this brought a goddamn tear to my eye

City Love (Part 8.2)

summary: You attend one of Natasha’s office parties against your will and end up meeting a charming stranger who turns out to be the person who runs the company. (AU; CEO!Bucky)

characters: Bucky Barnes x Reader (F)
word count: 839 (side-drabble) 
warnings: implied smut, angst
A/N: Well, Surpriiiiise. Here’s a side-drabble written in Bucky’s POV after the events in Part 7. This is best read after Part 8.


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Bucky was used to being the cause of so much disappointment. It’s an occupational hazard that he had to learn to live with. It didn’t matter if it was with his family, friends, or the women he dated–like a curse, he was bound to cause his relationships to suffer, no matter how hard he tried not to.

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Little things I love about Hamilton, in no particular order
  • The seamless transition between Winter’s Ball and Helpless
  • “Did you forget Lafayette?” asks Lafayette with his hair down
  • All of Hamilton’s monologue in The World Was Wide Enough
  • The strains of It’s Quiet Uptown that can be heard at the end of That Would Be Enough
  • Aaron “Talk Less” Burr going off at Hamilton in court “Why do you assume you’re the smartest in the room?”
  • Madison’s quiet, sobbed “Please.” after It’s Quiet Uptown
  • “Daddy’s calling.”
  • “Call me son oNE MORE TIME!”
  • All of Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story
  • “Oceans rise, empires fall”
  • The overlapping melodies near the end of Nonstop, all coming to a head under Washington’s refrain of History Has Its Eyes On You
  • “I’m not hear for you.”
  • “Where have  you been?” “Uh, France.”
  • Farmer Refuted, aka Hamilton thinks you can shut your fucking mouth you dumbass
  • Burr somehow being surprised that Hamilton shows up to his house in the middle of the night
  • “Meet me inside.”
  • “Geoooorge Washington!”
  • All of It’s Quiet Uptown
  • “Washington cannot be left alone to his devices.
  • “You must be out of your goDDAMN MIND”
  • T Jeff’s smug ass during The Reynolds Pamphlet
  • “Siddown JohN YOU FAT MOTHER-”
  • “Aaron Burr, sir” with every single meaning it has throughout the show
  • The transition between Hurricane and The Reynolds Pamphlet
  • “You don’t have the votes”
  • The transition between Aaron Burr, Sir and My Shot (that brought tears to my eyes the first time i heard it without youtube loading and every time since)
  • “I’ll show you where mY SHOE FITS”
  • “John Adams shat the bed”
  • “That’s an order from your commander.”
  • “The fact that you’re alive is a miracle” 
  • The fact that Hamilton literally threw away his shot during his duel with Burr
  • Phillip’s heartbeat during the Stay Alive reprise and it’s subsequent faltering and fading away
  • The less sad fact that Burr killed Alex because he couldn’t stop talking shit
  • A. Ham basically telling Burr that he wasn’t sure which bout of shit-talking Burr was referring to during Your Obedient Servant, but I meant every single one of them
  • Alexander “will destroy everyone including myself” Hamilton making that name true during The Reynolds Pamphlet
  • Both Burr and Ham sound like they’re gonna cry a little during Dear Theodosia
  • Aaron and Alexander’s intricate relationship, constantly flickering from sibling to foe to friend 
  • “ ‘President John Adams’, good luck!”
  • Burr’s awe and bitterness in The Room Where It Happens
  • “I arranged the menu, the venue, the seating.” for three people
  • Anthony Ramos plays both Hamilton’s boyfriend and his son?
  • Take A Break, also called Eliza’s Pretty Sick Of Your Lame Excuses, Spend Some Time With Your Fucking Family
  • “I know I don’t deserve you Eliza”
  • “There you are an ocean away, do you have to be an ocean away?”
  • Guns And Ships, all of it
  • Actually, all of Lafayette
  • “John Adams doesn’t have a real job anyway.”
  • Best Of Wives And Best Of Women, aka Alex Acknowledges That Eliza Is Way Too Good For Him
  • “Southern, motherfucking Democratic-Republicans!”
  • Jefferson and Hamilton are literally always ready to fight
  • Also every single one of Jefferson’s lines
  • everything
  • i love everything
  • i’ve been thinking about this list for almost twelve hours
  • i love this show
  • shout out to Lin Manuel-Miranda for making me obsessed with some old dead dude who literally never stopped talking and also happened to help found the country and set up the basis for our monetary system
JB appreciation post

Alright I already made one for Jinyoung so I think that in light of the comeback it’s only right that I make JB the second one in this series. Let’s begin, shall we?

He is the softest i stg

punch me

s o f t 

he’s also literally a boyfriend 




B O Y F R I E N D– let’s move on before i combust ok

He’s also so motherfucking hot that he could literally punch me in the face and I would thank him


Idk about u but I’m fucked up

c h r i s t 

could u leave with those intense brown eyes sir

me rn

anyway, besides being extremely fucking adorable and soft and SO GODDAMN SEXY, he has an angelic voice and a smile that once brought a puppy back to life


he also looks like he’s 7 when he does that little crouch-y thing (mind you, I was literally in tears when I took this screenshot)

Bonus photo:

okay i’m really done now, just stan our lil leader! He deserves it!! He’s so talented– writes a lot of his own lyrics and can sing his ass off. He’s soft and presh and not scary! My soft baby feeds stray cats in his downtime and gets shy when ahgases call him cute. He also flirts with them. I cry. leave me alone to drown in my tears but stan my lil muffin while ur at it. 

As always, none of these photos are mine (except the screenshot) and all credits go to their original makers.

Sick Baby boo - Grayson

Requested - Can you write a Grayson imagine where he wakes up feeling really sick to his stomach and is super upset because he doesn’t like being sick and kinds has a fear of throwing up so he’s super anxious and it makes him worse.




I walked into the twins apartment and the atmosphere already felt different. It felt more depression and sicken. “Grayson?” I called out. No answer. “Weird.” I mumbled. I dropped my bag on the ground and placed my keys on the table. I took off my coat and headed to Grayson’s room. As I reaches his door I heard a groan than a cough followed. I opened the door and saw him all over the bed. His one foot hanging off the mattress. He was just in with boxers with the ceiling fan on high.

“What did I just walk into?” I asked walking to where Grayson’s face was. As I saw his face my smile faded into a frown. “Baby are you sick?” I questioned. Grayson groaned and turn so that he was now laying on his back. “I’ll take that as a yes. But what’s wrong you look anxious?” I questioned getting on the bed. “Nothing.” He said turning his head away. I sighed and cradled so that I was sitting on his. He turned to me and frowned. “I’m gonna get you sick.” He frowned. “I don’t care Grayson.” I said back. He sighed and placed his hands on my legs.

“What’s wrong Grayson?” I asked. He sighed yet again and turned his head away. “Grayson baby.” I sighed running my hand through his hair. He turned his head back towards me. “I’m scared.” He mumbled. “What?” I questioned. “I’mscared.” He said louder but faster. “Babe speak slow and clear.” I said. He let out a breath. “I’m scared.” I tilted my head. “About?” I asked. “Throwing up… I don’t want to and I’m afraid to.” He let out.

“Babe, why are you scared?” I asked confused. “Because I don’t like the feeling and it just makes me feel even worse.” He frowned. “Babe that’s nothing to be scared of.” I let out a small chuckle. “It’s my fear Y/n.” He frowned even more. I rolled my eyes and leaned down and kissed him. He didn’t kiss back though. He just pushed me babe. “What now?” I questioned. “I don’t want to get you sick Y/n.” He said. “Well I don’t care cause I want to be sick, so you can take care of me.” I smiled. He then smiled also. “I like taking care of you when you’re sick.”

“Exactly now let me kiss you.” I frowned. He chuckled and pulled me back down and kissed my lips. I rolled off Grayson and stood up. ‘Where are you going?” He questioned moving to sit up. “I’m going to make you my grandma’s soup.” I smiled. “Really?!” He asked shocked. I smiled nodding. “I love her soup.” He smiled. “I know you do that’s why I’m going to make it.” I said opening the door and leaving my sick baby in the bedroom. I walked to their kitchen and grabbed out the ingredients I needed to make the soup.

As I was about finished I heard throwing up and frowned. I walked to the bathroom and saw Grayson. “Grayson.” I frowned. “Go away Y/n I don’t want you to see me like this.” He choked up. “Are you crying?” I asked kneeling down and placing my hand on his back. He shook his head. “My fear came true Y/n.” He frowned wiping his mouth. I hugged him from behind and placed my head against his back as I felt him throw up again. I frowned and rubbed circles into his back. “I hate my life.” He mumbled as he flushed the toilet.

“If it makes you feel any better I’m done making the soup.” I said moving away and getting up. He turned to me and got up. “Really?” He asked. “Yes really.” I smiled. He frowned yet again and I saw a tear leave his eye. I walked over to his and wipe it then kissed him. “No more tears baby.” I frowned. “I can’t help it.” He confessed.

“Just eat the goddamn soup I made for you.” I laughed. He cracked a smile but nodded and grabbed onto my hand intertwining our fingers. I brought him to the kitchen and placed the soup in front of him and a spoon. “Soups up.” I smiled. He shook his head and went to eat the soup. He took a bite and smiled innocently and went to continue to eat. As he did we didn’t speak a word. Which I was fine with.

After he finished he pushed the bowl away and smiled at me. “Come here baby.” He said opening his arms. I walked over to him and wrapped my arms around him. “Thank you for making me smile after what happened. I love you a lot. I’ll be sure to return the favor if you know what you mean.” He said. “I love you too daddy.” I smirked pulling away. “So you want it now?” He questioned smirking back. I nodded. “Then let’s go.” 

I hope this is how you want it. Sorry for it being late. If you wanna request make sure you request!!!

i know i say this a lot but i really am so goddamn proud of zayn. he makes me so so so happy. i was rereading his tweet and it brought tears to my eyes because he feels like he needs to explain himself because he was gone for a bit… but he promised to come back with music for US :’) he is such a gentle and genuine soul

The Irrelevance of Napoli: Five (Clay Apuzzo)

A/N: This chapter was really, really hard to write… don’t base your characters off of real people, dumbass

A/N: Please let me know if you want to be added/removed from the taglist!


Warnings: Swearing, child abuse (physical and verbal)

Word Count: 1947

Drunk and driven by a devil’s hunger

Drive your son like a railroad spike

Into the water, let it pull him under

Don’t you lift him, let him drown alive

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while my town was trashed from renovations, i finally got down to visiting the dream towns of fellow mayors. i’ll post the pictures of Tripolis and Snowabi later cos i just came back from a road trip. Ammoth and Rem’s towns are really goddamn pretty and basically brought one tear to my eye.

… but first i just wanna say that i like Rem’s sentimentality and A+ vision for his town.

Block B Chicago Concert Recap

I’m so emotional right now. Block B was absolutely AMAZING tonight, and my friend and I had the privilege to enjoy it all from the orchestra pit! The concert lasted a little over 2 hours and it just FLEW BY.  Warning: this is a long post. Layout is highlights + recap of the concert + recap of each member.

The Set List

Oh my gosh, they covered practically all of their big tracks! (But, they notably did NOT sing Nillili Mambo, alas…)  I know I’m missing some, and the list is for sure out of order in the middle, but they sang Very Good, Freeze, Romantically, Unordinary Girl, Mental Breaker, Jackpot, Her, Tell Them, 11:30, Halo, Wanna B, Nice Day, Did it or Not, Action, and Be the Light. Also No Joke, Conduct Zero, Charlie Chaplin, and Zico’s Okey Dokey. Encore had Nalina, Very Good Rough Version, and Movie’s Over. 

The Outfits

The boys looked absolutely beautiful! Jailhouse stripes, then Zico/Kyung/PO in red and black urban outfits, then Bastarz in green camo, and then everyone in red and black variants. 

The Audience

My eardrums are still throbbing from the absolute madness that was the pit. Everyone there was clearly a hardcore fan and sang along to all the songs, cheering and waving and dancing. We were on our feet the entire time. It felt awesome to be able to let loose with my craziness amongst sisters who truly understand, lol. GO BBC!
When I was crossing the parking lot of the theater, I was right behind two tiny preteen girls with their dads and I was worried that I would be a grandma in the crowd, but there was a good mix of young adults, tweens, and even some couples who looked to be in their thirties. But the pit only had young women like me, so I was right at home, hehehe. 


My memory is already failing because I can’t remember all the songs they performed or the order, but here it goes…

As soon as the lights dimmed everyone went completely wild - I felt like a sound wall had hit me from behind and I actually had to cover my ears a few times because the screaming was so loud. An intro video played, and then the screen raised, revealing the boys in their jailhouse stripes standing in a row on a raised platform. They went down the stairs on either side of the platform to the main stage and we went wild because they were RIGHT THERE just feet from us and SO BEAUTIFUL. Jaehyo sat on a chair at the left side of the stage and a backup dancer in a black face mask danced his parts for the choreo. They performed Very Good and we were all pumping our arms and singing along. Especially during PO’s part where he invites the audience to sing “weng weng” and “taek taek” it was super loud. 

Then my jaw dropped because they performed Freeze! And then another song… possibly Did It or Not? or Halo? but I can’t recall which because I got too worked up to remember to take notes ;_; 

After a break with a short video, the screen started playing a rose petal motif, then raised to reveal the boys sitting on the platform holding red roses. They sang Romantically and then came down to the main stage and sang Unordinary Girl and threw the roses into the audience. Taeil was the last to go, right as the song ended, and he tried to throw his rose to these girls in the front row… then the song ended and the lights went out. When they came back on, we started cry-laughing because he messed up his throw - the rose didn’t even make it off the stage and was out of reach of the girls. BABY THIS IS WHY YOU ARE MY ULTIMATE BIAS, NEVER CHANGE.

There was another break and then there was a subgroup set. First, Zico, Kyung and PO came out to perform No Joke in red/black outfits. PO was wearing his shiny leather pants and MAN HIS LEGS LOOKED SO DELICIOUS. Then Bastarz came out in green camo outfits (I guess PO just changed his jacked) to perform Conduct Zero and Charlie Chaplin. A lot of fans in the pit knew the choreo and danced along, swinging their arms. I really like the vocals in Bastarz because it’s really easy to tell who’s singing - PO’s husky voice, Ukwon’s more nasally sound and B-Bomb’s smoothness… Swoon.

At this point I was sort of hoping Taeil would come out and sing a solo, but it was Zico singing Okey Dokey! He completely killed it and really knew how to work the crowd, getting everyone to shout “yes, okey dokey yo!” What a prince.

Throughout the concert, the boys addressed the crowed completely in English, with every member saying a few sentences. Most if it was fluffy talk about how they were super excited to be in Chicago, are Chicago BBCs having fun, etc. but it was so adorable and definitely made it feel more personal than speaking through a translator or just a single member. And I loved how the boys made sure the audience knew the choruses to the audience-sings-chorus songs by walking everyone through the lyrics before performing the song. They also did this for Halo and it was SO EPIC. 

Undoubtedly the most widely recognized songs they played were Her and Jackpot, which were performed back to back. During Her, everyone in the pit was doing the arm pump dance and singing along, it was so fun. Mental Breaker was also absolutely amazing. Literally the entire theater bellowed out Taeil’s chorus. They performed so many of my old favorites, like Wanna B and Tell Them and Mental Breaker, they really spoiled us!!!

There was also a short video featuring Ukwon teaching dance moves… like a downward wave, tracing hearts in the air, and wiggling side to side, LOL. It was so random and adorable but we all did the moves - I heard several people joking that this is exactly the threshold of their dance capabilities, hahaha. 

Then too soon, Zico announced that it was time for their last song. I was actually shocked because the time literally flew by. Be the Light started playing and I got hit with the feels YET AGAIN. It was so perfect, Zico and Kyung killed their rap trade-off, PO had the ladies swooning with his part, and of course Taeil’s high note.   Then the members went back to the platform and the screen descended over them. We all waved and shouted and then the lights went out, leaving the message “I will be back” on the screen. Knowing there would be an encore, the audience continuously cheered and chanted “Block B.” Sure enough, a few minutes later, a picture of the terminator appeared on screen next to the words “I will be back” which got a lot of laughs. There was a short video montage featuring quotes from various movie characters like the Joker.

Then Block B came back and performed Nalina and Very Good rough version, which rocked so hard and brought the house down. They said goodbye again, and a movie-credits style video and more pre-recorded footage of the boys played. Then, Block B came out one last time to perform Movie’s Over to wrap up the concert. It was so fitting with the movie theme and when the confetti started falling, I legit got tears in my eyes because it was just so goddamn beautiful. The boys threw water on the crowd and the towels they had been using to wipe their sweat, and even empty water bottles.And yes I did save some confetti in my pocket LOL. Such a perfect concert.

Zico: What a leader - CHARISMATIC AS FUCK. Zico’s english has improved a LOT, he spoke probably the most of all the members and I could understand all of it! His raps were SO FAST and aggressive, his rapport with the crowd so strong, especially since most people seemed to have Zico as their bias. His standout moment was definitely Okey Dokey where he totally owned the stage by himself. And later when he threw water on the crowd, some landed on me, so Hallelujah I’ve been Zico-Baptized! <3 

Kyung: Damn, Kyung is looking more handsome with each public appearance. He was such a gentleman, always walking around and making eye contact with as many fans as he could. And he did his shoulder dance(!!!) near the end of Her when the other members are in a circle around him. Thank you, oppa. 

Jaehyo: Poor Jaehyo was still recovering from his knee surgery so he was sitting off to the side singing and doing the arm choreography. There was no underwear throwing like in SF, possibly because of some really grumpy-looking security guards at the foot of the stage. But whenever he sang a line we waved at him to give him some love in the corner! For the non-choreo songs, Jaehyo would get up and walk around with the other members. His legs looked really thin, he seems like he lost some weight? Jaehyo, you are handsome regardless of your weight, you beautiful man!

B-Bomb: I was surprised to find my eyes repeatedly drawn to Minhyuk! He may be an understated member of the group, but man does he have a stage presence. He is sooooo attractive in person, all lithe and slender and his dance moves were on POINT - those hips don’t lie. Smooth and subtle and fitted blazers, UGHGHG. And his suspenders in the jailhouse outfit - YESSS. Minhyuk, I don’t care how much plastic surgery you had, it was worth it to have the perfection that is your face now. THANKS. And his voice!! It’s so subtle and smooth but he sounds GREAT live - I’m sure he rose on a lot of peoples’ bias lists after tonight!!!

P.O: OMG, Jihoon is such an adorable little butterfly trapped in a huge smexy body. When he commented that “time is flying” he started fluttering his arms like a bird and rammed Jaehyo on his left and then Taeil on his right. He bumped Taeil so hard the poor tiny man smashed into Kyung on his other side, earning a finger wag from Jaehyo. SOOO CUTE. And I am completely in love with his fluffy platinum hair + emo glasses look. But contrast all that with his inherent smexiness and UGH. Whenever he opened his mouth everyone went crazy because THAT DEEP HUSKY VOICE IS JUST UGH. And shitttt I love those leather pants on those thighs… I couldn’t help it, I kept looking at his dick whenever he was in front of me. :)

U-Kwon: He danced so energetically! At one point he even spun so hard that he bumped into the speakers at the very front of the stage. I couldn’t keep my eyes off him during Conduct Zero where he has the best choreo feature ever. Even though his hair started out slicked back, before long it was hanging in his eyes because he danced so hard. XD Despite this, he was adorably bashful during the talking parts, such a cutie pie. 


TAEIL: MY ULTIMATE BIAS… I can die in heaven after tonight. I love seeing his beautiful little face without a hat… UGH THANK YOU TAEIL. He doesn’t have a big stage personality like Zico or Kyung, but he was so sweet and earnest, with his adorable accented english and killer vocals. His high line near the end of Did It or Not? literally stopped my breath. And in the end-credit video, Taeil was credited second, right after Zico. So proud of you, baby hyung :’))) 

Then contrast that with his physical DERPINESS… his passable dancing (like his half-assed knee bends in Her, LOL)… the botched rose toss that basically landed at his feet… please marry me you perfectly imperfect angel. 

Near the end of the concert, Taeil looked right at me and I quickly made a heart sign with my hands… he broke into a smile and nodded, and held my gaze for several seconds. UGHDSHSGH THAT MOMENT LITERALLY MADE MY NIGHT, I AM STILL GIDDY. 


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Broken Souls : Part one

Broken Souls : Part two

Request here.

Request : Can i request DeanxReader where both of them are dating and they are fighting in the car on the way to the bunker because Dean refused to let her hunt with them. He ditch her out of the car and drive off. And maybe he come back to take her? Fluffy end? :D you can add or change if you want~

Dean x Reader

WARNING : this imagine has strong language and a small amount of abuse (not from Dean). If you are not comfortable with this, please DO NOT continue reading. I am more concerned about your comfort than how many notes I get.

On another note, please excuse any type of errors. It’s 11:10 pm and I’m very tired. But enjoy!

p.s. if the links aren’t working, i’ll figure them out later.

I sat across from Sam, laughing at how confused Castiel was from a girl handing him a napkin with her number on it. He assumed that she wanted to be his friend. “Castiel, she doesn’t want to just be your friend.” Castiel looked at me, confused about the situation here. I shook my head and glanced over at the bar, but not to wave for another beer or to look around.

I was looking for Dean. He went missing a couple seconds ago, but I spotted him at the bar. He was chatting with the bartender, probably discussing his car or what beer is better than whatever other beer they could come up with. Budweiser was my top one, but Dean calls it ‘piss water’.

I squinted my eyes, watching him closely. He shifted a bit before pushing himself off of the bar and waving at the man as he headed over toward us. Sam looked at me with a raised eyebrow, “You okay there, Y/N?” I nodded slowly and moved over toward the window on my side of the booth so Dean could sit down. He sat and kissed my cheek softly, “That bartender told me there’s been some murders here, ones that were buried by the pathetic police officers.” Dean glanced around the room while subconsciously sliding his arm around my waist. “It’s better than most. That man over there-” I nodded my head toward the man in far back by the pool table, “He’s been watching us all night, and I’m beginning to wonder if it’s about how we look.”



“Bloody hell. No!” I shouted and Dean laughed a bit before frowning and taking a swig of his beer. “We look like we could take down an entire fucking army.” Sam glanced down at his clothes abdn frowned, doing the same thing as Dean. They mirrored each other and i don’t even think they realize it.

“Well, technically, you did stop the apocalypse.” Castiel chimed in, I shook my head. “My point is, we look dangerous. We look like teenagers who would break into the loca pool while it’s closed.” I grumbled and Sam shrugged, “Enough about the police man and how we look. What’s the case here? Sam leaned in so Dean wouldn’t have to speak loudly, since we were literally being watched by every male figure in this room. "Uh, he said that all the bodies were drained of their blood and their hearts were missing. The hearts point to werewolf and the blood points to vampire, but..” He stopped. “Aren’t vampires and werewolves natural enemies? That wouldn’t make any sense. How the hell would the bartender even know about this?

"He’s a hunter himself.” I frowned, “Alright. Well, let’s go get some rest and ask questions tomorrow.” Dean shook his head. “No, no. You aren’t coming with us.” I scoffed loudly and locked eyes with him, “What the hell do you mean by that? I’m just as experienced as you, Dean.” He continued to shake his head before grabbing his jacket and heading over to the bartender to pay for the drinks.

“What the hell was that?” I asked Sam and he shrugged lightly, standing up and pulling Castiel to his feet, standing up and pulling Castiel to his feet. “But you two are going to start screaming soon and baby Cas is too young to hear the things you two are going to say to each other, so he’s gonna take us back to the motel.” Castiel looked confused for a moment before he nodded in agreement and followed Sam out of the bar. I sat there in disbelief. What kind of bullshit is this? Dean knows how experienced I am, he’s let me hunt before, so why can’t I now?

I jumped when a hand grabbed mine, but I looked up to see it was just Dean. I sighed softly in relief, “Didn’t mean to scare you.” Just looking at him right now made me angry, the fact that his voice made me want to love him and hold him made me angry. Who does he think he is to tell me what I can and can’t do? My father didn’t even get to tell me what I could and couldn’t do when he was alive.

Dean pulled me out of my seat and pushed me lightly in front of him, sliding his hands onto my hips and leading me toward the door. I smirked.

This is for show. He nevers does this unless he’s mad. He told me he’d rather have his hand in mine so he would know I was safe. He’s gonna snap at me.

Once we exited the bar, he let go of me completely. Typical Dean. He walked in front of me to the impala and didn’t do his usual thing of his small gestures to show he loved me and appreciated me. He didn’t open the passenger door for me. I shook my head and yanked the door open, climbing into the passenger seat and slamming the door. “Hey! Just because you’re pissed doesn’t mean you have to slam her door! I snorted, "Fuck your goddamn car.” He glared at me.

“Put your seatbelt on.”

“Go back to hell.” His grip on the steering wheel tightened and his knuckles turned an unusual white colour. “I don’t fucking get you.” I snapped, “You let me go on hunts all the time and suddenly, I can’t go? That doesn’t make any damn sense, Dean! You aren’t being fair!”

“Fair?!” He backed out of the parking space and sped out of the parking lot, heading for the motel. I slowly reached for my seatbelt and secured myself into the seat, “So, me wanting you to be be safe isn’t fair? Wow, okay, Y/N. I’ll keep that in mind. Next time we have a leviathan case, I’ll be sure to ring you up on your fucking phone and tell you all about it just so you can end up like fucking Bobby!” I screamed at the top of my lungs and smacked him, causing him to swerve on the road before completely pulling over. He unbuckled his seatbelt and grabbed me, but I kept hitting him. Kicking, punching, smacking. Anything that would get him away from me.

“Fuck it! Get out of my goddamn car!” He shouted at me and i stopped, tears filling my eyes. “Fuck you, Dean! I hate you! You’re so horrible! I can’t believe you even brought him up!” I screamed at him, my voice cracking in all different spots. I grabbed the handle of the passenger door and struggled to get it open, but I eventually got it open and got out. I didn’t even look at Dean’s face when I told him I hated him. The impala was still for a minute or two before it sped off. I was left standing on the side of a dark road, not a single car passed by.

My fear of the dark did not help this situation.

I started walking the direction the impala went, not really knowing the exact address of the motel or how far away it was, but that didn’t matter to me. What mattered was, I told Dean I hated him.

I didn’t mean it. I mean, how could I? Three years together with this man and I’ve said it countless of times, but this time it felt like poison on my tongue. The other times I said it, I was joking or being playful.

I have never said it to him while fighting with him.

My phone rang loudly and I jumped from it, slowly pulling it out to see Sam’s name on my screen. I accepted the call and pressed the phone to my ear, “Yes, pup?

Where are you?


“Dean came in here, screaming about how he fucked up and how you told him you hated him and how broken you looked.”

“Yeah, um, I don’t know where I am.” Don’t talk about Dean.

“He just left you somewhere?”

“Yeah, kinda.” Sam hung up. I stared at my phone screen before going through my entire phone to find a flashlight on it, I turned it on and held it out so I could see better. Thank god for technology.

It took me about ten minutes to get to a gas station. I walked inside and looked around before heading to the back, my eyes grazed over all the beverages. The bell on the door rang loudly and I glanced over to see the back of a familiar leather jacket. I groaned softly and quickly walked down an aisle. Thank you, shortness, you let these shelves hide me well.

I listened to his heavy footsteps and acted like I was looking for something on the shelf in front of me. When he looked down my aisle, I squeaked and grabbed the box in front of me. Dean sighed loudly, Y/n,” He walked down the aisle and I frowned. He chuckled a bit when he saw the box I was holding, “Are you trying to tell me something?” The box was a pregnancy test. Fuck.

“N-No! I shouted and set the box down, looking up at him with the same frown on my face. There was a bruise forming where I smacked him and I didn’t realize I scratched his face either. There were three scratch marks right where the bruise started. "God, I’m sorry..” Wait, what? Why am I apologizing?

Y/n, let’s talk about this in the impala.” I gasped. He gave me a weird look, “It’s just surprising that you didn’t call her your baby.” He rolled his eyes and turned me around, placing his hand on my lower back and leading me out of the gas station. “You’re my baby.” He kissed the side of my head and I sighed, “No, Dean. You can’t just fix this with a few kisses and some sweet talk.”

He groaned, “Can we please just get back to the motel? I want to talk about it there.” His eyes were begging me and I sighed in defeat, obeying his wish.


We sat in the impala in silence, but not that awkward silence. It was peaceful, almost made me forget that he brought up Bobby, won’t let me go on a stupid hunt, left me in the cold and dark, and seems to want me to move on from it.

“Did you mean it?” He broke the silence and I looked at him, “Sometimes, I wish I could hate you because you make my live such a living hell, but I’m so glad that I could never hate you. You’re just too precious, whether you want to admit it or not.” I placed mmy hand on his cheek and he leaned into it. “Alright. Come on. I don’t want to be sappy here.” He climbed out of the impala and left my hand sitting in the air, I laughed a bit and got out as well.

Dean led me to the door of the motel room and swiped the keycard, using his back to open the door. I gasped loudly at the sight before me. Candles everywhere, four boxes of pizza, a stack of movies, and my favourite blanket spread across of the the beds of the motel room. I smiled widely and covered my mouth, tears blurring the happiness in front of me. “It wasn’t supposed to make you cry.” We both laughed and he cleared his throat, “You should.. um, go look in the bathroom.” I gave a teary-eyed confused look before excitedly pacing to the bathroom.

I turned the light on to see the cutest proposal in the entire world. The tub had rose petals in it and on the wall of the shower it said, “Will you go on this hunt with me and quit whining, fiancé?”

I felt arms slide around my waist and I leaned back against the man behind me, rubbing his arms up and down slowly. “Is that in sharpie?” I asked and he laughed nervously, “Uh, yeah. Sam let Cas pick them out.”

“Sam wanted dry-erase, didn’t he?”

“Yes, he did.” We both laughed loudly.


Goddamn video bringing tears to my eyes. Brought back memories playing this game as a kid; I recognized every single reference. Earthbound is truly an amazing game and I THINK I WILL PLAY IT AGAIN TOMORROW.

Also: the animation and music here? Mind blowing. Insane talent everywhere.

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and and remember the movie Gintama: Gintoki actually fucking realizes he means something to a whole lot of people, THE WAY HE SAYS "EVEN AN IDIOT LIKE ME HAS A PLACE TO RETURN" HE SAID, REMEMBER HIS EXPRESSION THIS HURTS SO BAD WHY IS THE GORILLA SO HARSH ON GINTOKI I MEAN HOW DOES HE SLEEP AT NIGHTS

Gintoki’s literal face when anyone so much as insinuates he’s worth more than he thinks he does is this one:

His mask fell for the first time in the movie and we finally got to see his reaction and it's heartbreaking. Because it’s devastating to him to think he’s worth anything or that he's that important to anyone to have an actual effect on their lives if something were to happen to him. He doesn’t understand. I relate to Gintoki so goddamn hard. Sorachi has presented a hero that is more real than any character I have ever seen before. The movie was such a huge step for Gintoki as a character and it actually brought tears to my eyes seeing it.

Aero to everyone: do something nice for yourself today. Even if you feel like you don’t deserve it or don’t feel you’ve done anything to earn it, be good to yourself. On those nights when you’re up late unable to shut your mind down because you feel so down over what you’re going to do with your life, where you’re wondering if you even mean anything, and when you’re wondering if you’ll ever amount to anything in life, come here and scroll through the blog and immerse yourself in Gintama or come talk to me. When you feel like a fuck up that can’t do anything right, randomly select a number 1-265 and go watch whatever episode that is. Shit gets stressful sometimes and as a human you’re going to fuck up a lot, but that doesn’t make you a failure and it doesn’t take away from your worth as a person. In times you can’t love anything about yourself, let others love you and show you all the many things about you that make you worth loving. You’re not alone, even when you feel like you are, remember that. Keep a smile on your face, protect those important to you, eat your favorite foods with the same enthusiasm as a natural perm samurai, and keep moving forward. You’ll get to where you’re meant to be, even if you have to take some detours here and there.