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Sad news

OMG! I just found out on daily mail that Jewel from BTS’ American Hustle Life died in a car accident ,she was dating Scott Eastwood at the time. That is so sad.

KM & BW: Noooo that’s so sad! I read it and she passed away that same year in 2014. She was one of my favorites she was so sweet. R.I.P :(


lance sending hunk lots of selfies along with awful pick up lines in spanish bc he thinks it’s a girl he just met’s number and hunk is like ‘sorry man, wrong number. you look nice though’ (in spanish, bc he probably knows like four different languages and doesn’t know if lance speaks english) but lance doesn’t believe him so hunk sends a pic of himself and lance is dying bc this guy is the cutest but hey is that the garrison uniform in the back of the pic? and turns out they’re both going so they end up talking for hours until they finally meet in person a couple days later


when you’re talking about your members friends and can’t help but smile ♡

“Honestly, I wasn’t able to really enjoy going to school.. I got into dancing really early on, so I don’t have many memories of spending time with friends. It was a lot of fun coming up to Seoul and living in the dorm. Just all of us guys hanging around at home and practicing when we needed to.. having fun eating together. It was great when I first came to Seoul.”


In the stage play at least, Anthony Boyle is taller than Sam Clemmett sooooo IMAGINE THE CUTE HEIGHT DIFFERENCE AND WHEN SCORP KISSES ALBUS ON THE FOREHEAD <3

Albus: “Okay. Hello. Um. Have we kissed before? Do we kiss?” ( @plati-arts​ HAHAHAHAHA)

And he’d either be a Weasley-red, stuttering mess, or be a cocky bastard and tease the hell out of Scorp =)))) 

nihilistgirlfriend  asked:

Ash in the golden dad au is the "I would have slaughtered you if not for the laws of this land" gif incarnate

^^^ inner golden dad, all the time

delia taught her son well


66. ‘Leave Me Alone”

Hair- *PH* 8031

Shirt- BTTB 1992 sweater - antisocial
*{Versus Event}

Bottoms- .miss chelsea. Effi Shorts

Shoes- Flite.-xPumps
*{Versus Event}