this boy is so strange jfc

So I Just Watched the Movie Strange Magic........

So, after seeing dozens of posts about the movie here on Tumblr, I finally watched the movie Strange Magic for the first time last week….. JFC!!!! I AM TOTALLY ADDICTED!!!!! I am completely in LOVE with this movie! I have watched it probably 16 times in a week! The music is awesome! The story line is great! I get so many feels from this movie! I relate so much with Marianne and Bog and how jaded they feel/felt about love! And OMG!!! I so badly want to punch Roland and mess up that “pretty boy” face of his! And Bog is so adorkably cute! I so much want my own sweet Boggy Woggy! And the Imp! I so much want my own imp for a pet! He’s sooooooo fecking CUTE!

Watching Apéritif really reminds me of how different the show became in its later seasons and how much I adore everything about it

  • Will trembles so much (he needs to be cuddled asap)
  • Jack is like an overprotective mentor who probably refers to Will as ‘his baby’ in his head
  • On his airplane trip back home, Will probably bought the middle seat so he wouldn’t have to sit next to anyone
  • Will’s little ‘hello’ to stray!Winston made me cry
  • His ‘that’s right’ after correcting one of his dog’s misbehaviors and the dog listening to him was pure alpha male and I can’t stop imagining him saying that to Hannibal and Hannibal swooning
  • Will creeping out Team Science–CLASSIC
  • This show is so pretty gawd
  • Beverly not taking any of Zeller’s shit
  • Zeller not knowing how to react to this cute/creepy boy who Daddy Jack invited over 
  • Hannibal dining by himself and smiling not knowing he’s about to have his entire life fucked up by the rudest and more adorable man ever
  • And here is the appearance of my favorite Hannibal suit–the bight blue lovefest of fabric
  • Jack sucking up to Hannibal and Hannibal not buying it is great
  • Love at first sight–Will can’t stop staring and neither can Hannibal and I might be crying don’t look at me
  • Will is so rude to Hannibal and Hannibal is already ‘I want to take you to Paris and ruin you and get rug burn on my knees’
  • Will making a comic book joke–does this mean he’s watched all the MCU movies? does he read the comics? is he #teamsteve or #teamtony???
  • I love you Jimmy Price
  • Will’s hair is A++++
  • Oh yes, the sexy back scene that inspired so so much breast clutching
  • Will don’t be jealous that Uncle Jack found another boy he likes
  • Will naked and showering and imagining a stag leering at him–yes this show is for me
  • Will and Hannibal’s first date, it goes about as well as one could expect with a just-woken-up Will, like goddamn Will be nice jfc he’s your future husband
  • Will being sassy and Hannibal making him laugh is pretty much the best thing ever
  • Also, Will wasn’t wearing his glasses during his breakfast date with Hannibal *flails*
  • ‘What are you smiling at?’ Will says, teasing this strange man just a bit but unable to keep the hostility in check.
  • The woman at the construction site needs her own show, she is done with everything and everyone and she is perfect
  • Hannibal you lazy ass dick, pick those files up
  • Hannibal ‘Im gonna fuck the world up because I can’ Lecter
  • Will covered in blood does things to me and definitely to Hannibal
  • Hannibal take your time helping out, no rush, go get a latte, no worries here *Will has a breakdown and Abigail is running out of blood*
  • I wonder who drove Will home and if they tried to console him/start a conversation with him and did Will proceed to vomit all over their car
  • THE SONG, oh god this is the best song ever and I just want to listen to it for the rest of my life
  • Hannibal sleeping in the most uncomfortable position ever
  • Will looking at Hannibal sleeping in the most uncomfortable position ever, wondering where they all fit in, how he fits in, to this odd little scene
  • Max: *talks about liking skater boys because they're 'so cute doing their tricks'*
  • Max: *listens to Justin telling her how Chloe used to skate with them*
  • Max: *finds old photo of Chloe skating and reminisces about how this is the Chloe she remembers*
  • Me: ...
  • Me: YOU

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this may sound strange but honestly ever since i started watching dan and phil my body image has improved?? one day i just noticed that i share a lot of features with phil, we both have a little tummy hill, the same hips, the same eyes, ect, but the thing is i used to absolutely hate these things about myself but phil has them and it just makes me 110% confident and i feel so much better jfc these boys are amazing

oml yes this is fantastic. d&p have so many little quirks and flaws that i’m sure a great portion of their audience can relate to. whether it be dan’s lil red patches, phil’s tummy, dan’s squish, phil’s permanent side smirk, dan’s moles & dimples or even dan’s left handedism, these boys are truly wonderful role models in all aspects