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Bloodborne inspired junkmetra. Credit goes to @varg-writes / @vargrimar for the idea and elements taken from @nervmaid‘s design.

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• Hair: Analog dog | Proud Mary // Main-store

• Skates: Reign | Derby Queens * Gacha* // Rewind

• Headphones: Reign | Derby Queens *Gacha* // Rewind

• Choker: Boys to The Bone | Strypa Choker // Designer Drive

• Leotard N/A


- Big Yellow Bag by Boys to the bone (Hej Shoulder bag) // K9

- Skates bag by Reign ( Derby Queens gacha)

- Water Bottle by Titzuki (Vapoolwave gacha)

- BLK Water by Reign (NoseBleeds Gacha)

- Background by Foxcity




im cryin rap mon is so lovely and im so glad to see him translating for the boys bc that notion that for some reason popstars (specifically kpop idols) just arent as intelligent as the general public/other musicians is so gross and ugly and here u have 7 amazingly talented boys in a foreign country being recognized for their song writing prowess having one of their own members translate for them and speak of their achievements so effortlessly im so proud