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10 Feel Good Video Games You Should Play
While they can be a great stress release, video games can be pretty stressful sometimes. After all, most games will hit you with difficult challenges that make you fight for your virtual life. And while committing virtual violence can be a big release when you’re feeling angry, there are times when a game that relaxes you and/or gives you the warm fuzzies is just what the doctor ordered. This is a list for those times- a swathe of positive games that will leave most people feelin

These video games will relax you or give you the warm fuzzies. Please read, reblog and share on facebook to support my work.

anonymous asked:

sexual tension and love and all is good but olicity needs a lot more to reconcile. what are your thoughts on that?

Oh you’re right, anon. 

Felicity told Oliver when she left him that he tended to revert back to his island way of going alone when things got rough. Oliver had been full of guilt and Felicity had been full of pain, and though they’d talked, they hadn’t talked. 

They haven’t had catharsis. They need that. We need that.

I need them to fight the fuck out. (I’m going to go One Tree Hill on your ass, so bear with me). It would be like this (in my head):

Oliver would be

And Felicity would take a deep breath and crack a joke and change the topic. For once though, Oliver would persist. Because they need to hash it out. The conundrum they’re in is not healthy for either of them, swinging between a rock and a hard place. 

Oliver would push and push and then Felicity would snap. Oh, she’d snap gloriously, laying it all out on the line completely, bare to him

They would hash it all out, completely and yell or whisper or just plain shake each other but they would LAY IT OUT

(I swear i got chills when i saw this scene for the first time)

That was the crux of the matter. Oliver didn’t share with Felicity. Oliver didn’t let her in. And he’s trying. Trying harder. 

He tells her that. He tells her.

It’s raw. It’s unrefined. It’s real

But she isn’t ready for the risk, not again, not so soon. Her heart is bruised and she isn’t ready.

But he can wait. He will wait for eternity if there was even a glimmer of possibility for them because for him, she is it.

And then, after that whole cathartic talk, would they be on the road back to each other. That doesn’t mean they’ll reconcile suddenly. It’s a long road, and it should take its own sweet time when the destination is forever. 

But this is how they get on the path. 

Because after all,

I don’t care if they take thirty minutes or five. I don’t care if they yell or whisper, scream or murmur. I don’t care if they cry like lovers or joke like friends. 

I just need them to talk the fuck out of this conversation.

  • My portrayal of Ray:Wow life goals or wife goals, so put together, the responsible adult, kind and brave, a natural born hero, mom friend who takes no shit
  • Also my portrayal of Ray:Thinks the most logical solution to when a monster won't attack is to physically lift it up and chuck it at the other duelist


Rambling update!

So. I’ve hardly been on Tumblr lately. What’s been going on guys? Seriously, inbox me right now with what you’ve been up to!

Nate’s been sick for a few days now. We suspected teething but now that he has had the runs I’m starting to think a virus is more likely than just teething! He’s very happy in himself for the most part, although we had a horrendous night on Friday where he woke every hour screaming. 
We took him to the doctor about his waking and screaming yesterday because he has been doing it far more frequently the last few weeks, about 2-4 hours after he first goes to bed for the night. Doctor & I were convinced it was night terrors, although presentation of terrors usually doesn’t start until 18 months, so we aren’t sure if that is definitely what is happening. 
Regardless of what it is, I’d love it to stop so I can get an unbroken night’s sleep!

Operation day is 2 weeks away so we are starting to quarantine Nate. I’ve stocked up on cleaners and bleach and I’m gonna go through and start deep cleaning the house, and I’ve got someone coming in while we are in hospital to make sure everything is spick’n’span for when we come home. 
I’ve also been researching operation techniques a lot so I am prepared before I go in to Nate’s pre-op on the 10th and can ask the right questions about what they are doing for him. I’m still confused about what they are going to do about his columella (or lack thereof) because they mentioned in passing previously that they wouldn’t make him one yet? But surely that would mean more unnecessary surgeries later on? Idk. I need to ask. So it’s on the brain. 

I’m utterly exhausted after Nate’s wakeful weekend. I’m getting more bloods done (probably this weekend when someone can take the baby while I go alone) so we can check my thyroid and all the other usual suspects. I got a repeat on my BC pills and apparently it isn’t fully subsidised so I’m gonna have to pay about $15 or something for 3 months worth blah. I guess $5 a month is better than having another baby so soon but trust me to only be alright on the one that isn’t funded!!
I’ve also been keeping up with my laxsol for my *ahem* derriere problems but one day I decided to skip a dose to see if I could cope without. Turns out the answer to that is proooooobably not. Reversed a lot of the healing that had been going on in the process so I am DESPERATE to get my procto appointment soon. I haven’t even received the letter from the hospital saying what they have triaged my case as in terms of urgency. Bloody hell. I’ve been tempted to just push the system a little bit harder and show up in the A&E one night or something just to get them moving, but then I don’t want to bump anyone so…I wait. I’m just concerned I will finally get an appointment after I go back to work and it is then too difficult to plan appointments and surgeries. Gah.

On the general life front, puppy is settling in well but…he’s a puppy. Needs a lot of training. Preschool doesn’t start for him for another couple of weeks so Brad and I are just working on his recall and trying to keep him from getting all up in the cat’s face. I’d say the same for the rabbit but she has already scared the living crap out of him so he has some sort of weird fearful respect for her. Potato adores him and they spend a lot of time hanging out on the floor rolling around each other. 

Brad is off to an out-of-town wedding for his best friend in a little over a week. Nate was asked to be the ring bearer but because surgery is 6 days later, he and I are staying home instead. I’m really sad we will be missing it, but I’m also a little relieved because that would be a looooong day for a 6 month old and I wasn’t sure how he’d go at the ceremony (would he scream and fuss? be good? who knows) and the last thing I’d want is for him to take any attention away from their big day. Especially since they had been waiting and planning the perfect wedding. So I’ll be sad and alone with the babies all weekend while I know Brad is off having a good time and getting probably more than a little intoxicated but that’s just the #mumlife really isn’t it?