this bromance kills me


Iain and I just got on from the very beginning.
I know there’s nobody that loves [Brett], but I, for one, do.

The Ultimates, Blackpool. 12.06.2016 [x]


160225 Rap Monster talking about wanting to do MBC’s Celebrity Bromance with Jackson

Bless Sebastian Stan for giving us Stackie even when Anthony Mackie isn’t there!
  • “I’m probably gonna facetime him later and tell him how it was” “[He’s] so controlling”
  • “I put Mackie in a chokehold one time, there are some advantages from coming from behind...think about that”
  • "It's Mackie, man. You cannot ignore the Mackie thunderforce” “You either join him or be swallowed up by him”
  • Fan: “Would you ever do a buddycop movie where Falcon and Bucky ...”
  • Sebastian Stan: [Interrupts her] “100%”
  • “Whatever you do, Mackie, please just don’t fart”

Captain Charming: Mate! 

Please Killian wasn’t pointing at Rumple, he was trying to reach out to Charming! 

 Too soon?

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I think that you should not add more groups it will sort of make it confusing with all the other characters :(( I was kinda disappointed when you added Got7 but it's okay I still love you story and I will continue to love it 💖

Thanks for your input Nonnie! Yeah I was a little hesitant when I thought about it since it may muddle the story haha but I promise that I wont go too crazy teehee only JB is gonna play a significant role since he is really close friends with Youngjae (their Bromance series killed me)! I’m so glad that you like the story and thanks for your support!

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I think they will become roommates in Madrid, or even concubines (lovers who live together)
—  Even french commentator (Bixente Lizarazu) ships Benzema and Griezmann - on Live National TV after the match France vs Armenia, 08/10/15

“Uhh, April, you know this isn’t a toy, right, please just be careful, if anything happens to you, Mr. O’Neil, Master Splinter AND Donnie are so gonna kill me…”

Leonardo and April bromance, as requested by mad4turtles

I played around a bit with their designs but I hope you like it!