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Not sure if this counts as rape culture but i think it does.

Growing up my sister’s weren’t allowed to hug me. Neither would my mother hug me. Whenever I asked about it she said that boys couldn’t control themselves so she didn’t want to “tempt me”.

I feel this is a major problem if the mentality that men get tempted and can’t control themselves so much that hugging a child is considered to be “leading him on.”

I’m nonbinary but they thought I was male.

hi so…

this is my accent tag.
i hate my voice with a burning passion within me that just grows second by second
im sick so i sound like a 7 year old little boy
and im an awkward little fuck so yea.

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i hope u all have fun with this bc i surely suffered!!! 

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Thank u for talking about this, growing up all I experienced was this heavily sexualised aspect of gay culture and gay media and it can be sooo damaging for young teens !! as a gay boy it contributed to awful body image issues and self esteem issues, and as an ace boy it contributed to a horrible feeling of wrongness and brokenness so seeing these two pure and loving boys is great and gives me hope for the newer lgbt+ teens so ty for that and ty for speaking about it

This is exactly what I want to avoid and exactly what I want Heartstopper to be a safe haven from!! So much mlm media is focused on sex and it’s so damaging to young teens 😔

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i was such a little lesbian growing up omg. i was fascinated/obsessed with breasts and would fantasize about large breasted women, i was always jealous of the attention my friends gave to boys and i wanted them to laugh at my jokes like they laughed at boys jokes, i identified with only male characters, i cried during health class because the thought of having sex with a boy was so repulsive to me, i hated every boy that my friends liked, but i wished i was a boy because the girls liked them lol

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Hey could you please do a headcanon for if George's s/o came out about being trans (female to male) and like what his reaction would be? And what would he do if someone constantly called his s/o "she" even though that person knows that they should say he. Thank you!

i. george is a bit surprised, but it only takes him about three seconds to grin at you wide and say, “alright handsome, what would you like me to call you now?“ 

ii. he’s quite supportive of you– and is careful not to out you to people you don’t want to be out to. 

iii. when you’re ready, and if you haven’t met them yet, he brings you to his house and introduces you as his boyfriend– molly fusses over you like she does over harry and hermione. encourages you to eat because ‘a growing boy needs lots of food!’. 

iv. if you’ve got muggles in your family arthur (gently and lovingly) questions you thoroughly about muggle technology. he asks you what rubber ducks are for. you look at george in confusion. george shrugs. 

v. someone misgenders you on purpose when you’re next to george. you’ve never been more aware of the fact that your boyfriend can be extremely intimidating should he want to be. punches are thrown, and fred is also very quick to defend you. they wind up with a week’s detention each a three hour stay in the hospital wing. 

vi. they also prank that person the next day with something they won’t tell you about– 

‘don’t worry about it, handsome' 

'george just tell me’ 

‘let’s just say they won’t be able to leave the loo for a week’

vii. he’s not able to buy you new clothes but the perks of being a weasley is that you’re quite skilled with charms to resize clothing. he writes home to his mother and asks if they’ve got any other clothes (that are in good shape, he stresses this) that they can hand on to you. molly wouldn’t try to be rude and send you bad clothes, but with what little money they have stressing that they’re in good shape is necessary. 

viii. you end up with clothes that, are at times, better than the twins. george knows that they aren’t brand new– but he makes sure they’re clean, don’t need patches, and aren’t frayed. 

ix. more than anything, he wants you to feel good in your own skin. sometimes he wonders if he’s doing it right, but he hopes very dearly that by giving it his best effort each time he’ll be doing good by you. 


x. around the summer he works odd jobs everywhere to save up money. he buys you a set of proper dress robes which comes quite a bit in handy that year when you have the yule ball

xi. he always brags about he’s dating the most handsome guy in school. always talks about how proud he is of you, ‘did you hear?? y/n did the best in his class on his test!’ 

‘george you don’t care about grades.’

‘i care about what my boyfriend cares about’

xii. the weasleys cut their own hair (which is obvious, at times) while it doesn’t always look great, he does teach you how to cut yours and does it for you before that point. 

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Yo Josh Hutcherson was the beginning of my bi awakening too!!! He had some quote a while back that was like “I don’t like to call myself 100% anything because that’s too close-minded and I want room to grow as a person” and that really spoke to me so I decided to stop calling myself straight and boy when that happened I started Realizing.

a Good Questioning Boy

Tbh, I don’t really care about being “hurt”. I’ve been hurt a million times before - in all forms - and it sucks and it hurts but I’ve always bounced back, eventually, right? I mean I’m here aren’t I? You cry about it for a bit. A week straight, then the tears come and go. It might take a month or two or 7, or even a year or 4. Some pains hurt more and take longer. But I’ve learned from each of those, and each heartbreak and disappointment just gets easier, almost. I get over it faster. The good thing is knowing that I’m always learning about people and minds and hearts and appreciating mine so much more. Being hurt by people just helps me grow and strengthens me. And when it comes to pain from boys, I’m happy cause I know I’m just one step closer to finding the one :)

Pieces of me

advice for writing a stutterer from an actual stutterer;

okay no shade at all I just want all of u to learn and grow and become better writers! so here’s a handy tip list!

  • we don’t stutter on every word. okay, sometimes it can seem it, but honestly, we don’t, so leave a few words in there to give your readers some breathing room.
  • we stutter more on specific sounds. for me, f and s sounds are big ones. everyone has their thing and most stutterers have sounds that are harder to get out.
  • we don’t just stutter at the beginning of words and sentences. okay, honestly this is a big one for me. sometimes, a word starts off really well and goes down the drain at the second syllable! and the stutter doesn’t disappear once we’ve made it past the first word - it clings in there, so don’t forget it.
  • some of us don’t always stutter. some, not all, of us have what’s known as an anxious stutter, which generally comes alongside anxiety disorders. so, while it may be usually present, when a person with an anxious stutter is particularly comfortable with a situation, it tends to get better (or even almost disappear).
  • we don’t stutter when we swear. this is why some of us can stutter and stutter and stutter on a word and then shout fuck and everything’s cool. as far as science knows, this is because swearing is from a more primitive part of the brain, and so it bypasses the bit that makes us stutter! it’s so cool honestly.
  • we don’t stutter when we sing. the biggest two reasons for this one is 1) music comes from a different part of the brain to talking (language=left; music=right), and so it once again bypasses the stutter, or 2) ‘easy voice’, which is the voice that people sing in, is softer and smoother, and the sounds are longer so there’s less opportunity to stutter. either option is way cool but we don’t stutter when we sing.
  • sometimes, we give up on words. after a certain amount of stuttering on a certain word, you may see a stutterer take a deep breath and either try again, or replace it with a synonym. sometimes that word just won’t fit right in our mouths!
  • we hate it when people try to guess what we’re trying to say or try to speed us up. this might be a more personal thing for me, but there’s nothing I hate more than that clicky sound people make or the weird hand gestures or being told to “spit it out.” because we can’t control this shit and it gets tiring. it’s better just to let the person get it out and take their time with it, so when you’re writing, keep this in mind!
  • it gets worse when we’re anxious or stressed, and when we’re excited! I get really really stuttery when I’m enthusiastic about the topic of conversation, because I know so much about that thing that I try to talk really fast and my mouth can’t keep up! it’s the same when I’m anxious or stressed - when there’s more on our minds, the more everything gets a little muddled.

I hope this was helpful! feel free to add on and spread around!

why is it that whenever someone on this site makes a post about being attracted to boys, or a post about how boys are cute, someone has to shut them down? “um, you meant girls”. “boys are disgusting!”. “i hate boys, they’re gross!”. “boys are terrible, you mean girls!”.

like, no. shut the fuck up. they meant boys. people are allowed to like boys. people are allowed to love boys. it’s not wrong to find boys attractive. do not trample all over someone’s self esteem like that. what’s wrong with you? boys deserve love and validation just as much as everyone else.

boys deserve compliments. boys deserve kindness. boys deserve love. boys deserve affection. boys deserve validation. boys deserve to be accepted. boys deserve respect. boys deserve positivity. boys aren’t disgusting. boys are important too.

feminism is not shitting all over boys.

you are hurting people.

stop it.


Q. RM, you mentioned your name change. What does RM mean to you?

RM: [Rap Monster] came from a song that I made from like, 2012, there was some phrase like Rap Monster, and I just, I thought it was so cool. But as I grow up, and as I came to America, I think it felt like too much. So I just abbreviated it to RM, and it could symbolize many things. It could have more spectrums to it. I don’t know [what it means], like “Real Me” or something.


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