this boy is such a cutie he looks so happy that he can take a pic with her

Kun as Your Boyfriend


request: I’m so glad you love Kun I miss him ;-; @ SM free him !! could i get a Kun as your boyfriend post thing? Thank you <33

author note: my sister lives kun a lot and i love hansol a lot so we both are waiting impatiently for their debut. anyway, these are fun to write so I’ll probably do more
- destinee

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- wow wow kun as a boyfriend bless up!!
- okay well i think he would start as a friend
- probably mutuals thanks to dong sicheng,, a pal
- he’s pretty shy when you first meet him but you two get comfortable pretty easily
- all you had to do was ask to look through the photos in his phone
- which was a mistake bc he made you look at his favorite albums
- aka album one: cat memes
- and album two: airplanes
- and you’re like, “why???”
- but he’s happy and it was a good bonding experience
- kun basically had a crush on you after that bc not even sicheng will look through all 246 of his cat memes
- some of which he made himself
- he has to get sicheng’s help to ask you out
- probably sang im yours by jason mraz or smth cheesy like that as a confession
- ofc u accept bc why wouldn’t you??
- kun is a cutie and you like him so it’s a win-win cue sicheng situation
- okay now that the backstory is done:
- as an actual boyfriend, i think kun would be super sweet and soft
- he would probably make you take a ton of selfies with him tho so be ready
- he probably takes pics of u when u aren’t looking and sends them to the members with cheesy captions
- he uses the moon emoji a lot bc it’s funny
- that wasn’t related to the caption thing i was just thinking abt it
- when you stay over it’s a dance party to his girl group playlist
- you guys dance until taeyong comes out and makes you two sleep
- no fun ty, no fun
- one day while you two were just lazing around, he was like
- “Y/n, we need a cat.”
- you guys have this discussion literally every day
- eventually, you surprise him by taking him to the local shelter and letting him pick out a little kitten to take home
- he’s so excited and basically crying at all the little kitties playing with him
- he wants to take them all home and raise a cat army
- you tell him no obviously
- after a few hours of playing with each and every kitten and cat there was
- kun decided he wanted to take home this lil gray kitten which he named smoky
- taeyong wasn’t too happy about all of the shedding smoky did around the dorm
- but kun was happy so he ignored it!!!
- that’s probably when you two had your first kiss tbh
- after you both arrived home and got the little kitten to sleep after introducing it to all the boys
- kun was so happy he probably just kissed you
- and it took some time for you to register what happened
- up until now you and kun were just like two pals who said you were dating
- but he kissed you
- and his lips were soft and warm and you already missed them
- so you kissed him again ofc
- he smiles into kisses all the time and that’s why you two can’t have a serious kiss
- he likes to tickle you when he’s bored so beware 👀
- probably took you out by the airport at night to watch airplanes take off
- it was really cute until the cops came at you guys for trespassing
- you swear you’ve never ran so fast in your life
- you like to drop into sm and ask them when your boyfriend is going to debut
- literally his biggest fan
- you probably take videos of him singing when he’s just doing it absentmindedly
- and send it to sm with a note attached
- they know it’s you but let you keep doing it
- when kun finally debuts you actually cried
- your hand “slipped” and you bought like seven copies of the album
- u keep ur kun photocard in ur wallet
- he’s actually embarrassed by how supportive you are
- it’s his fault he’s dating a fangirl i mean what did he expect ?
- you probably send everyone in your family a link to the music video tbh
- when you guys cuddle it’s rlly domestic like you guys are basically married already
- you’re kidding no one
- he likes to be the big or little spoon it doesn’t matter
- unless smoky comes to snuggle as well than he has to be the little spoon so he can pet her
- you guys always start movies and then fall asleep in the middle of them
- yuta wakes you guys up and makes you go sleep on the bed bc he wants to watch his anime and you two are hogging the couch
- idk i just feel like having kun as a boyfriend would be rlly comfortable and cute
- !!!!!
- bonus: kun blushes when you compliment him and gets rlly flustered bless
- the end haha

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What if yurio , phitchit and victor were texting there crush and there crush said something really cute or a really cute selfie and they just got completely flustered and just mt and don't respond so someone replys to there crush for them because they haven't sent anything back in like ten minutes and the person who responds basically just embarrasses them more by saying that they got really flustered (sorry if this doesn't make sense

Ah, it’s been such a hectic week what with it being the beginning of a new semester, but I’ve been feeling so down, and this is so cute, I really just have to do this. I’ll do my best, darling, I think I get the gist of it!

-’yuri!!! yuri, im @ the pet shelter atm and there’s this wonderful grouchy kitty that reminds me of u look look look’
-You ruthless cutie you
-Yurio already can’t handle you
-He was just texting you during his break, with a small serene smile on his face
-Just leanin against the railing of the rink, doing some leg exercises
-The creases between his eyebrows are practically non-existent, you make him so happy
-It’s the sweetest thing
-But the minute you send that text, he stands up straight as if he’s been whipped across the back
-Oh no
-Yuri looks over his phone to see Mila, smiling sllyly down at him
-”Who are you texting, Yuriii?” she croons
-he tries to ignore her, hunches his shoulders and is just about to message you back when you send a selfie
-holy shit if you didn’t kill him before, then you damn well did now
-There you were, a big delighted smile on your face, with the most crotchety looking cat on your lap, leaning against your hand that was petting it’s head
-Yuri wheezes, this boi literally fuckin WHEEZES, and leans over, clutching his chest
-he’s like the old man meme

-that one
-Mila blinks, chuckling, before taking his phone in his weakened state to see what’s gotten him in such a ti-
-oh my god
-Even she’s enraptured in the fucking ADORABLENESS that your selfie is
-meanwhile you’re waiting eagerly for your boyfriend’s reply, which… is taking a while….
-A half hour damn near passes before you get a text
-”Hi, Y/N, this is Georgi. I must say your selfie is very sweet and cute. I can’t handle it, but you know, Yuri is the one who can’t handle it the most. He’s currently wailing with Mila over how adorable you are! Haha.”
-fucker is the only one trying to keep his cool, bc honestly, he’s crying too
-you lethal weapon
-yuri later tells you he killed georgi for embarrassing him he didnt he just poured his coffee on his new scarf

-You’re always snapchatting Phichit about one thing or another
-You don’t usually use your face, rather, you just take photos of the thing you’re doing at the time
-But Phichit loves you and your cute face!!! He could kiss it all day!!!
-Anywho, he’s out with Yuuri, and while his friend is looking through ice skating magazines, Phichit’s checking through his notifs
-And he sees you’ve replied to his snap!!
-He asks Yuuri if he wants to be in a selfie with him and of course Yuuri knowing Phichit, he didn’t have much a choice
-So Phichit taps the notif, and goes to your chat
-Opens your snap, la dee d-
-Ooooooooooohhhhhh myyyyy gooooo-
-He blinks, and screams when the counter goes out, this boy literally fucking SCREAMS, HE SCREECHES
-It’s you, holding up a hamster cookie, with the biggest smile on your face, looking so proud
-The caption read ‘Just cooked up a batch for u, look how good it looks?!’
-Phichit is leaning against Yuuri, who’s also seen the snap
-”Aaaw, how cute!” He says
-Phichit grabs his friend by the shoulders
-”Yuuri.” He says in the most grave tone Yuuri’s ever heard, “That wasn’t just “cute.” Let me tell you a thing or two over just how precious my s/o is.”
-He literally goes on a goddamn tangent
-And Yuuri thought HE was obsessed with Viktor, CHRIST, PHICHIT
-It’s like he was saving this speech over how adorable you are for this specific moment
-Yuuri’s listening to him, smiling and humoring him
-Phichit replays the snap, screenshotting it before just waving it in front of Yuuri, looking so happy
-But Yuuri’s tired now, a fucking HOUR passed, and you only have a notif that Phichit screenshot your pic
-This boi fuckin snatches the phone from your boyfriend, and before he can react, texts
-”Y/N, your cookies look gr8! This is Yuuri btw, sorry for the delay in reply, but Phichit went on a speech over how cute u are! Lol pls tell him to stop, ppl are staring.”

-Viktor’s always been passionate about how cute you are
-He squishes your cheeks, kisses your nose, gives you eskimo-kisses, blows raspberries on your tummy, nuzzles you CONSTANTLY when he gets overwhelmed, he just adores you
-Viktor Nikiforov is entirey infatuated you, it’s adorable in itself
-So he’s just texting you, when he SHOULD be practicing with Yuri, because… th… that’s his goddamn job…. Viktor,…. you fuck…..
-Yuri’s shouting at him and of course, this guy is clearly ignoring him, giggling to himself as he chats with you
-’lolololol Y/N, when will u get here???? it’s nearly lunch time!!! i miss uuuu~’
-’im on my way!!!! u should be practicing, geez’
-Fuckin Viktor chuckles, and does a little footwork,then checks his phone OOOOH GREAT JOB HOTSHOT
-He skids to a halt after that
-Viktor speeds his way towards Yuri which autmoatically makes him regret speaking because now he’s gonna go off about you
-Instead, much to Yuri’s surprise, he’s… actually kinda quiet
-It’s weird
-His eyes are wide, and practically glimmering
-Viktor’s cheeks are normally at least a little rosy due to the chilly temperature, but now, they’re a bright jolly red color
-One hand is covering his mouth, as if in shock, and now Yuri’s a little unnerved
-”What the fuck do you want.” He grumbled, a little off-put
-Viktor slowly holds up his phone to show Yuri a photo of you, posing in front of a poster of Viktor that was apparantly up nearby the ice rink
-You have the back of your hand on your forehead dramatically, but you’ve got a clear mixture of pride, love and amusement on your face as you grin
-Beneath that was a text, saying “Can’t believe my beautiful boyfriend is actually made out of paper…….”
-Yuri blinks, and grunts
-He’ll admit, it was pretty cute, but he didn’t really…. give a shit…..
-He looks up and sees Viktor’s cheeks pulled up in a smile behind his hand
-It takes at least an hour and a half when you get a response and it’s from Yuri
-’hey this is yuri can u maybe pls take ur shitty boyfriend away so i can be at peace’
-Thanks yuri

KNK 101: Youjin

This beautiful creature is called Youjin and you can only find him through his clan called KNK

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Basic info

Born on February 10, 1993

Former TS Entertainment trainee and trained with B.A.P

Height: 186 cm

Position in Group: Main Vocalist 

*cracks knuckles*  It’s gonna get rude… so please.. don’t die..

Credit to @heejun for this amazing gif

He is judging the other 4 members all the time… (i don’t blame him)

(look at him judging them)

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Cameron Dallas Imagine - Holidays pt. 2


Okay guys, so I decide to continue with this story, hope you like it


“Tell us” Taylor said while all of you were swimming in the pool.
“What?"you asked confused.
"Who is your favorite guy from magcon” he asked laughing.
“ I don’t know, I love all of you guys”
“Come on, you know you like one more”
“Okay, yeah. But I don’t want to say it”
“Ohhhh the rest of them are not going to be mad. You can say your favorite, don’t worry” Matt said.
All of you laughed but he didn’t. He was so serious.
“Well. Okay..l’ll tell you. But please, don’t get mad” you breathed slowly “I’m a cash girl"you said smiling.
"Aggghhh” everybody screamed except Nash and Cam.
You looked with one of your eyes at Cam. He was smiling looking at you. You smiled too.
“Yayyy. Now I like you more” Nash told you touching you a shoulder.
“I’m sorry guys but you can’t get mad” you laughed.
“Okay, okay. So tell us, you are english, right?"Hayes asked.
"Yeah, I’m from London. I went here for summer. It was my dream. So… yeah. I’m 15 years old, by the way” you said going out of the pool again.
“Wow.. just 15?” Cam asked going out of the pool too. The water was cold.
“Yeah, what is the problem?” you aked confused.
“I thought you were older. You know, you are mature” he said. He wasn’t looking at your faace. Your face burned in fire.
“Are you looking at my boobs?!"you asked angry.
"No! I’m not looking at your boobs! I’m just looking at you!” he said hysterical.
“Oh my god, Cameron, you are! Stop it!”
“Well, now I’m looking at your boobs but it’s because you said I was looking at your boobs so I looked!!”
His face was so red, like yours. The other guys were swimmimg so they just couldn’t here your conversation.
“Okay but stop it now. Look at that tree!"so he did it.
You went to your hammock and got your dress. It was one of your favorites. "Oh come on y/n! Don’t get mad!” Cam exclamed grabbing your arm.
“I’m not mad. It’s just… Now it’s awkward”
“Im sorry, it’s just, you are so young” he said sadly.
“And? Maybe for you I’m young, for the other guys, I’m not. For me, you are old”
“Hey guys! What happens?” Nash asked with his cute smile.
“Nothing. Nash, do you think I’m young?”
“No, you look normal! By the way, can we take a selfie?” he asked me looking for his phone.
“Sure! But I don’t know why, you are the celebrity here!"you laughed.
All the guys were now out of the pool, with their towels. Cam went with them and he left you alone.
Nash came again. He opened the app snapchat and surrounded you by the waist. You kissed him in the cheek for the pic. You didn:t want to look at the camera, many people was going to watch that selfie if he posted it on snapchat.
"Thank you” he smiled.
“Can I take one too with my phone?” you asked grabbing your phone.
“Of course!”
In this one you looked to the camera. You wanted to post it on instagram.
“Thanks Nash!”
You went again with the guys. You didn’t talk. They were talking about the tour and people you didn’t know so you decided to post the selfie now on instagram. You writed ‘So happy to met this cutie♡ @nashgrier’
After like three minutes, you received a message from y/f/n
'Yeah, I’m with all the guys now. They are in my hotel. They are so funny!’
'Okay, okay, wait!’
“Hey guys, can we take a selfie? my friend wants it”
“Sure!” Jack G said taking your phone.
He has a long arm, so he was the perfect one for it.
You smiled, standing between Jack G and Hayes.
“y/n we were thinking and, do you want to come with us to the magcon tour?” Matt asked with a big smile.
“Oh my god that would be amazing. Are you serious, guys?”
“Yeah, we want you to come with us” Cameron told you.
You couldn’t help but smiled. You almost cried, you were so nervous. It was going to be an amazing summer.
'omg y/n you are the luckiest! Look at them, they are so cute!!’ your friend said in a message.
'I know, and tomorrow I’ll go with them to the tour!!“
You looked at it so fast. First you looked at Nash’s. It was your selfie. The text was: 'look at this beautiful girl♡’
Then you looked at Hayes’. It was: 'she is my girlfriend(joke)’ It was a selfie but you were in the pic, so far away from Hayes, talking with Cam.
*It was when the boobs…*
Your face turned red.
"Wasup, y/n?” Hayes asked.
“Nothing!"you said hysterical.
{1 hour later- 2p.m.}
“I’m hungry!!!"Shawn said touching his stomach.
"Yeah me too. I want to go to McDonalds!"Carter told you.
"Yayy, me too. Do you want to come, y/n” Nash asked you moving his eyebrows.
You thought about it. The didn’t say nothing about going out of the hotel. And you wanted to go with them.
“Sure, I love McDonalds. Basically, chicken nuggets are my life"you aswered laughing.
You went to your room. You got a white top, and pink jeans. You put a little of make up and went with the boys.
The McDonalds was so close to the hotel, so you weren’t worried.
When you got outside of the hotel. There were like ten fans screaming. You were a little scared. Jack J and Taylor were at your sides. They took a lot of photos of you and screamed: "Who is her?!” a lot of times.
You went in a limo, it was so big. You felt like a celebrity, with fans, in a limo and with guys that have millions of fans. But you were scared, you were scared of wake up. Maybe all this was only a dream, an amazing dream.


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