this bro

One side of my brain: This couple could have different sexual and romantic interests in genders, so we should analyze the possible interests of each of them. We need diversity, so we can’t just label them senselessl-

The other side: They gay

It’s ya Boi’s! About to drop the spookiest rap album of the year: 
The North and South Wind” 
featuring the hit tracks: 
“Ryu go waga go fuck yourself” “Ryujin no ken get fucked”

Titles courtesy of @cryptidhanzoshimada records. 
Shim/ad/a/ce//st shippers don’t even think about it!
don’t repost, save a cowboy

“SUH dudes I’m chase Brody…
And welcome to Bro average News….
Breaking News, Angus the Survival Hunter has been classed as Missing

He was last seen by his camera crew on Boss Island as they left him for his new Show Surviving A night in the Wooooooooooods….
More info will come in shortly ”
Day 8 Bad News
SUH dudes~
Chase Brody with his Tv News show BroAverage News
Where has Angus gone??
Is he dead?!
Or is he alive?!
What will happen next?!?