Evangeline insisted on seeing you and the others,” the maid gasped before Aelin dismissed her with a brief nod.

 Lorcan thanked the gods for Evangeline’s interruption. But the knowing look in Elide’s eyes made him sweat nervously.

 “So,” Elide whispered in his ear. “You hosted the treaty signings in your room because you didn’t want to be in a room where Aelin and Rowan had…intimate relations?” She added the last part with a wink.

 Lorcan groaned. “Can we please not bring this up again?”

 Elide laughed and the others in the room that heard her laugh knew that the misunderstanding between her and Lorcan had cleared up.

 “Perhaps, but only if you make it up to me,” Elide brushed a hand down Lorcan’s firm chest. His muscles twitched underneath her nimble fingers.

 “Elide,” Lorcan’s tone deepened. His eyes focused intently on the little smirk playing on Elide’s soft lips before she turned away and walked toward the others who were listening intently to what Evangeline was saying.

 Late that night, long after the citizens of Ornyth slumbered, two mates were still awake. Their limbs tangling in bed sheets. The female sighed as the male kissed her cheeks and moved down and further down until her sigh became his name gasped into the night. And it wouldn’t be the last. Her mate fully intended to spend most of the night seeing to the needs of the woman who he loved to fiercely and tenderly.

When morning light illuminated the sky. Lorcan and Elide lingered in bed. Perfectly content to pass the hours in the arms of each other with faint smiles on their lips.

Moon Child

Group: BTS

Pairing: V X READER

Requested: Anonymous said: can you please do wolf tae !!

Excerpt: ‘  “Don’t you dare keep running,” you could hear his voice clearly in your head, and yet you had a better idea, coming to a skidding halt in the mud as you let out a playful growl when he caught up. ‘

Genre: fluff, wolf au

Length: 1k

A/N: more wolfie stuff

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Recently there had been an increase in territories being broken into, nothing was ever taken and the only disturbance would be the pattering of quick steps and the lingering smell of burning wood and strawberries; a smell specifically associated with the Kim pack.

Taehyung was not enjoying the constant ringing of the phone, different packs complaining that someone had broken in, and as you sat on his desk, swinging your legs innocently with a devilish smile on your face, he had a bad feeling.

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Can We Still Be Friends?

Summary: Jungkook broke things off with you awhile ago since he was getting so famous. But there isn’t a day that goes by where he doesn’t think about you, and when he finally sees you in person again, he gets hit with the love he once felt for you all over again.

Word Count: 3734

Song: Friends - Justin Bieber & BloodPop

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“A large hazelnut coffee.”

His ears perked up, and his eyes lifted from his phone. The line in front of him didn’t seem to be winding down. Maybe with his mask, hat and sunglasses, he mistaken the voice for someone else.

“Thank you.” You smiled at the barista and grabbed your coffee, with folders being held closely to your chest.

And it was a scene that came out of a movie. Jungkook looked up at the right time to make eye contact with you for a split second. It felt like an eternity, like time stopped and it was just him and you. You didn’t even know that it was him, as you kept walking by with a small smile on your face, taking a sip of your coffee.

And that’s where the familiar voice came from.

And that’s when memories came flooding back, and he wanted you back in his life.

I was wonderin’ ‘bout your mama

Did she get that job she wanted?

“Hey wait up!” You stopped walking and turned around. You weren’t sure if that voice was talking to you, or someone else. You squinted your eyes and looked beyond the crowd for someone, but no one made an appearance, so you decided to keep walking. “Y/N!” You turned around and a person with a beanie, sunglasses and a mask on was standing before you.

“I didn’t think I’d actually catch up to you.” They were breathless, they were following you all this way. But why?

“Uhm, did I forget something at the cafe?” You looked panicked, rummaging through your belongings. You had your folders, you had everything in your purse, and you of course had your coffee.

“No, I just wanted to see you.” You raised an eyebrow and choked on your coffee. Who was this person?

“Well that’s nice?” You were creeped out, this stranger knew your name and wanted to see you for some odd reason. Your phone started ringing and you went into your purse to grab it to see that it was your mom. “Hi mom!” You held up a finger to the stranger indicating that you needed a moment to take the call.

And once you hung up the phone and looked back at the stranger getting ready to say something, they spoke up. “Did your mom ever get that job she wanted?” Who was this person? How did they know something so specific about your mom?

And that’s when you put two and two together.


Sold that car that gave her problems?

I’m just curious 'bout her, honest

He took off his sunglasses and it really was him. It goes to show that you two weren’t around each other as much, and lost contact because you couldn’t even recognize his voice, or the way he walked.

But you remember why you lost contact with him, the way he broke up with you over text, and then he just dropped off the face of the earth. No matter how hard you tried to stay in touch with him, he ignored you. And no matter how hard you tried to ignore him, you couldn’t, because everywhere you turned he was there - on posters, on billboards, on TV.

And now, seeing his face right in front of you, it made you angry. You were upset about the past, how he ended something so good so easily. How he didn’t even want to stay in touch with you, even though he loved you so dearly, which turned out to be lie. How he just up and left you and never asked how you were doing when your world came crashing down.

The smile on his face faded away when you did a quick turn on your heel and started walking away from him, not wanting to deal with him. He didn’t give up that easy as he followed you, and put a hand on your arm trying to stop you.


“You have no right to ask about my mother Jungkook.” You shook off his arm and walked a little faster than before, but his long legs kept up with you.

“I just want to see how she’s doing! Like did she sell that car that was giving her problems back then?” How did he even remember that? Why was he asking about the past, he didn’t deserve an answer.

You let out a little chuckle and looked at him. “It’s funny how you ask if she’s doing okay, but you won’t ask me.”

“Okay, Y/N how are you doing?” He gave it shot, but got turned down right away.

“Fuck off Jungkook.”

And with that he finally gave up and watched you walk away.

Know you wonderin’ why I been callin’

Like I got ulterior motives

“Jungkook stop calling me!” They were the first words that came out of your mouth when you finally answered one of his calls.

“Thanks for answering.” He sounded exhausted, sad, and everything in-between.

“Why are you all of a sudden calling me Jungkook? You leave me, ignore me, and act like I never existed a year and a half ago and now you hit me up like no other.” He knew you were right which hurt him more. “If this is some booty call, you can leave me the fuck alone. You can get any girl and I’m sure any of them would be content to sleep with you.” Jungkook felt his stomach drop, and his face go pale with your words. Did you think that lowly of him? It was a dumb question to think since he left you suddenly back then. Of course you thought that lowly of him, and that’s what kills him.

“No this isn’t a booty call Y/N.” His voice was quiet, almost mute, it almost broke you.

Know we didn’t end this so good

But you know we had something so good

“I know what I did when I ended things with you wasn’t right. I shouldn’t have done that. I shouldn’t have texted you telling it was over, I shouldn’t have ignored you, I should have made sure if you were okay because if you were like me, you were dying of pain because it hurt so bad, and it still does.” You stopped him before he could continue.

“Why did you end it then Jungkook? If it still hurts a year and a half later why did you break up with me?” You heard a silence and his breathing, waiting for an answer.

“Because I didn’t have enough time for you. You deserved someone that would make you their number one priority. I couldn’t do that.”

So I’m wonderin’, can we still be friends? 

Can we still be friends? 

Doesn’t have to end 

And if it ends, can we be friends?

Can we be friends?

Can we be friends?

He let out a breath before continuing. “But when I saw you at the cafe Y/N, it confirmed that I’m not over you.” You couldn’t help but shake your head and scoff.

“Are you kidding me Jungkook?”

“No I’m not.” You rolled your eyes. This is really happening, but a year and a half late. He thinks that he can waltz back into your life after just seeing you 2 weeks ago. He thinks he can pick back up where you left off, without taking into consideration of your feelings.

“It’s not gonna happen Jungkook.”

“Well,” he stopped mid sentence, trying to think of something to say. “Can we still be friends?”

“I don’t know Jungkook.”

And you hung up the phone, setting it down on the counter with a loud slam and screaming into your hands.

Wonderin’ if you got a body

To hold you tighter since I left

“God dammit.” Jungkook balled up his fists and slammed them against the bed. He threw the covers off of him and rubbed his eyes as he walked into the dark hallway towards the kitchen. He opened the refrigerator door, and grabbed a bottle of water. Sipping away on it, he pulled out his phone from his pocket and clicked the instagram app.

He saw the picture earlier in the day, he fell asleep with the picture on his mind, and this picture woke him up from a dead sleep. He couldn’t stop thinking about it. He clicked on your profile and there it was, the black and white picture that was haunting him. Someone snapped a shot of you and some dude that Jungkook didn’t know. You were both on the the floor and you were between his legs with your back leaning against his chest as he was laughing, trying to play a videogame. Something that you and Jungkook did often, it brought back so many memories.

“Kook what are you doing?” Hoseok came out into the kitchen to see Jungkook on the ground leaning against the cabinets. Jungkook didn’t even realize that he was on the ground until he had to look up to see who was talking to him.

“I don’t know.” He got up and walked back to his bed, and when he went to plug his phone into his charger, the picture was still opened.

Wonderin’ if you think about me

Actually, don’t answer that

And it’s so cliche how things happen, but as BTS was walking into the restaurant, you were there with your new guy dressed in a long maroon dress with a slit up the leg, and your hair and makeup done perfectly. You were talking about something, and the way he stared at you - it was how every girl wanted to be looked at. His focus was only on you.

BTS got ushered to their own private room, and all Jungkook wanted to do was be placed next to you, with his eyes glued to you. You looked stunning.

Jungkook excused himself to go to the bathroom, and on his way down he bumped into none other - you. You pushed a strand of hair behind your ear and clutched your purse to your side. “Hey Jungkook.” You smiled with your greeting and he smirked. “Hey Y/N.”

“I didn’t see you walk in, who are you here with?” He noticed that you seemed happier, you weren’t as awkward with him or rude when he stopped you a few months ago on the street.

“The guys actually, we’re upstairs.” You nodded your head.

“Ah the VIP section.” And Jungkook didn’t know why, but he took that comment to the heart. The way you said it, it made him get goosebumps. The VIP section, where celebrities are supposed to be and you were dining with normal people. Something that Jungkook could never do.

“Yeah.” He let out a nervous laugh and cupped the back of his neck. “You look beau…”

“Y/N?” You both turned your heads to see who was calling your name and it was your date for the night. The guy you’ve been seeing for 4 months now. He walked up to you and place a hand on the small of your back. “Is everything alright?” You nodded your head.

“Yeah, I just bumped into Jungkook.” Your date looked at him and placed out a hand to shake with Jungkook.

“I’m Y/B/N, Y/N has told me so much about you.” He smiled and Jungkook couldn’t help but give him a half hearted smile. What exactly did you tell him? Did you tell him all the good? The bad? Both? Did you tell him how he ignored you after he broke up with you via text? He didn’t want to know.

“Pretty cool that my girlfriend dated a celebrity, and now she’s stuck with me.” You rolled your eyes at him and smacked his chest, and he placed a kiss on your temple and your eyes fluttered shut. Jungkook was uncomfortable, he was glad to see you happy, but it wasn’t with him.

“I think you’re doing just fine babe.”

Jungkook coughed and the two of you stopped your flirting and your attention went to him. “Well I’m gonna go to the bathroom.”

“We should get going actually, the bill is paid for, and the bed is calling my name.” Y/B/N said and you agreed.

“I agree.” You patted Y/B/N’s chest and turned to look at Jungkook as he was walking by you. “Well, see you Jungkook. Tell the boys I say hi.”

“Will do.” And he heard your heels clack away on the tile floor. The happiness Y/B/N brought to you was beyond something Jungkook could wish for. He couldn’t help but feel a bit selfish, because it wasn’t him bringing you happiness.

JJ: Do you ever think about me Y/N?

You stared at your phone, your hand hovering over it for what seemed like forever. How do you answer that? You re-read the message so many times that it’s the only thing you were thinking about. Right when you were about reply your phone buzzed:

JJ: Actually, don’t answer that.

Know you wonderin’ why I been callin’

Like I got ulterior motives

Know we didn’t end this so good

But you know we had something so good

“Hello?” You groggily said into the phone, your eyes weren’t even opened.

“Y/N?” And with that voice, your eyes flew open and pulled the phone away from your ear just to make sure that it was who you thought it was.

“Jungkook it’s 2:34 in the morning what do you want?”

“I can’t get you off my mind Y/N.” Words you weren’t expecting. You felt bad for him, then again you didn’t. Because there was once a time that the only person on your mind was just him.

“Jungkook just go to sleep.”

“He’s there isn’t he?”


“Your boyfriend, he’s laying next to you isn’t he?” And you turned a head a little bit to see your boyfriend sleeping soundly next to you. You swung your legs off the bed to the floor and walked out the bedroom.

“Yeah he is actually.” Jungkook sighed.

“I’m glad you found someone.”

“Thanks.” And then the silence came.

“I really miss you Y/N.”

So I’m wonderin’, can we still be friends? 

Can we still be friends?

Doesn’t have to end 

And if it ends, can we be friends?

Can we be friends?

And if it ends, can we be friends?

And as months went on, you and Jungkook stayed in touch with each other. You talked about anything, like friends. When you let him back into your life, everything felt right again. It was odd at first, since he wasn’t your boyfriend, but Jungkook as a friend was doing just fine.

Until things changed one night, when you and Y/B/N got into an argument which lead you to leaving the apartment, and walking around the city. When you opened the door to your apartment, you found suitcases getting packed, and that’s when you realized that Y/B/N was leaving you.

“This isn’t working out Y/N.” You nodded your head at his words as he picked up two suitcases and walked passed you. “I’ll get my other things tomorrow.”

Know you wonderin’ why I been callin’

Like I got ulterior motives

Know we didn’t end this so good

But you know we had something so good

*12 missed calls* It read on Jungkook’s phone. They were all from you. He scrambled out of bed, throwing on pants and pressing your name to return your calls, but all he was getting was voicemail.

“Dammit Y/N answer your fucking phone!” He said out loud to himself. He came out of his bedroom to be greeted by 6 other guys, who were confused at what he was doing.

“What’s going on?” Namjoon questioned him, throwing on a pair of shoes. They had practice at 8am this morning, and had to leave in 20 minutes. Jungkook slipped on a pair of shoes, and grabbed a sweatshirt.

“Twelve missed calls from Y/N, something isn’t right, I’m heading over there.”

“We have practice at 8 Jungkook, we’re leaving soon you don’t have time for that.” Yoongi spoke up and Jungkook turned around quickly and stared at him.

“She needs me.” And the door slammed shut.


“Y/N open up the fucking door!” He kept pounding, and you still weren’t answering. He tried calling you, but your phone died because it was going straight to voicemail. If you weren’t in your apartment, where could you be?

Jungkook’s heart was pounding when he walked inside the elevator, he was pacing. Was everything alright? Were you safe? If something bad had happened to you, he wouldn’t be able to live with himself.


You walked around the city the whole night after Y/B/N left. You didn’t prepare yourself for the autumn weather, as your nose and cheeks were red, and your hands were ice cold. You were sitting on a bench watching the sunrise, and checking your phone to see if Jungkook called back, but nothing. Typical, you were getting your hopes up while he was letting you down, and then your phone went black as it went to 0%.

You had enough time to think about the fight you had with Y/B/N. Did he see right through you and realized that you still had feelings for Jungkook, or was it really because of the fight? Or was it because you just sucked at relationships and you were meant to be alone forever? You didn’t know anymore.

You stood up from the bench, and walked away. Hoping that your next destination would work out.


“Y/N?” Jin’s confused face was replaced with concern when he saw you shivering. He grabbed your shoulders and led you inside and placed you on a kitchen chair. “You’re freezing!”

You chuckled and nodded your head. “I know that.” Taehyung came out to the kitchen with a blanket, and wrapped it around you.

“Kook isn’t here right now.” Taehyung told you.

“That’s fine, I just needed somewhere to go.”

“He actually went to see you Y/N.” Namjoon walked into the kitchen, throwing a coat on him.

“Oh.” Was all you managed to say. He wasn’t letting you down this time. “Can I actually borrow a phone charger?”

“Just go to his bed Y/N, we’ll be back later this afternoon if you want to talk to him, if not you’ll be gone by then your choice.” Namjoon said to you and with that you watched them leave heading to practice.

You walked to Jungkook’s shared room with Jimin and placed your phone on his charger while laying your head down on his pillow, and wrapping yourself up with his blankets. Missed calls and several messages came through.

JJ: Y/N is everything okay?

JJ: I’m on my way over.

JJ: Answer the door Y/N come on.

JJ: Y/N where are you?

JJ: Please tell me you’re alright Y/N.

JJ: If something bad happened to you, I don’t think I can live with myself.

JJ: Y/N please…I’m begging you.

JJ: I love you please…

Y/N: Me too.

Everything went black as sleep took over.

I’m wonderin’, can we still be friends?

Can we still be friends?

Doesn’t have to end 

And if it ends, can we be friends?

Jungkook read your cryptic message all the way back to the dorms. You too what? What were you answering to? He kicked off his shoes once he walked through the door and all the guys walked out to the living room. They knew that either you would be in his bed, or you would be at in your apartment. They didn’t share that news with Jungkook.

And when Jungkook opened his bedroom, he saw a sleeping figure taking up his bed, and when he walked closer, he realized that it was you. He bent down and cupped your cheek with his hand and placed a kiss on your forehead.

“You scared me Y/N, I thought I lost you.”

“I’ll always be here.” You said it softly and Jungkook backed away from you. “I’m sorry for scaring you.”

“What’s going on?”

“I suck at relationships I think.” You opened your eyes and pulled the covers up more, you could feel yourself getting sick. “He left.”

“Y/N…” And Jungkook climbed on the bed and laid next to you, rubbing your cheek. “You don’t suck at relationships, you’re wonderful.”

“Yeah says you.” He nodded his head, and his stomach went in knots and his heart broke a little at your words. You were right, how could you not think that you sucked at relationships when the last two boyfriends you had, left.

“I’m sorry Y/N.”

“I’m sorry for being rude, you didn’t deserve that.” You tried leaning up but felt yourself get dizzy and laid back down.

“Are you okay?”

“No, I don’t feel good.” You got back up this time and sat at the edge of the bed. You needed to leave, you didn’t want to get Jungkook sick.

“Well lay back down, let me get you some soup and water.” He stood up quick and looked at you, and you waved him off.

“No it’s fine, I need to go back, you can’t risk getting sick anyways.” Jungkook sighed and saw as you struggled standing up. He came to your side of the bed and pushed you back down and covered you up.

“I’ll get sick for you anyday Y/N.”

“Whatever you say Kook.” And Jungkook smiled like a little kid in a candy shop. Hearing you call him that after all this time made his heart skip a beat.

As he was about to leave the room you spoke up. “Oh and Kook?”


“We can’t be friends.” His head hung down and so many questions he wanted to ask but not right now with you in this state. And when he was about to respond you spoke up again. “I realized I was still in love you.”

And Jungkook jumped on the bed and placed both hands on your cheeks and kissed you passionately.

“I love you Y/N.”

Lords reaction to accidentally hitting their daughter [Headcanon] (Request)

A/N: I just know this is going to be both hilarious and painful. Rest under the cut to save dashboards.

Part 2.1


What did he do? That was the price of his pride, wasn’t it. The girl was crying in his arms, a big bruise on her forehead that was caused by his own practice sword. Nothing seemed to work. She wouldn’t stop crying. He knew it had been a bad idea to let her stay. He should have sent her away, with her mother, but no, those puppy eyes were stronger than he was. And everyone tried to warned him, to tell him that his girl was walking right to him, but he thought they were trying to distract him.

They weren’t.

“Here, have some sugar stars”, he wiped her tears away, before kissing the red mark on her forehead. “Mama’s sweets will make you feel better, ok?”


He thought it was a good idea. To show his daughter that he was strong, that he could protect her too. And so, he couldn’t say no when she asked him if she could stay in training. Well, what could go wrong? Right? Everything. Everything could go wrong. He was always so defensive that when he heard something behind him his first impulse was to attack.

He wish he hadn’t.

“Are you okay?!” he rushed to her, hugging her and trying to cease her tears. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry… Papa was careless”. Mitsuhide showered her in kisses and pampers, guilt heavy on his shoulders after seeing the bruise that was sure to appear any time.


Oh boy. 

Oh boy.

It had been a long time since last time the retainers had seen Yukimura panicking so much. He was carrying the little girl in his arms, running around the castle, yelling to the maids, for someone to help him. When you heard him, you left the kitchen as fast as you could. Then you saw him. Your daughter in his arms, both of them crying. 

“I… I…”, he sobbed. “She… I… I’m sorry…”

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