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Update in life:

So I went to a fancy party at the Gherkin last night, suits n shit, and everybody was trying to hook up with someone and I was just trying to steal prosecco, but ended up dancing with the most beautiful girl and then I did got 2 bottles and ran away with my really drunk friends whom I walked home and then took me like 3 hours to get to bed at which point it was sunrise and it was all beautiful.

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Frisk, Sans, Asgore and Chara meet another human in the underground who challenges monsters to a dance off EVERY SINGLE FIGHT. They always win.


Even with something as non-threatening as a dance-battle, you still won’t get anything out of him. He’s just not the jumpin-jive type, ya dig? He might bob his shoulders or kick his feet a little, but that’s it, & you’re not even in a battle when it happens. Does that technically mean he wins? Sounds more like cheating, to me.


He…has no idea what you’re doing, young one. It certainly does look…familiar. Entertaining, but it brings back bad memories, of another dancer he once faced. Who tried to pirouette their way past his fire & into his heart. They failed. &…so shall you, if you won’t attack in the traditional way.


A dance battle sounds fun! They just hope you don’t challenge them, because they’ve got some pretty dope moves on the dance-floor. Plus, they don’t like the idea of fighting another human. Watching you is fun enough for them, they might even act as your little “hype man” from the sides, yelling encouragement & striking poses behind you when you drop a particularly sick move.


This is not how battling works, you fool. Attack or run away. You’re wasting your time here. God, you’re impressive. How do you keep winning? Monsterkind’s ability for the physical arts has certainly gone downhill with their absence, hasn’t it.

Cameron’s Wedding (G.D) Part 7

Description: You’ve been best friends with Cameron since you could remember but haven’t seen each other since you both went off to college. Few years later, Cameron’s getting married. Going back to New Jersey brings back good memories but also reminds you why you left in the first place.


The text in italic is a flashback continuing from part 4 

Caps for dramatic reading

Warning: swearing

You got on top of him deepening the kiss, your hands in his soft hair, his hands grabbed your ass as he carries you upstairs. He lays you down on the bed, you couldn’t think, you couldn’t speak, you just wanted the pain to go away.

Grayson laid beside you and wrapped his arms around you. Few minutes later, he’s sound asleep as his snoring increased. Knowing he’s a heavy sleeper, you get up and hurry to put your clothes on and head for the door. You suddenly stopped when you see Charles standing outside by your car.

“What are you doing here?” you asked frantically

“Cameron told me you would be here but, it seems like you were occupied” he said

“How long have you been here?” you asked

“Before or after he took you upstairs? Next time you fuck another guy, close the blinds” he said

“Didn’t think the little guy would take so long, the way you were screaming his name, he’s gotta give me some tips cause you never done that with me” he laughed

“You’re sick” you said

You walked past him trying to get into your car

“Where are you going? Don’t you want to go back to your little boyfriend? he said blocking your car door

“Shouldn’t you wait for Cameron, since you came here for her. Or did you really? I think she’d like to hear this story” he smirked

“You wouldn’t fucking dare” you said

“Wanna bet?” he said as he pulled out his phone

You pushed him off your car and got in, speeding off. You got home, packed your things, and booked the next flight to Seattle.


As your eyes were about to close, you get a text from Grayson:

“You awake?” he asked

“Yeah” you replied

“Okay, I’m coming up” he replied

Seconds later you opened the door and Grayson enters kissing you until you both end up in bed.

“Everything good?” he asked

“Yeah, why?” you asked as you traced circles on his chest

“You were really quite when we left the restaurant” he said

Your mind goes back to Charles, and his face when he saw you with Grayson

“It was just a great night, it didn’t feel real” you said looking up at him

“Well it was and I’m happy that it happened” he said then kissed your lips

You laid on Grayson’s chest in silence while he combed his hands through your hair

“I love you Y/N” he said

Your eyes widened, you couldn’t breathe. You closed your eyes right away, hoping he thought you fell asleep


1 day left until the wedding

Everyone comes over for the Wedding rehearsal  

“Alright everybody, places!“ Cameron said

You walked between the empty chairs, pretending to hold the maid of honors bouquet you’ll hold tomorrow. You see Brian standing straight head, followed by the best man, Charles, Ethan, Grayson and a few of his other groomsmen. You smiled at Grayson once you got closer down the aisle and got in line with the bridesmaids. 

Cameron and her dad stood and the end on the aisle, linking arms slowly making their way down. The officiant did a quick run down on the vows and the ring exchange, then they practiced walking out. Cameron and Brian walked off, giddy about tomorrow. Then everyone else would have to pair off and follow. Charles offers his arm to you,

“Come on, I won’t bite” he winked

You rolled your eyes and grabbed onto his arm

During dinner, you head to the kitchen to grab a bottle of wine

“Lisa told me you don’t have a date for the wedding tomorrow“

You turned around and see Charles leaning on the counter

“Figured you would go with Grayson“ he smirked

Honestly, you thought he would of asked you but that was the last of your worries

“So, I’ll see you tomorrow, date“ he said as he heads back to the dinning room

“I’d rather drop dead“ you said

“You’ll be dead to Cameron once I tell her the truth“ he said as he stood in front of you

“What is your problem? You broke up with me“ you said

“You didn’t stick to the plan, we were suppose to go to Princeton together, why would I stick to one pussy who is miles away when I can get any girl here? We would of been together still, probably married by now“ he said

“Well thank god I left“ you said

“Y/N hurry up with the wine!“ Cameron yelled from the dinning room

“How about we tell her the truth right now?“ Charles said turning towards the exit

“No! You’re not doing this to me again“ you said grabbing his arm

“You did this to yourself, Cameron deserves to know the truth, and if you won’t tell her, I will“ he said

As much as you hate to admit, he was right. No one told you to kiss Grayson, you could of stopped what happened but you didn’t, no one told you to leave, you left because you were scared. Cameron does deserve to know everything but, will she forgive you?

You glared at Charles

“I’ll see you tomorrow, wedding date” he winked and walked into the dinning room

You finished brushing your teeth and head back to the twins room. You see Grayson standing in the middle of the room

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“Why did my mom tell me you’re going to the wedding with Charles?“ he asked

“Grayson, it’s not what you think“ you said

“Then what is it, Y/N?“ he asked

“I can’t say“ you said as you looked down to the floor 


Your eyes started to water, you opened your mouth but nothing comes out. Grayson walked past you, slamming the door behind

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Make sure Dark is actually Dark before treating him though, we don't want Damien to be manipulating us. If it is him, I would suggest a hypnosis tape. Once you have calmed him down sufficiently, fill him with memories of being Dark. This should bring him back for good. -shock blanket anon

D: Things happened behind the scenes. We came to agreements, we cried, we fought. But, there’s been a final decision. For good.


Stretch Armstrong and the Flex Fighters(2017) Hasbro

Please please go watch this show on Netflix. It brings back so many memories of Saturday morning cartoons. The action, the excellent 2-D drawing animation, the interesting, diverse characters and villains with motives.

Believe me at first I was skeptical but I just love these kinds of shows. Also support other shows like Voltron legendary defender also on Netflix.

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I’m sitting here watching all the PINOFs and it’s so weird. They look different, act different, sound different and idk it’s so weird but it’s bringing back so many memories

honestly if i weren’t watching football with my mom i’d go to my room and do that it sounds so incredible


bringing this back bc everyone deserves to see will roland sing this song (which is a very jared song if u ask me)

Day One: Homesickness

Thought I’d start off @vldangstweek with something that turns from angsty to fluffy, just because, based on the rest of this weeks prompts, it’s gonna get waaayyyy angstier (knowing me, anyway). Everything will be tagged with vldangstweek and any of my usual angst tags (angst, langst, klangst, etc)

Let my children go home, they’re stressed and tired (under a cut for length).

“Come on Lance, one more time! You need to defeat this gladiator before I can allow anyone to go to dinner!” Allura shouted down from the observation deck.

The quiet groans of his teammates filled his head and Lance winced, stepping back to stand his ground against the bot attacking him. His vision wavered over his helmet and his fingers trembled against his bayard, unable to form it because of the close range combat style. He grunted, rolling as the bot dove for him, sweeping it’s legs out from under it and sending it to the ground. Briefly, he heard Hunk’s cheer of encouragement in his comms, and then the bot was back up again, charging at him.

Lance sighed, side stepping the bot and pressing his shaking hands to his head, trying to stop the swimming feeling in his brain, the burn at the back of his throat and eyes, the tightness in his chest. He took a hit, hard, and fell backwards onto his ass, teeth clacking together.

“Dude, seriously, we’re starving!” Pidge called out. “You need to beat this!”

Lance took a shaky breath, shooting a glare at the deck. “You want me to beat it? Fine. I’ll beat it.”

Before the bot could get any closer, Lance whipped out his bayard, transforming it in the process and ignoring Allura’s shouts of this being a hand to hand fight. Within seconds, the bot was in a smoking heap on the floor and Lance was shaking, sweat curling down his forehead. Allura stormed out of the observation deck and onto the main floor, eyebrows furrowed. “That was not the assignment, Lance. You’ll have to do it again.”


“Excuse me?”

Lance ripped off his helmet and chucked it to the ground. When he looked up, Allura took a step back at the ferocity in his face, the tears in his eyes. “I said, no. I’m not doing this bull shit anymore. They’re not either,” he snapped, pointing towards the deck. “You don’t get to treat us this way, we’re the only reason you’re not dead or still in those stupid pods. You called us family, Allura.”

His voice broke and his lip quivered as he stumbled back, shaking his head. “You don’t get to treat family like this. Not when we’re doing all of this for you.”

He swallowed and spun on his heel, storming from the room. Allura hesitated, glancing back at the deck only to find the rest of the paladins and Coran standing behind her. She studied the group, noted the lines on their faces and the bags under their eyes, and frowned. “Do you all agree with him?”

They remained silent for a moment, glancing at each other. Hunk spoke up first, his voice gentle. “Yeah. I do, at least.”

“Me too,” Pidge piped up, staring at the floor and fiddling with her bayard.

Keith nodded silently, rubbing a hand up and down one arm and looking off to the side. Hunk huffed. “Allura, we…I would say we’re homesick, but I don’t know if that covers all of us.”

“We’re Earth sick,” Keith offered. “And Lance…”

Shiro spoke for the first time. “Lance has the most family to miss out of the five of us.”

“And honestly?” Hunk muttered. “You yelling all the time, you pushing him, and us, all the time? No breaks, no relaxation time at all? I’m amazed he didn’t snap before this.”

Allura swallowed. “I’m…”

“It’s okay,” Hunk promised. “We understand, you want to stop the Galra, stop Zarkon.”

“But you have to remember that we’re all volunteering to do this,” Pidge said, fidgeting from foot to foot. “There’s nothing keeping anyone here other than empathy. Don’t give Lance a reason to stop caring, or he will leave.”

Allura bit her lip and glanced over her shoulder. “I should go-”

“No,” Keith said firmly, stepping forwards and resting a hand on Allura’s arm. “We got this. You two go get dinner.”

She and Coran studied the paladins for a moment before nodding in agreement and leaving the training deck.

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This is a video I keep in my phone and listen to it once in a while when I’m down. 

It’s one hell of a gifset, but I just don’t want to cut anything he said because every word shows his precious growing mindset. Everyone has weakness and difficult times, but it is so important that one can be critical of oneself even if others are lenient, be conscious of their ability and goal, be realistic but also optimistic about the future, and have a fire to keep going despite hardship. Each of those characteristics is good enough, but it’s such an amazing thing to find this all in one person, and condensed in just a few sentences in this interview.

Beside his lovely performances, this is the reason why I admire this person so much. And because life is so hard for me recently, let me just translate this and gain some strength from it now then.


/noun/ the peace of being indoors during a thunderstorm

Summary: Bookstores have always lured you in with the promise of the quiet, the serene, and, most recently, him.
Pairing: Jimin | Reader
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 2,644
Author’s Note: This story was on one of my old Tumblr writing accounts that I just deleted, but it was one of my favorite stories and didn’t want it to collect dust in my drive.


You’ve always had an endless fascination with books and novels of various different shapes, sizes, and lengths. The way someone could paint an entirely different world with the mixture of just 26 letters, whisk the mind away from reality, stir emotions inside someone—emotions of laughter or sadness or one of complete contentment. The influence a simple novel could have on a person’s viewpoint has always fascinated you.

During your younger years, you would find yourself trekking to the nearest bookstore, if only to simply run your fingers along the spines of all the latest releases. You would open a random novel, just to skim the first sentence, allowing the words of a complete stranger to fill you with familiarity.

Not much has changed in the years following your childhood. Something about corner bookstores have always lured you with the promise of peace and quiet, an escape from the harsh reality you occupied yourself with. You constantly looked forward to the days you could run away and hide within the shelves of the shop, no matter rain or shine, sleet or snow, 30 pages of homework to get done during the night, you always made an effort to visit at least once or twice a week as soon as you entered college.

Today is no exception to the rule. With midterms rapidly approaching, you’re already drowning in papers, projects, and upcoming tests, the stress practically eating you alive. But still, instead of returning to your apartment, you find yourself turning down the familiar sidewalk in the opposite direction. The rain overhead is steadily pouring down today, serving as little warning bells that perhaps making the trip to the bookstore might not be the best option.

Judging from the gray clouds, it’s clear that the weather has other plans for the remainder of the day—the lightning that suddenly shoots across the sky is a clear indication of that—but you find yourself not minding much. The heels of your boots clash gently against the sidewalk, your hair curling slightly as the water comes in contact with it, but all those worries and annoyances dissipate off your skin like steam as the familiar shop comes into view. With the lights on inside, the place looks like a beacon of hope, allowing the smile to spread itself across your face as you quicken your pace to shoulder open the door.

The bell rings overhead as you gently shut the door close, running your hand through your hair quickly to rid some of the water trapped in your locks. After exchanging a smile with the familiar cashier at the counter, you make your way deeper in the store. Like usual, there isn’t anything in particular you’re seeking, but just being surrounded by text, aisles and aisles of hardcovers and paperbacks fills you with comfort.

You’re just starting the turn into contemporary novels, when one particular black, hardcover spine catches your attention, causing you to stop dead in your tracks, eyes widening with recognition as you distinctly remember this particular novel being one of the very few you’ve wanted in your own personal collection of books: John Green’s Looking For Alaska.

Your lips curl up into a smile, momentarily unfazed by the fact that the book had been placed on the highest shelf, towering a few inches above you, even as you stand on your tippy toes, even as your fingers barely manage to graze the book you want. It takes five times before you plant both feet firmly back on the ground with a gentle huff, considering the next movement to grab the book.

You’re just about to consider getting a running start between the two shelves, before a slightly amused voice cuts in through your concentration: “Need some help?”

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