this boys make me happy

*flops down* I rarely feel feminine… just… less masculine? that’s got me feeling I might not be genderfluid, but a demiboy? but… the thought of being a boy is so.scary but makes me so happy can you imagime?? me!!!! a boy!!!! a very pretty, cute boy! maybe handsome! but definitely a pretty boy!
God I want to cut my hair

Haikyuu!! Chapter 259: Push It Push It Bam Bam

I think it’s suitable to accompany the title with Karasuno’s lead cheerleader.

Yay, Saeko-nee!!

I’d like to shine the spotlight on our spikers.

First, our ace, Asahi!!

Asahi has truly grown comfortable in his role and position as an ace. Long time ago he would have rejected outright the suggestion and told whoever suggesting the impossibility of it. Instead, he looks thoughtful, and actually tries it. It’s shown a level of comfort and confidence that he can pull if off. Of course, another ace is able to pick on it. (or Hinata’s rubbing off on him)

Damn crows, indeed Bokuto. Looking at Bo happy making me happy too. 

Then, our birthday boy, our very sonshine, Hinata! He’s incredibly expressive in this chapter, which makes him extra adorable.

Honestly, there’s no one else more surprised by his growth than himself. No wonder Kageyama’s not convinced.

Hahaha, Kageyama might have the most trust in Hinata’s attacking ability, but not so much in his defensive ability. Be more supportive, Kageyama!

Finally, someone take notice of Hinata’s better receiving! (At least putting it into words) Too bad, it’s not your time to show off your new skill.

Another precious HinaYama moment.

OMG. The exchange is another proof to the friendship between Hinata and Yamaguchi. Yamaguchi won’t do that unless he is truly comfortable with Hinata. Seriously,  I thank Furudate-sensei to see more and more proof how well these two are getting on. Sorry Hinata, it’s Yamaguchi’s time to shine!

But uh-oh….

The pinch server is in a pinch. How will Yamaguchi get out of it????

At least, Tsukki’s on the court too? Maybe his presence will help?  What a cliffhanger! Furudate-sensei successfully keeps me on the edge of my seat once again.

On more a serious note, Fuki’s comments deserve attention.

His comments emphasizes the importance of Karasuno getting this set, because getting the next one will be difficult. Right now, Inarizaki’s still adjusting to Karasuno, they haven’t found their own pace and started their own initiative. Miya twins copying the oddball quick is more an attempt to intimidate and confuse than to launch their own attack.

However, somehow I find the question is not WHEN Karasuno will have exhausted all their projectiles, but WILL they exhaust all their projectiles?? 

Because they are, as Bokuto has pointed out, Karasuno’s main strength, they are CROWS. They keep on trying new things, they keep growing and learning. Hinata’s the most obvious example, then in this chapter, we’re shown that even Asahi is capable of it. Maybe there won’t be a new surprise as Karasuno as a team, but there’s gonna be new surprise from Karasuno from its individuals. I think it’s not only Ukai, everyone in the team unconsciously realizes this, the importance of keeping the opponent in their toes. It might be one of the reasons why Asahi made the attempt to try new things despite his comparably more careful and reserved nature than Hinata.

Not to mention.

Tanaka hasn’t gone full throttle. Right now, he’s just there

Not a weak point, but also not a strong point of the team. I’m kinda waiting for him to get his groove back. Karasuno has three powerful spikers, right now Inarizaki’s only dealing with two. I feel like Tanaka’s going to play an important role in the future, along with Hinata.

That said, am I the only one getting offended that Ukai is only mentioned as Coach Ukai’s grandson? I know he’s a relative unknown and inexperienced coach… Ukai will eventually be known more than Ukai’s grandson, I’m sure of it. 

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what are your thoughts on kevin/jeremy

well there’s obvs attraction on kevin’s part my poor bi son has got it bad lbr fjhfj but from a dynamic point of view i def think they could work. they’re both very committed to exy, and admire each other on the court, which something i think is important to kevin in a relationship since that sport is literally his life. also from what we see in the books, jeremy is really fond of kevin and kevin literally lights up around him which is something we barely get to see. they’ve obviously got a solid friendship going on so yeah i think being with jeremy would make kevin v happy and while i might not Actively ship it, whatever makes my boy happy makes me happy


happy 100th birthday John F. Kennedy (May 29, 1917 – November 22, 1963)

“When we think of him, he is without a hat, standing in the wind and the weather. It can be said of him, as of few men in a like position, that he did not fear the weather, and did not trim his sails, but instead challenged the wind itself, to improve its direction and to cause it to blow more softly and more kindly over the world and its people.” -E.B. White

lov my ninja dads

The OjiKiri friendship might as well be my favorite not-exactly-canon thing in bnha this part made me so happy - and 1B kids shenanigans too!! I’m g l a d