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Prompt time! KotoUmi/NicoMaki doble date (by accident or planed)

“So,” Nico drawls. She kicks Maki’s shin. Maki kicks her back much harder than she’d done f you too Maki. ”So,” she chokes out again.

“So!” Kotori beams back. Next to her, Umi is apparently having a grand time admiring the scratches on the table. 

Nico relaxes. So what if her useless girlfriend wants to be useless and not help her out, so what if Kotori’s useless girlfriend wants to analyze café tables - at least Kotori is willing to throw her a lifeline. 

“Fancy seeing you guys here,” Kotori offers.

“Fancy that,” Maki mutters in return, and when Kotori smiles and even Umi looks at her kindly, the first-year softens, just a bit.

“Yeahh,” Nico adds clumsily. “Crazy stuff. That we’d all end up here. Today. Right now. All of us." She doesn’t really know what she’s trying to say.

Kotori, bless her soul, replies anyway. ”It’s quite the coincidence, isn’t it?” Then she lowers her head, and her voice is gentle and her tone genuine when she adds, “But I’m happy that it’s you two.”

To anyone else Nico might’ve responded sarcastically, and she knows Maki most definitely would have, but faced with Kotori’s honesty, she can’t even imagine doing such a thing. 

"Oh- well- … right back at ya,” Nico manages, and really, when she thinks about it, it’s pretty true.

After all, there could be worse couples to accidentally run into and reveal your secret girlfriend to, and she’s sure Kotori and Umi are thinking the same thing.

okay now that it’s stopped being halloween for like two weeks now this is obviously the perfect time to tell you about my rvb werewolf au

  • takes place in colorado/wyoming/somewhere in the rockies
  • dr. church owns a big cattle ranch or something. carolina actually runs it.
  • north and york are both ranch hands there
  • north has his own cabin up in the mountains, this is important

  • like seriously it’s the size of a horse
  • north and york (and others - please just imagine wash in a cowboy hat on a horse) go out at night to hunt it
  • york gets bit 
  • they kill the wolf
  • york gets his rabies shots and stitches and they figure that’s the end of it
  • (spoiler alert: it’s not)

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but you guys, what if Gray knows Natsu will ALWAYS reach for Lucy first? In the first movie, Natsu went for Lucy while Gray went for Wendy and Erza when Eclair’s lacrima broke. In this chapter, we saw the Natsu reached for Lucy and Gray went for Erza again. 
Gray knows it. He knows.